Chapter 170: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 170 Tianye Was Coming to Save Venus (1)
They went home in time for lunch.

Venus Mu had such a good appetite that she finished two bowls of rice in succession. This change delighted both Kerry Ye and Mrs. Qin because it indicated that she wanted to live on.

Perhaps it was the change of mind, Venus fell into sleep very quickly this night. The maid told this good news to Kerry.

“Fair well, take good care of her.”

The maid nodded heavily and was going to leave, then Kerry said, “It’s not easy for her to fall into sleep, so keep as quiet as you can when you go to bed and don’t wake her up by your noise.”

With her face blushed, the maid whispered, “Yes, Young Master.” And then she rushed to the second floor.

Good sleep and nutritious diets gave Venus a florid complexion and a better body shape. She still seldom talked, however, nor did she put on a smiley face. She turned herself into a mute, especially in face of Kerry.

It’s painful to face her silence and nonchalance, but Kerry had little idea to deal with this situation, besides, he didn’t want to force her to do anything. The unborn baby had pulled her back from the brink of death, he didn’t want to set her in that dangerous and desperate situation again because of him.


This morning, Venus suddenly found that she could find no clothes in the closet to fit her, especially the trousers.

It seemed that it was time to go shopping.

“I need to go to the mall and buy some clothes.” Said she suddenly while she was taking breakfast.

Kerry paused in eating for a moment and felt quite excited—How long had it been since she talked on her initiative last time! That was indeed a voice much melodious than any other amazing music in the world.

“Ok, I will accompany you after breakfast.” Kerry’s long-standing gloom was thus emptied in an instant with gaiety glittered in his azured eyes.

“No, I will ask Xiaoyu to come with me.” Venus refused coldly.

Xiaoyu was her trustworthy maid.

But obviously, Kerry would not rest assured to let her go out alone, and he ignored her refusal, “I’m just in charge of paying the piper, you can pretend I don’t exist.”

Venus said nothing because she knew that Kerry would not change his mind no matter how much she refused.

Seeing that she did not continue to decline his ask, Kerry drank the soup with a smile and thought that he should tell Secretary Liu to postpone today’s work.

They went to the greatest upmarket in Sky City. Since it wasn’t the weekend, there were very few customers.

All stores Venus visited were boutiques because she didn’t like maternity clothes which, in her opinion, looked too bulky and didn’t fit her style.

Venus walked around a few stores, but neither did she invited Kerry’s comment nor try on them when she decided her picks. Instead, she just handed them to Xiaoyu and told the shop assistant she needed I size.

Kerry didn’t say a word, he just followed them and paid the clerks, presenting himself as a nice man. He enjoyed paying for his lady. The faint smile in her eyes made him more motivated.

After half a day of shopping, Henry and Xiaoyu’s hands were fully occupied, Venus didn’t stop and turn to a nearby coffee shop until she noticed that they couldn’t take more stuff.

“You can’t drink coffee right now.” Kerry reminded her.

“Can’t I sit down and rest for a while?”

Kerry looked at her with deep affection, “Sure, you’re in charge. Waiter, three cups of coffee and one cup of hot water please!”

“Okay, one moment please.”

“Excuse me, where is the restroom?” Venus asked the waiter.

“Go forward from here, turn right and you’ll see it.”

Venus went to the toilet with a hand propping her sore waist. Kerry recalled what happened last time and gave a look to Xiaoyu, the smart maid appreciated his points and followed on immediately.

Venus snickered at the man with high vigilance. As the saying goes, a burned child dreads the fire.

Her brother had been killed by him, could someone else help her escape once more?

When she came back to her seat, the hot water had already been served. Kerry sat opposite to her and had a call about work.

Venus held the cup and turned her head to look at the people walking to and fro outside of the café.

Some were rushing alone towards somewhere, some were strolling in groups with their friends, and some were frolicking with their families, everyone was relishing their felicity except she was being alone with nothing but the unborn child.

Then a couple appeared in her field of vision. At first, she didn’t see anything special until the girl smiled at her with a fresh smile.

Venus felt that her blood stopped flowing through her body at that moment, and her heart that had died for a long time thumped again, but she didn’t dare to show a different expression. She recognized the girl, the little nurse who had repeatedly taken her away.

Why was she here?

Realizing she had seen her, the little nurse patted the arm of the man beside her and nodded at her.

Venus’s eyes fell on the man’s face, quite ordinary, you might still fail to recognize him even once you were met again.

Then, the man gently moved his lips.

He said quite slowly, twice in a row. Just like hit by a thunderbolt, it occurred to her the husky voice as he mouthed, Miss Mu.

