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Chapter 171 – 180: My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 171
Of course Chuck Cannon knew what Zelda meant. He was not a fool. Zelda agreed to touch her


Instead of just using hands.

Chuck Cannon immediately struggled and struggled.

Zelda’s body is hot, Chuck Cannon admitted, especially when Chuck Cannon met her, she was

very clear about this.

Plus Zelda helped him twice.

If this is an ordinary good friend and a good “girlfriend” with Zelda, Chuck Cannon doesn’t

believe it himself. Since the first time in the car, the two are not purely male and female friends.

Because the red line crossed the two.

And it spanned twice.

Although there is no final step, it is not an ordinary man or woman.

When Chuck Cannon dreamed that night, he had fantasized about Zelda, and had fantasized

several times, Chuck Cannon admitted.

With the help of two times, in fact, Chuck Cannon could have directly pulled Zelda to do

something anywhere, she would not refuse.

In the room now, in the room, Zelda summoned up the courage to say this. Chuck Cannon now

needs nothing to say, just walk over and you can see a body comparable to Yvette Jordan’s body,

Just walk over, and not just look at…

But in what capacity did Chuck Cannon walk past and see her in what capacity? Even that kind

of thing?



These two identities can indeed allow Chuck Cannon to do that kind of thing, but is it?

Chuck Cannon denied that it was neither. Chuck Cexin is now Yvette Jordan, and his wife is

Yvette Jordan.

So do it as a good friend? indulgence? That partner?

Chuck Cannon couldn’t do it.

Now Chuck Cannon clearly sees that Zelda, who insisted on bachelorism before, has a feeling

for herself. It is a feeling between men and women. If it breaks through the final boundary, it will

be unclear and unclear.

Zelda bit her lip, “Chuck Ce, you don’t have to have any psychological pressure. I didn’t say what

you did to me. I’m pestering you. I won’t do that. It’s just that the ground is cold and you and I

sleep. The bed is better. If you want to do anything, I will cooperate. One night is one night.

Wake up tomorrow morning, you and I can just put on clothes separately. You can still call me

“Zi Yijie”,…”

Chuck Cannon was a little distressed about Zelda. Of course, Chuck Cannon knew that Zelda

wouldn’t be entangled with herself. Do it as if nothing happened.

She is not such a person, but the more this is, the more difficult it is for Chuck Cannon to touch

her. I feel sorry for her, and it is definitely not Yvette Jordan.

In addition, he really did not have that idea at that time. What he is thinking now is Yvette

Jordan, what car to buy Yvette Jordan tomorrow.

“Sister Zelda.” Chuck Cannon came over, “we, do nothing, lie in bed and go to bed.”

Zelda sighed in his heart, “Well, I will take a shower.”

“Don’t, say goodbye today,” Chuck Cannon pulled her, he didn’t want Zelda to do this. It was

particularly tempting to take the beauty out of the bath. In case he saw something, he did

something impulsively, Chuck Cehui regrettable.

“Why?” Zelda asked.

“Sister Zelda, you know.”

“I don’t know, I want you to say it,”

Chuck Cannon was embarrassed, “Zelda, you have a good figure, in case I get out of the bath, I


Chuck Cannon couldn’t talk anymore, Zelda felt comforted. Fortunately, he was still interested in

his own body, but no matter what, he was defending Yvette Jordan like a jade… Zelda felt no.

Feel good.

“Just sleep like this,” Chuck Cannon said, and fell asleep.

Zelda smiled, “Okay, but I will be smelly, if I don’t take a shower.”

“No.” Chuck Cannon shook his head, kidding? How fragrant is Zelda?

Zelda lay down and lay beside Chuck Ce, the two looked at the ceiling like wood.

“Actually, if you don’t touch me, you can indulge, for example, like the last two times,” Zelda


“Don’t say it,” Chuck Cannon closed her eyes, of course she understood what she meant, but this

was cheating.

“Okay, just say what you want, it won’t make you psychologically stressful,”

“Well, sleep, sister Zelda.”


Both closed their eyes.

Outside the room, Liu Meili and the three of them listened.

“How come there is no movement, how to get pregnant without movement?” the young woman

in tight jeans whispered.

“What if Zelda’s child can’t let go? Forget it, the few of us are too bored. Listening to these, she

knew that I am a fucking mother.” Liu Meili shook her head.

She has listened for a long time, and there is no such sound that people who come here can

understand. She is also anxious. Is it too tired to drive over? ?

“Also, Zelda’s figure is so good. Chuck Ce’s child is probably unable to carry it. Forget it. Not

that we can worry about it. Let’s go to the movies,” said the young woman in hot pants.

“Well.” The three women went to the room to chat and watch movies.

In the room, Chuck Cannon suffered.

He is a normal man, and there is a big beautiful woman lying beside him. Where can he sleep? It

turns to the middle of the night before he sleeps confusedly, and when he sleeps until ten o’clock

in the morning, Zelda wakes up early When she came, she lay in Chuck Ce’s arms, her eyes

closed sweetly and she continued to sleep.

Although Chuck Cannon didn’t do anything last night and disappointed her, but there was

nothing. Afterwards, when she had a chance, she thought to herself, when Chuck Ze wants to

sleep, she will follow…

Yvette Jordan looked at the time and it was 11 o’clock in the morning. Why didn’t Chuck Cannon

come? She was excited last night for one night. Her husband was going to buy a car for herself.

She was very happy. She got up early in the morning and almost changed the clothes in the

closet. She was particularly nervous. Is this the first time they are dating? ?

But more than seven o’clock, more than eight o’clock, until now more than eleven o’clock, Chuck

Cannon didn’t come over, Yvette Jordan lost, “Husband, what are you doing?”

She particularly wanted to call Chuck Ce, but what did she say? What if Chuck Cannon forgot? I

haven’t come over now, I should have forgotten.

Yvette Jordan was wronged. She looked at her carefully dressed in the mirror. She sighed. Since

her husband forgot, then it will be fine tomorrow. She left the room and went to the company by

bus, but passed a Volkswagen 4s store. She especially wanted to go in.

Will Chuck Cannon wait for himself inside and want to surprise himself? Yvette Jordan came up

with this idea, and she couldn’t wait to get off at the next station. She walked in nervously, but

she looked around and didn’t see Chuck Ce.

Alas, her husband doesn’t know what car he bought, how could he wait for himself here?

Yvette Jordan was disappointed. She was ready to go out. What was the point of seeing the car

alone? But this time, the salesman came over, “beauty, are you looking at the car?”

Yvette Jordan shook his head without Chuck Cannon beside her, she didn’t want to stay here.

“Beauty, you can take a look first. Our store is doing promotion now. You can check it out and

think about it better.” The salesperson smiled and Yvette Jordan was wearing well. Although it

was not a famous brand, there should be consumption Everyone came in. How could she let

Yvette Jordan leave like this?

“Look at it, so you can determine what kind of car you want,”

Yvette Jordan was silent. She looked at the Jetta at the door. She was looking at this car. More

than 80,000 can be done. She nodded and walked over to sit in and feel that it was indeed good.

Save money for your husband, but when will your husband come?

Yvette Jordan looked at the mobile phone, especially wanted to see Chuck Cannon call, but no.

The salesperson frowned, and actually looked away. She thought that Yvette Jordan would look

at other models of more than 200,000. At least I should look at Lingdu and the like, but I didn’t

expect to look at the cheapest, it seems that she There is no money, it was not a famous brand,

and now it is estimated that it is to spread the goods.

Buy a car, it is estimated that it is still borrowed money.

The salesperson was a little unhappy, but he walked over to see if he could push other models.

“Beauty, what do you think of this car?”

“pretty good.”

“This car is good, but it’s not suitable for girls to drive, or I will introduce one to you, it won’t, it

will be less than two hundred thousand when you come down together, and you have a face and

good drive.” The salesperson smiled Said.

Yvette Jordan shook his head, “No, I’m looking at this car, please introduce it to me first,”

The salesman whispered in his heart!

Chapter: 172
The salesperson despised Yvette Jordan well before he started to introduce it to Yvette Jordan,

and the introduction was not serious.

“Beauty, I don’t think so. We have zero down payment instalments here. Or will I introduce you

a car that matches your temperament? The most important thing for our women to drive is that

the temperament matches. Look at that car. The Tiguan is pretty good. Many beautiful women

buy this car. They have a lot of space and power. The key is safety, and there is no down

payment. It’s more cost-effective.” The salesperson said with a smile.

“No, I’m looking at this car,” Yvette Jordan shook her head. When she used her mobile phone to

see the car, she looked at Tiguan, but it cost more than 200,000 yuan, which is too expensive.

This will make Chuck Cannon very difficult to do. In case he doesn’t have so much money, he

has to ask Zelda or other women?

Yvette Jordan didn’t want to do this. This car was worth more than 80,000 yuan, enough.

The salesperson is not happy, “You think about it again, zero down payment! Only a few

thousand yuan per month in installments, which is more cost-effective?”

“Thank you, I really don’t need it.” Yvette Jordan refused. Anyway, she looked at the car more

and more pleasingly. Although it was inferior to her previous car, it was bought by her husband,

not the price.

“Okay, how are you looking at that beauty?” the salesperson said contemptuously, scolding

Yvette Jordan’s ancestors all over again.

What kind of car is really what kind of person, you only have to drive such a car in your life.


“Well, if you can, let me pay the deposit today.”

Yvette Jordan shook her head. She was ready to go, so she came over and looked at the 80,000

yuan she could afford. The 500,000 of the WeChat “local tyrant” had been confiscated and

returned to the card, but she didn’t intend to pay for the money. If you move, you must return it

to the “local tyrant”

But let Chuck Cannon know that his deposit has come out, he will be unhappy, Yvette Jordan

does not want this.

“Thank you, I should be here tomorrow,” Yvette Jordan came out of the car.

The salesperson is even more unhappy, cursing in his heart

Ok? Can Nima! ! Why can’t you pay the deposit? Your mother fucks me!

“Beauty, let’s get started if you’re fancy. This is a current car. Start late. If someone is preempted,

you have to wait a few days. Why not? After all, it’s something I like.”

“Thank you, I will come to see with my husband tomorrow, thank you, I will come over and find

you tomorrow,” Yvette Jordan smiled.

