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Chapter 167: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter167 The Suicide of Venus (1)
When Kerry saw Venus Mu, he was stunned for a while. Then he ran to the bathroom and took a few dry towels to cover her bleeding wounds.

Venus, why did you hate me so much and take revenge against me in such a tragic way? Did you know how much I loved you and the baby in you?

However, you were the cruel one rather than me who k!lled her own baby to take revenge against her husband.

Kerry bandaged her wounds with his trembling hands. Looking at the dazzling bl00d, his heart almost stopped beating.

He was afraid to lose her. He couldn’t accept the fact that Venus left him forever even he had the baby.

“Where is the Dr. Han? Where is him? ” Kerry was nervous and scared, and the despair feelings of last night came back to him.

Trying to calm him down, John the Butler said, “Dr. Han is on his way. He will be here on time.”

“Tell him to be hurry!” Kerry’s heart was nearly broken.

John the Butler didn’t dare to bother his young master, so he ran downstairs to wait for doctor Han.

At the point, Mrs Qin ran out of the kitchen, wiping her hands with her apron and said, “What’s the matter? Tell me what’s the matter? “

John the Butler said in a solemn expression, “The hostess cut her wrist to commit suicide.”

“Jesus!” Mrs Qin’s eyes widened as she couldn’t believe what she heard and asked, “Suicide? How could she be so stubborn?”

“I don’t know.” John the Butler looked anxiously at the second floor window and sighed, “From the response of our young master, I think he is in deep love with Venus. It is a real disaster if there’s something wrong with the hostess.”

“Pooh, Pooh! Just shut your month, OK?” Mrs Qin slapped the arm of John the Butler and said, “Venus is a girl blessed by the God. She’ll be OK.”

“Hope God bless her.” Said John the Butler.

Ten minutes later, Dr. Han’s car appeared as expected. John the Butler rushed ahead and pissed Dr. Han’s upstairs.

“What happened this time?” Dr. Han asked as he went upstairs.

“It’s the hostess. She committed suicide by cutting her wrist.” John the Butler whispered.

“Motherfvcker!” Dr. Han, a real gentleman, finally burst out a rude word. Then he asked, “Isn’t she pregnant? What did Kerry do to her again? “

” It’s a long story. You’d better be careful to your word if you go in. “

John the Butler couldn’t tell him anything about the tragic fight, for he knew murder was a felony, he must be as close as an oyster.

Dr. Han gave him a cold hum and said in a hard tone, “I won’t ask anything, and I don’t want to know it at all. But I am sure there is nothing good happening here.”

On the second floor, when Dr. Han anxiously walked into Venus’s bedroom, he found Kerry squatting beside the bed, holding her hands firmly with his eyes filled with tears. At the sight of Dr. Han, he raised up and suddenly fell into a faint because of his numbness feet after long-term squatting.

“Please help her out.” Said Kerry in a hoarse voice.

Dr. Han had been angry with Kerry, but his discontent was relieved when he saw Kerry’s pathetic appearance. Thanks to his coming on time, Venus’s situation was not in urgency. After he consulted the former doctor of Venus, Dr. Han gave a careful physical examination of Venus.

Finally, he wipe off sweat on his head, turned to Kerry, who was still in a haggard look, and said, “She’s out of danger temporarily, and her child is also safe now. But her physical situation is terrible, and you must take good care of her, ” said Dr. Han, “To tell you the truth, as an old doctor, I haven’t seen a patient more miserable than Venus for so many years. Don’t you remember how many times I’ve come here since your marriage. She’s a person with flesh and bl00d, rather than a plaything to which you can do whatever you want. Keep my words in your mind, or she may leave you forever. “

“Dr. Han, please.” John the Butler tugged at his arm to stop him.

Kerry gave him a simple look and replied. “Alright, I get it.”

Dr. Han sighed and went out of the room.

