Chapter 169 – 170: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 169: The Wife of the head of Cult

Hearing Xuan Song crying helplessly on the phone, Kris Chen was depressed, then he hung up the phone and went out of the office sullenly.

It was already 10:00 p.m., and everyone had left except a few employees working overtime.

He took his president’s exclusive elevator downstairs. As soon as he got out of the elevator, he bumped into a black man and a flat cap on the head.

Kris was so hurried that he didn’t think much about it. Saying sorry to the man subconsciously, he was about to leave.

“Are you going to leave just by saying, ‘I’m sorry’?”

Having finished the words, the man grabbed Kris by the arm, gripping him like a vise on his arm.

The man’s hat was pressed so low that Kris could barely see his face.

“Obviously, you hit me just now. Why do you blame me? ” Kris felt that this person was puzzling, trying to shake off his hand, but he couldn’t: “let me go! I have something urgent to do now. If you think I hit you first, you can come to me later!”

“Come to you later?”

The man chuckled and said hoarsely, “I can’t wait!”

“Let me go!”

Kris also got angry in that he was in a hurry to save Tianba Li , but this person pestered him.

He gradually increased the strength but found that this man was still tightly clamping his hand. Kris realized that this man wasn’t that simple.

He was with great bodily strength that he could have easily freed himself from this guy, but the truth was that he was pinned down by him tightly.

“Who are you!” The first man that came to Kris’s mind was Lin Li: “Are you the one sent by that bitch?”

He never thought this woman was so impatient that she should have sent people within less than one day.

The man didn’t answer him but laughed: “I don’t know what bitch, but there is a distinguished man who would like to see you. Come with me!”

A distinguished man?

Kris responded instantly this man wasn’t sent by Lin li.

“Let me go! I really have something urgent to do!”Kris mobilized internal energy so that the power broke out instantly.

Last night, Kris took several pieces of obstacle-breaking pills. Today he made a breakthrough success and went up to the innate-power stage so that internal-energy changed into the genuine innate energy and became more powerful.

“Huh, it looks like we have to do it the hard way!”

The man snorted, and his voice became cold. Kris was dazzled and felt a sharp pain in the back of his head. He came over all dizzy and then went into a coma.



After some time, the dazzling sun was shining brightly, which made Kris revived. He touched his sore neck and cursed silently: “Damn it, he struck me too hard!”

The next moment, anger filled his chest.

Tianba Li, oh no, how about he now?

He quickly got up from the ground, looked around, and found himself on an island that was surrounded by the sea. The sea waves were roaring and breaking over the rocks.

There was a pier not far away. On the edge of it, a huge stone as high as tens of meters stood erect, which was twined by a ferocious stone dragon and was also carved three words: Ice -fire island!

Oh, my gosh!

Was this Ice -fire island?

Kris was completely dumbfounded, seeing such a special island.

Kris didn’t know that this island was a floating island, so it not existed on the map. And the island had a volcano, but which was an extinct volcano stopping erupting for a long time.

This island was the chief reason why the Sun-moon holy cult can extend for thousands of years because no one can find it’s precise location.

He looked around. And then, not far away, a field of herbal plants came into his eyes.

Oh, my gosh!

One-stalk twin lotus, Moluo fruit, Tianyang grass, hundred years of Ganoderma lucidum, and hundred years of ginseng…

Kris took a deep breath as being startled and thought, “These are all panacea. With these medicine materials, I could make all the pills in the medicine book.”

At that moment, however, a tall man dressed in black came up and grabbed him by the wrist. “Come on, I’ll take you somewhere!” he said.

He was the man who knocked himself out last night.

Kris was very angry, but he knew he was no match for him, so he was just pulled along by him.

On the way, there was a winding and upward stone path, on both sides of which was lined with exotic flowers and plants. Even apes were swinging between the woods.“Ice-fire island is really a good place,” he thought.

The man soon took Kris to a platform on the island, which was as big as two or three football fields.

All around the square stood the disciples of the Holy Dragon Cult. They were all hefty as well as powerful and looked unusual.

Oh, my God! The lowest stage among them was a later period of the acquired stage. The stage of some of them was higher than his. The experts with the innate-power stage were security guards?

The strength of the people on this island was too strong.

Kris didn’t know that although the Sun-Moon Holy Cult claimed to have one hundred thousand disciples, only three or four thousand remained on this island.

The lowest stage of the disciples left at the base was in the late period of the acquired stage, and those below this level were sent to other altars.

But that was nothing surprising. What really struck him was a cluster of sprawling palaces in front of him.