“Okay.” The salesperson turned to be too lazy to confide in Yvette Jordan. She whispered, “Poor

ghost! Will you come over tomorrow? What the hell are you doing?”

Yvette Jordan heard these two words and frowned.

She was about to leave, but when she saw something on the salesperson’s skirt, she hesitated to

remind, “Beauty, you…”

“What am I? Having said that, you don’t pay your deposit. Which one do you think is good? I

have seen more of you like you, are you too expensive? Then what are you doing? Go and buy a

van next door, three More than 10,000 will be done.” The salesperson said despisingly.

Yvette Jordan sighed, she just wanted to remind the salesman that there was something on the

skirt, which had no other meaning, “I mean you…”

“What else do you want to say? I still want to pretend that the sky will come to me? You should

cheat the child like this.” The salesman sneered. “And you don’t come, 80,000 cars, our store is

not lacking. You, this one, are mostly bought by people.”

Yvette Jordan is particularly angry, why is this salesperson so unreasonable? She didn’t want to

be misunderstood. She walked over and reached for her skirt, which was just a piece of paper,

but paper with tape.

“What do you want to do? Still want to do it? Grass mud horse!” The salesperson raised his hand

and slapped Yvette Jordan.

With a snap, the employees in the 4s store and some other customers who saw the car came over.

Yvette Jordan didn’t expect it to happen at all. She just intended to take off the paper and let her

look away. She was stunned. The hot pain on her face made Yvette Jordan feel aggrieved


“I…” Yvette Jordan bit his lip.

“What am I? Can’t afford it, and want to come over and beat me, right? Want to do it? Where are

you when we are here? Husband, someone wants to beat me!!!” The salesperson sneered, he

yelled, a body The man in a suit came out with a frown, this is the manager of this shop.

He stared at Yvette Jordan, “What are you doing?”

“I do not have……”

“You still quibble! Husband, I told her just now, she felt too expensive, and suddenly came over

to hit me, all the colleagues nearby saw it.” The salesman said coldly.

“I don’t, I am…” Yvette Jordan explained.

“You don’t have anything? What are you doing next to me? If it wasn’t that I discovered your

motive in advance, did you still want to stab me with a knife?” The salesperson was annoyed.

The manager’s face is ugly, his wife is so angry, it must be the woman’s fault, looks good,

actually so vicious? ?

“Why is there such a lack of quality? If you don’t buy it, why don’t you buy it?”

“That is, this kind of woman, it looks like a third, it is estimated that it is usually beaten by men,

who come in and think about us.”

“So vicious! Xiaohua is pregnant, this woman is too vicious.”

The nearby salesman came and pointed.

The mocking, angry voice made Yvette Jordan’s face grow red and red, and tears were swirling

in his eyes.

“Not too fast!” the salesperson scolded, “I tell you, I’m pregnant. If you touch me, if my baby has

three or two shorts, you can’t pay enough for selling!”

“Please go out!” The manager sneered. He finally got his wife pregnant. It’s awful to meet such a

vicious woman today!

“I didn’t hit her just now, I saw…” Yvette Jordan explained.

“Look at your mother. Say it!” The salesperson was annoyed, staring at Yvette Jordan and slap

Yvette Jordan.

Yvette Jordan was beaten without paying attention, but now he is paying attention, and of course

grabbed her wrist, “You are sick, I don’t want to hit you, I saw you on your skirt…”

“Let go, beat my wife, and I kicked you!” The manager came kicking with roar, Yvette Jordan

fell on the ground without paying attention, his stomach hurt, and the place where he was beaten

last time was kicked, it hurts.

Yvette Jordan bit her lip and climbed up. At this moment, she wanted to cry, but she couldn’t,

absolutely not!

“Wife, are you okay?” The manager comforted, fearing his wife was in trouble.

“Her husband, she just scratched my hand, it hurts, it hurts.” The salesperson croaked a few


“It’s okay, the grass is muddy!” The manager came over and pushed Yvette Jordan out. “If you

don’t look at you as a woman, I will kick you and get off!!”

How could Yvette Jordan be a man’s opponent? She was pushed to the ground, her high heels

were broken, and she was in pain.

The fiery pain left on her face made her grind her teeth and get up, not crying, absolutely not.

“Come on, don’t come, we don’t welcome you such a vicious woman!” said the other


“Not yet!” the manager scolded!

Yvette Jordan came limping and she came to tell these people that she didn’t want to beat her.

“Her husband, look, she still wants to hit us your baby, why is she so bad?” The salesperson



The manager kicked angrily, Yvette Jordan fell to the ground with her stomach covered, tears

twirling in her eyes, holding back, she bit her lip. “I didn’t hit her. There was paper on her skirt. I

remind her… “

“Paper? Your mother is so kind?” The salesperson sneered. She saw that there was paper on her

skirt, but she didn’t believe that Yvette Jordan was close to herself for this. It must have been

annoyed just now, and came to beat herself, thanking herself Be alert, otherwise your baby will

be in trouble.

“Nonsense, this is an excuse, this woman is too vicious, fuck!”

“Hurry her away!” The other salesperson was angry, how could this be? It’s terrible, just look for

the reason!

“I really…” Yvette Jordan said.

The salesperson couldn’t hear it anymore, and he kicked over, “Get out of Nima’s!!”


She gave a slap, Yvette Jordan couldn’t hide, she fell to the ground, at this moment she was

particularly wronged, the pain made her unable to bear, husband, where are you?

Yvette Jordan shed tears.

Chapter: 173
Yvette Jordan reached out and wiped away her tears. She couldn’t cry in front of these people.

She absolutely couldn’t. She bit her lip and endured it.

Climbing up, she was kicked a few feet and felt very painful. The woman said that her belly was

pregnant. In this case, Yvette Jordan felt certain that she could not stay any longer. After leaving

here, she did not speak. She just felt around. The wind blows pain on the face.

She was slapped twice in a row, blushing and numb.

She just came here to check out the car. How did she think this would happen?

At this moment, Yvette Jordan saw the woman’s angry husband supporting her, and she

remembered Chuck Ce. She murmured, “Husband, you didn’t come today because you are busy?

Well, are you busy, I wait for you……”

“It’s not too fast! I hurt my baby, my mother will find someone to die you!” The salesman

sneered with a cold face.

Such a woman is spreading goods all over, looking at the car or looking at the cheapest. She does

not believe that Yvette Jordan will have any background, maybe she came to rub the air


“Come on, you didn’t come to see the car, how could you be ashamed to look at the car?”

“That’s right, fortunately, Xiaohua baby is fine, if something happens, we will call the police


The other salespersons also spoke, and it was really not like having encountered such a customer.

Why would you want to beat a pregnant woman? Why is it so vicious?

Yvette Jordan looked down at her shoes, the heels were broken, she took off her shoes, and left

here barefoot. There were too many people here, and she could not do anything at all.

She walked to the street, and there was an endless road in front of her. The people passing by

nearby saw a beautiful woman so embarrassed, looking sideways, pointing, ridiculed, despised,

and more surprised…

At this moment, Yvette Jordan, who was alone around her, burst into tears. She took out her

mobile phone and found Chuck Ce’s number. She was surrounded by tears and kept looking at

her eyes. She did not dial. , Just look at it.

“Beauty, what’s wrong with you? Do you need help?” A handsome guy came over with concern.

“No, I have a husband.”

Yvette Jordan shook her head and she walked with her shoes in hand.

“Husband, you are not here today, it must be because of something, forgot, or busy, then you are

busy with you…” Yvette Jordan went to the place where she was unkempt, her clothes were

broken, and her shoes were broken , How to return to the company like this? She is going back…

“Alas, how can I make my wife like this with a husband?” The handsome guy sighed.

“Hum, finally gone.” The salesperson snorted softly. She had looked down on Yvette Jordan

very much. She just wanted to beat herself. When she was found, she said she had something on

her skirt and something from Nima.

“Wife, are you okay? Would you like to go to the hospital for examination?” The manager came

over and touched her belly with his hand, as if feeling the movement of the baby inside.

“My husband, only three months old, I can’t feel it,” the salesperson was sweet.

“I’m not afraid that you were scared just now and moved your fetal qi?” said the manager. At the

same time, he was relieved. He just wanted to continue to fight Yvette Jordan and dare to move

his wife? When you don’t exist!

“No, the woman with the pen is not scared of me just now, hum, sneak attack in front of me? The

next time she dare to come over, I will definitely fan her!” The salesman said coldly, just such a

woman, she can do any one Hit three or four.

“However, if she walked so fast, would she secretly call the police?” The manager said after

hesitation, after all, it seemed not very good to hit people.

“What are you afraid of? The silly woman dared to call the police. My mother saw her call it

once,” the salesperson said, disdained. “Again, she was wrong, and she came to call me? It’s her

fault to call the police. As for calling someone over, how many people can come over because of

her stupidity? When I hit her just now, I didn’t dare to say anything, and I made up the bad

words to know what kind of garbage she was.”

She didn’t believe that Yvette Jordan could call someone over. Besides, wouldn’t she call it? Not

to mention so many people in the shop, she dare to call? Dare to make trouble here, she dare! !

The salesperson sneered.

“Okay, don’t be angry for such a stupidity, it’s not worth it, what if the fetal gas is moved? Let’s

go to the lounge to rest for a while, by the way…” The manager also thought it was because he

thought about it and was beaten. The person who walks directly is the bottom of the society, who

has no strength and no background.

He said, his eyes were shining, just because he was in the lounge, so he would get pregnant.

The salesperson was shy, “Her husband, I’m pregnant for three months. What’s the matter, will it

be all right?”

“No. Wife, let’s go. I was angry just now. I have to vent.” The manager took her and walked

inside. But he is the biggest manager. Who dares to say?

The salesperson looked forward to it. She thought that Yvette Jordan had come well, and she was

happy, and now…

“Don’t watch it,” the manager said.

The other salespersons dispersed, but still muttering, “The woman just now, even pregnant

women, must be beaten. It is conceivable, where is the garbage? If anyone marries such a

woman, it would be a downfall of eight lives. Moldy.”

“A woman like her is only suitable for usual fun. Get married? Don’t die.”

They said one thing, he said one sentence, believing that Yvette Jordan was a joke.

