Chapter 167 – 168: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 167: None of Your business

What Lang Shen reserved was a Super VIP seat. In the bar where everyone was squealing together with some sexy-dressed women pole dancing on the stage, Mary felt uncomfortable and the buzz in her head.

Pouring wine to their breasts excited all the people in the bar.

As a newcomer to look at such a charming scene, Mary blushed.

But when she saw Lang’s slender figure, Mary regained a sense of security.

Maybe it was fate.

Mary thought.

At the table, Lang ordered a glass of fruit wine with less alcohol for her, which had a good taste.

At first, she was a little worried about the wine he ordered. But later, she was touched to find it was a glass of fruit wine.

What a gentleman he was with a soft heart!

She felt so lucky to be with such a perfect fan!

Even so, she still remained vigilant because Lang was too kind to her at their first meeting. She nervously asked him, “Lang, why are you so kind to me?”

“I don’t know why. I did it subconsciously,” He smiled and said to her sincerely, “Perhaps it’s fate. Since I first met you in live broadcasting, I have completely fallen in love with you. What I’ve done for you comes from the bottom of my heart. You deserve to be loved as a carefree princess!”

What he said immediately reassured her.

Meanwhile, beside Lang, stood Tianba Li and Xuan Song.

They stared at each other, wondering what happened on earth now.

Kris’s wife, Mary, was drinking with another man in the bar. Are they dating?

Tianba was befuddled, looking at them chatting happily.

When his wife was saved by Kris from being mobbed, he happened to be engaged in other affairs. Now all had been resolved, he finally had time to the bar to relax with his wife.

What he didn’t expect was that they would encounter Mary!

“Honey, is that Kris’s wife?” Xuan asked with doubt.

In the low light, Xuan was not sure whether the woman was Mary or not.

Tianba sighed, “You are right. She is Kris’s wife!”

They both joined the two-day travel organized by the Cao family last time, he wouldn’t mistake.

“Excuse me, I want to go to the washroom. ” Mary stood up.

Out of expectation, the less-alcohol fruit wine made her a little dizzy, and kept sweating. So she decided to the washroom for touch-ups.

“Okay, I’m here for you.”

After Mary left, with a strange smile, Lang took out a bag of white powder from his pocket and poured it into Mary’s wine glass.

While Tianba was witnessing it.

His face was clouded. He cursed in his heart, “Son of bitch! Dare you put poison into the wine of my sister-in-law’s!”

“Honey, here waiting for me. I’ll go there and figure it out. “

“Okay. “

Xuan was also angry at his lascivious way to poison Mary’s wine, who was her benefactor’s wife.

After several minutes of giving the toast, Mary went out of the washroom.

Her face was red because of drinking, looking more attractive.

Lang couldn’t help swallowing his slobber.

“It’s still so hot due to the malfunctioning air conditioner. Oh, you are sweating!” Lang handed the fruit wine to Mary and raised his own glass, “Why not drink it?”

She nodded and held the glass, ready to drink it.

Lang raised his head up and drank off the wine, with his lascivious eyes on the fruit wine almost entering her mouth.

However, simultaneously, someone rushed over and smashed the wine glass from her hand.


The glass shattered with the fruit wine splashed everywhere.


Mary immediately got nervous about her dating another man had been seen by Kris’s friend. Would he tell Kris about it?


Their marriage was going to an end, and they would get divorced sooner or later. Thinking of it, she got a little relieved.

She frowned at Tianba and angrily said, “Tianba, what are you doing?”

Before she was expelled from the Su family by the old lady, who is in charge of the Su family, she might be afraid of him. But now, he couldn’t scare her.

“Don’t drink it! There is something wrong with the wine. ” Tianba said toughly.

He turned to look at Lang, who was also staring at him!

After a few seconds, Lang took out his handkerchief to gently wipe the wine that splashed on his leather shoes.

He stood up with a gentle smile, “Sir, I think there must be a misunderstanding.”

His reaction made Tianba look more serious.

What a crafty man!

Usually, one would get angry when his lie was exposed. On the contrary, Lang behaved so calmly without any panic in his eyes.

Such cool reactions could never be fake. He must be unusual.

“Misunderstanding? I don’t think so. ” Tianba said coldly.

Lang shook his head with a smile and reached out his hand, “I’m Lang Shen. Nice to meet you!”