He was the man in black who had come for her that night!

It must be him! He was as tall as the man in black!

Venus’s heart was beating fiercely. It turned out that what he said was true, he really came to finish the task to kill her brother.

Kerry was off the line, seeing Venus’s agitated expression, he asked in confusion, “What are you looking at?”

She withdrew her gaze immediately and lowered her head to drink water, “Nothing.”

Kerry followed her eyesight and only caught sight of a young mother who was stooping down to teach a little boy, quite a warm and cute scene.

Was she touched by that? Kerry turned to look at her top of the head and wanted to take her into his arms, telling her that if their child annoyed her, he would definitely teach the child a lesson and ask him to be obedient to mother.

Venus took a sip of water, when she looked outside of the window again, she found that the little nurse and the man had disappeared, seeming that Kerry hadn’t noticed them.

In the blind corner, the little nurse stared angrily at the man and whispered in a rage, “I’ve done everything according to your demands, when are you going to let my friend go?”

The man said indifferently, “What’s the hurry? When this is done, our boss will let you go. But Tianye Mu was dead, why don’t you consider turning to our boss? You can also make money here anyway.”

The little nurse sneered, “Sorry, I’m afraid that it’s not easy for us to appreciate your boss’s taste.”

“Where did Tianye find you sharp-toned girls?”

“You guys promised that you won’t touch a hair of Venus’s head. If you break your word in the future, we will not let the matter go until we die.” The little nurse said grimly, completely devoid of the gentleness a girl of this age should have.

The man pushed her forward with the gun in his hand and said, “Don’t worry, our boss will honor his words.”

After meeting the little nurse, Venus was in a better mood, and sometimes she would talk to Mrs. Qin. Compared to her performance in the previous two days, she looked so good that made everyone in the villa relieved.

As she tried several times to commit suicide a few days before, everyone, including Ye Kerry, was put under great strain that they followed her wherever she went. Even when she went downstairs, Xiaoyu would accompany her in order to keep her from sliding down to put an end to her life.

The two maids were trimming plants in the garden.

“Hey, why does the young lady suddenly change her mind? Wasn’t she trying to end her life before?”

“Xiaoyu said the young grandmother saw the baby’s face through B-type ultrasonography last time and then she thought it through.”

“People say that child is the angel falling into the mortal world, it’s true. It must be this angel that saved the young grandmother.”

“He also saved us …..haha, I was scared to death previously……”

“Me too. I’m so glad to see all’s well……”

After confirming the identity of the man in black, Venus began to wait for a chance. Since he infiltrated the Ye family last time, Henry had stepped up the security Kerry also tried his best to come home as soon as he got off work, it was too difficult to take her out of the Ye family.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 170 Tianye Was Coming to Save Venus (2)
However, she believed in her brother’s subordinates, and they could certainly come in again since they could do so previously.

On the night when the two were having dinner in the dining room, John the Butler brought them an invitation.

“Young Master, Mr. Nangong asked someone to send an invitation this morning, saying that the Nangong family is going to host a dinner party in the next two days and would like to invite you and Young Lady to attend.”

Kerry frowned and said, “Mr. Nangong?”

John the Butler said with a smile, “Yes, it is said that they’re going to give Mr. Nangong a blind date.”

“Hmph, it’s time for him to get married.” Kerry snorted, took a look at the invitation, and then dropped it aside and turned to look at Venus, “Do you want to go?”

“No.” Venus refused in a cold manner, and she didn’t want to see Hao Nangong at all.

Nothing good happened every time when she saw him. Besides, if she went to the party, she had to meet Shuhua Chen. She didn’t like this powerful middle-aged woman.

Kerry smiled gently, “Fine, it’s not suitable for you to go to that kind of crowded place since you’re pregnant.”

He was satisfied with Venus’s attitude, and to be honest, he didn’t want Hao to see his wife again so that there would be fewer troubles.

As for this dinner, he could go by himself, which was also showing respect to Hao’s father.


The Nangong family was not far away from the Ye family, a twenty-minute drive at most.

They served an extremely sumptuous dinner. Kerry saw Mr. Nangong as soon as he entered the house.

“Kerry, why did you come alone? Where’s your wife?” Mr. Nangong approached him.

“It’s inconvenient for her to move around and the doctor advised her to rest, so I’m sorry ……”

“It’s important to take care of the child, I can understand it.” Mr. Nangong shook his hand and led him inside.

Kerry, who came alone, soon attracted the attention of many ladies, and some of them were wondering in secret if there existed any conflict between him and his wife.

