Chapter 167: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 167 It’s the right time to cooperate.

Later, Colin asked Bald again, “Have you gotten any news on the person that I asked you to look for?”

“Boss, we are still looking for him. There’s still no news about him.” Bald replied on the phone and afraid that Colin would be upset, “Don’t worry, Boss, we take turns and look for him 24 hours a day. I’ll notify you as soon as we find him.”

After Colin answered with a hum, he hung up the phone, and called Jason, asking the same question and getting the same answer.

There was no news from both sides. Colin was impatient. He was scared. What if Doris couldn’t hold on until they found the person that made the antidote?


In the villa, Ellie finally calmed down and took out her phone to contact her people. She didn’t plan to use that stupid Fox anymore. It’s better to use her people.

But what she didn’t know that even if she wants to, she couldn’t use Fox anymore, since he’s crippled now.

However, just as she took her phone out, her doorbell rang.

Ellie put her phone away and opened the door.

“Why are you here” Ellie turned around and walked inside.

Walson was outside the door. He followed behind her and smiled, “I’ve already known about Marquis.”

“So?” Ellie sat on the sofa and poured them a glass of wine.

Walson received the glass and took a sip, “So, it’s the time for us to cooperate.”

Ellie snorted, “I have to admit. You can let six groups listen to you. You’re quite capable but I don’t need anyone to meddle on my problem.”

After what Fox did before, Ellie didn’t believe anyone aside from the Ye family anymore.

Walson clicked his tongue, “Ms. Ye, don’t refuse me yet. I think we still have the reason to cooperate.”

“Then, you can give me the reason,” Ellie said lightly.

Walson swirled his wine glass and said, “I admire you very much, Ms. Ye.”

“Not only that you’re beautiful, but you’re also capable and bold. You’re not comparable to any woman.”

“So, do you want to consider being my people, Ms. Ye?”

Ellie’s gaze was cold, “Are you daydreaming?”

She wasn’t the kind of person who would betray her people in order to bring her enemy down. Moreover, Colin is someone that she wants to have. By joining hands with Walson, it would only make her getting further away from Colin.

Walson glanced at Ellie, “I know what you’re thinking about. You have feelings for Colin, right?”

Ellie admitted easily, “That’s right.

Any problem with that?”

Walson said lightly, “I don’t care whom you have feelings for. If you really like him, I will even help you to get Colin.”

Ellie looked at Walson closely. She didn’t know what his purpose and said that he wanted her to be his people. Then, he said that he would help her get Colin. It’s such a contradiction.

Walson noticed Ellie’s doubts, “I’m different from anyone. Most people care about their status, money, and power. But I care about people.”

“I admire you so much, that’s why I want you. Moreover, I’m also generous to my people. I’m willing to put all my patience and tolerance on my people.”

Ellie felt a slight danger from Walson’s words. Such people usually were more terrifying and crazier than those who only cared about money and status.

“Sorry, I have to refuse it.” Ellis subconsciously wanted to have no connection with Walson. But she didn’t know that since Walson came looking for her, she couldn’t sever their connection anymore.

Walson also didn’t get angry when he heard these, but faintly laughed about it, “Ms. Ye, I’m afraid that it’s useless for you to refuse. Because, as long as I want that person, there’s nothing that I couldn’t get.”

“What do you mean?” Ellie became wary.

Walson smiled, “Just relax. If I want to do something for you, you can’t help it, right? Do you know how I made those s chairmen of those six groups listen to me?”

Ellie didn’t answer. He must’ve used evil tricks.

“Because I drugged them. Even if people have an unfathomable desire for money and status, but nobody wants to lose their life, right?”

Ellie couldn’t stop trembling. Walson is so terrifying.

Walson took a sip of the red wine again before saying, “Do you feel emotionally unstable and particularly irritated lately?”

Ellie reacted immediately, “Did you drug me?”

Walson nodded and admitted, “Right. So, Ms. Ye would you like to reconsider it carefully?”

Ellie’s gaze was gloomy and she didn’t say a word.

Walson wasn’t in a hurry. After drinking the last drop, he stood up, and said, “Ms. Ye, I’ll give you two days to reconsider it. I’ll come again in two days.”

After speaking, he told both the bodyguards at the door, “Da Hei and Xiao Hei, take good care of Ms. Ye.”

Da Hei and Xiao Hei nodded.

Da Hei and Xiao Hei were specially sent by the Ye family to protect Ellie and they betrayed her!

“Both of you, come in!” Ellie shouted.

Da Hei and Xiao Hei nodded and came in.

“Do you know what will happen after betraying the Ye family?” Ellie was angry.

Da Hei and Xiao Hei are both twins. They look alike and have the same expression now. They lowered their head and didn’t dare to look at Ellie.

Ellie sneered at them, “Very good!”

After speaking, Ellie took out her phone and was about to make a phone call.

At this time, Da Hei suddenly grabbed Ellie’s phone, “Please forgive me, Miss!”

Ellie became furious instantly after her phone was snatched, “Get out! Get out of here!”

As she talked, she smashed the wine glass on the coffee table towards them.

The wine glass and the remaining red wine were thrown on Da Hei and Xiao Hei’s face. Both of them didn’t avoid it and went out silently.

Ellie brushed everything on the coffee table to the floor and caused everything to be smashed on the floor.


Colin brought the stolen phone and put it on Colin’s desk like presenting a treasure, “Boss, this is your phone.”

Colin looked at Ramon upon hearing it and said, “I’ll try my best to let you steal fewer phones in the future.”

“Huh?” Ramon was dumbfounded. Didn’t his boss want to use him anymore?

Colin said before Ramon could speak, “Stealing mobile phones isn’t a serious matter. It’s correct that I asked you to follow me in order to help me but I don’t want you to use the old way. I want you to earn money with your ability in the right way, do you understand?”


Ramon had never thought much. He only wanted to follow the boss and earn money. But his boss thought of him so much. His boss cared about the things that he didn’t even care about.

For a moment, Ramon felt complicated.

Colin pointed and said, “Go and rest!”

“Okay, Boss.” Ramon bowed before leaving.

Colin shook his head and took out his phone. The phone had been dealt with by Ramon and it didn’t need a password to unlock, so it could be turned on directly.

As soon as Colin turned on the phone, he looked for the call log and found that number.

It was an unfamiliar number which also meant that Colin didn’t know this man.

After pondering for a while, Colin directly dialed that number using this phone. He put it on speaker after dialing it.

The phone was connected after dialing twice. The receiver answered the phone with a hoarse voice and said, “Talk”

Colin didn’t speak and both sides remained silent.

One minute later, the other party seemed to notice something wrong and immediately hung up.

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