Chapter 171 – 172: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 171: The Pill Was Taking Effect

And Kris was also filled with tremendous excitement, for he would be a saint now, and it does sound like a very high position.

“Kris, you shouldn’t leave today.” Quan Mu said to him. “Our leader is on a retreat, which will take another two days. You were just proclaimed as a Saint, and we will have a ceremony to celebrate the birth of our new Saint, and the ceremony is called ‘A Welcome of Our Saint.’ You are the main character for the ceremony, and you can not be absent.”

This ceremony was held for all the past generations of saints, and the purpose of this ceremony is to show respect for the Saint and to demonstrate the status of the Saint. It is the rule of the cult, and it is not to be violated.

Kris knew nothing about the rule, and he scratched his head and said smilingly: “That’s not necessary….”

They had gotten onto the Ice-Fire Island for a long time, and Kris wondered what kind of situation Tianba was in. And Kris was anxious to go back to Donghai City, and he had absolutely no interest in the ceremony.

“What? He is reluctant to participate?” People’s faces darkened, and they looked at Kris as if they were looking at a fool.

Quan’s brows slightly furrowed, and she said: “Kris, you are now the Saint, and this ceremony is held especially for you. What is the point of this ceremony if you are absent? How can you disregard the rules of the Sun-Moon Holy cult?”

Quan Mu said it in her sternest voice, and Kris was frightened. It was obvious he had no other choice but to attend the ceremony. Kris sighed inwardly and decided unwillingly to stay for another night, which also offered him a good chance to pick some medicinal plants to make pills.

Then Kris said quickly: “It is a misunderstanding, my dear Madam. I felt so flattered at being treated in such a grand way, considering this is only the first day I arrive at this holy place. I have already made up my mind to pledge my loyalty to the Sun-Moon Holy cult and to our leader and Madam.”

Kris was looking very serious, and Weiwu Zhao scorned his seriousness and thought: “What a kiss-ass.”

Mu Quan’s face brightened when she heard this and said: “I truly admire your loyalty. So, this is it. Everyone can go back now.”

Then she stood up from her throne, turned around, and walked to the hall accompanied by a few maids.

“See you, my madam.”

All of a sudden, everyone in the square knelt on the ground and shouted in unison, and the sound was deafening.

“What the hell? The leader and his wife are just like a king and a queen on this Ice-Fire island. What era is this? Why should we kowtow to them?” Kris thought to himself. But he also knelt on the ground like everyone else and said what the others were saying, and his eyes were staring closely at Quan Mu’s back, thinking: “What a beautiful woman, the leader of this cult is such a lucky man.”

But what Kris didn’t know was that the leader celebrated his sixtieth birthday a few years ago, so he was a really old man.

The time was only six and a half, but the sky had already darkened. But the whole Ice-Fire island was lightened up because the ceremony was held.

The fireworks lightened the island up, and hundreds of dancers were dancing slowly. Kris could hear people next to him swallow excitedly.

Kris was absolutely the star of the ceremony. Many people toasted him despite the fact that they despise him. After all, he is the Saint, and it is just a good idea to maintain a good relationship with him. And Weiwu was so angry and jealous that he drank his alcohol nonstop.

Kris didn’t get carried away, and he toasted the wife of the leader in time.

When people toasted Kris, Kris never failed to finish the alcohol in his cup. He drank with at least eighty people that night, and he knew he would get drunk no matter how good he is with alcohol. He didn’t forget that he needed to steal medicinal plants when the ceremony was over, so he used some inner energy to drive some alcohol out of his body.

The ceremony lasted into the deep night.

When he walked out of the hall, everyone inside was drunk. Kris walked to the seaside, to the place where there were all kinds of medicinal plants.

Kris picked so many valuable plants this time. He didn’t leave until his bag was filled with important plants. And he believed he would make a fortune with the plants.

Kris’ room was very near to the leader’s wife’s, because he is the Saint after all, and he couldn’t possibly stay with the ordinary people.

When passing her room, Kris lightened his steps so that Quan won’t be disturbed.

But Kris stopped suddenly at the front of her door because he heard heavy breathes from her room, and he wondered why was she making this kind of noise at this hour? And when he thought of how attractive Quan is, and how ample her body is in her golden robe, he couldn’t help but swallow.