Hao, dressed in a smart suit, was chatting happily with someone, and a look of a smile flashed across his eyes when he saw Kerry alone in the afterglow.

“Hao, Kerry is here.”

Getting the sign from his father’s eye contact, Hao walked over slowly while Kerry looked indifferently at him.

Mr. Nangong said in a sincere and kind tone, “I know that you two have had many unpleasant encounters in the past, but no matter what happened, you are brothers who grew up together, so why don’t you have a talk and sort it out? Kerry, you’re a year older than him, I hope that you can forgive him even it’s for the sake of me.” Then he turned his head to stare at Hao and said, “Hao, go and apologize to Kerry.”

Hao had obviously been taught by his father in advance and obediently reached out his right hand, “It was all my fault, I’m so sorry. I hope that you can forgive me.”

His words sounded quite weak, but the expression in his eyes was tough.

Kerry saw through his untamed nature. How could it be possible to let Hao make an apology? It was just a show for Mr. Nangong!

“Let’s the past go. Everybody has been a brag, right?” Kerry held his hand. Since Mr. Nangong was happy to see it, why didn’t they act for him?

Hao put on a false smile and said, “You’re right, I won’t do that anymore.”

Kerry, we may never have to see each other again.

Mr. Nangong saw that there was something wrong with the two and interrupted, “Alright, you will still be friends, talk more with each other, ok?”

“Yes, dad.” Hao said obediently. He always acted like a good boy in front of his father.

“You can continue your talk, I’ll go take care of other guests.”

As soon as Mr. Nangong left, the smiles disappeared instantly from their faces, Kerry didn’t want to stay with him for a minute longer and was ready to turn around to leave, but Hao stopped him, “Kerry, I remember that we also invite Venus, why didn’t she come?”

Kerry’s eyebrows were slightly raised, he was extremely annoyed every time he heard Hao called her name in that intimate way because he thought that he was the only one in the world who had that qualification to call her like that.

” Hao, firstly, you should address her as Mrs. Ye from now on, and secondly, such places are not suitable for her since she’s pregnant.”

Hao made a casual response with a quite scornful attitude, then he seemed to see some acquaintance in the distance, greeted and walked over.

Feeling stuffed by eating a bit too much at dinner, Venus walked in the garden to help digestion, and Xiao Yu and Henry followed her inch by inch since Kerry had ordered that everything must be under control when he was not there.

She felt better after taking a walk and returned back to the bedroom.

She had a strong intuition that if the man in black was coming to attack her, then tonight would be the best chance.

She was a little anxious. She had never escaped from Kerry, if she couldn’t succeed this time, then she would completely lose confidence.

When it came to nine-thirty, the man in black, as expected, appeared on the balcony again. Venus was surprised and wondered how on earth he broke the siege set by Henry.

As she turned back, Xiaoyu’s mouth was covered by the man in black and she passed out before she shouted out.

“Stop! What are you doing?” Venus was surprised at his actions as he undressed the maid.

The man said with a poker-face, “Go and get the maid’s clothes on, the villa is now being patrolled outside.”

Venus let out a sigh of relief. She thought that the man was going to……

The maid was stripped of the clothes except for the underwear. Mavis felt a little sorry for her and covered her with the blanket on the couch.

“Come on, hurry up and change your clothes.” The man tossed Xiaoyu’s clothes to her. Venus took the clothes without delay and ran into the dressing room.

Fortunately, Xiaoyu was much fatter than her, so the clothes fitted her, then she tied her hair up as Xiaoyu did.

“What should we do now?” Mavis asked nervously.

“Later there will be a blackout here, and you’ll have to run to the place with a parked Hummer behind the villa without being caught by anyone.”

“And then?”

The man in black showed a cruel smile, “And then? Drive the car and rush out of here.”

“What? It’s too risky!” Venus didn’t expect that it would be such a simple and rude plan because she thought that they might take Henry’s well-trained men into consideration.

“Don’t worry, we still have other plans.” The man looked down at her, “Are you ready?”

Mavis nodded firmly. She decided to trust them.

The man took out his cell phone and the call was received soon, there were some noises came from the other side, “Everything is ready.”


A minute later, the cable leading to the villa was cut, and the villa, which was always brightly lit, suddenly sunk in the darkness.

“Go.” The man said.

Venus was puzzled and asked him, “Aren’t you coming with me?”

“I have something else to deal with.” Then the man ran to the balcony and jumped out.

Venus took a deep breath and open the door, she heard the voice of John the Butler, “Is the power cut out? Mrs. Qin, where are the candles?”