He couldn’t help giving scolds against Kerry for he was a good doctor, and he felt pitiful about Venus every time he saw her. Her parents must be painful in heaven if they knew their good girl was t0rtured by Kerry.

“Young master, I am sure that Dr. Han was not serious, please don’t be angry.” John the Butler comforted Kerry and said.

Kerry shook his head and replied, “I’m not angry because I know what he said is true.i have no reason to be angry? John, is my room ready? “

John the Butler nodded quickly and said, “Yes, all the things have been arranged for a long time.” Since last time Venus burned the room, Kerry has moved here. But just now, her bl00d spilled in the room made his heart weight down.

Followed by John the Butler, he entered the room again while holding Venus around his arms, only to find a totally new world where everything therein: the carpet, the cupboard, the bed, the sofa on the balcony, was brand new.

The sunlight came in, dispersing all the darkness of the room.

Kerry put her gently on the bed, covered her with a quilt, and then took seat around the bed.

“Young master, why not have something to eat? It’s two o’clock P.M. “Asked John the Butler.

“I’m not hungry. I don’t want to eat anything.” Replied Kerry.

John the Butler then walked out without saying anything. Downstairs, Dr. Han was enjoying a cigarette alone and sank into a deep thought.

“My old friend, Couldn’t you shut your month down just now?” Said John the Butler. Then he asked Dr. Han for a cigarette and lit it. He hadn’t smoked for a long time, but he couldn’t resist it since he was really upset today.

Dr. Han took a big puff, spit out a cigarette ring and said, “That was because I had to say so, and I should stand out for her.”

“I know how you feel, but I hope you can take the situation of my young master into consideration.” Said John the Butler.

He was suddenly choked by the cigarette and kept coughing.

Dr. Han chuckled, patted him on the back and said, “John, if you can’t smoke, don’t manage to do it .”

When the cough stopped, John the Butler dropped the half of the cigarette and trampled it out on the ground. “I can’t believe I will be hurt by the cigarette, though I have given up it for a long time. Dr. Han, why not stay here for a dinner for it is near the dinner time. “

Dr. Han went to his car and said, “Sorry, my wife is still waiting for me on the downtown. Remember, John, if there is anything wrong, call me as soon as possible.”

“I see. See you.”

The shining autumn sun turned the maple leaf forest a really scenery beauty. However, John the Butler still felt the color was terribly dazzling for him.


In a luxury private hospital of G City.

A tall woman in outdoor jacket and green leather boots walked into the ward. There was a man lying on the bed with an oxygen mask on his face and various pipes inserted into his body. He did not wake up since he had been out of the operating room.

The woman sat on the stool, c0cked her legs and said slowly, “After all this time, why don’t you wake up? As the doctor said, if you don’t wake up today, you will become a person in coma. I think a strong man like you won’t be defeated those small injuries on you. “

The woman gazed at his face for a long time, and then said to herself, “Handsome man, although I don’t know what your name is and where you are fro, I save you and pay a big deal of money. Wake up now, I don’t want you to pay me back, but I think perhaps we can develop a r0mantic relationship. I am rich and beautiful, all I need is just a good man like. Yeah, a good man like you!”

The man in the hospital bed didn’t say anything. If he was awake, he would sneer at her and told her that he was rich and handsome, but he didn’t a girl like her.

Obviously, he was Tianye Mu, who was kicked into the sea last night.

It was a real coincidence that Xiran Xiao, the woman who rescued Tianye, was also with a great background. Perhaps she was the most famous rich woman in G city, whose parents were both abroad with tens of billions of assets. However, she didn’t like to do business. She wanted to travelled all over the world. She was b.rave like a man, who was good at all maximal exercises. Now she had enjoyed the trip around everything corner of famous destination sites including the South Pole and the West Pole.

Because of her beauty and property, the men who wanted to marry her in G city were quite a large number, but she didn’t want any of them. Unexpectedly, she fell in love with a man somehow today.

