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Chapter 169: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 169 The Secret Man in Black (1)
He was a smart man, quickly noticing that something was wrong with his girlfriend. She wasn’t this enthusiastic about him, could it be that…

His face turned sullen.

The atmosphere had a brief moment of silence. Suddenly, Kerry Ye was lightly kicked on the calf. He raised his eyebrows, looking at the woman sitting opposite. At this time, she was eating with her head down, as if it was just an accident.

Kerry’s legs withdrew back, focusing on taking care of Venus Mu, but half a minute later, a toe rubbed against his calf.

Kerry stopped and looked up at her. This time, she was casting a flirty look on him, but Kerry averted his look.

This woman was really bold enough to tease Kerry in this situation.

“Mr. Ye, what kind of sports do you usually do?” She asked while rubbing against his calf with her toes.

Kerry knew well what she wanted, but he didn’t want to fall out with her in front of Venus, so he said in a cold voice, “Nothing.”

“But you’re in such a good shape? Do you have any secret?”

“No, born with it.”

A fool could see that Kerry didn’t want to talk to her anymore, but she was oblivious to his indifference and continued to say with great enthusiasm, “I’m just envious of you, eating without getting fat. Mr. Ye, I really like your company’s women’s clothing, what style do you think I’m suitable to wear? Can you recommend me some?”

“Xiaoyou, Mr. Ye is very busy. Don’t trouble him.” Her husband couldn’t help but stop her as he saw that Kerry was losing him patience.

But she pursed her lips, “It’s dinner time and I don’t waste his work time.”

Kerry was so disgusted at her flirtation under the table. Seeing that Venus was almost done eating, he asked softly, “Are you full? I notice there’s a porridge shop ahead, let’s go have some.”

“No, I’m full.” Venus wiped her mouth with a tissue.

Xiaoyou became jealous, “Did Venus have a fight with Mr. Ye? It’ s already hard for men to work. You need to care him more.”

“Xiaoyou, you’re talking too much today.” Her husband warned her in a low voice.

Seeing that Venus didn’t answer her, what she said was harsher, “Why not answer me? Am I wrong?”

Venus sighed inside. When she was about to explain, Kerry said in a cold voice, “As long as Venus is willing to stay by my side, I won’t care how she treats me. And stop kicking me with your toes, I’m not interested in you at all.” Then he said to her husband, “Why not break up with this kind of woman? She’ll dump you whenever she hooks up with someone better than you.”

“Mr. Ye…” He flushed.

Xiaoyou, however, was pale without saying anything.

Kerry took out a business card from his money clip and gave it to him, saying, “You’ve helped us last time, so if you need anything, just come to me.”

He took the business card with both hands and said, “Well, thank you so much.”

Kerry got up from his stool and leaned over to Venus and said, “Let’s go. Go home and rest.”

Venus smiled at her senior brother and got up and left the restaurant.

When the two had walked away, senior brother said with a cold face, “We’re done. Bye.”

Xiaoyou still wanted to make him stay, but senior brother didn’t give her a chance, who turned around and walked away.

The only little bit of dignity he had in front of Venus was all shattered by this woman. Why had he chosen her?

The following day, Yehuang Group

After reading some documents, Kerry was still a little worried about Venus, so he made a phone call.

“John, is Dr. Yan here?”

“Young master, he has arrived ten minutes ago and is now in Venus’ s room.”

Kerry was relieved, “Well, that’s good, call me if there is anything.”


After hanging up the phone, Secretary Liu walked in, “Mr. Ye, Mr. Changrui Mu wants to see you.”

Changrui? What’s he doing here? Oh, right, Kerry remembered that he promised to help him take back Mu’s Group in order to find Venus some time ago. Now, he should be here for this.

But he was a total daydreamer. Even if Tianye Mu was dead, there was still Venus. He didn’t care Mu family’s property before, but now, what belonged to Venus, he didn’t want to give it to someone else.

“Mr. Ye, let him in?” Secretary Liu asked again.

Kerry smiled, “Let him in.” He would like to see what tricks could he play.

Soon, there was a knock at the door, and without looking up, he kept reading the documents in his hands, “Please come in.”

Changrui came in radiantly. He had heard rumors that Tianye had disappeared again and he thought it must have something to do with Kerry, so he rushed to make him fulfill his promise. He hated living in that small house and the little money that Tianye gave him was spent lavishly by Yiyao Mu within a few days. Three meals a day was even a dream for him.