She had the route map of the villa in her mind, so even nothing could be perceived in this pitch-black, Venus could get down to the first floor smoothly with her usual memory.

As she was about to go out, John the Butler hurriedly came over to her with the faint light of his cell phone, she put down her head, and John looked at her and said, “Don’t just stand here, quickly go light the candles.”

Venus’s heart was about to jump out of his throat, and she answered with a higher voice, “Yes.”

Perhaps the mess prevented him from making a correct judgment, John didn’t notice anything strange and walked upstairs quickly, “Our Young Lady must be all right.”

It’s time to move! Venus drew up her skirt and ran towards the back of the villa. Soon a sharp whistle sounded, she didn’t know what it meant and just ran as fast as she could.

There were several bodyguards rushing past her towards the southeast corner, and no one noticed her.

The Hummer was parked behind the villa, exactly the one owned by Kerry.

As soon as she ran up to it, the door opened, and she got in without hesitation.

The car started quickly, and then, gunshots rang outside of the car

Venus clutched her skirt tightly and silently prayed that nothing would happen.

John knocked on the door twice but received no response. He felt something wrong, and called out “Young Lady!”, but there was still no response, so he pushed the door……

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 170 Tianye Was Coming to Save Venus (3)
Nangong family’s feast was going on. Now was the dancing time.

Hao Nangong looked at the watch and winked at a beautiful woman not far away, who nodded. Then she put down her wine glass and walked through the crowd to Kerry Ye.

“Mr. Ye, may I have a dance with you?” She looked extremely pretty with the light on her face.

Kerry was about to refuse, but a young man next to him enviously said, “Wow, though Mr. Ye has married, you’re still popular among girls.”

“I’m sorry…” Before Kerry could finish his sentence, the beauty interrupted him, “Young master. if you refuse, I will keep inviting you until you say yes.”

“Kerry, just a dance. It’s a good opportunity and we are so jealous of you.”

“That’s right, go ahead, Mrs. Ye. Mrs. Ye won’t mind.”

Therefore, Kerry had no choice but dance with her. Then he put down the glass and walked to the dancing pool with the beauty.

“Ouch!” The beauty’s twisted her ankle, thus falling to Kerry, who supported her subconsciously. At this moment, the lady took out his phone from his pocket and put a same one inside. Then she passed Kerry’ s phone to the man passing Kerry.

“Thank you, Mr. Ye.” The lady smiled at Kerry.

“You’re welcome.” Kerry knew this trick of women too well, so he tried to keep distance from her.

During the dance, the lady kept talking to him, acting like a woman who was extremely admiring him, but Kerry just ignored her. He never knew that his phone was keeping ringing somewhere else.

Ye’ s villa was in chaos.

John found that Venus was missing, running outside in panic. Since Kerry didn’t answer the phone, he called Henry.

“Henry, young lady is missing.” John said anxiously. When there were still three steps left, he didn’t notice and directly fell down and the pain caused him to take along breath.

If it was a young man, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but John was almost sixty years old, whose bones were fragile, and he fell so hard that he couldn’t even get up for a moment, and his phone fell far away.

“John, John!” henry shouted, but John didn’t answer, so he hung up the phone. He also encountered some trouble. There were several men hiding in the dark, putting down his two men.

“Who are you? How dare you offend Ye family?” Henry shouted at the people hiding in the dark.

Responding to him was a gunshot, driving Henry furious. They broke in while young master wasn’t at home and young lady was missing, so they must take her away.

“Take them down and if you see young lady, don’t hurt her.” Henry ordered his men.

Under the moonlight, dozens of shadows pounced towards the darkness, followed by fierce gunfire.

On the other side, the Hummer drove quickly towards the gate without lights on, and the men in black drew most of the villa’s bodyguards away again, so there was no one stopping the car.

The gate was near and Venus didn’t dare to breathe, staring at the closed gate.

She prayed inside, “Don’t stop me, please…”

But God seemed to be against her, and less than three meters from the gate, three bodyguards came to block the way, with guns in hand.

“Stop!” One of them yelled at them.

Instead of slowing down, the car was speeding up.

The bodyguards looked at each other and without hesitation, they fired at the windshield.

“Bang!” There was a loud bang, making Venus scream in shock and fell down on the back seat, but the bullet didn’t come in, for it was a bulletproof car. Kerry must have never thought that one day Venus would leave here in his car.

“Stop!” The man shouted again.

The driver laughed arrogantly and rushed to the gate with the fastest speed.

“Bang, bang, bang!” They still didn’t penetrate the glass, but the front windshield had become a cobweb.