Fate was a really unbelievable fact.

Yesterday afternoon, during her driving trip, she suddenly saw a big shadow approaching her while she was enjoying the trip. She took it a shark and got ready to run away. But it turned out as drowning man. In a hurry, she put one hand around his wa!st to prevent him from sinking, and put the other hand on his heart.

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He was alive because he still had heart beat.

Without hesitation, Xiran put her oxygen pipe into his mouth and swam to the yacht with him. She was kind to her nature. She could stand by when the man was in emergency.

She did not dare to delay for too long for his bleed shoulders might attract predators in the sea, whose noses were more sensitive than dogs.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 167 The Suicide of Venus (2)
To carry Tianye Mu onto the land, they used the oxygen pipe in turn and finally, Tianye was saved by her.

“Oh my God, what an amazing gift you got in your diving trip! ” Her friend on the yacht was shocked.

Xiran took a few breaths and said, “No more jokes, OK? Please help me get him up quickly. Maybe he is still alive.”

The fellow held Tianye’s arms and pulls him and Xiran unto the boat.

“Wow, my friend, look back and see who you’ve attracted.”

Xiran looks back as he said. Jesus. Their bl00d froze as they saw a group of sharks approaching ten meters away from the yacht. Fortunately, her movement was fast enough to save his life.

“Jay, take a look at him.”

Jay checked his breath and eyes and said, “He has still breathe, but I don’t think he can survive with our helps.”

Xiran glared at him, knelt down beside Tianye and said defiantly, “Let’s sail back, since we have got him up from danger, why not save him by sending him to the doctor?” Then she began to give Tianye artificial respiration.

Jay shrugged about her stubborn att!tude and sailed back as required.


A day passed quickly, Tianye still didn’t wake up. The doctor shook his head and told Xiran, “There was too much water coming into his brain and body which cause the infection of his organs therein. Although you has been rescued him from outside danger, his body will enter a dormant state. If he is not lucky enough, he may never wake up anymore. “

Xiran had anticipate what the doctor would tell her. So she was calm and called a car to bring Tianye home.

“This room is sunny. Come on, move him in. Be gentle, although he is unconscious like a dead body now, he is a handsome boy still.”

“Little Ye, you should take care of him from now on, and you should keep the doctor’s advice in mind. But…since you are still not married, it’s not suitable for you to wipe a man’s body. Let me see. Go and call Cheng here. “

The little Ye went away in a hurry.

Jay frowned about the scene that Xiran was busy in taking care of Tianye, a stranger who had nothing to do with her.

“My friend, this man had nothing to do with you. Do you want to support him? Don’t forget what the doctor have told you, he may not wake up for the rest of his life.”

“So what? I can afford it anyway.” Xiran said in a casual manner, “It is a good thing which I can’t give up halfway.”

“I think you should think over the result of it.”Said Jay.

Xiran interrupted him with waving her hand and said seriously, “Jay, I will keep my decision.”

“But how about your marriage?” Asked Jay.

Xiran smiled and said, “Jay, I’m only 25 years old this year. Don’t bother me with my marriage. There is no such a rule that women must get married. I can support myself. And if I want to go to bed with men, what I need is just a phone call, I don’t need marriage at all.”

Jay’s look turned terrible and said, “Crazy, you crazy girl, just do whatever you want, and now I had to go.”

This was the way how Tianye became the guest of Xiran, the ric.hest woman in G City. But since then, he had to suffer endless envy and jealousy from men in G city.


Let’s go back to the Ye’s House.

Venus woke up at a night and saw Kerry in front of her. She closed her eyes with no words and fell to sleep again.

It must be a dream. As she committed suicide by cutting her wrist, she should stay in the hell rather than in front of Kerry.

“Venus, you must be hungry since you don’t eat anything today. If you still hate me, I am willing to accept your beat or scold. But I beg you don’t t0rture yourself anymore, OK?”

