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Chapter 170: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 170 I can give it a try!

At the entrance of the emergency room. When Colin saw Niu Wang, he stepped forward, and choked up as he tried to speak, “Dr. Niu, please save my wife. You have to save her!”

“I’ll try my best”

After speaking, Niu Wang went inside with several doctors.

Vanessa watched by the door. She felt slightly familiar when she saw Colin, but she didn’t know where she had seen him, and just asked, “What…happened with your wife?”

Colin only looked up at Vanessa and didn’t reply. He’s currently in no mood to answer irrelevant things. He’s just staring at the door of the emergency room and expected Dr. Niu would come out and said that everything’s okay.

After 30 minutes, Niu Wang came out.

Colin asked anxiously, “What happened?”

Niu Wang’s expression was bad as he shook his head, “Her body suddenly became very weak. Besides, we found out that all her organs in her body have begun to fail. I’m afraid…..”

Colin stepped back a few steps, “No, it can’t be….”

The department head and director also heard that and the department head said anxiously, “Dr. Niu, what happened? It’s impossible if there’s no cure, right? You’re the best doctor in Tianbei City.”

Niu Wang looked up, “I’ve never seen this toxin before. How can I cure it? Moreover, it’s been absorbed in her blood and her organs have begun to fail. It cannot be saved…”

Colin felt his world crashed and collapsed.

How could it turn out this way?

Organ failure!

The department head froze. It turned serious to this point!

The director was also flustered, “Dr. Niu is the best doctor in Tianbei City. If he can’t save her, won’t it mean….”

Nobody can save her anymore!

Colin was breathing hard. He didn’t want to accept this result.

However, the facts showed that Doris couldn’t be saved anymore.

Colin suddenly felt dizzy. He took hard about the information that Doris couldn’t be saved and his body also couldn’t bear it.

The department head glanced at Colin. This is the most beloved wife of the chairman of Marquis Group. If they couldn’t save her, wouldn’t it cause trouble to the hospital?

“What did you guys even do?”

“There are so many people here, and nobody can save her?”

“You’re doctors. Where have all your knowledge gone to?”

The department head began to loudly give an earful to everyone in the room aside from Colin. He looked as if he wanted to show Colin and let him know that he’s very furious and dutiful!

At this moment, a clear female voice was heard unexpectedly.

“I can give it a try!”

As soon as she spoke, everyone turned to look at her. It was a young girl who wore jeans, a white T-shirt, and a backpack.

When the department head saw Vanessa, his expression turned worse, and he yelled angrily at Vanessa, “Haven’t you gone yet? You’re not welcome here!”

They thought that Vanessa would leave after the unpleasant interview just now. But after such a long time, she still had not left yet.

Vanessa intended to leave but she had her reasons. The first one, she felt Colin looked familiar and the second one was her heart as a doctor. When she knew about anyone who’s ill, she couldn’t walk away. So she decided to stay and watch.

“What happened? Are you afraid that I’ll cure the patient in your hospital?” Vanessa pursed her lips and asked the department head.

“A young girl who has no experience like you?” The department head was disdainful.

Vanessa pursed her lips, “What’s wrong with being young? As long as someone can cure and save people, who care about age?”

“What nonsense are you talking about? Even the best doctor in Tianbei City can’t cure her, you want to try? If something bad happens to the patient, can you hold the responsibility?” The director shouted.

Vanessa pursed her lips again, “If you say that I’m bad, why don’t you try then?”

The department head and the director couldn’t say a word. They were not as good as Dr. Niu, so they wouldn’t be able to do it.

However, “You’re just an inexperienced young girl. Do you plan to save people? It’s just a joke!”

Vanessa rolled her eyes at them, “I won’t talk much with you anymore. Every second of the patient is precious but you’re wasting her time here. I don’t think that you want to save her!”

“You!” The department head and the director was very furious.

Vanessa walked into the emergency room on her own.

Upon seeing this, the department head reached out to stop her, “Stop! You can’t just randomly go inside the emergency room!”

Vanessa ignored them. She had already walked to the bedside and frowned when she saw Doris’s complexion, “Is this because of the lack of vital energy and blood?”

After saying that, Vanessa put her hand on Doris’s wrist.

When everyone saw this, they were dumbfounded.

Is she taking her pulse?

This is oriental medicine.

The department head, the director, and Niu Wang weren’t surprised. It was written on her resume.

But everyone else was astonished that there’s such a young girl who knew oriental medicine these days?

Is it reliable?

Without having decades of experience, oriental medicine wouldn’t be enough!

When the department head finally reacted, he approached Vanessa, and pulled her hand away, “Stop it! Don’t delay everyone here!”

Vanessa was also furious, “I think you’re the one wasting time here. The patient is already in this state. If I don’t do anything, I guarantee you, she’ll never wake up anymore!”

Colin finally returned to his sense after hearing this, “What did you say?”

“I’ve checked her pulse just now. Your wife is lack vital energy and blood, moreover, she also has organ failure. I can wake her up with my acupuncture needle, but I can’t get rid of the thing in her body.” Vanessa said briefly.

“Okay, you can do it,” Colin said loudly.

When the department head saw this, he was anxious, “Chairman Ward, she’s just a young girl who just graduated recently and she also has no experience. You can’t just easily let her try, what if…”

Colin looked up and his gaze was cold, “I said, let her do it.”

Let alone this inexperienced young girl, even if there’s a young kid who told her that she can be cured, he wouldn’t give up any slightest chance!

Doris was in a critical state. They’re still here talking about some nonsense and he couldn’t wait to beat them up.

He was really scared that Doris wouldn’t wake up anymore and die. He wouldn’t be able to accept that.

Colin glanced at Vanessa.

Vanessa nodded, immediately opened her backpack, and took out a pack of acupuncture needles.

At this time, the director mocked coldly, “What a grand show!”

The department head nodded and snorted, “Let’s see what you’ll do when you fail later? The young people nowadays really don’t know the complexity of things.”

Vanessa ignored both their questions.

After taking out the needles, she disinfected them. Then she cautiously inserted the needles into Doris’s acupuncture points one by one.

Everyone couldn’t bear to look at it.

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