Chapter 17 – 18: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 17: Hold a party in Tianbei hotel

Doris took Eva to sit down. “Mom, I have the same feeling. Now my heart is still pounding!”

They both looked at Colin and Colin smiled at them.

Doris suddenly felt a little shy.

Eva said: “you did a good job this time! I hate Fox for a long time. He always has bullied Doris. I feel much comfortable today! “

At this time, Baker said: “although you did a good job today, it’s gone too far. Big trees attract wind…”

“Shut up, you!” Eva snorted and glared at Baker, “How could you teach Colin? Look at yourself! As soon as they come, you dare not say anything. If it were not for Colin, our daughter and I would have been wronged! “

“Especially your daughter! She tried so hard to get the contract. However, she can not be in charge with it and even was insulted by them. You are useless as a father.”


Eva began to worry now, “I am surly very happy now. But what about the contract of Lanbo port? We promised the old Mr. Lee. If Doris can’t make it…”

Doris was also worried. She was not sure.

Colin looked at Doris and said with a smile, “go ahead. You will make it.”

Seeing this, Doris felt very relieved. She believed Colin’s words without any reasons.

In the early of the next morning, Doris came to the office building of Lanbo port with uneasiness.

However, it was beyond Doris expectation. She thought it would be very difficult to get in. As a result, she was directly welcomed by Xiao Zhou, the assistant of the general manager.

The general manager took out the contract with a smile and said, “sign it! Sign it and we will transfer immediately.”

Doris nodded and signed.

When she got out of the office building and returned to the company, Doris really came back to her mind, “is it so easy?”

Looking down at the signed contract, Doris finally believed the fact.

But at the same time, she was also very puzzled. What was the position of Colin’s classmate?

She knew clearly that Fox did not go in the Lanbo port. But when it was her turn, things were different,obviously!

But Colin didn’t say that, and she didn’t ask much. She only took the contract to find the old Mr. Lee.

Looking at the contract, the old Mr. Lee nodded happily, “Doris, you have done a good job! Are you tired today? Why don’t you go back and have a rest earlier?”

Doris nodded and went home.

Seeing that Doris was gone, the old Mr. Lee called Bob in immediately.

Bob was Glen’s father, and the manager of the financial department. He was a middle-aged man with good manners.

“Dad, I’m just looking for you.” Bob said.

“What’s the matter?” the old Mr. Lee asked.

“The money has been transferred from Lanbo port.” Bob replied.

The old Mr. Lee was surprised for a moment, and then nodded, “it’s really a big enterprise!”

Bob nodded.

“Dad, what can I do for you?”

The old Mr. Lee chuckled and said in a serious voice, “Inform our business partners that we’ll hold a party in Tianbei hotel the day after tomorrow.”

“Isn’t that good? Lanbo port… “Bob hesitated.

The old Mr. Lee chuckled, ” Lanbo port is the branch of Marquis group. They won’t mind. Just take this opportunity to let others know that we are supported by Marquis group! “

“By the way, there is no need to inform Baker and his family.”

Bob paused and understood what the old Mr. Lee meant, “I know, Dad.”

Yesterday, the old Mr. Lee gave in, but he lost face. How could the old Mr. Lee just let them go?

When Bob has left, Fox and Webb came out of the lounge in the office.

“Grandpa, the contract has been signed, and Doris is useless! Hum! What do they think they are? How dare they treat grandfather like this?” Fox’s face was twisted.

Webb nodded, “Dad is teaching them a lesson, otherwise they would be more arrogant!”

The old Mr. Lee’s face was gloomy and he said, “well, after this matter, I hope you understand that you shouldn’t be impulsive.”

“I see, grandfather.” Fox lowered his head respectfully.

Colin went to the company when Doris went to Lanbo port. After all, he was the chairman and could not ignore the company completely.

Sitting in the office, Colin was reading the company’s information all day, until the off-duty time. He tidied up his things, ready to go home from work.