“Mr. Ye, how are you?” Changrui nodded and greeted attentively.

Kerry didn’t look at him and directly asked, “What are you looking for me for?”

Changrui took a few steps forward to his huge desk, stretching his hand on the desk and said with a smile, “Mr. Ye, do you still remember our agreement last time? You would help me take back Mu’s Group after you found Tianye.”

Kerry finally put down the document in his hands and looked up at him with a smirk, “Yes, I remember.”

Changrui was surprised, his eyes glowing with hope, “Then …… now, it’s time, right?”

Kerry leaned against the back of the chair, with his hands in front of his chest, “What?”

Changrui’ s heart thudded and he even said, “Of course the right time to take back Mu’s Group. Mr. Ye, you don’t want to go back on your word, do you?”

“Well. Changrui, have you forgotten the premise we agreed upon at the time?” Kerry helped him recall the details, “You’ve given me some locations of several old mansions of Mu family, and but in the end, I searched all those places and couldn’t find him, but now you’ve come to me to ask what you want. Changrui, are you crazy?”

Changrui flushed. It was true, but now only Kerry could help him, because they had a common enemy.

“Oh, right.” Changrui laughed awkwardly and said, “But Mr. Ye, now that he has disappeared anyway, I’m the only one that can govern the Group. If you help me take back the company, I can give you shares.”

“How much?” Kerry laughed. It seemed that this old fox was really in a dilemma.

Seeing that there’s some hope, Changrui said with determination, “Thirty percent.” He had to sacrifice something, not to mention that now, he had nothing to sacrifice.

“Hahaha…” Kerry laughed again, “You’re really generous.”

The businessman pursued profit, and with thirty percent of the shares, he could become the second largest shareholder of Mu’s Group.

“Mr. Ye, are you satisfied with this?” Changrui had no choice to make a such proposal.

Kerry stopped laughing and asked in puzzlement, “Since you said that you are the only one in charge of Mu family, why don’t you just go to the company and take over? Why come to me for help?”

Speaking of this, Changrui gnashed his teeth in anger and sat on the chair next to him, complaining, “I’ve already been to the company, but those assholes only listen to Tianye, saying that the company can’t be handed over to me without Tianye’ s signature. I guess that Tianye has probably been dead somewhere and they want to carve up Mu family…”

“Shut up!” Kerry harshly interrupted him. Although he was his enemy, he was someone he admired, and he was Venus’s brother, so he didn’t allow others to slander him.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 169 The Secret Man in Black (2)
Changrui Mu didn’t know where he had misspoken, so he stood up from his chair and said with caution, “Mr. Ye, are you…”

Kerry Ye snorted and looked at him with disdain, “Changrui, do you think that because I have a personal grudge against Tianye Mu that I will help you take over the company? You underestimate me. Changrui, I, Kerry, hate people so much like you who are ungrateful and greedy. If you want Mu family’s property, then go get it by yourself. I won’t help you. Get lost, I don’t want to see you anymore.”

After being stunned for a few seconds, a treacherous smile appeared on his face, “Kerry, don’t regret. Though you rejected me, there are still a lot of people who want to work with me. I don’t believe that no one will be interest in such profits.”

“Then have a try.”

“Fine, we’ll see.” Changrui turned around in a huff and walked away.

Staring at the closed door, Kerry thought to himself that if Venus was in a better mood, he could give Mu family’s company to her, but now, how could she care about the money when she could even give up her child?

Just let Changrui go. Anyway, he could get the company back whenever he wanted.

Ye family’s villa

Dr. Yan’s consultation didn’t go well, for Venus held a very negative attitude towards any question she asked. Venus might be the most tough patient that Dr. Yan had encountered, for she refused to recover from her bottom of her heart. She wanted death instead of nothing else.

The patients she had met were all longing for rebirth, but Venus was different.

No matter how good Dr. Yan’s medical skills were, she couldn’t heal a person whose heart was dead.

“Doctor Yan, how is our young lady?” John asked with worry.

Dr. Yan looked up at the balcony on the second floor and said regretfully, “John, tell Mr. Ye that there’s nothing I can do. Let him find another person.”

“This, Dr. Yan…” John didn’t expect Venus’s condition to be so serious, “Dr. Yan, what else can you do? “

She shook her head, “I’m sorry, maybe I’m not good enough. I tried my best. I’m sorry, goodbye.”