Venus didn’t expect the driver who came to pick her up to be so brutal, ramming straight into the gate. Seeing the car didn’t stop, the bodyguards dodged away a second before the car hit them.

Venus had never seen anyone could be so brave for a job.

“Henry, Henry, there is a car at the gate and we can’t stop it. Come to backup.” As soon as he finished speaking, the car hit the gate once again.

Henry heard his subordinates calling for help, making sure that Venus should be sitting in the car. She was pregnant, and it was somewhat difficult to take her away on foot.

He whistled and ran towards the gate, followed by more than ten bodyguards withdrawing from the darkness, leaving only four or five to deal with the other party.

They would be scolded if they couldn’t catch the intruder, but if Venus was taken away, then would be over.

However, when he arrived at the door with his subordinates, the gate was open and three men were on the ground, two shot in the leg and one shot in the chest.

Henry knew he was gonna be over.

John limped and struggled to come over, freezing when he saw the scene.

What to do? Venus had been taken away.

John quickly came back to his senses and slapped Henry, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and go to take her back. I can’t find young master, so he must get into some trouble. Go to Nangong’ s house and there may still be some hope.”

What he was talking about was Kerry’s superpower.

Henry suddenly realized something. John was right, as long as young master was there, everything had a turnaround.

“Ajie, take some men and go after them.” Though he knew that he might get nothing.

Hao received a phone call and then looked at Kerry who was still dancing, smiling meaningfully. He turned around to leave the gorgeous banquet.

“Kerry, I’d like to see who would be the winner.”

After the dance, the beauty smiled and said thank you to him and Kerry nodded at her indifferently. Looking at the time, it is almost 10 o’clock, he should leave now.

When he was dancing, he felt uneasy inside, feeling something might happen.

Seeing that Mr. Nangong was chatting with someone, he just wanted to go back early, and he did not go up to say goodbye, directly out of the gate to his car.

Soon after the car drove out of Nangong family’ s villa, the driver said to Kerry, who was resting on the back seat, “Young master, the car in front seems to be coming out of our villa.”

Kerry immediately said, “Stop.”

When his car stopped, the oncoming car also stopped, and then he saw Henry get out of the car, running over in anxiety.

Kerry knew that something had happened, so he also got out of the car. Before he asked what happened, Henry spoke, “young master, young lady has been taken away.”

Kerry grabbed him by the arm and asked in a stern voice, “What happened?”

“Someone broke into the villa and took her away.” Henry said briefly, because he knew that now Kerry didn’t want to hear so much nonsense.

Kerry had been worried about this and had made some preparations, but it was still inevitable.

“Why didn’t you call me when something this big happened?” Kerry roared.

Henry lowered his head and said, “I can’t get through.”

“No way!” Kerry then took out the phone in his pocket, and when he saw the screen, a wave of anger ran up from his heart and he slammed the phone down onto the ground.

His phone’s screensaver was a picture of Venus sitting in the garden sunbathing, but this one was indeed pure white.

He suddenly realized that his phone might be switched at that moment when the lady invited him to dance.

Kerry smashed his fist on the roof of the car and gritted teeth, “Hao, bastard!”

“Young master, what can we do now?” Henry said worriedly.

Kerry’ s deep blue eyes gradually turned purple and said grimly, “Hmph! As long as she is still in this city, I will be able to find her.”

Henry looked at the change in young master. Although he didn’t change too much, but his heart beat fast and said worriedly, “Young master, you… you’d better sit in the car.” At the moment, the traffic was busy. If Kerry was seen disappear, things would get tough.

Knowing that Henry was well-intentioned, Kerry did not refute, opening the door and sat in.

A few seconds later, Henry saw him disappear.

Although Henry had witnessed this miracle, but he was still shocked, of course, including the driver.

When Kerry opened his eyes again, in a dense grass, he climbed up and looked around, realizing that it was an airfield near Nangong family.

Then he saw was a familiar person. He ran towards him in anger, and as soon as Hao heard the footsteps and turned around, he was taken a punch and was knocked straight to the ground. Before he could figure out what’s going on, the gun was at his temple.

“Where’s Venus?” Kerry roared.

“Put your gun down.” Several of Hao’s men also took out their guns.

As if Kerry hadn’t heard them, he stepped on his chest with his gun dead against him and once again questioned, “Where’s she?”

When he was exerting his superpower, he was reciting Venus’s name, and if he was successful like last time, he would arrive at the place where Venus was, but now there was no Venus, which meant that this was the last place he could reach, and it was obvious that Hao had taken her away.

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