Chapter 169: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 169 Ms. Doris fainted again

She looked at the pretty lady beside him. Looking at them, they must be a couple.

Xiao Rongtao said sarcastically when he saw Doris’s appearance, “You’re so pale, Mrs. Ward. It isn’t because you’re stressed with Chairman Ward, right?”

When Xiao Rongtao found out that Colin turned out to be the chairman of Marquis, he was so shocked that his chin almost fell off. No wonder that he was so arrogant before. But he still couldn’t figure out, wasn’t Colin a poor boy from the countryside? How could he become the chairman of Marquis?

The next shocking thing was Colin’s news.

Even if the rumor was denied, Xiao Rongtao still believed that it was Colin.

Colin looked like a gentleman but he was unexpectedly hot and slept with three women in a night.

He couldn’t understand it. His wife, Doris, is very beautiful, and yet, he still went for another woman outside?

When he looked at Doris’s complexion again, he naturally thought that Doris was stressed by Colin’s problem, that’s why she looked so haggard.

Doris frowned slightly upon hearing Xiao Rongtao’s words, “You and I are not close.”

When Doris finished, the lady beside Xiao Rongtao asked him softly, “Who is this, Rongtao?”

“She is the wife of the man that made the hot news two days ago.” Xiao Rongtao explained.

The woman smiled upon hearing that, “Oh, so this is Mrs. Ward!”

“Don’t be sad, Mrs. Ward. I believe that Chairman Ward didn’t intend to look for women outside. You’re so beautiful. If you talk to him, he will change his mind.”

“That’s right. Colin and I were classmates. I know him very well. There must be a misunderstanding. Don’t be sad. I believe that he’s not such a person.”

Doris listened to their words and wondered, Chairman Ward?

However, it didn’t show on her face, and she lightly said, “Does it have anything to do with you?”

After Doris spoke, both Xiao Rongtao and the woman paused, then Xiao Rongtao said calmly, “We were just giving several kind advice. Do you blame us for your husband’s affair?”

“Oh, see? You’re alone in the hospital now. Maybe now he’s feeling that woman’s warmth and tenderness carefreely? Would he still care about you?”

Doris hyperventilated upon hearing this but still looked calm and said, “I don’t need you to talk about my husband’s problem.”

“You don’t need it but I’m just reminding you. There are a lot of women around Colin. There is the school babe in our class, the assistant at Marquis. Those are the ones that don’t have an ambiguous relationship with him. Perhaps, it’s been long that they have an affair.”

“You are kept in the dark, I also think it’s not fair for you. Otherwise, you….”

Before he could finish speaking, his arm was pulled and he turned around.


Xiao Rongtao was slapped.

“Close your damn mouth!”

Colin walked beside Doris, put her behind his back, and glared at Xiao Rongtao tenaciously.

“Colin?” Xiao Rongtao was dumbfounded since he’s slapped. He thought Doris came alone and didn’t think that Colin would be here, even slapped him.

The surrounding people who were in the registration process saw this scene and watched them.

Colin said coldly, “My problems have nothing to do with you. Just shut your damn mouth. Otherwise, I’ll make you unable to open it anymore!”

“You dare to threaten me?” Xiao Rongtao choked, then replied, “Don’t think that you’re special now with your status, Colin. Since there’s such a scandal, did I speak wrongly just now?”

“Do you dare to say that you have a clear relationship with Belle and that Assistant White of yours?”

“Since you have dirty thoughts, do you plan to say someone else is dirty too?”

“You!” Xiao Rongtao was so angry that he couldn’t deny it.

And Doris, who was behind Colin suddenly fainted.

“Doris!” Colin panicked, “Doris! Doris!”

“Help! Someone, please help!” Colin shouted in panic and his eyes were instantly red.

The doctor who heard it hurriedly brought a stretcher over and carried Doris with it.

When Colin followed, he glanced at Xiao Rongtao and said, “If something happens to Doris, I won’t let you go!”

After Colin said that, he turned around and followed.

Xiao Rongtao froze there as he felt a chill. Colin’s gaze just now was too terrifying. It looked like that scary murderous gaze.

“Let’s go!”

He didn’t know why Doris fainted, but since Colin talked that way, it must be because of their dispute, so if he didn’t leave now when would it be better?

Doris was taken to the emergency room and the other doctor looked for Dr. Niu Wang.

At that moment, Dr. Niu Wang was still in the department head’s office while interviewing Vanessa together with the department head.

Vanessa sat across the table while looking at the three people who sat in front of her. They kept their silence, which made her very nervous.

After a long time, the department head spoke, “Your academic qualifications are indeed good and you’ve also studied abroad. We are happy about it.”

The director was someone who easily followed the others. Once the department head agreed, he followed suit, and said, “Indeed, such an academic background is rare domestically. You also studied oriental medicine together with the medicinal studies, which are good.”

Niu Wang didn’t say anything.

The department head said again, “It’s just that you’re still young and it hasn’t been long since you graduated. You possibly do not have much experience yet, right? If you want to apply as an attending physician, it might not work.”

“But judging from your academic qualification, we acknowledge your learning ability. You can start with the most basic and gained more experience. It won’t be impossible for you to become an attending physician in the future.”

The director nodded upon hearing it, “Right, you also know. As a doctor, even if you’re smart, but without the experience, it will be fatal. If you don’t have the experience, when you’re careless and mistreat someone, it will be inexcusable!”

Niu Wang still hadn’t said anything. He felt that this lady was pretty good. The first point was her academic qualification. The other point, oriental medicine was really rare nowadays. It was quite good to be able to learn oriental medicine.

The only thing was what the department head said, she lacked experience.

Vanessa pouted after listening, “You mean that I failed the interview, right?”

“We didn’t mean that way. We can accept you as an assisting doctor and you can follow him/her to gain more experience. As you know, in this job, the time will test us the most.”

“Yes, you are right.” Vanessa was already impatient.

They clearly didn’t want to use her, but they acted so dignifiedly which grossed her out.

Seeing her bad manner, the director suddenly looked gloomy, “What’s with your attitude? No matter what, we are still your senior. We are saying it based on experience. If you don’t want to take it seriously as a junior, forget it then. And yet, you’re still making such an expression, such an impudent!”

Vanessa was upset after hearing this, “You dare to say that I have a bad attitude, do you look at yourself? With just a sentence, you agree and disagree as you want. It’s nonsense, is it useful? You’re wasting my time!”

The department head’s expression also looked bad, “You’re someone without experience. Do you think any hospital will hire you? I think there won’t be one. They are all doctors, who would dare to take such a big risk?”

“Also, young lady, you should know your place. You want to be an attending physician in the first place. You have to see if you have the ability and qualifications!”

Vanessa sneered at them and stood up, “Who says that I don’t have the experience and ability? You’re using your shallow judgment to judge people. You think that young people won’t have the experience and capability, right? Do you think everyone has to follow that procedure?”

The department head and director held in, “You!”

Vanessa turned around and was about to leave.

At this time, the door was opened, “Dr. Niu, it’s bad. Ms. Doris fainted again. She’s in the emergency room now and waiting for you to come over!”

Niu Wang stood up as soon as he heard about it and walked outside. The department head and director also followed when they saw it. They knew Doris’s identity and they couldn’t ignore it.

In an instant, nobody was in the office anymore. Vanessa also followed them and went out.

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