John sent her off, sighing inwardly. What else could he do?

In the evening, Kerry kept silent for a quite long time after hearing John’ s words when he returned home.

Did he have to let her go? At least she and the baby would keep living.

Late at night, the new maid was sleeping soundly on the sofa, but Venus couldn’t fall asleep with her eyes open.

She couldn’t remember how many nights she hadn’t fallen asleep. She wanted to be like the maid, falling asleep as soon as she touched her pillow, without thinking anything, but she couldn’t. As soon as she closed her eyes, she would recall the images of her parents’ death and her brother falling off a cliff, and even Xinyou Qiao, and the unbearable past. These things were like movies, flashing through her mind…

She tried to ward them off, but she couldn’t, so she kept her eyes open. Didn’t pregnant women need a lot of sleep? why was it so hard for her to fall asleep?

If she could, she’d love to take a sleeping pill.

Outside, the wind whistled.

When Venus rolled over and was about to close her eyes to sleep, a shadow suddenly appeared on the balcony.

She was too shocked to see this, maybe it was because of Xiaozi. One more thing, she subconsciously felt that this person may be Kerry. Because he enjoyed flashing when he was pretending to be Xiaozi.

The man in black carefully observed the surroundings and walked into the room.

No, this wasn’t Kerry, for he wouldn’t be so careful if he came in.

Not knowing what he was up to, Venus squinted her eyes and pretended to sleep.

The man walked to the maid and plugged a handkerchief on her nose, and soon, the maid was snoring even louder. Then, from her squinting eyes,Venus saw the man in black walking towards her step by step.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Venus opened her eyes and looked at him.

The man was clearly shocked by her calmness, and after a few seconds, he asked her in a husky voice, “Aren’t you afraid?” An ordinary person would have already yelled and screamed, and he was ready to cover her mouth and negotiate with her.

Venus sat up, pulling the blanket up to her neck, and said calmly, “Is there any need to be afraid of? I’ve been thinking about how to die lately and if you can help me, I will be grateful.”

The man said in a deep voice, “I’m not here to kill you. I’m here to take you away.”

Venus raised her eyebrows and couldn’t help but laugh, “Take me away? I don’t even know who you are. Why should I go with you?”

“It doesn’t matter who I am. It’s my boss’s commission.”

“Who’s your boss?”

The man paused for a few seconds and said, “Tianye.”

There was some hope reappearing in her eyes, “My brother?”

“Yes, although something happened to him, he gave us a task that we must complete.” The man said in a very serious way.

Venus’s eyes were a little sore. Her only brother in the world who was good to her was killed by Kerry just like that.

“Miss Mu, please come with me. I will take you out of here.” The man began to lose his patience.

Venus lifted the blanket to get out of the bed and suddenly stopped.

Why was she so stupid? How could she so easily believe him? What if it’s not?

“Did my brother really ask you to take me out?” Venus’s legs went back into the blanket.

“Sure.” The man then looked outside the balcony. He was not coming alone and there was someone outside waiting for him. If he couldn’t take Venus out, Ye family’s bodyguards will notice them, “Miss Mu, please believe me. I won’t lie to you.”

“Then answer me, do you know what happened to my brother?” Venus tried to see the look in his eyes as a way to find out if he was lying or not, but the light was too dim for her to see anything.

“It’s not something we should know about. We get a mission and what we do is to complete it. As for the boss, we can’t ask more about him.”

Venus became more and more suspicious inside. How could they not know how her brother had died?

“Go away, I need to think about it.” Venus said indifferently.

The man in black frowned, “Miss Mu, what else do you need to think about?”

“Consider whether you’re telling the truth or not. Go away, I’m not going to go with you tonight.”

“You…” He was going to say something else, but there were some dogs barking in the distance, so he couldn’t stay longer. Seeing that Venus was determined, he had to say, “Okay, I’ll come back. I hope you’ll change your mind by then.”

“Wait, what have you done to her?” Venus was talking about the maid. She was willing to die, but that didn’t mean she wanted to see innocent people die.

The man in black didn’t stop, “She will sleep a little longer and she will ake up in the morning.” Then the man disappeared from the balcony.

In the distance, the barking became more intense, mixed with the sound of hurried footsteps.

Venus lay down, thinking about his words, which were mixed with lies. But there was still something she could believe—who else wanted to take her away except her brother?

