Chapter 172: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 172 The Birth of The Child And The Treasure Map Of The Ye Family (1)
“Now?” Venus Mu frowned.

“Yes. Right now.” The airline stewardess sized her up and said meaningfully, “You have a baby, but you are getting prettier.”

Venus ignored her ridicule, looked down at the child who was still breastfeeding. She said with a slight prayer, “Can you let the child finish? I’m afraid he’ll be hungry later.”

The airline stewardess was surprisingly persuasive, sitting on a stool in the room and crossing his legs, “Well, how can you starve a child?”

Also after a kid eats this meal, there probably won’t be a next one meal.


The stewardess led her to a luxurious villa, with bodyguards with guns patrolling everywhere.

Venus held the sleeping baby in her arms tightly and stepped into the villa’s lobby.

“Go inform the boss that the people have arrived.” The stewardess whispered to the boy standing at the door.

The boy bowed and quickly retreated.

The villa wasn’t luxurious from the outside, but the inside it was brilliantly decorated with jade and gold objects placed everywhere, especially the Buddha statue placed in the main hall position, which was made of pure gold at a glance.

“Hello boss.”

Venus turned back sharply. A young man wore an exquisite silver mask. She was unable to see his face. He had a pair of stern and deep eyes, a height of 1.83 meters, a standard model figure, wearing a set of Anima’s high-grade custom-made black suit, exuding nobility.

Although I could not see his face clearly, but I could feel that from his figure and clothing, he must be a handsome and handsome man …… so I was even more curious about what kind of face was under the silver mask.

He smiled evilly and came over. His voice liked a cello concerto. It was pleasant to hear.

“Miss Mu, we have finally met.”

Venus took a step back and stared into his brown eyes, “May I ask, what is it that you’ve come all this way to find me?”

The boss pointed to the chair next to her and said, “Don’t get so excited, sit down and let’s talk.”

She stood there still.

“Is this Kerry Ye’s son?” He asked curiously, “I heard it’s still a strange child. Bring it over here and I’ll take a look.”

Venus immediately held the child tightly and turned to run out. But before she could run two meters away, she was blocked by the bodyguards with guns across the street.

The stewardess came over and said with a light smile, “Venus, no one here can defy the boss’s order unless you want the child to die now.”

“Don’t touch my child, what do you guys want?” Her voice was sharp.

The stewardess gave a wink to the two bodyguards in the room, and the two big men came over and directly pressed her arms. Despite she desperate struggled, the child was easily carried away by the stewardess.

As soon as the baby left Venus’s bosom, he cried loudly maybe because of the love. Her heart was broken because it was the first time that the baby cried. Usually when he was hungry, he just blinked his big eyes and looked at his mother with longing in his eyes. As soon as Venus feed him, he immediately beamed and smiled.

“Give me the baby, please. He’s only three days old.” Venus cried out. She wanted to jump over and hold him to comfort him softly, but she was helplessly held tightly by two big men.

The stewardess ignored that and carried the baby to the boss, who looked down and exclaimed, “It really is Kerry’s child. They looked the same.” After the words, he reached out his hand to touch his little face. The little guy felt the touch and thought it was his mother so all of a sudden he stopped crying, opened his eyes to see. He found it was not her mother and began to cry.

“He has one blue eye and one purple eye. I don’t think I can find such a special child in the whole world.” The boss seemed to be smiling gently, he looked up and asked the sobbing Venus, “I remember Kerry is blue-eyed. How come his child has one purple eye?”

How dare Venus tell him the truth? If she did, her own baby would be reduced to experiment.

“I don’t know …… please, just give me back the baby and let me do whatever I want.”

The boss nodded with great satisfaction and beckoned. A young woman walked in, not tall but with large breasts. The stewardess handed her the child.

“This is the child’s nanny. She will take care of the child. As for you, if you do me a small favor, I will give you back the child.”

Venus had known this day would come. Now she calmed down, wiped the tears from her face, and asked, “What do you want me to do?”

“Go back to Kerry and help me find one thing.”

