Chapter 171: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 171 Who took Venus Away (1)
“I don’t know where she is.” Hao replied.

Kerry thought he was lying, and jammed his neck and roared like an angry tiger, “Hao, don’t play trick with me, you have to know that killing you is just like crushing a few ants.”

Hao suddenly remembered the hijacking of Kevin, his body shivered and he gazed at Kerry’s purple eyes and said, “I really don’t know where she is.”

“Hao, I am impatient now, don’t challenge my line.” Kerry wanted to tear him apart, he was in great pain when thinking about Venus and the baby.

Hao raised his hands and said seriously, “Kerry, calm down, I am telling the truth. I really don’t know where she is.”

when Kerry increased the strength, Hao felt difficulty in breathing and his face turned red .

“Hao, I guess you want to die now, I’ll help you!”

All of Hao’s subordinates panicked and shouted “Kerry, put the gun down” but none of them dared to shoot to stop him.

“Don’t …… I will tell you,” Hao stammered and begged for mercy.

Kerry relieved him some bit and said, “Tell me right now!”

Hao took a breath and waved hand at his aides and then said, “Put down your guns …… Kerry, I just got here. You come here before I had the chance to figure out the situation. Don’t attack them, what I said is true, look, all of my aides are dead ……”

Kerry looked at the direction that his finger pointed, four corpses were lying on the rough ground, and his car was placed not far away.

“Kerry, what I said is true, let me go first.”

Kerry stared at him and let him go since he couldn’t play any tricks.

Hao coughed a few times before getting up from the ground, he patted the ash on his body and said, “I admit, I am the one who kidnap Venus out of the Ye family, I want to leave Sky city with her, but I didn’t expect that when I arrived here, the plane have already took off, and my aides are all died, which means that Venus is kidnapped by another group of people.”

“It is you who prepared the plane, how can it take off in advance!” Kerry gripped the gun in his hand for fear that he would kill Hao.

“I don’t know, maybe someone have already changed my aides ……” Hao guessed and felt that this was the only possibility.

“I want to kill you now!”

“Calm down please,” Hao tried to defuse his anger and said, “I know you hate me, but the most important thing now is to find Venus, you can do whatever you want as long as you find her.”

Hao didn’t expect this consequence, he truly loved Venus and only wanted to be with her. Since she was kidnapped by someone else, he was also afraid.

He spent a lot of effort to prepare for this action tonight, and even stole out his father’s private jet secretly. And it was all in vain.

“Hao, if anything happens to my wife, I’ll definitely kill you.” Kerry was shivering and his purple eyes were filled with anger .


Few minutes ago.

Venus escaped from the Ye family by car, the car drove directly to the nearest small parking field where private planes were parked.

Looking back at the gradually remote villa, Venus caressed her belly and smiled for the first time in these days.

Baby, we had finally left that hell. Don’t worry, mommy would let you grow up peacefully.

There were three people waiting at the parking lot. After seeing Venus, they invited her onto the plane.

“Where’s the destination?” After walking few steps, Venus asked curiously.

“Miss Mu, you’ll know when you get there.” The driver who sent her here said indifferently, “Miss Mu, please get on the plane.”

Venus boarded the plane with suspicion, the cabin was smaller than normal civil plane, but it was smartly designed, and the beige hue gave her a warm feeling.

Looking back at the four people standing below, they seemed to be waiting for someone and kept looking at the intersection.

“So, there are other people?” Venus asked.

“Yes, right away.”

Venus frowned as she made her way to the cabin, “Who will come? The nurse? The nurse was the only person that she knew.

At that moment, a woman in a flight attendant’s uniform approached and bent down to ask politely, “Miss Mu, do you want anything to drink?”

“No thanks.” Venus felt strange. But she wanted the plane to take off as soon as possible for fear that Kerry would came.

The flight attendant smiled gently at her, and at the moment she got up, she struck a palm on Venus’s neck and shoulder. The latter fell softly on the chair as she lost her consciousness.

Outside the plane, the four people were waiting for Hao.

“Thank you boys.” They looked up at the cabin door, and before they realized what was going on, they were all shot by the stewardess with her assault rifle.

“Jack, take off.” She shouted toward cockpit with a gun in her hand.

The plane’s door slowly closed, and in less than a minute, it disappeared into the heavy night.

And at that time, Nan Gong Hao’s car was less than a kilometer away from the plane.


Kerry looked for Venus’s whereabouts everywhere, but with no gain.