Driven by curiosity, he walked to the door. He tried to walk as lightly as possible, but his steps were still audible because the silence that night was absolute. When Quan heard the noise, she said: “Who is there? Come in soon.”

Kris wanted to run away, but he noticed Quan’s voice seeming to be shivering as if she was in great pain. So he walked in without hesitation. And he froze when he saw the scene in the room.

The room was filled with a pleasant smell, and Quan was lying on her bed, dressed in a translucent dress. Sweat soaked her clothes, and her body was shivering nonstop. Her face contorted with pain.

Kris realized what happened in an instant. She was under the influence of Living and Dying Pill. He remembered Changkong Yin was also like this when the Living and Dying Pill took effect in his body. You must take the pill if you want to join the Sun-Moon Holy cult, even the wife of the leader was not an exception.

Quan Mu was a little bit angry when she saw Kris staring at her like that. Her clothes were soaked, and it plastered against her body tightly, and she seemed to like to be naked. It was lucky she was wearing a belly cover.

But she was in complete disregard of her appearance because the Living and Dying Pill was taking effects, and she was dying.

She was supposed to take the antidote this time, which was given by the leader, but now the leader was on a retreat, and no one dared to disturb him, for the consequence would be horrible.

Beams of sweat appeared on her beautiful face, and she opened her lips slightly and said: “Kris, check the box on the dressing table. Can you find some antidote?”

Kris walked to the table and opened the box and found it was empty.

“No, there is nothing in here,” Kris said.

Quan Mu was in despair.

She thought she would surely die. Sometimes She felt hot, and sometimes she felt cold. Sometimes she felt like being gnawed by thousands of ants. She rolled on her bed back and forth, like a snake that was shedding its skin.

Kris found this scene was very exciting, and he took a deep breath, calmed himself down, and said: “Don’t worry, Madam. I have got the antidote.”

“What? You have the antidote?” Quan Mu looked at Kris in disbelief because for hundreds of years, only the leader of the cult knew how to make the pill and its antidote, so that the leader could have everyone in the cult under control. And even she, the wife of the leader, didn’t know how to make the antidote, and how could Kris, who joined in only for a short period of time, could know.

Quan Mu looked at Kris nervously. “Is he lying to me? Does he want to take advantage of me?” She thought. She was aware of her attractiveness and had it not been for the protection of the leader, she would long be eaten up by the men in the cult.

And when she thought of this, she felt more anxious. She was seized by great pain, and she couldn’t defend herself at all. Is she going to lose her innocence before she dies?

But what Kris did next was out of her expectation. He walked around the room and found a teapot and a basin. Then he poured the water out and lit a fire in the basin.

Kris knew the antidote’s major material is Double Color Flower because he once made it for Changkong Ying. And this time, he picked a lot of them.

Quan Mu, who was lying on the bed, was in confusion. She didn’t know what Kris was trying to do. Making the antidote? How is that possible?

All of a sudden, Quan Mu screamed in greater pain. She felt half of her body was icy cold, and the other half of her body was being burned by the raging fire.

The effects of the pill were gradually getting worse. She could bear it at first, but now, the pain was agonizing.

It is said that a person once betrayed the cult, and he was denied the antidote. And when the pill took its full effects, that man peeled his skin off himself, and half of his body was frozen, and the other half was burnt. That is how horrifying the pill can be.

Quan Mu was rolling and screaming on her bed, which greatly disturbed Kris, who was trying to pay close attention o the antidote he was making.

“Kris, stop me from rolling!” Quan Mu said in pain. She was still conscious, and she realized Kris was really making the antidote, so she couldn’t disturb him.

Kris nodded. He had to be attentive when making the antidote; besides, he needed to use the inner energy, which made a quiet environment more necessary. If something went wrong with his inner energy, he would go crazy.

He found a bright yellow belt from a screen. He took it, walked to the bed, and said: “I’m sorry. Madam.”

Then he tied her hands and feet with the belt and covered her mouth with a belly cover, on which a pair of mandarin ducks were embroidered.

Chapter 172: Going mad

An hour later.

Kris smiled and took the pill out from the porcelain jar.