Her brain buzzed. She had escaped with great difficulty but now she had to go back? But she had to go back for the kids?

“Looking for what?” She asked.

“A treasure map.” The boss’s face turned gloomy. His narrowed eyes were brilliant and evil and enchanting, “A treasure map that contains a huge treasure, find it and then use it to exchange your child.”

She was stunned for a few seconds. Did the Ye family actually have a treasure map? She had never heard of this in all the time she had been in the Ye family and her brother had never said anything about it either.

The boss looked at her confused face and continued, “The last holder of this treasure map is Kerry’s father. After his father died, the map went missing. You go back to approach him this time to get the whereabouts of the treasure map. Of course, it would be best if you can find it and bring it back.”

The baby gradually stopped crying under the nurse’s reassurance. Venus couldn’t say no to this request, nor could she refuse. “Kerry and I were torn apart long ago. I couldn’t get close to him at all. Besides, if I didn’t have a baby, he would kill me the first time he saw me. How do you want me to get close to him?”

“Don’t worry. I’ve made all the arrangements for you. Follow them. You’ll know what to do.”

The stewardess swayed her slender waist and came over, hooking her finger at Venus and saying, “Miss Mu, let’s go.”

Two big men took her arm and went outside. Venus thought that she was about to be separated from her child and lost her voice and shouted, “Wait. Let me look at him one more time.”

The boss frowned unhappily and nodded gently. The young nanny carried the child to her.

The child opened his eyes widely and immediately curled her mouth at the sight of her. She felt sad and tears swished down.

Baby, mommy was sorry. You were only three days old and mommy was going to leave you behind.

“Miss Mu, you have to remember that my patience is limited. I give you six months. Within the six months, I will take care of your baby. After six months if you have not completed the task, then ……”

“No. I’ll get the job done. Don’t you hurt him.” Venus shouted at him.

The nanny retreated with the child in her arms. And Venus kept her eyes on the child. She wanted to look twice more.

“Go on. I wish you all the best.”

Quickly, Venus was pulled out by the stewardess and other people.

A month later, a plane took off from Hong Kong. Its destination was Sky City.


Yehuang Group.

In the conference room, Kerry was discussing the cooperation with MK Company from Hong Kong.

Since Venus disappeared, Kerry had devoted all his energy to work. The Yehuang Group’s business territory had expanded by 30% in the past six months. And he had really made himself an ascetic. As long as the women came up to him, he would be cool to them.

Their cooperation mainly focused on the development of the tourism sector. The company would build a large scale amusement park in the city and provide technical support for the planning, equipment and construction of the amusement park, while the Yehuang Group would be responsible for the communication with the local government, the purchase of land and the training of staff.

“Mr. Ye, we MK Company are looking forward to this cooperation and wish us success.” The representative of MK Company said.

“Of course, may I ask when the person in charge of your company will arrive? There are some things we need to implement as soon as possible.”

The company representative pushed the glasses on nose and said with a smile, “The person in charge of this project is our chairman’s second daughter, Yan Chu. She just arrived in Sky City this morning.”

Kerry raised his eyebrows, “Oh? Then why weren’t we informed? We should have met at the airport.” But in his mind, he was muttering, “Can we sign a project of this magnitude by sending a lady?

“Miss Chu has always kept a low profile…” The company representative found out such a word, “Tomorrow she will come to visit in person.”

Kerry politely said, “A visit is not appropriate. Yehuang Group looks forward to her presence. Please tell Miss Chu* that we will receive her tomorrow night.”


The most luxurious hotel in the Sky City.

“Miss Chu, the car is ready. Are you going out now?” The attendant bowed and asked.

The woman standing by the floor-to-ceiling window turned around with a bright and enchanting face, a pair of dark eyes like an unfathomable lake. Her red lips slightly opened, and said in a cold voice, “Now.”

Just at noon, the car moved extremely slowly on the road. Miss Chu tilted her head to look at the scenery outside the car window. It was summer again. Time passed really fast.

The car turned the corner with a sharp brake and Yan leaned forward.