Just then, Nina pushed the door and came in.

“Something?” Colin asked at first.

Nina handed an invitation card, “Lee fruit company will hold a dance party in Tianbei hotel the day after tomorrow, and you are invited.”

Colin was a little surprised, and opened the invitation card, “ball?”

“The day after tomorrow? It happens to be Doris’ birthday? “

What a coincidence!

No! If they wanted to celebrate Doris’ birthday, why did they invite Marquis group?

Colin asked suddenly, “are there any other enterprises to go besides us?”

“The partners of Lee family have been invited.” Nina replied.

Colin frowned. It was not for Doris.

When Nina saw that, she wanted to say something.

Colin looked at her, “Why haven’t you left? What else? “

Nina thought for a moment and said, “Chairman, Lee fruit company is not the best choice but we invest so much at a time. Would you…”

If you failed, you would lost 100 million dollars!

Colin looked at her and said in a light way: “I know.”


But you still invested so much! 100 million!

Was there no place to spend money?

He was really a typical rich second generation, who knew nothing but spending money. Marquis group would be over sooner or later!

“Anything else?” Colin asked again.

Nina lowered her head and said, “no. I’ll leave first.”

With that, Nina wiggled her hips and went out.

Colin looked at Nina carelessly. He knew what Nina meant, but he had his own consideration.

After tidying up, Colin went home.

As soon as he got home, he was happy to see the food on the table.

Doris looked at him and said with a smile, “you’re back. Come and eat.”

Colin was moved and said in a soft voice: “you don’t have to work so hard. I can do the dinner. You need to worry about the project and you will be very busy in the future.”

“It seems that my grandfather hasn’t announced who will be in charge of the project yet.” Doris replied.

Colin was stunned, “not yet?”

Then he understood, “it should be announced at the ball the day after tomorrow.”

“The ball?”

“You don’t know?” Colin was surprised to see Doris’ astonishment.

Doris shook her head. “I didn’t hear about it.”

Colin immediately understood that they had never informed the Doris family and deliberately refused to let them go!

Oh! It seemed that this old Mr. Lee was really unrepentant, touching his bottom line again and again.

In that case, he didn’t mind making a big trouble!

Colin smiled at Doris and said, “the day after tomorrow is your birthday.”

Doris’s eyes brightened,”you remember my birthday?”

“Yes, I’d like to have a birthday party for you. A big one. We and your parents attend this party together.” Colin laughed.

Chapter 18: Bark on the ground like a dog

Doris was happy and at the same time she was indecisive: “this is OK? It’s too expensive. We can have a simple birthday party and I’ve promised Flora that we’ll celebrate my birthday together. “

Colin smiled,” it doesn’t matter. You can invite her too.”

Doris had no choice but to nod and agree.

After dinner, they went back to their rooms.

Colin was a little distracted. Because after washing the dishes, he saw that Doris had changed her pajamas, showing her tender arms and legs.

Doris also felt a little shy when she saw him, so she went back to her room quickly.

Colin was a little upset. That beautiful image lingered in his mind which tortured him.

Finally, he had to take a deep breath, take a bath and lie in bed.

The next morning, in the office, Colin got a call from Abe.

“Colin, tomorrow is my daughter-in-law’s birthday, isn’t it?”

Colin said, “are you coming?”

“I’m sorry, I…” Abe felt sorry but he can’t leave the company.

Colin had no reaction, “I know.”

Abe sighed and had to say, “although dad can’t come, I have prepared a gift. It’s a night pearl. It’s worth 80 million dollars. It was auctioned at the auction house. It’s been here in a few days. You can tell my daughter-in-law.”

Colin doubted. The night pear? It was here in a few days? Why didn’t he have any news?

“I see.”

And then they hung up.

Colin thought subconsciously that there was something wrong. Since Abe said that it has been delivered, it must have been delivered, but he didn’t know. There was definitely something wrong.

But he didn’t know what the problem was, so he put it aside for the time being.