As expected, the genuine energy was much stronger than inner energy, and the alchemy speed almost doubled.

Quan Mu looked disbelievingly at the pill in Kris’s hands without blinking her eyes. God, he really can refine pills!

Kris breathed out a mouthful of foul air and walked over. If it was not a critical moment, he would never let others know that he can refine pills!

Hey, he was good at everything, but only too soft-hearted, especially when he was in the face of beautiful women.

As he thought, he took out the silk scarf in Quan’s mouth and put the pill in her mouth.

After doing that, Kris stood aside and waited quietly. He really didn’t worry about the effect of the pill. What he worried about was that the fact that he was able to refine the antidote against the Life and Death Pill of which would be told to the Cult Head by the lady.

Since this was a big taboo in the cult. The fact that Kris can refine the antidote would definitely shake the Cult Head’s supremacy. After all, the Cult Head controls the disciples only by the antidote.

Quan didn’t know what Kris was thinking. She only knew that after swallowing the pill, she the mouth was full of fragrance. At first, she still had a skeptical attitude, but as the antidote fell into her belly, the feeling of ants biting was suddenly reduced a lot.

Quan was taken aback and surprised.

“Kris, why can you refine the antidote?” Quan couldn’t help but ask.

As the antidote entered the abdomen, the toxicity was relieved, and within a minute, Quan, who was almost dying just now, suddenly became refreshed.

Kris responded in the upset mood: “I also accidentally knew the way to refine it in an ancient book, I thought it to be false, but it turned out that I actually succeeded in refining the pill.”

Quan nodded and did not doubt Kris’s words at all. After all, Kris had left a very good impression on her. She looked at Kris with appreciation: “I had not chosen the wrong person. It is really wise for me to choose you like Saint.”

After she said that, she licked her red lips: “Yes, I have another task here, I will have you do it; you should find something for me when you return to Westriver city!”

Kris was speechless: You assign me one more task immediately after I saved you, sparing me no time to take a breath. How miserable I am!

“Madam, please give the order.” Although he didn’t want to accept the task, he had to follow the order.

Quan said: “I got news this evening the Six Major Schools are going to jointly establish a training college called The Academy of Six Major Schools in Westriver City to cultivate excellent disciples for them.”

The Academy of Six Major Schools? This name sounded so low. But why didn’t I hear of anything in Westriver city?

“This Academy is about to recruit students in two days, and it was busy with preparation work!”

Seemingly she knew the doubt of Kris, Quan explained it slowly.

Kris nodded, no wonder he didn’t receive the news. The Academy was still under preparations!

Now ordinary people in the world didn’t know how to practice. When the Academy is established, I am afraid that the whole city of Westriver will boil.

“After the establishment of this Academy, there must be many sons of the rich families in Westriver attend this school. By then, you should find a way to enter the school and help me find a sacred book called “Taiji Scripture.”

Taiji Scripture?

Kris froze for a while, then said with a bitter face: “Ma’am, can you give me some hints? There are so many people in this Academy. Where can I find it?”

Quan smiled: “Boy, I have found out that the principal of this college is Yuanqiao Zhang of the Wudang School. That Taiji Scripture is kept by him. You try to steal it.”


Seen from the name, you should know that this person should not be trifled with. Being able to become the principal, he must be very powerful.

However, the order had been given he had to obey: “Madam, I will do my best to complete the task.”

After saying that, Kris couldn’t help looking at Quan.

At this time, her hands and feet were still being tied. Seeing her graceful curve of the body, Kris was attracted by her looks.

Quan felt uneasy under his hot gaze, and glared at him: “Untie me quickly!”

“Oh, okay!” Kris hurried over to untie the rope.

However, he tied too tightly just now, plus the lady’s constant struggle, he was so stupid that he made a knot.

As a result, Kris failed to untie it, and he began sweating due to anxiety.

Especially when he tried to untie the rope, he inadvertently touched the breasts of the lady. The feeling of ecstasy made Kris’s dick hard.

Quan’s body shivered a little at the moment of being touched, and the place that being touched by Kris began to heat up; her whole body became softened.

Although she was regarded as the wife of the Cult Head, but they had never made love with a man.

The Cult Head of the sun-moon holy cult was more than sixty years old. In addition, since he suffered a lot of injuries in the early years, he was unable to make love.