It was so exaggerated that the top of the mountain was at least five or six kilometers from another one. The Sun-Moon Holy Cult’s domain was too grand.

The style of architecture on the island should be that of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, that is to say, the Sun-Moon Holy Cult had lasted for 500 years to this day, which was really shocking.

After getting on the platform, the man still didn’t stop and pulled him up the steps again. He walked two platforms in succession. At the third platform, something caught his eyes suddenly, and then he was stunned.

What a crowd!

Thousands of people were standing there. He stood on a red carpet, which was tens of meters long. On both sides were lined by disciples of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult.

The red carpet’s ending point was a dragon chair carved from gold phoebe, which shone in the sun. That was one of its characteristics. So Kris felt dazzling when he looked at it.


He gasped. What a luxury! This dragon chair was actually carved from whole gold phoebe, which only existed in ancient times.

A woman was sitting on it, wearing a bright yellow phoenix robe. Her hair combed high up with a phoenix hair clasp.

This woman was probably in her early thirties, looking beautiful. She was as pretty as the women Kris knew, and she was even more domineering as she had an arrogant temperament.

The woman was so beautiful and domineering that she could be called the modern version of Wu Zetian(female emperor in history).

This woman was Quan Mu, the wife of the Cult’s head.

Kris was enthralled by this beautiful woman. He didn’t expect that this island lived such a beautiful woman.

“Don’t be insolent! On your knees, and pay homage.”

While Kris was appreciating this beauty’s looks, a man came over, kicking Kris’ buttock hard.

Unexpected, Kris staggered and fell down on his knees.

At that moment, Kris also realized that the woman sitting in the dragon chair was the bishop’s wife!

Kris was so nervous and thought, “I peered at her blatantly just now. Is she gonna kill me?”

Thinking of this, he got so uneasy. He gritted his teeth and said, “Long live Your Majesty!.”

Chapter 170: The Saint


After hearing Kris’ words, the queen of the Holy Dragon Cult sitting in the dragon chair smiled: “Interesting, you little guy, who taught you to say this?”

Then she paused and said, “You are Kris, right?”

Looking at the strange look of the people around him, Kris understood, fuck, this is the Sun-Moon holy cult, not the holy-dragon cult, and he messed the things up this time.

He was even more upset, swallowing the saliva involuntarily, and noded with a smile.

“Do you know why I called you here?” Quan Mu asked with a smile.

Call me here? Kris couldn’t help but smile bitterly. Knocking me out directly, which absolutely was a kidnapping!

But at this time, Kris was also afraid.

Before, the scripture of the ‘Sun-Moon Holy Cult stolen by Changkong Yin was stolen by Kris later.

Shouldn’t the lady of the Holy Dragon Cult know the truth?

Thinking of this, Kris was startled, sweating on his back, since people stealing the secrets of the cult would be sentenced to death.

If she really knew, then today, he would be killed.

More than a thousand people were standing around him, all of which were master-hands. If he dared to fight, he would be chopped into meat sauce.

“Don’t be nervous, I called you here this time, not to blame you, but want to make something clear.” Quan Mu smiled gently and said: “I ask you, two days ago, did you save a dozen of girls in a club?”


Kris’s face stiffened, his eyes a little flustered.

Fuck, several days ago, Xiaolong Tan got a dozen of girls to please him.

But he freed all of them!

But the girls probably thought it was Kris. He asked to kidnap them and reported the case to the Cult.

Thinking of this, Kris was confused and regretted to have released those girls!

“Do you know who those girls are?” Quan’s voice was very nice and gentle, making Kris a creepy feeling!

Kris shook his head at a loss: “I don’t know who they are, I only know that they are the disciples of the Sun-Moon holy cult, so my first thought at that time was to save them and ensure their safety.”

“Okay, that’s right, you are worthy of being the branch leader of the cult!”

Quan nodded approvingly, looking at Kris full of appreciation: “Having a loyal disciple like you is a blessing to the cult, so I called you here this time is to reward you.”



Kris was stunned: rewarding him in such a terrible manner!

This rewarding way was totally unacceptable!

Knocking me down when I didn’t obey an order, what a reward!

Kris found it funny and annoying, but he didn’t dare to say anything. Instead, he said: “Thank you, lady, I am lucky to be able to do something for the cult. This is my duty, and I can’t afford your praise !”

Hearing Kris’s words, Quan’s was more satisfied.

She raised her hand, then genuine soft energy directly supported Kris’s knee, and lifted him from the ground.

Releasing of the genuine energy! Only people who had reached the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage can use this method. Kris was panicked. The woman in front of him who was so beautiful was actually a practitioner who had reached the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage, it was really terrifying!

