Chapter 17: Truth – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband


Is it really from you?

Mary Su looked at him and asked doubtfully: “but last time I called you up to confirm, why didn’t you admit it? Instead… you said you wanted to sell the fake to me for 490 thousand dollars…”

Mingdong Wei’s face turned red, and said that he didn’t know the situation last time. Besides, he had only two hundred dollars left that day. So he could get some money back if he sold the fake of Heavenly City.”

Of course, he would never tell the truth.

He scratched his head and said with embarrassment: “ Mary, not I don’t want to admit, but I’m afraid you scold me.”

“Scold you? Why!”

Mingdong looked at Mary with deep affection and said: “I know you really love this necklace, but my assets are limited, so what only I can do is to give you an imitation necklace. But then I understand if I really love one person, I should try my best to make her happy even if give my all to have.”

Then Mingdong said, taking out his phone and opening the photo album, “in order to raise money, I sold my company, my house, and my car. But the money is not enough, I had to approach the bank for a loan to scrape up the money for the necklace. I’m to blame… if I had more money, I wouldn’t be in such a mess.”

In the photo album, there were the equity transfer agreement and the bank loan agreement he signed. All of these are true.

All of his shares have been taken back by the Chen family. As for the bank loan agreement, it was he that signed it before.

To his annoyance, until now, he didn’t know which important person he had offended, even Chen’s family couldn’t save him.

“You…how could you have been so stupid?”, Mary bit her lip tightly, unable to speak.

“I’m most willing to do all of these!”

He took the opportunity to seize Mary’s delicate hands and said: “Mary, for you, I’d give my all to have.”

With heart beating fast, Mary gave him a complicated look. Although she was moved by him, she still took her hands back and stood up in a hurry, leaving with the bag.

Mingdong didn’t hold back her leaving. Looking at her graceful posture, he was sure that the woman must belong to him.

He smiled as if to see Mary was falling into his arms.

Meanwhile, in Muse Bar.

After Youming Zhou and others made a toast, Kris Chen got drunk.

He hasn’t been drunk for a long time, but today he was really happy.

“Young master, haven’t seen you for years, your capacity for liquor is as good as before.” Heqiu Zhao said, holding the glass.

“Don’t call me young master from now on.” Kris emptied his glass of wine and said to the five people, “I don’t like the appellation.”

Two years ago, he was no longer the Young Master of Chen’s family the moment that cousin united the Chen families drove him out of the family.

It was hard to calm himself down when he remembered that he had been driven out of the family like a homeless dog.

The 20 million dollars which he invested in Jiangnan Energy was the money he saved these years. It belonged to his private property, not the family. But in order to take him to the place, his cousin should insist that the 20 million dollars were he embezzled from the family, whose purpose was to feather his own nest.

No matter what, he said nobody believed him, so he was driven out of the Chen family overnight.

In fact, Kris knew his cousin did it only for inheriting the family, but it was he that was the biggest stumbling block to his cousin’s success.

“How about we call you, Sir Chen?” Youming thought for a moment and said.

Kris shook his head and said that alcohol is really intoxicating, unexpectedly let me remember those painful experiences.

“Just…call me that,” Kris thought for a moment and said.

After saying, Liren Zhang, with the wine in her hand, sat beside Kris and whispered: “ Sir Chen, actually, there is something I’ve been wanting to tell you.

“You say!” Kris poured himself a glass of wine, clinked glasses with her, and drank up in one swallow.

“It’s about your cousin!” Liren whispered in Kris’s ears.

“Oh? Tell me about it.”

“In July last year, your cousin let someone find me and hoped me to help him…”


Binjiang pedestrian street, located at the center of Westriver City, is the busiest street in Westriver City.

Just separated from Mingdong, Mary and her best friend Xue Sun, hand in hand, went shopping.

“Mary, what’s wrong with you? There are many problems in your mind.” Xue couldn’t help asking.

Mary shook her head and said: “I’m fine.”

At this very moment, she didn’t have the mind to go shopping, whose mind was full of Mingdong. There should be a man who was willing to sell all his assets and bought her a necklace.

“Mary, do you know the type of cosmetics which is very popular recently?” Xue asked in order to divert Mary’s attention.

“Recently, trendy cosmetics?” Mary was initially absent-minded, but when she heard Xue’s question, she became a little cheer up and said: “What you say is the natural series of Beauty?”

“Yes, this is it!” said Xue, nodding her head.

What do girls like to talk about most?

Nothing but cosmetics, clothes, and designer bags. The cosmetics launched by the Beauty Cosmetics Company has been selling very well on a national scale, which has a hot trend.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. In order to seize the market, Beauty specially launched Valentine’s Day natural series cosmetics.

The global limit is 1314 sets. The price of one set is 520 thousand dollars. Such a high price also reflected the ambition of Beauty, which wanted to be the queen of cosmetics. 520 thousand dollars is just a little money in the eyes of many people, especially for rich women. In order to be beautiful, they can do anything. But this set of cosmetics is not something you can buy with money.

If you didn’t have a strong relationship, you had to look at your favorite cosmetics bought by another woman.

“Mary, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If someone gives me a set of Beauty Natural, how happy I should be!” Xue took Mary’s hands and said with excitement.

“Just think about it.” Mary smiled helplessly and said.

Beauty Natural series cosmetics sold so hotly that the limited 1314 sets of cosmetics maybe have been bought by a big family who has connections and money.

Although the price in the black market has been up to one million for one set, the person who wanted to buy the cosmetics didn’t care about money.

“Well, don’t think about it. You’d better go with me to buy clothes. Grandma’s birthday is in two days, so I need to dress up.”

“I’m good at picking clothes.”Xue held Mary’s hands and said: “ don’t worry, I’m sure you will be the most beautiful girl and let men fall in love at first sight.”

The next day, Huanyu Group.

Kris woke up from the lounge in the Chairman’s office. It was 3 am after drinking last night. Instead of going home, he asked them to drop him off at the office.

He rubbed his temples, turned on his phone, and found all missed calls and text messages.

“ Kris, do you have learned to spend a night outside? If you don’t want to stay at home, never come back.” This message was sent by Jane Tang, his mother in law.

“The day after tomorrow is Grandma’s birthday. Please remember to prepare the present and don’t make me lose face again.” This message was sent by Mary.

Kris was thinking about if he should call back when there was a knock on the office door.

After quickly getting dressed, Kris went out of the lounge and saw a tall and beautiful lady wearing professional clothes. It was his personal secretary, Xue Mi.

“Manager Chen, the Su family, has sent someone here.” Xue Mi said, “the Su family said they wanted to package our company’s new artist Rui Liu. Hai Su has been waiting in the conference room for a long time.”

“Tell him to get out of here.”Kris sat down on the sofa, poured himself a glass of water to moisten his burning throat, waved his hands, and said: “Inform the Su family, the cooperation between Huanyu and them will be terminated.”

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