“What happened?”

The driver peered out of the car and was a little uncertain, “It seems …… to have hit someone.

Yan frowned and she thought that could a car drive so slowly and hit someone?

“You check it out.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 172 The Birth Of The Child And The Treasure Map Of The Ye Family (2)
The driver got off the car and saw a young man lying on the ground with a motorbike next to him. He saw the driver coming and yelled, “Hey, can you drive? Don’t you have eyes? Ouch – you broke my leg.”

The driver observed his expression and then looked at the direction he was falling. It didn’t seem like a crash so he said seriously, “I was following the traffic rules and the non-motorized lane is supposed to be on another side of the road, how did you ……”

“What do you mean? Did I run into it on purpose in spite of my life?” The man immediately interrupted the driver with a stern word.

“I’m trying to be reasonable with you.”

“You’re reasonable for bumping someone?”

The driver looked at the people in the car and said helplessly, “So what do you want?”

The man’s eyes lit up and he held out two fingers, “Twenty thousand dollars. We’ll settle this in private.”

The driver was stunned. Was this the proverbial blackmail?

“Brother, are you a bank robber?” The driver couldn’t help but ridicule.

The man saw that he did not want to give money and immediately shouted, “The car hit people and the driver want to run. Everyone comes to see and I am almost run over by them ……”

After the man shouted, a few people appeared out of nowhere, pointing at the driver and saying, “How can you do that? You hit a person and wanted to run.”

“You broke someone’s leg. You need to make compensation.”

A few people chattered. The driver listened and frowned. In the car, Yan Chu looked depressed and she did not expect to encounter this kind of thing on the first day back to A City.

In order to solve the trouble as soon as possible, Yan got off the car and came to the front of the car. The scene that was still haunted was suddenly quiet. Everyone was looking at the incomparably beautiful woman.

The guy who blackmailed the driver reacted quickly, “You are the owner of the car. Your car hit me. You see what to do.”

Yan looked at him with cold eyes and said directly, “How much do you want?”

The man was going to say 20,000 but he was shocked by her sight and said off the top of his head, “10,000.”

Yan laughed coldly. Although it was a cold smile, it caused everyone around her to suck in a breath of air. And all of them had one word floating in their mind, which was beautiful.

“Five hundred yuan. It’s for your performance.” Yan said in a cold voice.

“What? Five hundred? That’s all I got?” The man was furious. That was not enough money for everyone present. He said “Ten thousand dollars. If you don’t give me, I’m going to lie under your car today and I will not come out.”

In the reverse lane, a black Cayenne slowly drove up. Kerry Ye had just returned from dinner and was lazily sitting in the car, looking out the window. He saw a group of people gathered across the street from afar.

Suddenly, a person’s figure crashed into his sight and he felt that his heart was struck by something. He hurriedly said to Henry Zhang, “Stop the car.”

Henry didn’t know what he saw. He turned the steering wheel and quickly pulled over to the side of the road.

“Master, what’s wrong ……”

Before he could finish his sentence, he heard a popping sound, and then he saw Kerry running towards the opposite lane.

Master, what did he see? Henry followed his direction and a familiar woman’s back appeared was in his sight.

He fiercely opened his eyes. Wasn’t this …… this back figure, isn’t it Venus?

Henry breathed faster, and he also quickly got out of the car and ran to the other side.

Yan almost laughed as she saw the young man still lied under the car and she thought he really did anything for money.

“Are you sure you won’t come out?” Yan asked him.

The man lied on the ground holding his chest and hollered, “You hit me. I can’t move my whole body. I can’t get out.”

Yan stared at him and said to the driver, “Xiaofang, call the police.”

“Hey! I’m not afraid if you call the police. I’ll have the time to spend with you anyway ……”

Yan was about to speak when her shoulders were fiercely grabbed by someone. And after she turned around, she saw a pair of blue eyes appeared. She felt her heart pumping.

The expression on his face went from excitement to surprise, then to loss. Finally a little pain could be found in his eyes.