“For the girls, part of them are candidates for the Saintess of our cult,” Quan said.

The Saintess was a very special existence of the Sun-Moon holy cult, and the cult had only one Saintess. She should be proficient in the beliefs and concepts of the holy cult and took the lead and served as an example.

The Sun-Moon holy cult was originated from Persia. Its predecessor was the famous Ming cult!

After Chongba Zhu controlled the state, the Ming cult fell apart. At that time, the Saintess in the cult took a group of people and migrated to Ice and Fire Island. They had since taken root in the vast sea.

It can be said that the Saintess was the spiritual symbol of the Sun-Moon holy cult, and ranks second only to the head of Holy Dragon Cult and his wife.

However, as the times had changed, the rights of the Saintess had gradually declined. Although she had no real power, the Saintess was still respected by the disciples in the Sun-moon holy cult.

After hearing this, Kris was very happy.

Unexpectedly, he made a great contribution by accident.

If the Saintess candidates were raped by the disciples of the holy-dragon cult, they would definitely be looked down upon by the people in the underworld, which would even be a blow to the disciples of the cult. Since the Saintess was a spiritual symbol of the disciples.

Kris was secretly glad; fortunately, he didn’t have an evil intention at the time, otherwise he would be killed here. The disciples of the Sun-Moon holy cult will definitely torture him to death.

Just when Kris rejoiced in secret, Quan on the dragon chair smiled and said, “You have made a great contribution this time and set a good example for the disciples of the cult. You must be greatly rewarded. I heard that Changkong has already given away the position of the branch leader to you.”

“However, I think that with your ability, it’s a waste to assign you just a branch leader, and others will laugh at us for failing to use your talent!”

With that said, she raised her beautiful hand. A maid next to her immediately went to Kris and respectfully presented a token made of white jade.

Quan smiled slightly and whispered: “Now I announce that from today, Kris will be the Saint of the sun-moon holy cult!”



As soon as the words fell, everyone in the square was in an uproar. Everyone’s eyes instantly converged on Kris’s, there were filled with unspeakable envy and jealousy.

Kris was also embarrassed, Saint?

Doesn’t the Sun-moon holy cult only have the Saintess? When did it have the Saint!

Kris held the white jade token, full of doubts.

Changkong told him about the hierarchy of the Sun-Moon holy cult before. The highest position was naturally the Holy Dragon Cult and his lady. Below there were two angels of the sun and the moon, respectively, the four stars… and then the branch leader.

Besides, there was still a position in the Sun-Moon holy cult.

The Saint.

The Saint’s status was equivalent to that of the Saintess, second only to the Holy Dragon Cult and his lady. The Saint and the Saintess were different, and the Saint had the real power!

Let’s put it this way, if we compare the Sun-Moon holy cult to a country, then the Saint is equivalent to the Prince! In the future, he can inherit the position of the Holy Dragon Cult!

“Madam, the position of Saint has been vacant for so long because we haven’t been able to find a suitable candidate. Although Kris has both abilities and virtues, his power is not good enough, only in the early stage of the innate-power stage. How can he be a saint? Please think twice.”

At this time, a bodied man next to him stood up, saluted, and said humbly.

This big man was no other person but Weiwu Zhao, the Lord of Xuanwu Star, one of the four stars.

While saying this, he glanced at Kris with a look of disdain. He thus began, “I made countless efforts in attaining the position of Lord of Xuanwu Star, together with my tremendous military feats. But Kris only made a contribution by accident. How should he be promoted to the position of the Saint at once? Wasn’t it a joke?”

As soon as Weiwu finished his words, many people around him agreed with him.

“Yeah, Kris is of average ability, it’s difficult for him to be a great leader!”

“Madam. think twice, Kris is too young, he cannot be worthy of being the Saint.” Thousands of people knelt down in unison, the whole square suddenly became noisy.

Quan sat on the dragon chair and smiled coldly: “You are so bold! How dare you question my decision!”

She said it with a soft voice, but the people on site heard it clearly! A strong momentum suddenly was releasing out from her.

The air field of the lady of the Holy Dragon Cult was too strong.

“I dare not, I dare not!” Weiwu shuddered and knelt down to the ground quickly; his head knocked desperately on the ground, and then stepped back.


Seeing his retreat, Quan snorted and immediately said, “Appointing Kris as the Saint was decided by the Holy Dragon Cult and me. Kris has both ability and loyalty, of course, he can shoulder this responsibility.”

Everyone shut their mouths and dared not say one more word.

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