The cooler he behaved, the more convinced Tianba was.

There were hundreds of families in Westriver City except the Shen family.

That Tianba believed in his force didn’t mean he knew nothing but fighting.

It seemed that there was indeed a Shen family in Southeast City next to Westriver City, as famous as the Li family. Importantly, as a friar family, it was powerful all over the country.

More precisely, it was an aristocratic family rather than a normal family!

Thinking of it, Tianba was shocked, “Is he the follower of that Shen family?”

Though not as powerful as an aristocratic family, the Li family was exactly one of the top families, with almost half of its followers practicing.

No matter how strong the Shen family was, as long as he was in Westriver City, Tianba couldn’t allow him to snatch Kris’s wife away.

Tianba regained arrogance on his face, “Listen, I don’t care who you are. Mary is my brother’s wife. Dare you to hurt her, I won’t let you go.”

And he smiled coldly, “How can you poison her? Shame on you!”

While Lang didn’t care at all but smiled lightly without speaking anything.

Mary got nervous and explained immediately, “Tianba, what are you talking about? Lang is my friend, and he won’t do that.”

She didn’t believe Lang would do that. He was so considerate and romantic. How could?

What she said had irritated Tianba, who took a deep breath and said, “Kris is my good friend. I won’t lie to you!”

He pointed to the debris on the ground, “I was sitting next to you just now. When you were in the washroom, I saw him pouring white powder into your wine glass. Go with me!”

He was holding Mary’s arm to go out.

To his surprise, Mary shook her head and took a step back.

She coldly said to him, “No one has the right to stop me from drinking with anyone, even if you are Kris’s good friend. I believe Lang is a good person. Do you really think I can’t even distinguish a good one from the bad? Leave! None of your business!”

Chapter 168: Not Knowing Life or Death

No matter what Tianba Li said, Mary Su would not believe him.

How could such a gentle and elegant man be that kind of person?

Now Tianba was impatient.

Was this woman insane?

Not to say Kris Chen and him were good brothers. Mary went through difficulties with him and his wife when they were in danger at their last outing. Now how could she not believe in him but put her trust in a stranger?

Thinking of this, Tianba felt a bit angry, but thinking of Kris, he restrained himself and said, “I don’t care whether you are going or not, but you must go with me today! “Does Kris know that you came to the bar with a guy at night?”


That’s funny.

It’s better not to mention him. Mary wanted to laugh, hearing his name.

It’s afraid that Tianba had not known that his good brother was in prison for stealing lady’s underwear.

During his absence, she had been banished from her family. Where was he when she was most in need of help? Counting on him? She would have starved to death long ago.

Lang Shen, on the contrary, was a young, rich, and modest handsome man. By comparison, the two were as different as clouds and mud(there’s a huge difference between two people).

Thinking of this, Mary gave a sneering laugh. She ignored Tianba and went straight to Lang without a word.

Seeing this, Lang smiled faintly. He turned to Mary and said gently, “Mary, don’t be nervous. I will help you to get rid of this annoying guy!”

“No, we’d better leave!” Mary bit her lips and said apprehensively, “Their family is very powerful in Westriver City!”

“That doesn’t matter,” Lang smiled confidently and said, “as long as it makes you happy, I don’t mind to be enemy of the world!”

He clapped his hands, saying those words.

A dozen men with boxer’s sinuous posture rushed over them. Their faces were covered with flesh, and there were scarred on their hands and faces. They all looked like ruthless characters.

Tianba was not afraid. Instead, he laughed in anger.

“Hell, I’m making a joke today. Me, Tianba Li should be besieged by people in Westriver City!”

Seeing Tianba was surrounded by evil guys, Xuan Song, in the next seat, felt uneasy. He hurried over and snapped, “What are you trying to do?”

Did these people want to die? How dare they be on a rampage in Westriver City, not even knowing Tianba Li?

“Come here, honey,” Tianba drew Xuan over.

Lang laughed, and said shocking his head, “Who gave you the courage to be so arrogant in my territory? Let me tell you, I own this bar. It’s all right for you to make trouble here, but it’s unforgivable to upset Mary!”

His voice went cold as he spoke.

As soon as he raised his hand, a dozen strong men pounced on Tianba.

In an instant, Tianba started wrestling with them. At the fulfilled period of the acquired stage, it was difficult for him to deal with these people, but at least he had the ability to fight back.