Chuck Cannon woke up in a daze, and it was too late last night, causing him to sleep late. He

opened his eyes and found that Zelda was lying in his arms and sleeping, like a sleeping man.

Like a kitten.

Opening your eyes, you see such a picture. Chuck Cannon is more puzzled than embarrassed.

Zelda, a strong woman who fell asleep, was so cute. Although she was 30 years old, her skin was

no different from a girl. This is the reason why she usually maintains and exercises. At this time,

Chuck Cannon has the most say. Really put it down.

However, this posture is rather ambiguous. Chuck Cannon has a dim sum. After all, he is also a

normal man with big beautiful women in his arms.

Chuck Cannon shook his head, he couldn’t be sorry for Yvette Jordan, no, he moved his body

carefully, but Zelda woke up, and the two watched so closely, close at hand.

Chuck Cannon was embarrassed, Zelda felt something, smiled, she said, “Young people are

young people, this morning…”

She said, Chuck Cannon was even more embarrassed, “Sister Zelda…”

“Do you want to?” Zelda said.

Chuck Cannon shook his head, of course she understood what she meant, “Let’s get up and go

out, it’s time for breakfast.”

You must go back, Yvette Jordan should be waiting for himself at home.

“What anxiety, your body is much more honest than your mouth,” Zelda said. Last night, she

really never slept so sweetly, embracing a man, that kind of security is too good, this kind of

beauty is last night Chuck Cannon gave her.

Chuck Cannon was embarrassed and speechless.

Fortunately, Zelda didn’t go on. She left Chuck Cehuai, sat up, stretched, and she didn’t want to

get up.

“Okay, don’t tease you, you go to the bath first, let’s go to dinner,” Zelda said.

Chuck Cannon nodded and got up, went to the bathroom to take a shower with cold water, but he

suddenly remembered a problem, last night seemed to have a spring dream, then…

Zelda tidied up the bed, but when she saw what was on the sheets, she was stunned, and she

chuckled, “I am not good for this fool, it is the sister who helped you, I did not want to pester

you, Ugh……”

Zelda said with a sigh, she collected the sheets and had to wash them.

After Chuck Cannon took a shower, he walked out awkwardly and saw that the sheets were set

aside. “Sister Zelda, I…”

“It’s okay, the young man’s anger is normal, especially normal, don’t think about it.” Zelda

smiled, she came over to arrange clothes for Chuck Ce, Chuck Cannon was at a loss, but

eventually did not back away.

“You are so young, it’s normal to have ideas,” said Zelda. Chuck Cannon relaxed. Zelda

encouraged him a lot. Chuck Cannon also believed that he would become stronger and stronger.

“Then go out for dinner, my mother should prepare the meal.”

“En.” Chuck Cannon also felt hungry, but he looked at the time subconsciously, he was startled,

actually two o’clock in the afternoon? Oops, today is the day to buy a car for Yvette Jordan!

Chapter: 174
Chuck Cannon sighed. The day before yesterday, he vowed to buy Yvette Jordan a car today, but

he slept too late last night, which caused him to feel it was two o’clock in the afternoon.

Yvette Jordan, who was looking forward to it, should be particularly disappointed. He deceived

her. He promised that it was today, but he failed to do so, and now he did not take the initiative

to contact her. Chuck Cannon was anxious, hoping to go back immediately.

But what’s the use of going back? Even if Chuck Cannon goes back now, he can’t buy it today.

Yvette Jordan’s loss is still there.

Looking at his mobile phone, there is no missed call, Yvette Jordan’s character is like this, will

put his grievances in his heart, Chuck Cannon sighed, “Sister Zelda, I will make a call first…”

“Okay,” Zelda nodded.

She opened the door and went out. It was her mother Liu Meili outside. She saw her daughter’s

hair is disheveled, and she looks very good. Was it fierce last night?

She is coming here, of course, she knows why the woman looks good after a night.

She smiled, “Daughter, did you sleep well last night?”

“Well, very good.” Zelda sat down and took a sip of the milk on the table.

“Daughter, the mother who is married or not will not urge you, but when will she give her a hug?

It is acceptable for a pregnant mother to be unmarried.” Liu Meili said with a smile.

Zelda’s face is unnatural, having a baby? This also requires Chuck Cannon to touch himself, and

Chuck Cannon can only give birth after agreeing?

In this situation, how can Chuck Cannon touch himself? Even if you touch it, you can’t get

pregnant overnight.

She didn’t want to hold the child to threaten Chuck Ce, so it didn’t mean anything, and it didn’t

make sense.

Alas, my mother really broke her heart for her own business.

“Mom, do you say these are appropriate? Chuck Cannon is still a college student.” Zelda can

only say that.

“What happened to college students? How many college students got pregnant when they were

studying? Now the times are different, daughter, you have to follow the times.” Liu Meili bitterly


Zelda was helpless.

Liu Meili sighed, “Daughter, you will be 31 years old in a few days. Have you ever thought

about your age? You should have a baby. This is the most important thing a woman should do in

her life.”

“Mom.” Zelda sighed in her heart. She looked into the room. He should be calling Yvette Jordan.

Liu Meili was helpless, she said, “Daughter, you have to work hard, Chuck Cannon is young,

you two have been together for so long, you should be pregnant, work hard!”

Zelda smiled bitterly, Chuck Cannon didn’t touch himself. What’s the use of trying?

in the room.

Chuck Cannon called Yvette Jordan’s phone, and Chuck Cannon was relieved. “My wife, I’m

sorry, I said I accompanied you to see the car today, but…”

“Her husband, all right.”

Chuck Cexin felt even more guilty in his heart. He could hear Yvette Jordan’s voice weak, which

was definitely the reason for his disappointment.

Alas, what did you do!

Has it finally eased with Yvette Jordan, are you still dying now?

“Wife, are you in the company? I’ll go find you at night.” Chuck Cannon said.

“No, I went to the city next door to discuss business, and I will come back tomorrow.” Yvette

Jordan shed tears in the room.

She was slapped with two slaps and her face hadn’t swelled. If Chuck Cannon was allowed to see

her like this, Yvette Jordan would collapse.

I am so ugly, how can my husband see it?

“Well, I went out yesterday, and come back tonight. Wife, when will you come back tomorrow, I

will pick you up, and then let’s go to the car?” Chuck Cannon was gentle.

“I…” Yvette Jordan especially wanted to cry, but he couldn’t let Chuck Cannon know.

“Wife, I’m sorry, I will definitely be downstairs at home tomorrow, and surely, my wife, you

believe me.” Chuck Cannon was serious, he wished to appear in front of Yvette Jordan


“Well, husband, I believe you, don’t say it, husband, I’m going to talk to others,”

“Okay, don’t get too tired.”


Hanging up the phone, Yvette Jordan cried, her grievances vented at this time, she wiped away

her tears, hugged her knees, and quietly looked at the empty house, but the tears came out like

this, She was happy. She was happy when she received a call from Chuck Ce. He heard Chuck

Cannon promised to drive herself tomorrow. She was happy, but what happened today made her


My husband did not forget, but something was delayed, my husband is still around.

Chuck Cannon came out of the room, he didn’t want to stay here anymore, he wanted to go back


But I saw Zelda waiting for him at the dining table. Chuck Cannon can only go by. At least this

task must be completed. Chuck Cannon ate in the past.

Liu Meili stayed, but Chuck Cannon said something really happened. Liu Meili had no choice

but to be careful when driving on the road, and then the two went downstairs.

Chuck Cannon drove. He wanted to go back quickly. Zelda sat next to it, and the car was quiet

along the way.

Go downstairs.

“Thank you this time.” Zelda said softly.

“It’s okay, Zelda, I will drive this car for a few more days.” Chuck Cannon now wants to go to

the community where Yvette Jordan lives, so he can only drive this car.

“Well, just drive.” Zelda opened the door and came down.

Chuck Cannon said thank you. He drove to where Yvette Jordan lived. What if she came back


Zelda looked at the selected Chuck Ce. She was silent, sighed, went upstairs, and went home.

She was lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling dullly, and watching…

Suddenly Zelda felt that her eyes were wet, why did she cry?

Chuck Cannon drove down to Yvette Jordan’s building. It was already more than 9 o’clock in the

evening. He opened the door and went straight to Yvette Jordan’s door. He hesitated and knocked

on the door. He didn’t intend to knock on the door, but he wanted to try if Yvette Jordan was not

there. After knocking on the door, no one responded, but Chuck Cannon heard a voice inside,

Chuck Cannon was surprised, and Yvette Jordan came back.

“My wife, it’s me,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Her husband is you? Wait a minute, wait a minute…” Yvette Jordan, who had been in a daze,

was surprised. He immediately got up and smeared his face with the foundation. It was already

swollen, but the face was still red.

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, and soon the door opened. It was Yvette Jordan. When

she saw Chuck Ce, she felt wronged again, her eyes blurred unconsciously, “Her…”

Chuck Cannon smiled and walked in and closed the door. It felt good to see Yvette Jordan. The

two of them sat down on the sofa, but Chuck Cannon saw Yvette Jordan’s shoes and broke

it? Chuck Cannon was surprised.

“Wife, are your shoes broken?”

“Ah? Well, I accidentally walked off.” Yvette Jordan said.

“Have you eaten? Let’s go to dinner,” Chuck Cannon said. Although Yvette Jordan had just

returned, he must have eaten, but it would be nice to have some supper.

“No more.”

“Um…wife, can I hug you? Rest assured, I will hug, nothing…wife you.” Chuck Cannon was


Because Yvette Jordan took the initiative to post it, leaning his face against his chest, it was

particularly quiet, and Chuck Cannon was pleasantly surprised. This must be that Yvette Jordan

didn’t see himself all night, so he missed himself.

“My husband…sleep, I’m sleepy,” Yvette Jordan said, closing Chuck Ce’s eyes and listening to

his heartbeat.

“Well, hey, how is your wife blushing?” Chuck Cannon couldn’t help but touch it, Yvette

Jordan’s eyes jumped, “No, sleep.”

Chuck Cannon smiled, hugged Yvette Jordan, and closed his eyes, his heart was so stable…

This night passed like this, Chuck Cannon slept soundly, but found that there were tears on his

chest clothes, Chuck Cannon was surprised, why did Yvette Jordan cry last night? why cry?