“Young Master, no news ……”

“Boss, no ……”

“Kerry, I’ve looked all over here and there’s no ……”

No, no, no ……

There was no gain at all. Kerry had been suffered from insomnia all night long, smoking more and more cigarettes and relying on sleeping pills.

Half a month later, Kerry finally couldn’t endure and was sent to the hospital for stomach bleeding.

“Young Master, don’t torture yourself, Young Miss will be fine. You can’t find her since you are in the hospital.” John advised him with tears in his eyes.

Kerry stared out at the gloomy sky and closed his eyes.

He hears his heart weeping.

This was retribution, this was God’s retribution for him. If he treated her nice before, he wouldn’t have such pains.

After been discharged from hospital, Kerry acted as normal, but he was even more gloomy and didn’t smile any more.

Venus’s bedroom was left as it was, except for the necessary cleaning. All her belongings were kept as before including the half-used pencil, toner, and the few new clothes with tag on it.

Kerry forced himself not to think about her for the thought of her made his heart ache intensively. He thought about whether she would be hurt and the child would be safe.

Sometimes when it was hard to endure, he went to her bedroom and looked at all the things she had used, as if she had just gone out shopping and would be back in a few days.

In order to help Kerry got over the pain, John forbid all the servants to mention the word “Venus” or “Young Miss”, and very few people in the company had access to Kerry or asked him why Venus had disappeared.

Hao was almost killed by his father for this thing. Thanks to Shuhuai who stopped Mr. Nangong. In order to defuse Kerry’s anger, Mr. Nangong forced Hao to apologize and promised that they would try every mean to find Venus.

Then, Hao was grounded, he could be out only if Venus was found. However, Mr. Nangong did it for face, he had only one son, how could he really confine his own son.


My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 171 Who took Venus Away (2)
And then sights focused on Venus.

The plane flied over mountains and rivers and landed on an island in the Pacific Ocean.

Venus was pushed out of the plane by the pretty stewardess. A wave of heat mixed with the smell of the sea came over her face, and her eyes were stabbed by the shining sun.

Looking out, it was the endless sea. This island was lush and green without people.

“Move on.” The stewardess pulled her shoulder roughly and forced her.

Venus was afraid of been pulled down and hurt the baby, so she got rid of her control and said, “I’ll walk by myself.”

The moment she woke up on the plane, she knew that she had fallen into the trap again. They were not arranged by her brother.

The most funny thing was that she didn’t even know who had kidnapped her.

She thought she had completely escaped from Kerry’s control, but didn’t expect that ……

She was so stupid to trust others easily.

After walking for about five minutes, a wooden house appeared in front of them, the stewardess went forward to knock the door, soon, there were footsteps coming from inside, and a black face showed up behind the iron door.

It was a local middle-aged woman, she smiled at the stewardess, then murmured a few words, the stewardess replied her with the same language and pointed at Venus, then the middle-aged woman nodded and answered a few words.

Then, the stewardess turned to leave.

Venus was confused, what did this mean?

“Wait, you’re leaving me here alone?” Venus asked the stewardess in surprise, there should be at least a conversation between them.

The stewardess looked back at her irritably and said, “You’ll live here, she’s in charge of your life, of course you can do it yourself if you’re not used to the local food, a doctor will come and check you out every now and then. What else do you need?”

The more she listened, the more confused she became, “What do you want form me? You should let me know.”

The stewardess quirked her lips and smiled, “There’s no need to talk with a pregnant woman. Don’t worry, we’ll come for you when you’ve delivered your baby.”

“What do you guys really want?”

The stewardess was out of patience, “You have many questions, I’ve told you that someone will come and answer your question then.” After saying that, the stewardess strode forward a couple of meters, then turned around and said, “I’d kindly remind you not to try to escape, you simply can’t succeed. This island is in the Pacific Ocean, there are only two of you on the island, you will probably build a boat if you want to escape, but for the sake of the baby in your belly, you’d better give up this stupid idea.”

Venus was totally stunned, and only when the stewardess was gone, she had realized her situation.

The middle-aged woman murmured behind her, Venus couldn’t understand what she said, and she waved at Venus again, as if she was going to take her to see the room.

Venus wanted to cry and looked up to the sky with a long sigh. She had no choice but to accept.

Following the middle-aged woman, she stepped into the room, which was small with a wooden table, stool, and a bed. A stack of florid clothes were placed on the bed.