Watching his men got knocked down, Lang looked colder and colder. He was the young master of the Shen family!

In Southeast cities, the Shen family is the most powerful. Even in a provincial capital city like Southeast City, they were still the second to none because the Shen family was not ordinary, but aristocratic!

Although Tianba was fierce, two fists could not defeat four hands(one man is no match for many people), he got lots of punches.

Watching Tianba being punched by a crowd of people, Mary had pity on him. However, thinking of her entanglement with Kris, she decided to cut everything off, so she turned her head, not to look at him again.

“You…You are risking your neck!” Xuan frowned in surprise and anger.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Tianba didn’t flinch under attack but became wilder instead. He was called “lunatic Li” in Westriver City because he was not afraid of death when he fights.

Knocking down the people around, he saw those men lying on the ground, howling painfully.

When the men were down, Tianba wiped the blood at the corner of his mouth and said to Xuan, “Honey, go to call someone quickly!”

Xuan was not useless. She had been through a lot with Tianba these years. Of course, she knew what to do!

“Haha, you are good at KungFu!”

Lang clapped his hands again, saying. Clop-clop… Another group of strong men gathered around.

Now, the atmosphere was strained to the limit.

Yet Tianba made light of these people. He walked to Mary again, grabbed her hands, and said in a cold smile, “Anyway, you must go with me today!”

Mary took away his hands and said angrily, “Who do you think you are? You don’t have the right to mind my business. Besides, Lang is a good man, don’t try to estimate what’s great and less important in my heart !”

“Well, Mary. Don’t waste time with him.” Lang turned to her with a smile and said, “People like that should get killed, lest they be eyesores!”

Then he waved his hand and said, “Kill him!”


More than a dozen men took out the knives behind their backs instantly and then chopped at Tianba.

Tianba was surprised and angry, how could he thought of that these people dare to use the knife. They are going to fight deathless endlessly.

His face went heavy, and thought in the head silently. In a moment, there appeared a Tang sword in his hand, and he rushed to kill.

Before the fight, he had already used a lot of physical strength. Now, these people were using knife, his nerves were on edge, as he could be killed for one negligence.

Boom Boom Boom!

The knives splashed out sparks cutting each other. There was a mess in the booth with a dozen people fighting.

Mary had never seen such a bloody scene. Her face was full of fear. She was obviously frightened.

“Don’t be afraid, it will be all right in a moment!” Lang soothed her.

“Ping Pong!”

Tianba cut the opponent’s knife off with his Tang sword. Just when he was going hack to the person, he was hurt in the back. A knife directly ripped off his clothes, and the sharp knife scratched her skin instantly.


Tianba snorted in pain, and his forehead kept dripping cold sweat. He was injured. If he didn’t rush out as soon as possible, he’s afraid that it won’t end well.

He raised his breath, swallowed the pain, and slashed with his knife. The people around him were so frightened that they got back from him, not daring to come up.

As time passed, however, his power was waning, and his hands were as heavy as lead.

“Stab him!”

Seeing that he was weak, the people around him immediately drew their knives around him.

Tianba almost fainted in pain. He was covered in blood. Even with a strong will, he could not resist and blacked out.

“Splash!” he fell to the ground. It was unknown that he was dead or alive.

A few men dragged Tianba, covered in blood, like dragging a dead dog, and threw him beside the trash bin outside.

Meanwhile, Xuan left the bar and found a quiet place to make calls.

However, no one answered after several phone calls,

“Damn it, it’s the annual, quarterly review of the family, Grandpa must be lecturing in the hall!” Xuan patted on her head, how could she had such a bad memory. Since Tianba began to take power, he may or may not go to the meetings instead of necessary family meetings.

Thinking of this, Xuan dialed Kris’s phone, “Please! Answer the phone, please!”

Xuan was about to burst into tears.

Fortunately, the phone only rang two times, Kris picked up the phone. Xuan said anxiously, “Kris, come quickly! There’s trouble here!”

In the CEO office of Huanyu Group, Kris had just finished the work, lying on the sofa to rest. Hearing Xuan’s words, he immediately got up and asked hurriedly, “Don’t worry, sister-in-law. Tell me what happened!”

“Come to Shepherd’s Bar quickly, Tianba was beaten up in the bar, now I don’t know if he is alive or not!” Xuan Song could no longer bear the pressure that she cried out.

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