Chuck Cannon shook his head, it was probably a nightmare.

Yvette Jordan had already returned to the room to change clothes. Chuck Cannon cleaned up

casually, thinking that he would call his mother and call for money to buy a car for Yvette


Will you go to the BMW store or the Mercedes-Benz store first? BMW has it, so buy a Mercedes

for Yvette Jordan.

You can usually drive it to feel the comfort of Mercedes-Benz.

Yvette Jordan made breakfast, the two ate downstairs, Chuck Cannon drove Yvette Jordan to this

place to buy a car, what Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen are here, and they are all next to

each other, it is estimated that they are the same A boss.

“Wife, I’ll buy you a Mercedes-Benz today.” Chuck Cannon said, but Yvette Jordan has been

looking at the Volkswagen store and has always looked at it like this. Does his wife want to buy


Chapter: 175

Chuck Cannon yelled, he was going to buy Yvette Jordan for Mercedes-Benz, but what did

Yvette Jordan stare at the Volkswagen store? Want to buy the public?

Yvette Jordan came back, “Yes, husband.”

“Don’t look at the public, let’s go to see Mercedes-Benz,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Benz?” Yvette Jordan was scared. Mercedes-Benz was about 300,000 cheapest, which was too


She had been thinking about what happened yesterday when she got on the bus. In a trance, she

did not find Chuck Cannon actually brought her here.

“No husband, no buying, no buying, okay?” Yvette Jordan shook his head.

“No, I must buy it today!” Chuck Cannon is serious and serious. Yvette Jordan’s temperament

must buy Mercedes-Benz!

“But, my husband, Mercedes-Benz is too expensive.” Yvette Jordan was moved and worried.

How to buy such an expensive car!

“Don’t worry, wife, I have already told you, I am the second generation of rich,” Chuck Cannon


Although my mom said to herself last time, don’t tell her about her return for a while. After the

mom sees Yvette Jordan, she will take the initiative to meet Yvette Jordan.

But in order not to worry about Yvette Jordan, Chuck Cannon will not talk about his mother, but

he can also say that he is a rich second generation, let Yvette Jordan not save money for himself.

Yvette Jordan was particularly moved, but she shook her head. She knew clearly that Chuck

Cannon was not a rich second generation. He said this just to comfort himself.

“Let’s go, wife, let’s take a look first.” Chuck Cannon got out of the car with a smile.

Yvette Jordan hesitated, so expensive, she didn’t want to make Chuck Cannon so embarrassed,

what if he used all the money he had made recently?

But Chuck Cannon like this, Yvette Jordan can’t refuse, she can only look at it first, she can do

it, don’t buy it, don’t agree to buy it, then her husband will definitely take himself to the car, and

then buy a domestic car. Too.

With a decision in mind, Yvette Jordan got out of the car, but the Volkswagen store and the

Mercedes-Benz store that came yesterday were next door, making Yvette Jordan a little worried,

that she was seen by the woman yesterday, and she walked beside Chuck Cannon and was

happy. Ah, my wife is so close to herself.

“Wife, you smell so good,” Chuck Cannon said.

Yvette Jordan blushed, “Her husband, stop talking,”

What is he thinking about? How embarrassed was it being heard?

Chuck Cannon smiled and the two walked in. Yvette Jordan was surprised. Chuck Cannon

entered this place without any stage fright. He really changed too much.

Yvette Jordan was settled down. She knew that Chuck Cannon really wanted to buy MercedesBenz for herself. She was moved, but it was too expensive. Chuck Cannon was younger than

herself. How could he let him buy such expensive things for himself?

“Huh, did you see her husband? Why did that woman with pen come over yesterday again?” The

salesman standing at the door chatting with her husband was surprised.

The manager also saw it. He thought it was wrong, “She dared to come over and entered the

Mercedes-Benz store next door. She wasn’t beaten enough! Can you afford it?”

“I can’t afford it. I can’t afford a tens of thousands of Jettas. Want to buy a Mercedes? It’s almost

the same as buying a toy car. The key is that this woman has a man and only drives Buick, shit,

two. All are stupid.” The salesperson felt particularly sick, how could there be such a person?

“It’s estimated that I went to rub the rice, didn’t it come to the meal?” The manager shook his

head, he could see at a glance that the man brought by this woman, so young, must have no

money, rich second generation? Even more impossible, there are rich second-generation Kick


At least they are sports cars! Such people have confidence to enter the Mercedes-Benz store? Eat

the bear heart leopard gall? ?

“It’s disgusting. I have to rub a meal and become so hungry? Isn’t her mother going to eat?” The

salesperson felt too disgusting. How could there be such a person? Came yesterday, but also

came to rub the rice? Sure!

Fortunately, she had taken her apart, otherwise the woman would eat here, she would be sick for

a month.

“Husband, let’s take a look in the past,” the salesperson continued.

“Yeah.” The manager nodded. Anyway, the stores here are owned by a boss. Usually, a few

stores can come and go occasionally.

The two walked back, preparing to enter the Mercedes-Benz store from the back. The

salesperson sneered. Yesterday, they didn’t get upset. Looking for opportunities today, they slap

you again!

Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan walked in. Chuck Cannon heard several employees laughing,

as if talking about something.

“Hello, have you heard? There was a female trouble in the public shop next door yesterday,”

“I heard that the little flower next door was almost beaten, and I heard that this woman also

specializes in the belly of the little flower, but she was pregnant. Fortunately, her husband came

out and slapped the woman a few times, otherwise the little flower might be miscarried. “

“Really? Such a malicious woman?”

“Yeah, I didn’t believe it yesterday, shh, a guest came, and I went to reception,”

A beautiful salesperson came over, and Chuck Cannon was a little curious when she heard what

she said just now. What happened next day next door?

“Welcome, are the two looking at the car?” the beautiful salesperson asked with a smile.

“Well, yes, what were you talking about?” Chuck Cannon was curious.

“Oh. It’s like this. Next door, a woman couldn’t afford a car yesterday. She was so angry that she

wanted to hit the salesperson. She also hit the salesperson’s stomach. Know that the

salesperson’s stomach is pregnant. Everyone It’s a woman, she’s a bit vicious.” The beauty

salesperson sighed.

Yvette Jordan lowered his head, bitter in his heart, he didn’t hit anyone, really didn’t, she wanted

to leave here immediately.

“That’s it?” Chuck Cannon thought, “What happened to this woman in the end?”

“It was kicked a few feet, and left sullenly,” said the beautiful salesperson.

Chuck Cannon nodded, “Well, can you help me introduce a few cars, my wife drives it.”

“No problem, what is your approximate price?” the beautiful salesperson asked with a smile.

“It looks like my wife likes it,” Chuck Cannon thought it was nothing, as long as Yvette Jordan

liked it, Maybach. Rolls-Royce, Chuck Cannon will also buy her.

The beauty salesperson was pleasantly surprised. This is a big customer. She smiled at Yvette

Jordan, “Then you two please.”

“Wife, what’s wrong with you?” Chuck Cannon was surprised because Yvette Jordan lowered his

head and didn’t move.

Yvette Jordan raised his head and his eyes were red, “Husband, let’s go, don’t buy it, OK?”

Chuck Cannon sighed, “Don’t worry, look first.”

He came to hug Yvette Jordan, what happened? Yvette Jordan was so wrong?

“En.” Yvette Jordan endured not letting himself cry.

The two followed the beautiful salesperson to a Mercedes-Benz car, “This is a Mercedes-Benz

C-Class, which is more suitable for ladies to drive…”

She started to introduce, Chuck Cannon felt good. He had already gotten in with Yvette Jordan.

Yvette Jordan was very handsome when he drove this car. “Wife, this car is good.”

“But, it’s too expensive,” Yvette Jordan shook his head, but the car cost 400,000. She planned to

buy 70,000 or 80,000 cars. Now that there are so many, she can’t accept it.

The car is beautiful, but it is too expensive.

“It’s okay, I have money.” This car was bought casually, and I would call my mother later. It was

really bought casually.

“Farewell, let’s go to see the other ones. Husband, I don’t like this car. Isn’t it good to see other

ones?” Yvette Jordan prayed.

Chuck Cannon sighed, “Okay, go see other…beauty, sorry, my wife doesn’t like it very much.”

“It’s okay,” the beauty salesperson smiled. Yvette Jordan said what she heard. This is to save

money for her man. Such a woman is good.

Chuck Cannon took Yvette Jordan out. Since Yvette Jordan didn’t want Mercedes-Benz, BMW

wouldn’t want it, so buy Volkswagen? You can also, Chuck Cannon is going to take Yvette

Jordan to the public shop next door, but at this time, a yin and yang strange voice sounded,

“Xiaojun, she fancy this car?”

“No.” The beautiful salesperson shook her head.

“Of course not. She went to our Volkswagen store yesterday. She couldn’t afford a Jetta of

70,000 or 80. You still expect her to buy a Mercedes-Benz?” The salesman who walked in from

behind sneered.

Yvette Jordan bit his lip, “Her husband, let’s go.”

Chuck Cannon gave this salesperson an unexpected look. Did Yvette Jordan go to the car


“Is she the woman who beat you yesterday?” The beauty salesperson was so surprised.

“It’s her, you can be careful. She has a bad heart. She can’t beat her if she doesn’t have money to

buy a car.” The salesperson disdained, she continued irritably, “I slapped her a few times

yesterday, she didn’t Long memory comes here again, of course I have to come over and pierce


Chapter: 176
“what did you say?”

Chuck Cannon heard the salesperson’s flowers and suddenly his face cooled down. So Yvette

Jordan came to see the car yesterday, but was beaten?

Chuck Cannon remembered it, no wonder when he touched Yvette Jordan’s face last night, he

found that it was a bit different from usual, and it turned out that he was beaten by this woman.

Chuck Cannon instantly felt distressed because Yvette Jordan’s eyes around him were red and his

tears were dim. This was a great deal of grievance.

“Don’t hear clearly? This is your wife? Huh, no matter what your relationship is, she came to see

the car yesterday, even if she didn’t see the deposit for a long time, she would beat me at the end,

you said such a woman should not fight ?” The salesperson sneered.

When she came in just now, she was really annoyed to see Yvette Jordan actually sitting in the

car, and it was exactly the same as yesterday.