Venus seemed Indifferent about what he said. Now she was aware that she was still alive, which made her painful what she wanted was just to escape from this world.

“Venus, let’s take something to eat for the sake of our baby, OK? “Said Kerry.

On hearing this, Venus fixed her eyes suddenly at her wrists which were bonded by white gauze.

“Kerry, I can’t k!ll you, but I can k!ll your baby as revenge. I will do it, of course. Let me alone and I will do it. ” Said her with a strange smile floated on the face.

“Venus, it is not only my baby, it is also yours.” ‘said Kerry with a hoarse voice.

” I don’t want him, it was you who got me pregnant by violence. “Cried Venus in a cold tone.

Kerry stared at her and felt regretted. She was right, it was him who got her pregnant by violence.

In the past, he threatened her with dignity and her brother’s life. But now, she was threatening him conversely with the baby in her. And she had the gut to give up her own baby.

“I will divorce you, Kerry Ye.” Venus shouted. She wanted to die with her families, rather than with anyone of Family Ye. And she didn’t rejected the words “Kerry’s wife” engraved on her tombstone, which might disturbed her soul even when she went to hell.

Kerry’s look turned cold and refused without hesitation, “No way.”

Venus sneered and cried, ” You are the fvcking murderer of my brother, I have no will to keep such a marriage with you. If you are still a man, just let me go for the sake of you baby.”

Kerry gave her a grave look and said, “Honey, I can promise you everything, but I am your husband forever, and I will not let you die.”

“Let me die or leave. That’s your only choice.” Because she didn’t want to see him at all. As soon as she saw him, the ghost of her brother would appeared in front of her.

“No, give me another way,” said Kerry,. “that is, give birth to the baby and I’ll let you go.”

“Fvcking you the baby, you the liar… don’t take me as a dumb fool, OK? I will never bond myself by the baby. You are just daydreaming. ” Said Venus.

On hearing this, Kerry stood up and tramped away.

“All in all, it is on you. Now I am going to ask Mrs Qin to deliver the meal for you.” Said him.

He knew he had to get rid of her suicide plan, and then they could have a better talk.

“Sorry, honey, I can’t let me go for I had fell in deep love with you now. ” Kerry whispered to himself.

looking at the ceiling, she felt a painful sore in her eyes. Now she had no tears to shed even if she’d like to cry.

After a while, Mrs Qin came up with the meal and put it on the small table beside the bed. She looked at Venus lovingly with whose eyes getting we.t.

“Good girl, why do you want to spoil your body so terribly? Nothing is big deal when it comes to your life. ” Said Mrs Qin.

Venus cried out in a weird manner and said, “Mrs Qin, here you know?” She smashed her heart and said, “There’s nothing left here, and I can’t find any reason to live anymore.”

Mrs Qin wiped her tears and said, “My girl, you are still so young, and your life are full of vitality. Just look at me, I am at my 60s now, but I never complain that I can’t find any reason to live anymore. There is nothing better than having a life full of vitality, and I am sure that you can overcome any difficulties. “

“Mrs Qin, I understand everything you say, but I don’t want to have a try anymore, I’m tired from the life.”Replied Venus.

“I understand that. Since you are tired, let’s stop and rest. Do nothing but to eat and sleep at the time you want. Then you will know that even if you fail to overcome the difficulties, you can walk ahead by the pace of time.” Said Mrs Qin, with her hands holding Venus’s cold hands.

The warmth from Mrs Qin gradually broke the lock in Venus’s heart. Tears gushed out and got the rim of her eyes.

“Good girl, nobody can lead a life without facing any difficulty. All of us must take something heavy on his shoulder. Listen up, start a new life with a good att!tude. Then when you are old and try to look back on your hard time, you will let them go. I think this is also what your parents want to tell you. ” Said Mrs Qin.

Then Mrs Qin wiped her tears with her rough fingers and said, “Good girl, don’t cry, would you like to have some food? You must get recovered now. “

Venus choked and nodded to her as grat!tude.