It wasn’t her. It actually wasn’t her.

Obviously the back was the one he was haunted by but why hadn’t he seen her before? Except, these dark eyes ……

Yan looked at him with unfamiliar eyes and pretended to be surprised, “Sir, what are you doing?”

Kerry stiffened and he thought that even her voice was the same.

“Sir, you’re scratching me.” Yan looked at him with dissatisfaction.

“I’m sorry …… “Kerry stared straight into those eyes that were both strange and familiar. He gently let go of her shoulders. His voice was dry and low. He said, “I’m sorry. I’ve mistaken you for someone else. “

Yan smiled faintly “Never mind”. Then she turned around and continued to negotiate with the man underneath the car, “Well. I’ll add another five hundred. Come out or we’ll have to wait for the traffic police.”

Kerry stood behind her, looking at her back and listening to her voice. His heart shook slightly and he thought could there be such a coincidence in the world? They had the same height and the same voice but the face was different in no way.

Henry ran up to him, looking that he was deeply shocked. He took a few steps forward to see Yan’s face, and he stayed there too.

It was not her ……

Although this face was much more beautiful than Venus’s, it wasn’t her.

Henry sighed in his heart. It seemed that Master would not sleep tonight again.

“Ten thousand dollars. I won’t leave for a penny less.” The man was still shouting.

The crowd of onlookers also started to help out, “You hit someone and won’t even pay eight thousand? Go to the hospital and make her pay for it. How stingy the rich were!”

Yan put her hands around her chest, “You’re just obviously blackmailing me.”

“How did I blackmail you? Didn’t you bump me? My motorbike is still there.”

Yan originally looked like coldly. After Kerry came, she instantly turned into a cute and weak woman, and her eyes were red in anger, “How can you be like this? Obviously, you fell by yourself.”

“Who can prove it?” The man was arrogant. He was familiar with the roads here and there was no surveillance around this corner. That was why he was so blatant.

“You…… You’re a man…”

“How much do you want?” Kerry suddenly spoke up and asked.

Yan sidled up to him and said, “He’s obviously blackmailing me and he asks me for ten thousand.”

“Hey, you little girl, watch your mouth. Who are blackmailing you?”

Kerry snorted and said, “Ten thousand is not much. Henry, drag him out to the hospital for a checkup. If it costs less than ten thousand, you can hit him until the medical bill is ten thousand.”

“Yes, boss.” Henry responded. He bent down and grabbed the man by the arm, pulling him out from under the car, “Come on, buddy.”

The man originally wanted to lie there but when he saw Kerry’s face, he pushed away Henry’s hand. He flipped over to pick up his motorbike and left quickly.

It was ridiculous. Did this guy wanted to run? For them this kind of small gangster, the most important thing was to remember the rich people in this city, in case he failed in his blackmail and got his legs broken. Unexpectedly, this little punk ran into a rich people today.

He was so unlucky.

The onlookers saw him run away and also scattered in a flurry.

In less than a minute, there were only four people left in the scene.

Yan looked at the scene and giggled in surprise.

Kerry looked sideways at her bright face. He realized the fact that Venus never laughed so cheerfully. And at the most of time, her laugh was tinged with helplessness and sarcasm.

He was missing her too much so he could get off the car to help the woman.

“Thank you for helping me.” She looked at him with bright eyes, a look she had practiced in front of the mirror for a long time.

Kerry fell into a trance “You’re welcome. It’s not a big deal.”

“Then, see you later.” Yan didn’t stop and walked past him to open the car door and get in.

The car was about to leave. Kerry stood there to watch her leave, not moving for a long time.

“Henry, do they look alike?” He asked softly.

Henry looked up at him. He knew what he was asking and cautiously said, “The back, eyes, and voice are all quite similar, but the face doesn’t resemble at all.”

Kerry didn’t say anything. It wasn’t his delusion.

“Master, do you need me to find out who she is?”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 172 The Birth Of The Child And The Treasure Map Of The Ye Family (3)
“No, thank you.” Kerry Ye withdrew his gaze and walked towards his car. Since it’s not her, knowing more would bring more sadness.