She is the wife of the Cult Head, and everyone respected and is scared of her. And nobody dares to get close to her?

Kris was really the first one who did this.

Quan was a woman with a normal body and mind. How could she not feel it, especially the masculine charms of Kris stirred up unprecedented ripples in her heart?

She gritted her teeth and whispered, “Stop untying, there is a pair scissor in the drawer, cut the rope directly.”


Kris responded and walked over to open the drawer.


What was this?

Next to the scissors, there was a peculiar Ganoderma. This Ganoderma was interesting, it was red all over, and it seemed that there was magma flowing inside.

What kind of ganoderma was this? So strange! Was it possible that this was not Ganoderma?

“Madam, what is this?” Kris still did not resist curiosity, and picked up this Ganoderma, asked curiously.

Quan glanced at it: “This is called “Fire Ganoderma”. It can not only enhance the strength of the practitioners but also stabilizes the stage of practice. It is a very rare elixir that was specially given to me by the Cult Head.”

Speaking of this, Quan smiled gently: “I just don’t know what to reward you. Since just now you helped me get detoxified, I reward this Ganoderma to you.”

Fire Ganoderma!

However, he had just reached the innate-power stage, the stage was still unstable, and he was worried about how to stabilize it. Unexpectedly, the lady of the Cult Head gave him the Ganoderma.

Haha, he just wanted to doze off, someone sent him a pillow!

After eating this Ganoderma, his practicing stage will definitely be stabilized.

Kris didn’t even think about it and put Ganoderma directly into his mouth. He chewed it a few times before swallowing it.

“Why did you eat it directly?”

Quan frowned with anxiety: “This fire ganoderma is of very strong property and cannot be eaten directly. It needs to be sliced and be mixed with other herbs to neutralize the property, and it can only be taken once every half a month.”


Also it also needs to be neutralized by adding other herbs?

“Madam, why didn’t you say that earlier! Then I have eaten it directly, what will happen?”

Will I be killed by its potency?

Quan shook her head and sighed: “I don’t know, because no one has ever taken ‘Fire Ganoderma’ like this.”


Kris sighed.

Forget it, don’t care anymore, he needed to let loose the lady first.

Kris walked over with scissors, however as soon as he reached her side, in a wink, he felt the whole body extremely hot, like a fire burning from the belly.

“It’s hot!”

Kris’s face turned red, and white smoke began to rise above his head!

At this point, the medicinal effect of Fire Ganoderma was on.

That Fire Ganoderma was an extremely powerful elixir. It was originally required to add dozens of tonic herbal medicines to neutralize its property, but Kris swallowed it directly. The energy contained in Fire Ganoderma exploded in his body instantly, how could he stand that!

“It’s so hot, it’s so hot!”


Kris felt that his entire body would be incinerated! It was as if magma was flowing through his body, and the painful burning sensation caused him to shout and roll on the ground.

“Madam, I’m on fire, it’s so hot, what the hell is going on!” Kris rolled on the ground, knocking over the table and chairs.

Quan frowned and said solemnly, “This is a sign of going mad.”


Going mad?

Hearing this, Kris was desperate.

“Oh, I felt great pain!” Kris was rolling on the ground, painful! He felt that his body was getting hotter and hotter; almost the whole body was going to burn; he began to tear his clothes!


The clothes on Kris’s body were torn.

“Kris, you.” Quan’s face flashed quickly.

At this time, Kris suddenly looked at her! There was a raging fire in his eyes.

He felt a fire bursting out of his public region! This evil fire left him blank.

He needed to vent this evil fire in his body to prevent him from being burned to death!

Kris stared at Quan closely and rushed to her at once!

“Kris, be awake. I am the wife of the Cult Head, you, you should not be rude!”


As soon as the words finished, Kris rushed straight over and tore her thin garments into pieces.

As Quan was being tied up at this time, she was totally unable to struggle.

Kris kissed her incessantly.

His lips touched her face, neck, and collarbone. Quan felt nothing but softness, her body was like being melted.

Suddenly she felt a coldness in the private part, and a tingling feeling came immediately.

“Oh!” Quan couldn’t help making this sound, biting her lips tightly.

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