Mrs Qin helped her up from the bed and poured out a bowl of milky white fish soup from the small soup pot. The temperature was just right.

“This is the fish soup I’ve been cooking all the afternoon, please have some,” Mrs Qin fed her mouth with the spoon, and Venus drank it obediently.

The mellow and warm fish soup flowed down through her dry throat into the empty stomach. All the organs of the body seemed to be activated by the delicious soup.

“In fact, when I was young, I also had a daughter,” After feeding her another spoon, Mrs Qin raised her head and said, “When I was 26 years old that year, my daughter was less than one year old. Her eyes were big and her smile was beautiful. Her nickname was September, because she was born in September.”
My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 167 The Suicide of Venus (3)
“Now where is her? ” Asked Venus.

“Dead.” Mrs Qin sank into sorrows with whose eyes getting we.t. “And I still remember that it was a summer when the heavy rain lasted for several days, the house was full of water, everything including beds, quilts were all soaked. My daughter, September, was covered with eczema, and she was itching and crying all the days. I pitied her so much that I left her to her father and I went to buy medicine for her in the rainy days. But, I am so sorry, I didn’t expect… “

It was a really old story for Mrs Qin for she hadn’t mention it for a long time. But even now, she could still remember it clearly. She wiped her tears and continued to say, “When I was back with medicine, I saw many villagers surrounding my yard and what I found there was a ruin. A debris flow buried my families. Both September and his father were buried there… “

Venus was moved her story. And this was perhaps the reason why Mrs Qin never go back her hometown.

“Then, the grandparents of September drove me out of the house. I went to the city to look for a job. I had tried a lot and also suffered a lot. At that moment, I had the same thought as you. I wanted to die. But finally, I survived and met the Lady Ye. That why I was here. “

“Then didn’t you get married?” Venus asked.

Mrs Qin wiped away her tears and sighed, “the Lady Ye is so kind-hearted that She introduced me to some of good men. But I am a unlucky woman because those who want to marry me quit it for most of them suffered the unlucky terrible accidents. So I choose to forget it at all. I don’t care about marriage, what I care is being alive. There’s really nothing left for a dead person. “

Since then, the Ye family has been the home of Mrs Qin, and her family members became those in the Family Ye. After the sad story was over, the bowl of fish soup was finished by Venus.

“Come on, good girl, let’s finish the cup of red date porridge.” Said Mrs Qin with a touch of sadness on her face.

Venus shook her head with smile and said, “Sorry, I’d like to but I am really full now.”

“The fish soup is not enough fill your stomach. Perhaps you will wake up hungry in the mid-night. Let’s have some spoons of the porridge.” Mrs Qin handed the spoon to her mouth. Venus became meek like a little daughter of her and ate as she said.

The red date porridge went down half. Mrs Qin smiled and said, “Good girl, have a good sleep now and don’t bother yourself to think about anything. Tomorrow when the sun rises, it will be a brand new day.”

Burning herself into the dry and warm quilt, Venus was still digesting the moving story of Mrs. Qin. In spite of the warm comforts from Mrs. Qin, the pain in the depth of her heart stayed still as cold as it was.

Outside the bedroom, Kerry leaned against the wall with a cigarette. At the sight of Mrs Qin, he turned back and asked, “How about Venus?”

Mrs Qin nodded and said, “The fish soup was finished, and she also had half a bowl of porridge.”

Kerry smiled with a breath of relief and said, “That’s good, that’s good, Mrs Qin, I owe you now.”

“There is nothing that you owe me. You are just like my son, and all I hope is you are good. “Said Mrs Qin” As Venus is not in a good mood these days, I hope you can take care of her thoughts. Then after a while, she will get recovered. “

“Well, I know.” Kerry took a puff and stamped it out. He did not eat anything all the day and now, the good news brought him back a normal life and also brought hunger back to him.