Chuck Ce’s fists are all clenched, how can Yvette Jordan’s character hit someone? What’s more,

just looking at the car, Yvette Jordan will never hit anyone.

This woman is bitter and mean, and is definitely bullying Yvette Jordan.

“Wife, what’s going on?” Chuck Cannon gently took Yvette Jordan’s hand and found that her

tears could not stop flowing. Seeing her grievances, Chuck Cannon reached out and wiped her

tears, Yvette Jordan silently flowed. More tears, like a broken pearl.

“Wife, speak, it’s okay, say it,” Chuck Cannon was anxious.

Yvette Jordan choked, and the grievances in his heart broke out. “Her husband, I came to see it

yesterday. When I was going to leave, I saw something on her skirt. I went to help take it off, but

she said I beat her. She just…”

While talking, Yvette Jordan couldn’t go any further, Chuck Cannon heard the anger soaring,

hugged her lightly, patted her shoulder to comfort, “It’s all right, all right,…”

“Let’s go, my husband, I don’t want to stay here.” Yvette Jordan said, she wiped her tears away,

feeling that she was too sick in front of Chuck Ce, she didn’t want Chuck Cannon to see herself


But I couldn’t help it, I couldn’t help it.

I was not wrong yesterday. I didn’t touch her at all and was slapped by this woman. If it wasn’t

for too many people yesterday, Yvette Jordan would definitely fight her.

“Well, but…” Chuck Cannon said.

“Who are you crying for?”

The salesperson sneered, and she came over, “Pretending to be, I hate people like you the most.

They are fierce in front of others, and are charming in front of men. Who do you show them to?”

Chuck Cannon glanced at her, she really didn’t want to beat a woman, but dare to bully her

wife? ?


Chuck Cannon raised his hand and slammed it out!

The salesperson screamed and fell to the ground. She was shocked when she touched her swollen

cheek. She was beaten?

The crisp skin flicking sound made other salesmen in the Mercedes-Benz store stunned.

“Her husband, she, she is pregnant, pregnant.” Yvette Jordan was surprised, but Chuck Cannon

had walked past with a cold face.

“Grass mud horse, dare to beat my wife?”

The manager ran angrily, Chuck Cannon looked at him, grabbed the chair next to it and smashed

it in the past. The manager didn’t expect Chuck Cannon to be so fierce, he fell down on the

ground, Chuck Cannon walked back and grabbed The chair is smashed!

Smash it!

what! !

The manager screamed, but this chair was iron. He couldn’t stand it when he hit him. When he

got up, he was hit again by Chuck Ce. The screaming kept on, he fell down and broke his head.


“Ah, husband, are you beating my husband?” The salesperson climbed up, Chuck Cannon looked

at her and raised his hand!


The salesperson fell to the ground and her face was red and swollen. Where did she want Chuck

Cannon to dare to beat herself?

Chuck Cannon walked over and the salesperson scrambled up, “You’re finished with my mother,

I’m pregnant, you beat me, do you dare to beat me?”


Chuck Cannon didn’t say anything, but raised his hand.

The salesperson screamed and fell to the ground with a terrified expression, because Chuck

Cannon had come over and squatted down to grab her hair. The salesperson screamed and Chuck

Cepa slammed it out.

“Beating my wife? Are you beating my wife? You’re pregnant? Can you beat someone when

you’re pregnant?” Chuck Cannon said coldly, taking another slap. The salesman wailed and

wailed, “Don’t fight, please beg you beated……”

The huge Mercedes-Benz store is silent. Who would have thought that Chuck Cannon would hit

people like this?

Yvette Jordan was completely stunned. This feeling of rapid heartbeat was the same as when

Chuck Cannon appeared last time in Beijing.

This man is his husband, Yvette Jordan suddenly felt lucky.

“Husband, be careful!” Yvette Jordan exclaimed, because the manager with the bleeding head

climbed up from the ground and grabbed the chair to fight Chuck Ce.

Chuck Cannon will definitely be seriously injured in this fight, and Yvette Jordan ran over.

Chuck Cannon turned his head away, but after a day of boxing training, although he didn’t have

actual combat, he also knew how to deal with this kind of attack.


The chair in the manager’s hand fell to the ground, covering his stomach, and he was almost

fainted. Chuck Cannon was surprised. Learning boxing really worked. It seems that he must go

again tomorrow.

Chuck Cannon hit him in the head with one punch and one punch. This man must have beaten

Yvette Jordan yesterday. This is the end of his wife!

The man was dying and Chuck Cannon kicked him with his feet, “Get up and apologize to my

wife in the past!”

“Grass mud…” The manager was angry, Chuck Cannon kicked his foot on his stomach, the

manager screamed.

“Don’t fight, don’t fight, I kneel, I kneel…” The manager screamed. Chuck Cannon grabbed his

clothes and dragged her to Yvette Jordan. The manager felt embarrassed, but Chuck Cannon

raised Slap it with your hand.

The manager got up and knelt down, apologizing to Yvette Jordan, “I’m sorry, sorry.”

Yvette Jordan was stunned, she looked at Chuck Ce, “husband…”


The manager was slapped again by Chuck Ce, and he screamed and fell to the ground. Chuck

Cannon went to the salesperson, grabbed her hair, and dragged her over, “Ah, I’m pregnant,



Chuck Cannon slapped her, and for such a bitter and harsh person, the face was definitely okay.

“Grassy mud horse, kneel!” Chuck Cannon said coldly. The salesperson struggled, Chuck

Cannon stared at her, “Do not kneel, right? Let your mother not kneel…”

“Ah, I kneel, I kneel!”

The salesperson kowtowed Yvette Jordan for forgiveness, Yvette Jordan looked at her and bit

her lip.

“Go away!”

Chuck Cannon scolded, the salesperson climbed to the side in horror, she and the manager got

up, the manager stared at him bitterly, and took out the intercom in his waist, “Come on, all her

mother came to the Mercedes-Benz store next door, and I was beaten!”

Soon more than a dozen mass salesmen ran over, and they were stunned when they saw their

manager so embarrassed.

“Fight, fight for Lao Tzu!!!” The manager sneered sneerly, what can you do? I have a lot of


“Fight, this pen also hit me just now, hit it, hit me tonight for dinner!” the salesperson screamed,

she was really too hot, when did you encounter such a thing? Being beaten so miserably by a


These salesmen surrounded Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan.

Yvette Jordan grabbed Chuck Ce’s hand, “Husband.”

“Don’t be afraid.” Chuck Cannon calmed down. When he went to the boxing gym, the Dragon

King told him that when surrounded by many people, he beats one person with all his strength,

beats desperately, and hits the head with blood. Others will be scared and will retreat. Because

these people are a crowd of people.

When you see the blood, you will be afraid.

Yvette Jordan was not afraid, but only worried that Chuck Cannon was beaten. She would be

distressed. After all, Chuck Cannon and her husband slept from small to big.

“Dare to hit our manager? Don’t die!”

“Oh, I remember this woman. It was the woman who was guilty! Yesterday, fight, fight


More than a dozen salesmen were struggling, as if to siege Chuck Ce, but at this time, a loud

voice suddenly sounded, “What are you doing? What is her mother doing?”

Everyone stopped, looked out, and found a cold-faced man came in. This is the manager of the

Mercedes-Benz store. The employees of the Mercedes-Benz store had a bad face because the

manager was going to get angry.

The manager of the Mercedes-Benz store came over, “All her mother stopped, whoever

continued to fight, at your own risk!”

The Volkswagen manager frowned and came over and said, “Lao Wang, today…”


The manager of the Mercedes-Benz store flicked it out with a slap. The manager fell on the

ground with a whimper and was shocked. Others were also stunned. What happened? Why

should the manager of the Mercedes-Benz store do it?

Chapter: 177
“What are you doing, Pharaoh?” The manager got up angrily from the ground, and the other

salesmen who had just arrived were dumbfounded.

Both are managers. They usually have a good relationship. How come they suddenly hit


“What are you doing? Making trouble in my shop, do you still take care of it?” The MercedesBenz store manager sneered.

The manager looked ugly, indeed, he was from the shop next door, and it was indeed unruly to

make trouble here.

The dozen or so salespeople looked dumb at their managers, and they just stopped looking at

each other.

“Lao Wang, this thing is wrong with me, but he…” Halfway through the manager’s words, he saw

the Mercedes-Benz store manager suddenly smiled and walked in front of Chuck Ce, said

politely, “Sorry, it caused you trouble, we The store apologizes, what car did you fancy? Let me

introduce you!”


The manager was surprised, what is he doing so polite to this kid?

All the salesmen at the Mercedes-Benz store were surprised. They knew that their manager

rarely introduced the car to the guests.

Why is this happening suddenly?

Who is this young man?

Chuck Cannon was surprised. He didn’t seem to know him. Yvette Jordan was even more


“Mr. please.” Mercedes-Benz manager smiled politely.

Chuck Cannon nodded, “Wife, look at the car just now!”

Yvette Jordan bit his lip, “But, it’s too expensive…”

She really didn’t want Chuck Cannon to buy such an expensive car. She planned to get all seven

or eighty thousand and it would be best if she could drive it. This is her husband’s intention,


The manager of the Mercedes-Benz store smiled, “This lady is assured that both of you are upset

today. It is the fault of our store. So what car do you like? We all give you the price according to

the car price. What do you think?”


The employees of the Mercedes-Benz store were shocked.

The manager here looked hard, and sneered, “Give him the price of the car? He can’t afford it!”

“Yes, someone who can’t afford a Jetta, and want to buy a Mercedes?” The beaten salesman was

angry and disdainful.

The Mercedes-Benz store manager glanced at both of them, “Shut up!”

“You!” The manager was angry!

“Wife, that’s not bad, or take the car you just saw,” Chuck Cannon said.

Yvette Jordan bit her lip, and Chuck Ce’s serious eyes moved her. Well, he must buy him a

sports car if he makes money.

“Well, listen to her husband,” Yvette Jordan whispered, especially sweet in his heart.

Chuck Cannon smiled and pulled Yvette Jordan back to the Mercedes-Benz just now, and asked

how much did it cost? The manager of the Mercedes-Benz store said that it would be possible to

get all 230,000 to come, and it was still high-end.

The managers here are all blue. Are you afraid of being fired by your boss at such a low price?

