Chapter 17 – 18: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 17: Illusion or reality?

Venus studies in School of Design and it often hosts events. Her tutors often encourage them to participate in various social activities in order to help them get design inspiration. Although she doesn’t live in university, she has dormitory.

Kerry smiled evilly, “That means you want me to get you withdrawn from university.”

“You……” Venus bit his lip and didn’t finish her words. The man was so macho. She thought she’d better not irritate him, lest she lost her chance to return to university.

“Okay, I know. I’ll be home on time every day from now on.” said Venus.

Kerry glanced at her, and then walked over to the chair, sat down, and instructed, “You can get out of here now. If you need anything, let John tell me. You’re not allowed on the third floor without my permission.”

Venus was full of doubts. Why wasn’t she allowed to go up to the third floor?

She suddenly thought of the room with the bell at the door, the man with purple pupils in the room who looked like Kerry and the flying teapot and teacups. Was it because of this?

“Ok, I keep it in mind.” Venus nodded. Kerry started to work. Venus didn’t ask him anything. She was afraid of upsetting him and he would change his mind. So she walked out of the study quickly.

When Venus turned to leave, Kerry’s hand with the pen stopped. He looked up and stared at her back, slightly raising the corners of his mouth. His blue pupils were charming.

After leaving the study, Venus headed downstairs. As she just reached the stairs, she stopped suddenly. She subconsciously looked to the room on her left. The wind continued to blow gently at the moment and the bell kept ringing.

Blue pupils? Purple pupils?

Venus was confused. Kerry and John’s words came to her mind again.

“Don’t go up to the third floor.”

“Don’t go near the room with the bells on the door.”

But her doubts and curiosity made Venus gather the courage to sneak to the room on the left.

Venus leaned against the wall again and peered inside. The man with the purple pupils was now gone from the room full of sports equipment, and the teapot and two teacups were placed on a round table in the middle of the room. They weren’t flying. There was nothing unusual about the room.

Nothing seemed to have happened.

Was what she’d seen before just an illusion? Was she mistaken?

Venus blinked. After confirming that, she didn’t dare stay and hurried down the stairs.

Why couldn’t people get closer to the room with the bell?

Why did his eyes turn purple? Why did teapots and teacups fly?

Was that man Kerry? If the man was him, how did he move instantly to the study? If not, then who the hell was the person with the purple pupils? Was he Kerry’s twin brother?

Was she hallucinating? Was she out of her mind? What was going on here?

Venus couldn’t figure it out. She walked downstairs with her doubts. As soon as she looked up, she saw John, the butler.

“John have been in Ye family for many years, I can ask John about that.” Venus thought to herself.

“John.” Venus said.

As soon as John saw Venus, he came over and greeted him respectfully, “Yes, Lady. Is there anything I can do for you?”

John had told her earlier that she wasn’t allowed to go near the room with the bell hanging at the door. Venus didn’t want John to know that she was against the rules when she was in Ye family on the first day, so she asked cautiously, “Have you ever seen a man with purple eyes in Ye family? His pupils are purple, and they glow.”

Chapter 18: Who Is the Man with Shiny Eyes

“Purple eyes? Do they shine?” being shocked,John looked at Venus Mu curiously,and then shook his head. “In all my years of life, I have never seen anyone with purple eyes! You must be mistaken,young lady.Seemingly, you’re in a trance now. Is there something wrong?Or did young master bully you? Our young master is very kind, though he is overbearing sometimes. You…”

” I know what you said. Kerry didn’t bully me and there was nothing bad happened…” Venus explained instantly, interrupting John’s voluble words.

After listening to John’s introduction of the villa last night, she knew if she didn’t interrupt him, he could talk to her several hours without rest.

And most importantly, what John said was all of about Kerry.For heaven’s sake! She had no interest at all about this bad man.How could he have a kind heart?Don’t make jokes! He was almost driving her mad though they haven’t known each other for a long time.

John nodded and laughed, “Well, I know our young master is very reasonable!”

Is Kerry very reasonable? !

Venus twitched her lips.In order not to show her dislike of Kerry, she immediately shifted the subject and asked , “John, since you have never seen a man with purple pupils. Then could you tell me, does your young master, Kerry, has siblings?”

“Young master has a younger brother!” John said.

“His own brother?”

“Yes!” John nodded, “Master’s younger brother is Master Shaoyan!”

Shaoyan Ye ?

Is the man with purple pupil Shaoyan ?

“Do Shaoyan’s eyes shine? Are they purple pupils?”

“No, his pupils are black!”

“Black?” Venus shocked, “Kerry’s pupils are blue .Why are his brother’s black?”

John laughed, “Master is a quarter of Spanish blood, so his eyes are blue. Shaoyan’s eyes are black, which follows my Old Master !”

After listening what he said, Venus learned that he is handsome as he enjoyed a good gene.His mother must be a super beauty.

Who’s the man with the purple pupils? If he is neither Kerry nor Shaoyan, and who is the man…

Venus was confused. Seeing she had something to say but stopped,John asked with a smile, “My lady, if I can be of service, please give me the order.”

After listening his words, Venus got some ideas. After a while, she could not help saying, “John, can you tell me why I can’t go near the room with the bell at the door? What’s in it?”

Unexpectedly, John’s face turned serious when he heard what she said. And he stared backward with a deadly pale face.

Seeing his behavior, Venus became more confused. She grabbed John’s hand and asked, “John, you must know something. Please tell me what’s in that room.”

It turned out that no sooner had she finished the words, a cool and deep voice behind her said, “If you want to know what’s in it, wouldn’t it be better to ask me?”

Venus froze, this voice was —

Oh my God!!

Suddenly turning round, Venus saw that Kerry just stood behind her with a gloomy face which couldn’t have been more terrible.

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