The car went eastward and stopped at the beach.

Yan Chu walked up the cliff and when she reached the edge, she kneeled down.

“I’m here, brother.”

Just as Henry He expected, Kerry couldn’t fall asleep tonight, although he knew that tomorrow had an important meeting. The deepest memories all came to him, which were painful, torturing him.

“Venus, where the hell were you? How are you doing? How’s the baby? A daughter or a son? Is it safe? Does he look more like you or me? Is he a good boy?”

Kerry always believed that Venus was still alive, whose intuition told him that she must be living peacefully somewhere of the world. She just didn’t want to forgive him, so she never came back.

Only by thinking in this way, he could keep living.

The sun was about to come out, while Kerry rubbed his sore eyes, struggling to get up. He was going to meet the young lady of MK, Yan Chu.

He hoped that she’s a smart woman and wouldn’t make any mess.

At ten o’clock, Kerry and a few vice presidents were standing in front of the company waiting for her. Then a car slowly drove in, which was familiar to Kerry.

The car stopped in front of Kerry, one of the vice presidents opened the door.

Only to see silver high-heeled shoes stretch out first, followed by slim white calves, then a woman in a white waist-length knee-length skirt came out of the car, with long hairs to her shoulders.

Kerry was stunned when he saw her face, but quickly returned to normal.

Yan Chu also seemed surprised to see him, with joy in her eyes, “Nice to see you again.”

Kerry had a polite smile on his face and extended his hand, “Hello, glad to see you. I’m Kerry.”

Yan Chu placed her hand into his large hand, “Hello, I’m Yan Chu. What a coincidence.”

As soon as Kerry shook her hand, that familiar feeling came back to him again. Her hand…

Venus was a costume designer and because of holding a pencil for years, her index and middle fingers had some calluses, but her hands were so soft, like a shelled egg, so why did Kerry still feel familiar?

“Do you two know each other?” The Hong Kong company representative came over and asked in surprise.

Kerry loosened her hand, explaining, “I happened to meet her yesterday.”

“That’s right. Mr. Ye also did me a favor.” Yan Chu said with a smile.

“You’re welcome. It’s not a big deal. Miss Chu*, please.” Kerry made gesture to invite her in.

Yan Chu smiled at him and said, “Thanks, Mr. Ye.”

The elevator was large, but it also seemed a bit crowded with so many people flooding in at once.

Kerry looked down at Yan Chu, whose skin was white and pink, and her long eyelashes blinked, like the wings of a butterfly.

Suddenly he remembered once that Venus and he were in the elevator and he blocked her in this corner, fiercely kissing her. if she hadn’t resisted, he might have done with her in the elevator that time. Then he did that in the office, making Venus unable to get off the bed the whole afternoon.

In such a small space, Kerry gradually ached, but he forced himself to drive out those evil thoughts. It had been a long time since a woman could so easily arouse his interest. He now could only miss Venus in this way.

Kerry averted his gaze from Yan Chu’s face before she loosened her clenched fist. It was so close that she’s afraid that he might find something.

“Ding!” The elevator stopped, and Yan Chu relieved.

The group of people came to the conference room and began to discuss the thing that had been set in advance.

Yan Chu pretended to listen very carefully. After all, she was a layman, but after listening for a while, she lost interest and started drawing on the planning book with the pen in her hand.

The representatives of MK company, Shixuan Tang and Kerry seemed to be proceeding very smoothly, so she just had to listen, for she couldn’t make any decision anyway.

“Miss Chu, do you have any opinion?” Kerry saw her was absent-minded, so he asked her a question.

Yan Chu was dumbfounded, what were they talking about?

With a cough, she said, “Well, I don’t have any opinion. Just let me know you guys decision.”

Kerry nodded politely and continued his discussion with Shixuan.

Two hours later, there was a break.

Everyone went out to relax and Yan Chu closed the planning book and walked to the toilet.