On the next day, Kerry visited Venus’s room while she was still in her tight sleep. Then he left with a gentle k!ss on her forehead for he knew perhaps she didn’t want to see him at this point, and what he had to do now was to hide from her.

The sun came in and sent its warmth to Venus. She raised up from the bed and went to the balcony.

A maid pushed the door in and rushed up to support her.

“My hostess, please take care of yourself.”

Venus looked at her with a smile and said, “I want to bask in the sun.”

“Alright, my hostess, let me help you there.” Then she stood beside Venus and support her with hands.

A few minutes later when Venus was given to the scenery in the distance, she asked the maid, “Don’t you have another work?”

“The young master has ordered me to take care of you, my hostess. If you need anything, I will get you here.” Replied the maid in a good manner. The order She got was to stay with Venus at any time and any place.

Venus sneered to her reply for she knew Kerry was still afraid she would commit suicide again. In the next few days, Kerry kept hiding Venus to avoid any dispute with her. And the maid stayed with her at any time and any place as ordered, even when she went to the toilet or went to bed. And everything in the room with a sharp angle disappeared at a night. It seemed everything went well except Venus. She got a terrible depression and lost sleep all night.

Venus didn’t reject food anymore and she had what Mrs Qin gave. However, her body was constantly became thin and weak, and the depression turned her into a silent one. Sometimes she didn’t say anything at a whole day, but to sit there to bask in the sun.

“What can I do? It is terrible to see our hostess keep silent all day.” Looking at her figure by the lake, John the Butler said with concerns.

Mrs Qin also looked worried and said, “I’ve tried, but she still doesn’t talk.”

“Why not ask the young master to send a psychologist here?” Said John the butler.

Mrs Qin nodded and replied, “I agree, the hostess has a mental disease, which can never be cured by any food.”

“Well, I’ll tell him when the young master comes back in the evening.” Said John the butler.

The wind began to rise by the lake. At the sight of her thin clothes, the maid bent down and said to her, “My hostess, let me get you a warm dress.”

Venus stared at the clear lake with no reply.

The maid seemed to be used to getting along with her, and Silence meant yes for her. For most of the time she would do as asked just like a puppet without soul. So the maid felt gradually relaxed about her presence.

When the maid left, the illusion came to her as if the smiling face of her brother appeared on the lake.

“Brother –” Venus called softly as she went close to the lake. The water was so cold that she was nearly dumb. But she didn’t stop, she was going to look for her brother.

When the maid came with a coat, she saw Venus walking into the lake and the water had reached her knee.

My God! She must lost her mind again!

The maid was fl.ustered and ran toward the lake with a loud cry, “My hostess, don’t go there. Somebody, help. “

No reply.

“Help, help!” The maid yelled and went down directly to the lake to bring Venus back, though she couldn’t swim at all.

When John the Butler heard her call for help, his heart thumped for a moment for he knew that something terrible had happened there, and he must be hurry.

“My God, how did she…” Asked John the Butler.

The maid was wading fast in the shallow water, when she was about to grasp Venus’s arm. An accident happened to her that she slipped and fell into the lake.

“Ah, help me.” The maid couldn’t swim and she was scared by the accident.

At the point, a strong hand grasped her legs and pulled her out of the water. As she wiped the water on her face, she saw that it was John the butler who saved her just now.

“Calm down, it is in a shallow water.” John the Butler roared at her and strode toward Venus.

” Stop, don’t go farther any more, my hostess. ” Cried John the butler.

But Venus went straight ahead as if she didn’t hear him at all, and the lake water had already covered her th!ghs.

“My hostess, I beg you, let’s go back home.” John the Butler snatched her arm. He was anxious, and a little angry, but Venus still stood there and kept silent.

John the Butler guessed she sank into the illusion again. He called the maid to help the hostess out of the lack.

“My hostess, let’s go back.” Whispered John the Butler.

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