The middle-aged woman pointed to the furniture and spoke excitedly as if she was describing the house, and then took her to see the kitchen and the bathroom, as well as the room she lived in.

After flying all night, Venus was very hungry. When she saw a big pot of bananas in the kitchen, she quickly took one and ate it.

She felt very tired at the thought of living with this middle-aged woman. However, the woman looked kind and should be a good person.

After eating the banana, Venus felt very tired and she made a gesture to the woman. The woman knew what she wanted to say and indicated her to sleep in the room.

When Venus got back to her room, she was hot and sleepy and fell asleep as soon as she fell on the bed.

Time had past, Venus felt someone was pushing her, then she opened her eyes in confusion, the woman smiled at her with her white teeth, and Venus stared at her for nearly half a minute before she was clear.

She had been kidnapped to this deserted island by an unknown group of people.

The woman made a gesture for eating, indicating that it was time for lunch, and then Venus nodded her head and went out.

Venus was still wearing her maid’s clothes, her back was sweaty and sticky after sleeping, so she picked up a dress by her legs and put it on.

She had a white skin, and very fashionable wearing that florid dress.

When she came to the kitchen, the woman looked at her and immediately gave her a thumbs up and said “good”.

Venus was surprised, she could actually speak English? So she asked quickly in English, “Can you speak English?”

The woman didn’t understand and said a few words that Venus couldn’t understand, Venus sat on the stool in disappointment and ate her meal.

Fortunately, rice was the staple food, there were also taro, tomatoes, and seafood. As for the taste, it was just so so.

But Venus was too hungry, so she didn’t care about the taste.

After a meal and a rest and seeing that the sun outside was not so sunny, Venus prepared to go around the neighborhood and be familiar with the environment.

As soon as she took a step out of the gate, the woman caught up with her and gave her an umbrella, not knowing whether to keep her from the sun or the rain.

It was a small island with lush trees, most of them were tall coconut trees. The sand on the beach was fine and comfortable to fill your toes, the sky was blue, the clouds were low as if floating on the sea, and it was very beautiful.

The small island was quiet, except for the sound of the waves and the chirp of birds in the woods. Venus slowly walked along the beach, the nervousness and anxiety of the arrival here was dissipated with the sea breeze.

She didn’t know what those kidnappers wanted to do, all she could do was to protect her baby.

After walking for about an hour, Venus looked at the small huts that appeared in front of her, and finally understood how small the “island” was.

It took her even an hour to walk around her school, and it seemed to be her largest moving area from now on.

There was really no one else on the island except for her and the woman, and there were a lot of colorful birds.

So far, Venus was living here.

There was no TV, she woke up at sunrise and slept at sunset. Fortunately, the woman had an old-fashioned cell phone, so she could know the day of that today, and there was only one number stored in it, which Venus guessed should be the number of the kidnapper.

In order to get contact, Venus even dialed her own number, but it couldn’t be accessed. She tried other numbers too, but it was all in vain.


After a week, Venus was very familiar with the island, she knew that the inevitable rainstorm would come at noon, and the air would be humid after the rain.She also knew which tree had the biggest coconuts or which tree had the most bird nests or which rock had the most lizards under it.

When she first saw the lizard, she was shocked. Then, she gradually knew that lizards would not attack people although they looked colorful.

Behind the hut, there was an empty reclaimed garden with tomatoes, large peppers, taro, and other vegetables growing in it. As for seafood, this was the woman’s specialty, as long as she went to the sea, there were lobsters, fish, and scallops in her small basket.

However, Venus still didn’t understand the the woman’s words, she could already knew what she meant by her expressions and gestures.

Occasionally, they also went out for a walk, at that moment, the woman would say a lot of things, as if she was introducing the types of different tress. She was very strong for she would shake the coconut tress if it was ripe.

Today, Venus got tired of the curries cooked by the woman and blocked her out of the kitchen, patting her chest to indicate that she would cook today’s meal. Then the woman would be very happy to wait outside on the steps.

After half an hour, the woman was invited into the kitchen, a few dishes were placed on the table, she couldn’t wait to taste them and kept saying “good” with her eyes shining with sparkles.

After a few days of observation, Venus knew that the woman could only speak one English word.

After a month of carefree days, two people came to the island.

The woman obviously knew one of them and greeted her warmly into the house.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 171 Who took Venus Away?
Venus Mu was doing yoga in her room. When she heard the sound, she ran out in a hurry. There were two Chinese men, one of whom was holding a medical kit and a portable type-B ultrasonic instrument.