When the bedroom door was pushed open, Venus heard familiar footsteps and quickly closed her eyes.

Kerry, wearing a dark blue robe, strode in. Seeing that Venus was sleeping peacefully on the bed, he relived.

She’s still there, she’s still there.

The bodyguards reported that someone had broken into the villa. His first reaction was to see if Venus was alright, and now seeing she was still here, he stopped worrying.

Walking forward, Kerry gently touched her face, warm.

Leaning down to kiss her forehead, Kerry then left the room.

As soon as the door closed, Venus opened her eyes, full of disgust. She wiped her forehead, as if to remove all traces of him.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 169 The Secret Man in Black (3)
The living room, light on.

Kerry Ye was sitting on the sofa, looking cold and steadfast.

“Where is the man? Have you caught him?” He asked Henry who had just entered the room.

Henry shook his head with apology, “No, but someone has been sent after them.”

“Rubbish, you don’t even notice at all. What can you do?” Kerry roared in a low voice, for he didn’t want to wake up the one sleeping upstairs.

Henry lowered his head, “I’m sorry, young master.”

“Don’t make the stupid mistake again!” “Don’t worry, never.” Henry guaranteed.

Kerry leaned back on the sofa, pressing his head against his temples. What did these people want? Was it him, or Venus Mu? He didn’t believe it would be an ordinary thief, for no thief in City A would dare to offend Ye family.

It was carefully planned, for they were able to retreat without leaving any trace and a hound couldn’t catch them.

Who exactly were they? What did they want? Tianye had died, so who else could be?

A familiar face flashed in Kerry mind. Was it him?

If it was really him, was he for Venus, or was he seeking revenge on himself?

There was no clue at all.

“Henry, prepare a great gift tomorrow. It’s been a long time since we’ve visited Mr. Nangong.”

“Young master is suspecting that the people coming tonight were ordered by Hao Nangong?” Henry instantly understood Kerry.

Kerry was a little tired, “We’ll see when we go tomorrow.”

“OK,” Henry nodded. Seeing Kerry’s tightly furrowed eyebrows, he couldn’t bear to say, “Young master, it’s late at night, go to sleep first. Leave the matters here to me, I’ll tell you if there’s any progress.”

Kerry also knew that he was wasting his time waiting like this, so he might as well go to sleep.

“Thank you.”

The men sent out certainly didn’t find out anything, so Henry also reprimanded his men.

The next day, at ten o’clock in the morning, Kerry arrived at Nangong’ s house. When the housekeeper opened the door to see that it was him, he warmly welcomed him in.

Mr. Nangong was with black hair and square face. Tough he was almost sixty, he still kept a good figure, his eyes with shrewdness.

“Uncle, long time no see.” Kerry greeted and asked Henry to give him the gift, “This wild ginseng is from Mt. Changbai, suitable for soup and wine.”

Mr. Nangong took it and opened it to see, which was at least of a few hundred years, hard to find in the market.

Mr. Nangong smiled and said, “I’m so happy to see you.”

Kerry politely said, “I haven’t come to see you for a long time. If my father were alive, he would definitely chastise me for my poor manners.”

“Hey, I watch you grow up, and now you are so successful and your father will feel proud of you.”

Shuhua Chen echoed, “Yes, look at you, now your company is so prosperous and you also have a family… Why don’t you ask your wife to come with you? I haven’t seen her for a long time.”

Shuhua said politely, in fact, she didn’t want to see Venus at all, because of her, Hao and the family had fallen out several times.

Speaking of his wife, Kerry had a soft look on his face and smiled, “She is pregnant and it’s better for her to stay at home.”

“Ah? Really?” Shuhua was indeed surprised, “That’s great, if Hao can be as obedient as you are and be good to get married and have children, I will be so happy.”

Kerry smiled. It seemed that Hao didn’t tell the family about the last time he gave him a shot. If he had told, the two wouldn’t be so kind to him today.

Hmph, he didn’t dare to tell them. if Mr. Nangong knew he had kidnapped Kevin, he would be over.

“By the way, where is Hao? Not at home?” Kerry pretended to ask casually.

Mr. Nangong answered, “He’s been living outside all this time, and I haven’t seen him in a long time.”

“Well.” Kerry said meaningfully, “Then uncle, you should keep an eye on him. He can’t stand loneliness with that temperament. Don’t let him cause any trouble.”