“Miss Chu, do you need some coffee to refresh yourself?” Kerry asked her with a tone of ridicule.

“No thanks. Excuse me.” Yan Chu bypassed him and walked outside.

“Let my secretary show you the way.” “No, thank you. I know where it is.” Yan Chu cursed herself after she said this.

Kerry squinted and clenched his hands in his pocket, “Should this be the first time for Miss Chu to come to our company?”

Yan Chu calmly looked at him, “I saw it when I first came over.”

“Miss Chu is so careful.” Kerry chuckled.

“Just so-so.” Yan Chu then quickly walked towards the washroom.

Kerry stared at her back for a moment. When she disappeared around the corner, he sat on her seat and opened the book.

What the hell was this? It’s not her, but why was it so much like her?

There was a drawing of a man’s suit.

It seemed that it’s time to look into Miss Chu.

Striding out of the conference room, Kerry dialed Henry’s phone, “Go check Yan Chu. Make sure to be detailed.”

“Yes, young master.”

Yan Chu didn’t dare to do anything after coming back, because she now noticed that Kerry was observing her, which made her heart a little annoyed.

After a full day of meeting, in order to welcome Yan Chu, they came to Tingyuxuan Restaurant.

After ordering the food, they start chatting.

Kerry poured a glass of wine for her, who was sitting next to him and probed, “Miss Chu, I’m afraid that you are not very familiar with this project.”

Yan Chu sighed and said, “To be honest, I just came back from Europe and I haven’t understood anything before being sent over by my father, who wants to train me. So, you can just discuss anything with Mr. Tang and I will not participate in your decision making.”

Kerry did not expect her to be so honest, “Miss Chu is really straightforward.”

At this time, the waiter came in to serve food and Yan Chu asked her to bring her a box of yogurt, then said to Kerry, “I am just to attend some meetings and supervise the factories. And you can just see me as an idle rich second generation. You don’t have to ask me anything and I also know nothing. “

“Has Miss Chu studied in Europe?”

“Yeah, I went to Europe after graduating from high school. I originally studied economics, but I didn’t like it, so I began to study design.” Yan Chu said this with some lost, “I didn’t think that in the end, my father showed up and scolded me, saying that design is to make clothes for people, and wanted me to turn back to study economics, but the school didn’t allow me to do so, so I was very happy to finish my junior and senior year in college.”

Kerry was a little disappointed after hearing her words…

The dishes were served one by one, and Kerry started to toast, “Today let’s welcome Miss Chu. I personally wish her to have a happy time in City A, and of course, I hope MK and Yehuang can work well together.”

Yan Chu took the glass in her hand, “Thank you for the hospitality of Mr. Ye and everyone. It’s been a busy day today and thank you, guys. This amusement park project will depend on everyone here in the future. Let me toast you.”

“Thank you, Miss Chu.”

Yan Chu knew what she was like after getting drunk, so she only took a sip of the wine and then quickly took a large sip of yogurt.

The atmosphere quickly warmed up, and everyone was familiar with each other after being in contact for several days, with less rustiness and awkwardness.

“Miss Chu, let me toast to you and I hope we can work well together.” Kerry raised his glass and said at her.

With a wry smile, Yan Chu held the yogurt in her hand and smiled, “Mr. Ye, I’m wondering whether it’s okay for me to drink yogurt.”

Looking into her eyes, Kerry couldn’t say no, “Of course.”

“Thank you.”

Many people came to toast and Yan Chu was drinking yogurt. She was the boss and a beauty, so naturally no one dared to persuade her to drink. Instead, it was Kerry who drank a lot.

“Does Miss Chu have a place to settle down?”

“Hotel for now. The newly bought apartment is being decorated, and it will take a few more days before I can move in.”

Kerry nodded, “If Miss Chu needs anything, just tell me. I will help you as long as I can.”

“Thank you so much.”

Kerry smelled her, who was with good milk fragrance. Maybe because of the wine, Kerry suddenly felt that she was Venus, for a moment, he actually wanted to hug her.

He felt that he was about to go crazy…

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