“This is the doctor. He comes here to give you a body check-up.” One of the men explained.

Venus looked at them vigilantly, turned around, and entered the room, followed by the doctor.

“How long have you been pregnant?” The doctor asked.

Venus thought about the time and replied, “Five months in six days.”

The doctor looked at the picture on the screen, “You must be feeling the fetal movement now.”

“Yes!” A relieved smile appeared on Venus’s face. When the baby moved in her belly for the first time, she was so surprised that she almost jumped up. It was the first time that she felt the happiness of being a mother. Venus thought she almost cried with joy.

After observing for a few minutes with B Ultrasound, the doctor comforted, “The fetus is in good condition. Don’t worry. And you seem to be unaccustomed to the local conditions. It’s very helpful for the development of the baby in your belly.”

Venus put down her clothes and felt relieved.

The doctor continued spoke while packing up, “The weather here is wet. Pay attention to your diet. If you feel uncomfortable, you can ask Shan Su to call me.”

“Her name is Shan?” Venus was surprised as she didn’t know the woman’s name before.

“Yes.” The doctor didn’t say anything else and went out after packing the medicine box.

Venus followed them out at once. Seeing that they were leaving, she shouted, “Why did you kidnap me? Let me see your boss!”

The man turned around and stared at her seriously. “When our boss wants to talk with you, he will come here.”

“But… What the hell are you doing? At least, I need a mental Preparation.” Although Venus had strong adaptability, it was torture to wait in a strange place alone. It was like a fish on the chopping board, waiting for the cook to cut it down.

“We don’t know what our boss means. Just stay here.”

Then the two of them walked towards the helicopter not far away.

Venus was so angry! She could not accept the man’s explanation. What was the so-called ‘just stay here’? She didn’t know their intention, and waited here for such a long time! How could she feel assured?

Time flies, Venus’s belly became bigger. Her fair skin was tanned, but she looked more healthy.

The bigger the baby was, the lazier Venus was. Seeing that Venus was walking uncomfortably, Shan brought a chair from somewhere and put it under the shade of a tree. After dinner, Venus lied on it to enjoy the scenery.

Time seemed to have stopped on this island. Every day, it was the same sea, the same scenery, and the same food. From childhood to adulthood, Venus had never lived such a life.

The people and things in the sky city seemed to have happened in her previous life. When Venus was free, she would think of Kerry Ye, John, Mrs. Qin, and Kelvin Ye. She didn’t know what they were doing and what they would do when they found she was missing.

Kerry must be angry. He might feel a little sad, and then? Kerry would find a more suitable hostess for the Ye family. Venus didn’t believe that Kerry would be loyal to her. She didn’t want it either. She just hoped that everyone would forget her.

Even if she came back to the sky city one day, she didn’t want the people who used to know her to recognize her.

All of a sudden, Venus remembered that her brother had left her the property. One day, Venus thought she would leave here. On that day, she would withdraw the money from the Swiss bank and then lived a life with her child under disguise.

In the following months, the doctor didn’t come to the small island except gave a body check-up to Venus. The relationship between Venus and Shan was much better. When Venus was free, she learned the local language from Shan. Gradually, although Venus couldn’t speak the local language, she could understand Shan’s meaning.

There was no spring, winter, or autumn. Summer seemed to be eternal here. Even three months later, Venus still felt that nothing had changed here.

When Venus was doing a prenatal check-up in sky city, the doctor told her that the expected date of childbirth was June 13th.

After June 10th, Venus’s belly began to ache. She could endure it in the morning, but in the afternoon, the baby seemed to turn over in her belly. It was so painful that Venus couldn’t even feel released in bed.

“Shan! Make a phone call, phone call!” Venus put her hands on her belly and made a gesture to Shan. Immediately, Shan ran out of the room to inform other people.

Venus only felt that there seemed to be a hand pulling her lower abdomen, and the pain almost made her cry. My baby, could you wait for the doctor to come? Mommy begged you! Venus whispered to her baby in her mind.

The baby in her belly seemed to have heard her words and slowly calmed down. At this time, Venus felt that she lost all her strength, and her sweat covered her body.

Half an hour later, the sound of a helicopter rang over the quiet island. Venus didn’t even have the strength to get up. Then she heard several people running in.

Venus opened her eyes and saw the doctor standing in the room with two people.

