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Chapter 171: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 171 She’s awake!

If something went wrong, it would be fatal.

The department head and the director hoped that Vanessa would make a mistake. When it happened, perhaps Vanessa would get on her knees, crying and apologizing. And it might not be enough to bring the patient back to life.

At the same time, the department head and the doctor completely forgot that they’re also doctors. Just because of something trivial, they’re ignoring someone’s life. Where had their most basic ethics of the doctor gone?

Colin clenched his fist and prayed in his heart that she must wake up. As soon as she woke up, he’ll immediately spend the money. He didn’t care how much he should spend as long as he could find the person who drugged her.

After a while, Vanessa had pierced all the needles she had, she exhaled, and said, “Let’s wait! She should wake up in half an hour.”

The department head couldn’t help but be sarcastic upon hearing that, “Hmph! Half an hour, do you know how many patients can be saved in half an hour? And yet, you’re still asking to wait for half an hour. If Mrs. Ward can’t wake up in half an hour, you’ve delayed the best treatment that we can provide. Let’s see how you’ll solve that?”

“You’re the one who pierced the acupuncture needles. If something happens, you must be responsible for it.”

Vanessa curled her lips upon seeing that the department head and the director who didn’t want to bear the responsibility, “Don’t worry. If something happens, I’ll be solely responsible and it will have nothing to do with your hospital.”

“Huh! It’s back to the hospital! You don’t even have the responsibility to save the patient!”

“You!” The department head and the director’s face turned red after Vanessa said that.

Colin didn’t care about their quarrel and watched Doris while looking forward to the moment for Doris to open her eyes again.

Vanessa’s heart was moved when she noticed Colin’s expression.

Unknowingly, half an hour had passed. Everyone was still inside the patient ward. Some of them stayed to watch the commotion and some believed that a miracle would happen. In short, everyone was still watching.

“She’s awake!”

Someone unknowingly yelled and everyone’s focus turned there.

Doris’s eyelids twitched and she slowly opened her eyes. At the same time, all the medical instruments connected to her body started showing the normal result.

Everyone was surprised!

“She really wakes up!”

“It’s miraculous!”

“What a magical healer!”

Niu Wang was excited. She’s young and had such good medical skills, also capable of both Western and oriental medical skills. She’s a talented person!

The department head and the director were both surprised and embarrassed.

“How can this happen?”

“Even Dr. Niu can’t do it and she can even do it relying on her several needles?”

Regarding this, Vanessa said lightly, “Western medicine consumes vital energy and blood while oriental medicine nourishes vital energy and blood. It is obvious that this pretty lady has a problem with vital energy and blood.”

“Western medicine has its advantage and so does the oriental medicine.”

The department head and director were choked that they couldn’t even say a word.

Colin had been watching Doris. So he’s the first one to see Doris woke up and walked over excitedly.


Doris slightly tilted her head. When she saw Colin’s agitated expression, she knew that she had fainted. Colin was worried about her, so she lightly smiled, “I’m fine.”

Colin’s nose turned sore upon hearing that. He wanted to cry but he couldn’t.

“Yeah, you’re fine.” Colin nodded and replied.

Vanessa, who was by the side, spoke upon seeing this, “She is still very weak. I suggest you, it’s better to let her stay in the hospital for observation. In case something happens, she could be handled in time.”

Colin didn’t look up upon hearing it and only nodded. Then he remembered something, “Are you a doctor in this hospital?”

Actually, it’s complete nonsense. He could tell that she is not the doctor from the clothes and the conversation between her and the department head just now, that’s why he asked this. It’s a hint that the department head must keep Vanessa because she’s the only one who could control Doris’s condition.

At this time, Niu Wang came forward to explain, “This lady came to the hospital for an interview.”

But Niu Wang didn’t continue, after all, the previous interview was quite unpleasant.

Colin could also guess it and he spoke to Vanessa after thinking for a while, “Can I hire you to be Doris’s private doctor?”

“I’m sorry, I have to refuse.” Vanessa immediately refused.

She studied for so many years not to be a mere private doctor. She has her own thoughts and ambition. How could she achieve it just by being a private doctor?

Everyone was dumbfounded.

He is the chairman of Marquis Group!

He personally hired her to be their private doctor and she refused it?

Vanessa only thought that Colin looked familiar and didn’t know about his identity, so she simply refused it.

Colin was disappointed upon hearing that. Vanessa was the only one who could save Doris. If Doris happens to faint again while Vanessa isn’t there to save her, then won’t Doris….

He didn’t dare to think further.

At this time, the dean spoke, “He gave you an opportunity to become a private doctor is because he thinks highly of you. You’re so ungrateful!”

“Anyone who wants to become Chairman Ward’s private doctor doesn’t have such an opportunity!”

Vanessa heard they said ‘Chairman Ward’ and something flashed in her mind, but she didn’t catch it, and said, “It’s my business whether I agree or not. Does it have anything to do with you?”

“I think you’re capable and jealous that I have this opportunity!”

“You!” The department head pointed at Vanessa, “Such a young brat, you think you can teach me?”

They were indeed jealous. With Colin’s identity, if they were hired as his private doctor, their salary would be much higher than the hospital. It’s also easier. Who would refuse it?

Vanessa curled her lips and said nothing, but she was obvious.

At this moment, Doris suddenly said, “Husband, I want to go home.”

She didn’t want to stay in this cold hospital.

Colin paused and then nodded, “Fine, let’s go home.”

As soon as he spoke, everyone looked over, and the department head said, “Chairman Ward, judging from Mrs. Ward’s condition, it’s better to stay in the hospital.”

“Right! It’s more convenient in the hospital, Chairman Ward! If there’s an emergency, we can still save her.” The director nodded in agreement.

Niu Wang also planned to speak but just sighed in the end.

Colin glanced at them, “Save her? Who will save her by then?”

The department head and the director couldn’t speak.

Vanessa looked at Doris and Doris happened to look at her, as she smiled lightly, “Thank you for saving me.”

Vanessa pondered for a while and didn’t completely reject Colin, “I won’t promise to be your private doctor but for the time being, you can always find me when you need me.”

“Thank you!” After Colin got Vanessa’s contact number, he took Doris home.

On the way, Doris suddenly asked, “My husband, if I die….”

Before Doris could finish speaking, Colin had interrupted her, “Don’t talk nonsense. You won’t die and have a long life.”

Doris smiled silently. Isn’t she the only one who knows her condition well? She really couldn’t hold on any longer.

“If I die, you can marry again!” Doris thought that, when she is gone, Colin still has such a long life, and will need someone to take care of him.

After hearing this, Colin paused, then he suddenly choked up, took a deep breath, “I, Colin Ward will only have Doris Lee for my life.”

After he said that, the car was quiet.

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