The salesperson sneered, even if it was so low, but can you afford it? ?

That was very cost-effective, and Chuck Cannon was satisfied, “That wife will order this car.”

“Yes.” Yvette Jordan nodded, feeling a little sad in his heart.

Chuck Cannon asked Yvette Jordan to wait a moment, she called her mother, but at this time, Lu

Youwen’s phone call came, Chuck Cannon walked aside to answer the question, Lu Youwen

roughly means that a director came to see the venue.

Chuck Cannon unexpectedly, the efficiency of director Erica Yannic is so fast? So, these days

are not about to start shooting?

“Yes, by the way, do you have money over there?” Chuck Cannon said.

“Of course, there are reserves in the square. Do you want money?” Lu Youwen chuckled.

“Well, call me 300,000.” Chuck Cannon thought he would buy Yvette Jordan himself. After all,

his mother still doubted Yvette Jordan.


The phone hung up, and within a minute, Chuck Cannon received the arrival information, smiled

and came over, took out the card, “Then swipe the card, is there a car today?”

“Yes, please wait.” The manager of the Mercedes-Benz store took the card with a smile and went

through the formalities. There must be a current car!

Yvette Jordan was nervous, especially nervous, just bought it? So fast, is Chuck Cannon

particularly rich now? ?

Soon, in less than five minutes, the Mercedes-Benz store manager came over and smiled, “Okay,

wait a minute, I’ve got someone to drive to the garage,”

“Okay,” Chuck Cannon took the card.

The managers and salesmen here are dumbfounded, really bought? how could it be possible?

The other salespeople in the store were also surprised, so fast!


After more than ten minutes, the manager of the Mercedes-Benz store smiled, “Yes, you two


Chuck Cannon nodded. “Wife, go see your new car.”

Yvette Jordan bit his lip, “Yes.”

She was nervous and looking forward.

The two followed the Mercedes-Benz store manager to pick up the car, and the whole process

took more than 20 minutes.

All salesmen were stunned.

“Husband, did they really buy it?” The salesperson was shocked. How could it be? A person who

can’t even afford a Jetta, who drives an old Buick, can actually buy Mercedes-Benz in full?

The manager was surprised, and soon, he saw the manager of the Mercedes-Benz store coming

over, “Don’t you have to work?”

The employees in the store suddenly dispersed, and the sales staff at the Volkswagen store

looked at each other and walked back.

“Lao Wang, what the hell is going on? Why did you give him such a big discount?” The manager

came over and asked, and the salesman followed. She was too surprised, but this is a price that

no internal staff has.

“It’s very simple, this person is not easy!” The Mercedes-Benz store manager said slowly.

“Not easy? Are you kidding? Wouldn’t it be easy for him to be a Buick?” The manager frowned.

“Yeah, the woman wanted to buy more than 80,000 Jettas yesterday. She also…” The salesperson


“If you know that, the man who bought the Porsche 911 just now will still think he can’t afford

Mercedes?” At this time, a man came in and it was Chuck Cannon who was the manager who

bought Porsche at the time.

He came over to talk to the manager of the Mercedes-Benz store and happened to see Chuck Ce,

so he told the manager of the Mercedes-Benz store that Chuck Cannon left a deep impression on


“What? The man bought Porsche just now?” The manager was shocked. The salesperson was

also stunned, and his chin fell to the ground. They knew this manager!

He said so, indicating that the young man had just bought a Porsche!

Millions of cars in full?

“It’s good, and a BMW 7 Series top is also available in full. Do you think he can’t afford

Mercedes?” said the Porsche manager.

The manager’s face was pale, and the salesperson was stunned!

“So the two of you were very dangerous just now, such a person, just a phone call, you two will

disappear overnight.” The Mercedes-Benz store manager said.

The two of them were sitting on the ground shaking tremblingly. Those who were able to buy a

car for 8 million yuan were worth at least tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions. This is

not something that these little citizens can provoke, and the salesman is trembling. It’s almost

scaring to pee, regretting in his head, will he find someone to clean up himself, he is pregnant,


Chuck Cekai and Zelda’s Buick followed Yvette Jordan. This Mercedes-Benz is indeed good.

Yvette Jordan likes it very much.

In the car!

Yvette Jordan held the steering wheel in her hands. This feeling was beyond description. She

really couldn’t believe it. Chuck Cannon actually bought her such an expensive car. She liked it

very much and really liked it.

She drove into the square and parked her car. Chuck Cannon followed her and parked the car

next to her. The two of them got off the car. Yvette Jordan was sweet, “Her husband, thank you,”

Chuck Cannon smiled, Yvette Jordan being happy is the most important thing, a car with more

than 200,000 yuan can be bought casually.

Yvette Jordan bit his lip and felt that he should do something. Today, Chuck Cannon spent so

much money. Do you want to take the initiative to kiss him? Yvette Jordan was shy and nervous.

“Her husband.” Yvette Jordan came over and took the initiative to kiss Chuck Ce, Chuck Cannon

froze, this is…

Value, truth, his wife’s lips are really sweet.

Chuck Cannon couldn’t help it. Yvette Jordan’s face was particularly red and sweet. This was her

first kiss. Her husband was relieved. “Husband, someone, someone…”

Chuck Cannon disappointed, indeed someone came.

Can only stop and say to go to the boxing gym to learn boxing, Yvette Jordan nodded and said,

Chuck Cekai sat in the car, Yvette Jordan said, “Her husband, come home at night?”

She slept in the arms around Chuck Cannon last night and she slept very well.

“En.” Chuck Cannon smiled and drove away.

Yvette Jordan looked at Chuck Cannon out of the parking lot. She touched her lips with her hand

and said shyly, “Her husband, I love you…”

Chapter: 178
Yvette Jordan was ready to leave sweetly, but just a car drove in. Yvette Jordan saw that Zelda

was driving. What was she doing here?

Yvette Jordan sighed in his heart, what else can he do?

Zelda also hesitated. She accidentally happened to meet Yvette Jordan in the parking lot. She

came here for her new store. She was about to start the renovation. She had to hurry up and open

early because she could see The traffic in the square is increasing.

But she saw Yvette Jordan standing beside a brand-new Mercedes-Benz car. She was surprised

that this was a new car?

Did you buy it yourself, or did Chuck Cannon buy it for her?

She parked the car, opened the door and came over, “Hello.”

“Hello there.”

The two women were silent, and Yvette Jordan was entangled. In particular, she wanted to tell

Zelda that Chuck Cannon was her husband and asked her not to do that.

But… Yvette Jordan said nothing.

Zelda didn’t even know how to say it. She was just envious. Chuck Cannon didn’t touch herself at

night for her…

“This car is very beautiful. Newly bought?” Zelda smiled.

“Well, Chuck Cannon bought it for me.”

“That congratulations.”

“Well, you came…”

“Oh, Chuck Cannon found a shop for me. I came over to look at the decoration,” Zelda said.

Yvette Jordan accidentally, Chuck Cannon is still working part-time in this square, and she

knows, “Congratulations.”

“Thank you, by the way, do you know who this square owner is?” Zelda asked suddenly.

Yvette Jordan shook his head and didn’t know clearly. Anyway, he knew who it was, but she

hadn’t seen it, and she didn’t need to see it. Anyway, she couldn’t get in touch. What’s the use of

seeing? but……

Zelda thought, Chuck Cannon did not tell her.

“Have you seen it right?” Yvette Jordan asked.

“Well,” Zelda did not deny, you have seen it!

“Can you tell me about it?” Yvette Jordan said, she was able to continue to open a company in

this square, it must be the reason of the “local tyrant”, but until now the “local tyrant” has not

collected money.

Five hundred thousand he is not going to ask for it?

Yvette Jordan felt uneasy. The money must be returned to the “local tyrant”, and the owner of

this square must know the “local tyrant”.

She borrowed usury for this purpose.

“Uh, let’s wait until he sees you himself.” Of course, Zelda wouldn’t say that Chuck Cannon

would be the boss of Ten Square.

Yvette Jordan was silent and sighed, “Who are you?”

After embarrassing for a while, the two women dared each other and said that it was better…

Chuck Cannon came to the boxing gym to learn boxing. With the last experience, Chuck Cannon

is working harder. He must strengthen himself to protect himself and Yvette Jordan.

The Dragon King personally taught Chuck Ce, special training, and special boxing skills, all of

which were taught. Chuck Cannon also learned very hard.

“Study hard, learn me, you can learn to fight with your mother.” Dragon King said.

Chuck Cannon was surprised that this dragon king was particularly powerful, but she said that

she learned boxing with her and laid the foundation for her mother to fight?

“Yes, your mother’s fighting is unparalleled! You can learn the best from her to become the

strongest. I am an ant in her eyes.” The Dragon King said with exclaimation.

Chuck Cannon was shocked, his mother is so powerful? However, it seems that my mother is

very virtuous, and she doesn’t have a hand cocoon in her hand. This point, Chuck Cannon is

really surprised…

Chuck Cannon thought that he wanted to become the strongest, so he had to lay a good

foundation for boxing and learn to fight with his mother, so that he could gallop in the shopping

malls where they are cheating!

“Boxing skills are not much. You have your mother’s talent. You will learn quickly. When your

mother teaches you to fight, when you and your mother go to the Golden Triangle and Amazon,

you only know what is life and death! What is murderous fighting!” The Dragon King’s eyes

shined, as if he had been fortunate to go to the Golden Triangle and Amazon with Karen Lee.

Chuck Cannon also looked forward to it. He worked harder and forced himself to work hard.

When it was seven or eight, Chuck Cannon was exhausted and exhausted, and he had no


He dragged his tired body into the car, called Yvette Jordan and asked where she was? Yvette

Jordan said it was in the square.

Chuck Cannon thought about going out with Yvette Jordan for a meal, and then going home

again. This is the life between husband and wife.

He drove to the square, but when he was about to get off, the phone rang suddenly, it was

WeChat, Charlotte, and asked when Chuck Cannon came to drive BMW back.

Chuck Ce’s car has been repaired.

Chuck Cannon thought that tomorrow would be better, but Charlotte returned the message and

said that she would help her out. Anyway, last time Charlotte also opened it. Chuck Cannon

shook his head, indicating that the day or the day after tomorrow would be better.