“Relax. Don’t be nervous. I’ll have a check.” The doctor touched her belly for a while and said seriously, “I can see baby’s head, and it’s time. Let me take you out of here.”

Venus’s situation didn’t allow her to refuse at all. Moreover, she also hoped that her child would be born safely.

Two persons helped Venus to the helicopter. Shan followed her and got on the plane. Her task was to take care of Venus. Since Venus had left, she had to follow with Venus.

When the plane took off, Shan kept holding Venus’s hand and murmured, as if she was praying.

In the plane, Venus wondered that she had finally left the place where she had lived for more than five months. However, what kind of fate would the plane bring her?

Lying on her side, Venus prayed in her heart, ‘Dad, mom and brother, please bless our child to be born safely.’

Her belly began to ache again. Venus held Shan’s hand tightly. The doctor looked at the watch on his wrist, “Take a deep breath and count contractions you have in a minute.”

Venus tried to take a few deep breaths, but it didn’t work, “No, I can’t. It’s too painful!” The doctor touched her belly again, “Relax. There’s still a little time to deliver the baby.”

“Is my baby born on the plane?” Venus joked.

“No,” the doctor looked out of the window and continued, “because we have arrived.”

As soon as the plane landed, Venus was carried into the hospital directly. She was a little relieved because it looked like a formal hospital.

A female doctor came over, took off her pants, “The cervix is almost open. Go to the delivery room.”

In the past, when Venus saw other women giving birth to children, it seemed to be very simple. As long as they stayed in the delivery room for several hours, the babies would be born in the world. But when Venus delivered the baby, she knew that the most painful thing was to wait in these one or two hours.

The pain came one after another. Venus felt that her body was about to be split apart. The female doctor could speak Chinese and had been teaching her to exhale. Then she tried hard, and the other doctors pushed her belly out.

Venus had never felt such pain before. Even if the scissor cut her finger, it was nothing compared with such a pain.

“Ah!!” A sharp scream seemed to take away all her strength, Venus suddenly felt a lot of liquid flowing out of her lower part, and her belly collapsed.

The baby was born, but… He didn’t cry.

What’s wrong with my baby? Why didn’t my baby cry? Venus wondered. She stretched her weak body and looked up at her baby wrapped in saliva. She asked anxiously, “What’s wrong with my baby?”

A doctor cleaned up the baby’s body and patted him on the back. The baby opened his eyes and laughed unexpectedly.

The loud laughter spread all over the delivery room. Several doctors and midwives were stunned. It was the first time for them to see a newborn baby laugh instead of crying.

Venus was also stunned for a few seconds. Her eyes were sore then stretched out her hand, “Let me see my baby.”

“Wait a minute! Oh, my God!” The doctor exclaimed.

“What’s wrong?! ” Venus’s heart sank again. The doctor who had cleaned the baby’s body took the baby over directly.

Venus was frozen when she saw the baby, as she found one of the baby’s eyes was blue, and the other was purple.

It was a boy.

Venus shocked. She guessed that the baby might inherit the special ability of Kerry and become more powerful!

“The color of his father’s eyes is purple?” The doctor asked in surprise.

“Blue,” Venus answered stiffly. She gazed at the baby’s eyes. They were so clear and pure. Venus’s heart melted in an instant. Whatever, she gave birth to the baby, and he was an angel in the world. Venus swore that she would protect the baby until the end of her life.

The baby seemed to know Venus was his mom and suddenly chuckled at her. Venus’s tears fell. No matter how hard she had suffered, when she saw the baby’s smile, Venus felt she could devote her life to protect her baby.

The nurses continued to wash the baby, and Venus stayed in the operating room for two hours. Then she was pushed out of the delivery room with the baby. No one was waiting for her outside, but Venus didn’t care about it. She was reluctant to sleep, so she looked at the baby beside her.

It was still Shan who took care of her. Venus showed her gratitude to Shan, though she didn’t understand. A few hours later, Venus was so sleepy that she almost couldn’t open her eyes. She kissed the baby’s forehead affectionately and then fell asleep.

On the third day in the hospital, when Venus was feeding the baby, the enchanting stewardess appeared again. Venus couldn’t help holding the baby tightly.

With an evil smile on her faces, the stewardess walked over, glancing at the baby, “What a cute baby! He’s a miracle.” Holding the baby in her arms, Venus turned around, stared at her, “What are you doing here?”

“Do you want to see my boss? Let’s go. He is interested in you now.”

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