Mr. Nangong and his wife looked at each other, “Kerry, has he made some mess?”

“No, I was just talking.” Kerry said, and then changed the topic to business. After chatting for a few minutes, he got up and was about to leave.

“Thank you for coming today.” Shuhui said politely.

“Okay Aunt Chen, when my baby is born, I’ll invite you and uncle to the birthday party.”

“Then I’ll have to think about what gift I should prepare for the baby.”

“Bye, then.” Kerry shook Mr. Nangong’ s hand and got into the car.

Seeing the Cayenne disappear around the corner, Mr. Nangong seemed to have changed into another person, whose face was terribly gloomy, “Send someone to find out what that brat has done recently.”

Shuhua observed her husband and said something nice for her son, “Hao has been very obedient these days. Kerry may mean nothing.”

Mr. Nangong snorted, “Do you think Kerry is that boring? A priceless wild ginseng? Don’t speak for that brat. If he really does something stupid this time, don’t blame me.”

Shuhua frowned, beginning to worry for her son.

In the end, it was all because of Venus. She suddenly thought that Kerry said that she was pregnant, so she couldn’t help but feel a little irritated, “I want him to go on a blind date and he must go this time. It’s best to get married at the end of the year, so that we can have a grandson by the end of next year.”

Mr. Nangong was surprised at his wife’s thinking, but he didn’t object to her. It’s time for that brat to get married.

In the car, Henry asked Kerry, “Young master, can Mr. Nangong understand what you mean?”

Kerry glanced at him, “The reason why Mr. Nangong was able to fight his way out of a large and complicated family and take the seat is not only because of his decisiveness, ruthlessness, and cleverness. If he couldn’t find out what I mean, then he would have already lost the seat.”

Henry was still a little worried, “What if the man in black last night wasn’t Hao’s man?”

“If it was him, Mr. Nangong’ s pursuit will definitely make him stop. But if it’s not him, according to my understanding of Hao, he must have also gotten into a lot of trouble during this time. It’s just the time for Mr. Nangong to teach him a lesson.”

Kerry cast his eyes out of the car, thinking inwardly, “Hao, don’t do anything. Otherwise, I will definitely show no mercy.”

The villa

When the maid woke up, the sky was already bright. She jumped up from the sofa with a scream, flushing, for she had never been so late for work, which was so humiliating.

By the way, where is Mrs. Ye?

The maid smashed her groggy head and was relieved to see Venus on the bed. It shouldn’t be a big deal for her to get up a little late.

Anyway, her job for the day was to stay with her in case she got close to anything dangerous or did anything to hurt herself.

But why did her head hurt so much? She didn’t do anything last night.

Venus woke up until noon, and the maid didn’t wake her up. It was hard for her to have a good sleep and no one wanted to bother her.

After that night, the man in black had disappeared, never to appear again.

Venus even seriously considered this. If that person could really take her out of here, did he have anything to do with her brother? What she wanted was to leave Kerry.

Today was the scheduled time for the pregnancy test, and with the experience from last time, Kerry kept accompanying her all the time.

It was still the doctor from the last time. When she saw Venus, the first sentence she said was, “Why do you look so bad?”

“I can’t sleep.” Venus said bluntly, “It’s just that I sleep during daytime, not night.”

The doctor frowned, “That’s not good for the baby. You must change it.”

Venus tried to change it too, but there was nothing she could do at all, so she turned to the doctor, “Can you give me some medicine?”

“No, the tranquilizers will damage the baby’s brain, so you have to rely on yourself.” The doctor took her to the ultrasound room behind her, “Lie down, let me take a look at baby.”

Kerry helped her lie down and lifted up her clothes. Her belly was already a little big. Looking at her bulging belly, Kerry began to have some hope.

“The fetus is quite good, you see,” The doctor pointed at a few places on the instrument, “this is the child’s cheek, here is the jaw and this is the auricle. Can you see it? It should be a beautiful child.”

Looking at the screen, Venus began to hesitate.

This was her baby and he must be the cutest baby in the world when he was born, so how could she let him die?

Almost instantly, she decided that she was going to give birth to him and leave Kerry as soon as possible.

She wanted this child to belong to her completely, who had nothing to do with Kerry and the child would also follow her surname, so that even if she died, the child belonged to Mu family.

Kerry, who was standing next to her, also had the same idea as her. From his eyes, one could tell how excited he was.

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