It was Doris’ birthday now.

Colin’s family wore a little formal clothes to Tianbei hotel.

When Flora saw Colin, she asked quietly, “hasn’t the car been sent to Doris?”

“Yes.” “Colin nodded,” I’ll give it to her at the birthday party later. “

Flora nodded and did not ask much.

Doris looked at Flora. When did they get so close? She was a little jealous.

“What are you talking about?”

Flora said with a smile, “Nothing. I just let him not make you disgraceful!”

Doris looked at him suspiciously, but Colin just smiled at her. Then Doris said to Flora, “it’s good to be here to celebrate my birthday.”

Flora shook her head helplessly. She saw a beautiful woman wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes and went in accidentally. She exclaimed, “God!”

Doris was scared, “what’s the matter?”

“That’s assistant White of Marquis group. She’s here too!” Flora said excitedly, “does that mean that the chairman of Marquis group is also here? Oh, my God. I’ll see him later? “

Doris was speechless, “don’t be crazy. How can the chairman like the women of our class? What’s more, you’ve never seen him. “

Flora was unhappy but she did not continue to argue.

They took the hotel elevator. When they just went out, there was a security guard, “Hello, do you have invitations?”

Everyone was confused. Didn’t they come to celebrate the birthday?

Seeing this, the security guard said immediately, “sorry, you can’t go in without an invitation.”

The words fell, and Eva’s expression was bad, “Colin, what’s wrong? Didn’t you say you prepared a birthday party for Doris? Why can’t we get in now? “

Colin patted on the forehead. They left in a hurry, and he forgot the invitation. He could only smile, “wait a moment. I’ll make a phone call.”

“You just call!” Eva complained, “hurry up, we don’t want to be regarded as monkeys! It’s disgraceful. It’s all your fault, rubbish.”

Unfortunately, Fox came here at this time.

“Oh, do I mistake? Isn’t it the useless family that is about to be driven away from our Lee family? You don’t invitation, do you? Uninvited? How shameful you are!”

“What do you mean?” Eva asked angrily.

Fox sneered, “what do I mean? Grandfather didn’t let anyone inform you at all but you come by yourself. You are so thick-skinned.”

“Inform what?” Eva looked at Baker and Doris.

They were a little confused.

Colin’s eyes flashed.

Fox knew that they had come here by mistake now, “Oh, how do I judge you? You know you are not qualified to come to this hotel, but you have to!”

“Fox, you can’t judge!” Eva was furious.

Flora also said, “today we are here to celebrate Doris’s birthday. Why are we not qualified?”

“Celebrate birthday?” Fox looked at Doris. He understood, and then chuckled, “you should find a street stall to celebrate the birthday. It’s good to eat something. Are you not afraid of being laughed at when you come to such a high-class hotel?”

Doris was also angry, “Fox, don’t look down on people. If I hadn’t signed the contract, would you still be in the mood to hold a party here?”

She was not a fool. First, she saw the assistant of Marquis group. Now Fox was here, and there were some other business leaders. It must be the old Mr. Lee’s banquet for this financing.

“Oh! Who knows how you signed it? You are innocent now. Everyone may sleep with… “Fox sneered,” but thank you. If it wasn’t for you, Lee group couldn’t get financing and couldn’t start the new project, and I wouldn’t be the first manager of the new project now! As for you guys, you are not qualified to stay here now. You are shameless. Our Lee family values our fame! Get out now!”

Hearing this, Colin could not help but get angry. He stood up and glared at Fox: “Fox, why don’t you invite us? Lee family has no etiquette at all? You can only play the trick of kicking down the ladder? “

Fox subconsciously recalled the picture of being beaten. He even was unable to stand up before. He felt a faint pain all over his body. He ground and looked at Colin, “Colin, what the hell do you think you are? You’re just a dog in our Lee family. When we talk, you should stop barking! Our Lee family never hurts animals. If you bark on the ground like a dog, I will let you in today. How do you think? “

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