Chapter 168: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 168 Deal with the bodies

Colin frowned. He’s unfamiliar with this voice. He didn’t recognize it.

In this way, he still couldn’t find out who is tracking him, and what’s his purpose?

Colin rubbed his forehead and put the phone aside.

He sighed, stood up, and went back to the villa.


When Nina returned to her rental housing, Vanessa was wearing very short shorts while eating the fruits and playing with her phone.

“Hey, you say. I’ve applied to several places. Why hasn’t been any news?”

“Don’t worry! Are you still afraid that people don’t want you with your educational background?” Nina replied to her.

Vanessa snorted, “Maybe they don’t really care at all!”

Nina raised her head helplessly, “Then, do you still have a place to apply tomorrow?”

“Yes, I think it’s a private hospital.”


Inside Ellie’s villa

There was a faint trace of blood on Da Hei and Xiao Hei’s neck. Anyone wouldn’t see it if they didn’t look closely.

The ill-looking man walked in. Obviously, the two men were killed by the ill-looking man.

He returned Ellie’s phone, “Miss”

Ellie received the phone, “I’ve contacted the Ye family. You go and deal with the bodies.”

“Yes, Miss.” The ill-looking man went out.

Ellie took out her phone and dialed a number.


In the morning, Colin took Doris to the hospital for a medical checkup. Doris originally didn’t intend to go but Colin was very unyielding this time, so she had to follow suit.

When they arrived at the hospital, Colin intended to take Doris to her attending doctor, Niu Wang. But he received a phone call from Adam when they’re just at the lobby.

Colin asked Doris to go and sit down.

“Chairman, that brother keeps saying that he wants to leave. Should I let him go?” Adam asked him. Since Colin didn’t instruct anything, he didn’t dare to let him go easily.

Colin said after pondering for a while, “Let him go”

“Okay, Chairman. Um, do you have any other order?” Adam asked with flattery.

Colin said lightly, “Pay attention to the land in the Southern suburbs. Let me know immediately if there’s a new update.”

“No problem” Adam answered and said a few words before hanging up the phone.

When Colin received the phone call, Doris was sitting there.

Because of the poisoning, she was terribly pale and was very weak. As she sat there, she felt feeble.

At this time, two people were walking beside her and then stepped back.

“Hey, isn’t this Colin’s wife? Xiao Rongtao’s voice was heard above Doris.

Doris didn’t have quite an impression of Xiao Rongtao but she recognized him. She knew at that banquet, Colin asked him to apologize to her.

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