He said so, and came out of the car.

Chuck Cannon was an elevator, but when the first floor was reached, the elevator door opened

and Lara actually walked in. Lara saw Chuck Ce, she immediately lowered her head, she still

owed Chuck Cannon ten thousand yuan, she went up If you have trouble with Lu Youwen, you

haven’t thought of meeting Chuck Ce.

Chuck Cannon was too lazy to care about her.

“Chuck Ce, that money, I will return it to you at that time, don’t worry.” Lara worried, she

worried that Chuck Cannon would send out her fruit photos, then she would burst into red



The elevator door opened and Chuck Cannon went out without saying a word. Ten thousand

pieces of Chuck Cannon didn’t mean to remind her. She could do it anytime. Anyway, she still

had her fruit photo on the phone. Lara is a little angry, is she rich?


Lara hummed out and went to find Lu Youwen, but seeing Chuck Cannon soon came down with

Yvette Jordan, Lara was puzzled, Teacher Yvette, which point did you really see in him? Lara

was angry, her eyes rolled, and suddenly she had an idea in her heart.

“Husband, can you give me the mobile number of your square boss?” Yvette Jordan seriously.

Chuck Cannon froze.

“Her husband, I have something to do with your boss.” Yvette Jordan said, she just sent a

message to the “local tyrant” just now, but the “local tyrant” still did not return. She was really

worried, what happened to the “local tyrant”?

“What do you want to do?” Chuck Cannon asked with a smile.

“Husband, I said don’t be angry.”

“will not.”

“I can continue to open a company here because I am a WeChat friend. He helped me and the

square owner said that I can renew the contract. Now I contact him. He ignores me and I want to

find him.” Yvette Yi Nan did not say anything about owing money.

Chuck Cannon is helpless, your WeChat friend is me!

In fact, he received Yvette Jordan’s message, all of which was money transfer, but now Yvette

Jordan’s situation is not easy to come up with 500,000, how can he collect this money? What’s

more, Yvette Jordan feels about himself, then the “local tyrant” should be retreated, otherwise

there will be problems, this is still not to let Yvette Jordan know well…

Chuck Cannon thought so.

“This, I really don’t know.” Chuck Cannon can only say so.

Yvette Jordan sighed, “Well, husband, let’s go back.”

She was disappointed that she had to pay back the money of the “local tyrant”, but the “local

tyrant” ignored herself, so how should she pay back the money? How to thank?

After all, this “local tyrant” has helped him a lot. Yvette Jordan has a headache. Who are you,

“local tyrant”?

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, thinking about going back in Yvette Jordan’s car today.

It still feels like the new car is sitting.

“Her husband, if you drive well,” Yvette Jordan blushed.

Chuck Cannon smiled and sat next to him without a word. Yvette Jordan thumped in his heart

and sat in the car and drove Chuck Cannon back. She was thinking in the afternoon. She gave

Chuck Cannon this evening. Chuck Cexiang Yes, just come and get it.

But will Chuck Cannon touch himself tonight? Yvette Jordan was nervous and shy.

She arrived home soon. Chuck Cannon went to take a bath by herself because she was too tired.

Yvette Jordan sat on the sofa in anguish. To be honest, she was very nervous. After all, the two

were husband and wife. They should do something. Otherwise, Chuck Cannon Suffocating, will

find Zelda, that will not work.

But while she was waiting, she saw Chuck Ce’s mobile phone on the sofa. Yvette Jordan didn’t

mean to read it, but wanted to read it, not to watch the other ones. She wanted to add Chuck Ce’s

WeChat, so when the two chatted, they would feel more.

But at this time, Chuck Ce’s mobile phone on the sofa suddenly shook, and a WeChat came over.

Yvette Jordan subconsciously froze, because the note was Lara.

Yvette Jordan was surprised, didn’t Lara say that there was no WeChat for Chuck Cannon last

time? She looked at it suspiciously and saw that Lara sent

Chuck Ce, I will pay you back immediately, but I can also give you the interest. You come to my

shop to find me, and I will show you something.

Chapter: 179
After seeing this message on the screen of Chuck Ce’s mobile phone, Yvette Jordan was very

surprised and a little lost. As a classmate, Lara added you on WeChat, but you didn’t add me.

Yvette Jordan didn’t continue to watch, but it was a bit strange in his heart. Lara actually owed

Chuck Cannon the money? And what about Chuck Cannon going to her shop?

Shaking her head, the more she thought about Yvette Jordan’s headache, she simply didn’t want

to, and soon Chuck Cannon came out to take a shower, and Yvette Jordan blushed.

Chuck Cannon said that he was going to practice boxing, so that his muscles were obvious, and

his abdominal muscles were one by one. Yvette Jordan felt nervous in his heart.

Thinking about your husband’s nervousness?

When he came over, Chuck Cannon was sore all over, and practicing boxing was really a painful

process. However, when he thought that he could immediately learn to fight with his mother,

Chuck Cannon was excited, at least it should become like Betty, a fight More than ten!

“My wife, I’m asleep…” Chuck Cannon was lying on the sofa. He was really tired and fell asleep.

After a while, Chuck Cannon fell asleep.

“Are you tired? Have a good rest.” Yvette Jordan smiled, stretched out his hand and covered the

blanket with Chuck Ce, then went to take a shower.

After taking a shower, she hesitated and wanted to go back to the room, but thought of sleeping

next to Chuck Cannon last night. She was so relieved that she crept over and sat next to Chuck

Ce, looking at his angular face, Yvette Jordan Blushing together and kissed Chuck Ce.

Is she ashamed to be a nympho?

“Husband, good night.” Yvette Jordan leaned on Chuck Cannon and closed his eyes, feeling

sweet in his heart…

In the morning, Chuck Cannon opened her eyes and saw that Yvette Jordan was actually sleeping

in her arms. Chuck Cannon smiled. Yvette Jordan was wearing a pajamas and her body was

looming, especially her face, which was full of collagen, which could be blown off, skin so


My wife is beautiful.

Yvette Jordan opened his eyes and saw Chuck Cannon looking at herself so straight, the red she

brushed on her face became an apple, her heart was particularly nervous, and her body was stiff.

“My husband, early, I’ll make breakfast.” Yvette Jordan got up from Chuck Ce’s arms, Chuck

Cannon just hugged her like this, and looked at her like that, not letting go.

Yvette Jordan’s heartbeat accelerated, and he wasn’t struggling anymore, just let Chuck Cannon

hug him, and his heart calmed down quickly. What’s the tension? This husband.

She pressed her face to Chuck Ce’s chest and listened to his heartbeat. Her heart was very

comfortable. “Her husband, I slept well last night,”

Indeed, she slept very well, even though the sofa did not have a comfortable bed, but she just

wanted to sleep here, maybe she also felt used to it, from small to big, and suddenly she did not

sleep in a room one day, she would feel empty .

“I am the same.” Chuck Cannon was too tired last night, and felt something soft against him, like

a pillow.

“Then, I will make breakfast, and then go to the square together.” Yvette Jordan said, it was

almost time, she had to go to the company.

Chuck Cannon nodded reluctantly and released Yvette Jordan. Of course, when she let go, she

did not forget to take a shot. Yvette Jordan blushed and hurried to the room to change clothes.

Her heart was pounding, her husband was Not hip control?

Fortunately, I usually do squats and buttocks, my body is born, it is particularly obvious to

practice a little, it is only a little bit worse than those in Europe and America, it seems that I have

to strengthen training, it is better than those in Europe and America, Because my husband likes


Yvette Jordan made a good breakfast, Yvette Jordan drove Chuck Cannon to the square, the car

was bought, the brand was on these days, Yvette Jordan thought about taking the time to go to

the brand these days.

She didn’t want to step on the gas pedal at this time. She was cautious when she was in the car,

for fear of hurting the car, because she liked it more and more, and her husband bought it.

“Her husband, then I went to the company, are you going?” Yvette Jordan asked. In fact, she was

thinking of chatting with Chuck Cannon in the office, which was also very good. Even when

Chuck Cannon appreciated her body, Yvette Jordan Feeling shy and happy, let Chuck Cannon go

to the office to see, isn’t it good?

Chuck Cannon was actually fine today. He just saw Lara’s message when he was sitting in the

car, but ignored her. Chuck Cannon didn’t want to know what Lara asked him to see in her shop.

But today Chuck Cannon intends to drive the car repaired in the BMW shop back, and there are

other minor things. Chuck Cannon shook his head and said something wrong, Yvette Jordan

smiled, “Well, then I went up.”

The two went into the elevator, but the elevator door opened, and Yvette Jordan saw a person

who was a little familiar, standing at the door of Lu Youwen’s office. She wondered where she

had seen it, but couldn’t remember it.

But after the man saw the elevator door open, he walked over with joy, “Chuck Ce…”

Yes, this person is Wang Wei, the son of Wang Hao, the former boss of the square.

Chuck Cannon was not surprised, how to say that when he met him last time at ktv, he said

something to discuss.

“Her husband, then I went up,” Yvette Jordan wondered, who is this person? It looks very rich,

should be a rich second generation, the key is that his eyes seem very polite to Chuck Ce, why?

“Well,” Chuck Cannon nodded.

Yvette Jordan went to the company, Chuck Cannon walked over, Wang Wei said to find a place

to talk? Chuck Cannon nodded, and the two went downstairs to find a place to sit. Wang Wei

actually felt a little regret in his heart. How to say this square has been picking up recently, it is

no problem to make money at that time, he regrets that his dad sold this square And, more

regrettably, he heard a message saying that his favorite star actually came to this square to shoot

for shooting. He really regretted that he was going to bleed.

But what is the use of regret now? All he wanted to do was think of Chuck Cannon as a helper

and let him “be the boss” again, so that he could get close to his favorite star.

“Ye Zimei, do you like it or not?” Wang Wei asked nervously. As a matter of fact, Chuck Ce, as

the boss, must know that there is a crew in the square to come to the scene.

Chuck Cannon was surprised, why did he ask what this did? He didn’t chase the stars, so he

shook his head, “I don’t like it,”

He didn’t feel anything about Ye Mei, but now she is the actor in Chuck Ce’s own investment in

the film, nothing more.

Wang Wei was relieved, but he knew that Zelda was Chuck Ce’s girlfriend. Zelda was so good

and so beautiful. How could Chuck Cannon like the beauty of the leaves that was worse than


“This is the case. I heard that Ye Zimei is coming here to film, and I just like her. Can you help

me,” Wang Wei was a little embarrassed.

Chuck Cannon smiled and understood what he was going to do. This meant Chuck Cannon

abdicated and asked him to be the boss again.

Chuck Cannon doesn’t matter. Anyway, Ye Zimei doesn’t know that he is the boss here. Anyway,

he doesn’t like her. Anyway, let Wang Wei take the opportunity to get close to Ye Zimei and

pursue it. It has nothing to do with Chuck Ce.

“OK, no problem.” Chuck Cannon said.

Wang Wei was pleasantly surprised, and Chuck Cannon was too happy. “Thank you, if this can

be done, I invite you to play.”

Chuck Cannon shook his head and said no.

“Thank you anyway.” Wang Wei wondered, “That’s right, no crew had come here to film, what’s

the reason this time?”

He was particularly strange. He had never heard of it before. How could a crew come suddenly?

Chuck Cannon shook his head and said it was not clear. Wang Wei looked at Chuck Cannon

again. “It’s your reason? Did you invest in Yezimei’s play?”

Chuck Cannon didn’t want to say too much, shaking his head, “How can I have so much time to

engage in other things?”

Wang Wei nodded, which is also true, “Nu Luwen, please help me talk about it.”

Chuck Cannon nodded with a smile, this matter would be enough to talk about later, and Lu

Youwen would know how to do it.

However, it was also a coincidence. As soon as the two of them talked about it, Chuck Cannon

saw that some people were passing by. Looking at the clothes, it should be that the crew he

invested in came to start shooting. The speed was quite fast.

“The leaves are beautiful, I see the leaves are beautiful, Mr. Chuck, then I will go.” Wang Wei

was pleasantly surprised. He arrived at a man with sunglasses masks and was brought into the

square by two assistants. He liked the leaves beautifully. How could it not be recognized?

Chuck Cannon nodded with a smile, Wang Wei ran out immediately, and Ye Zimei came over,

then the popularity of the square would increase immediately, and Chuck Cexin was very

beautiful, but thinking about how much money this drama can make?

Chuck Cannon finished drinking coffee and went out to prepare a look. It happened that Lara

was passing by. She had some grudges, “Chuck Ce, don’t I have coffee there? Why don’t you go

to my shop to drink?”

Chapter: 180
“You are too expensive there,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Where is it expensive? Will it be cheaper?”

Lara was angry, glaring at Chuck Ce, and immediately whispered, “I still owe you money, you

drink it in the past, and I don’t charge you money, free, just drink it…”

Forget it for free, Lara also opened a store. Chuck Cannon didn’t want to take advantage of it in

the past. People should give as much as they should for business, one code for one code.

“No need.” Chuck Cannon shook his head, ready to go to see the crew.

“I’m going to make a drink for you now, you take it to the office to drink.” Lara whispered.

“Really useless.”

Lara complained, “Why didn’t you send me a message yesterday?”

Lara actually wanted Chuck Cannon to find her last night, and the two chatted. After all, Lara

has definitely determined that the person she likes is Chuck Ce, because when she chatted with

the “local tyrant” before, she was subconsciously fantasizing. , Is the long-selling hanging wire

Chuck Ce.

Last time I found out that Chuck Cannon was not a hanging wire, but a rich second generation.

She struggled for a long time and still felt like Chuck Ce.

“You are fine, don’t send me a message,”

Chuck Cannon said to leave. For Lara, Chuck Cannon didn’t want to care about her anymore.

This woman has credibility, but it’s a bit harsh.

“Hey.” Lara’s heart is empty, why do you say that? Lara was sad, she caught up, “Chuck Ce,

don’t be like this, I haven’t done anything sorry for you recently.”

But speaking, she didn’t know what to do, didn’t do it? It seems to have been done. Last time I

went to Teacher Yvette’s office to say that…

“Huh, is this a crew? Is there an actor coming here to film?” Lara was surprised because she saw

some filming equipment, and some places have been isolated, it seems to be filming.

Chuck Cannon ignored her, but some people nearby came to take pictures and sent a circle of

friends. It seems that this method is good.

“Chuck Ce, your girlfriend Lu Youwen is the manager, you should know what is going on.” Lara

expects, which star is this coming?

“I don’t know.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Don’t do this, do I dislike you so much?” Lara whispered, Chuck Ce’s attitude made her really


How can I say that you can see through the photos of your upper body? Now you still have it on

your phone. I must take it out every night to see. Lara is very confident about her figure. Chuck

Ce, you have seen it, how? Can you do this to yourself? ?

Chuck Cannon glanced at her. Now she hates not to count, but she just doesn’t want to care about


“I’ll make milk tea for you, let’s watch others filming together.” Lara said.

“Go ahead and do your business.” Chuck Cannon was too lazy to care about her.

“I’m in a good business. I don’t need to see people if I invite them. Do you think this is the square

boss asking the crew to film in the past?” Lara walked beside Chuck Ce.

She is curious that this square has potential for development, but it has not reached the point

where the crew was filmed in the past. She thinks that it must be free for the square owner, so the

crew came over.

“do not know.”

Lara pouted, “I ask you, are you rich, or is this square owner rich?”

Chuck Cannon didn’t speak, the square is his own, why do you ask this?

“I guess the owner of the square should have a little more money, but you are very good,” Lara

whispered, how to say a square, at least for a billionaire, Chuck Cannon should not have so much


“Is it okay to say a word?” Lara was helpless.

Chuck Cannon has walked to the glass and looked down. Director Erica Yannic is also there. It is

estimated that the first scene will be started today. Lara saw Ye Mei, she was pleasantly

surprised, “Ye Ye Mei, she came here, I Oh my god.”

She is so happy, Ye Mei will actually come to this square? She didn’t really think that she

thought the star from the crew was the third or fourth line, but she didn’t expect a first-line star to


Chuck Cannon is speechless, women like to chase stars?

“Chuck Ce, let’s ask for signatures in the past.” Lara looked forward.

“Go by yourself.” Just kidding, Chuck Cannon doesn’t chase the stars, what signature do you

want? What’s more, he wants to sign, just go past it, need to chase it?

Lara was sad, she bit her lip and left, but she thought of something and walked back again,

“Chuck Ce, do you still have my picture?”

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing. I just want to say that as long as you don’t show it to others, then you will keep it. I’m

okay,” Lara whispered.

“Director, why do we come to this square for filming?” Ye Ye is wonderful. This square has no

special features, but it looks a little new, but it also fits the scene in the scene.

“Investor means,”

“Mr. Chuck?” Yemei is surprised. Does Chuck Cannon know the boss here? So it was proposed

to let the crew come here to film?


When Yemei was in an accident, suddenly a person spoke to the staff and came over, Wang Wei,

he came.

“You are…” The leaves are wonderful.

“Uh,” Wang Wei was excited. Ye Mei was much prettier than what she saw on TV. This figure,

this skin, is pure and beautiful, so beautiful. Wang Wei is not disappointed in his heart. After all,

many of them rely on makeup, but the beauty of the leaves is naturally beautiful, especially the

figure, especially the material.

“My name is Wang Wei, is it… feels okay here?” Wang Wei said.

Ye Mei was surprised. What did this person say, meaning he was the boss here? Plaza

boss? Can’t see it, young and promising.

“Hello, it’s good, the square is good, sorry, I’m going to put on makeup, and I will start shooting


“OK,” Wang Wei was happy. Ye Zimei walked into the makeup car, and there were more and

more people watching nearby. This will definitely drive people’s flow. Wang Wei regrets even

more. How nice is this square to be his own dad?

Soon the shooting started, Chuck Cannon kept watching, how to say, the filming was still quite

boring, watching Ye Zimei was always shooting with the actor, Chuck Cannon sometimes

wanted to laugh, he saw Wang Wei also kept watching, By noon, Wang Wei had already

delivered delicious food to Yemei. Yemei was not easy to refuse. He could only eat it. After all,

this boss was a friend of investor Chuck.

In the afternoon, Chuck Cannon was bored and was ready to go to the BMW shop to pick up the

car, but after seeing Wang Wei, a woman walked past, yes, Yvette Jordan, it was Yvette Jordan!

Chuck Cannon was surprised, what did Yvette Jordan take the initiative to find Wang Wei? Is


“excuse me……”

Yvette Jordan didn’t know what to say. When she saw him waiting for Chuck Cannon at the

door, she felt strange. When she saw Wang Wei appearing next to Ye Mei, she was more curious

and thought about it. Going, she was sure that Wang Wei was definitely not the crew of the crew,

so the only one who could get close to Ye Ye and enter and leave the crew could only be said to

be the owner of this square.

So she came over and wanted to know the information of the “local tyrants” through Wang Wei.

After all, the “local tyrants” never collected money, making her uneasy.

“Beauty, is something wrong?” Wang Wei was surprised. Of course he remembered that Yvette

Jordan and Chuck Cannon came up in the elevator together in the morning. This shows that she

knew Chuck Ce. Why did she come to find herself?

“I want to ask, are you the square owner?”

Wang Wei wanted to shake his head, but he saw Ye Meimei looking over here. Of course he

nodded. “Yes, I am the owner of the square. Excuse me?”

Yvette Jordan breathed a sigh of relief, really the owner of the square, so he must know who the

“local tyrant” is, otherwise how could the “local tyrant” help him to continue the contract?

“Well, I am on the fifth floor. I would like to ask you if there is a person named Ballerin


“Local tyrant?” Wang Wei accidentally shook his head and said no, really no, after all, he did not

add Chuck Ce’s WeChat.

“No?” Yvette Jordan was silent. Why didn’t he?

“Well, beauty, why do you ask this?”

“This person helped me and let me continue to renew the contract.”

Wang Wei wondered, continued to renew the contract? He had never heard of this, so what

should he say? Well, it should be, but Chuck Cannon did not tell her that the square owner is


Wang Wei was funny, what’s going on? “Then I don’t know, you should ask the wrong person.”

Yvette Jordan was puzzled, he denied it? How can it be denied? There was no “local tyrant” to

tell him, so how could he renew his contract? Is it that he is the Ballerwho helped himself?

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