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Chapter 172: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 172 Come here ALONE!

After returning to the villa and helped Doris settle down, Colin went to the living room on the first floor with red eyes.

“Hello, I have to find a person real quick. Whoever finds him first, I’ll give him a hundred million rewards.”

Bald Liu nodded hurriedly on the phone, “Got it, boss. I’ll do it right away.”

After hanging up the phone, Bald Liu swallowed his saliva. He would get a hundred million reward if he found the person. Wouldn’t it be fucking profitable?

But then again, what did Colin want to do after finding that person? Why is he so anxious?

After Colin called Bald Liu, he called Jason. He said the same thing and hoped that the person would be found soon.

He couldn’t wait any longer. He really couldn’t wait.

It was because of Vanessa that Doris could wake up this time. Even after he got Vanessa as a guarantee, but he could only be relieved after the poison is cured.

“Chairman, the latest news, in the next three days, the land in the southern suburbs will be auctioned in Tianbei City Hotel,” Adam reported on the phone.

Colin hummed after hearing that.

Colin didn’t care about anything afterward. He only stayed in the villa with Doris while waiting for the information.

The next day early in the morning, Colin just finished his breakfast, then took Doris to rest, before he received an unfamiliar call.

“Colin Ward?”

“Who are you?” Colin’s gaze was cold and he became alert. The voice was haughty and playful, didn’t heard like someone who was about to give him a report.

The man on the phone said, “It doesn’t matter who I am. What’s important is, whether or not you want the antidote?”

“Where’s the antidote?” Colin’s heart suddenly pounded.

“If you want the antidote, you have to come to the abandoned warehouse in the northern suburbs within one hour, alone. You must not be late!”

“By the way, I’ll remind you. You have to come alone. Otherwise, don’t even think of the antidote!”

After saying that, the man hung up the phone.

Colin frowned, it’s a trap.

It was a trap for him.

Asking him to go alone, perhaps he would be killed, instead of being given the antidote.

But he only had this opportunity, so he still had to go no matter what!

Of course, he also wouldn’t be so stupid to comply with the rules—by going there alone.

Outside the villa, Colin told everything to Gerd and let him follow behind.

He didn’t worry that someone would go against Doris anymore, because the target is him. He only needs to get the antidote.

An hour later, Colin arrived at the abandoned warehouse.

There was only one abandoned warehouse here. Colin looked around. There were weeds everywhere and the outer walls were covered with rusted metal.

Colin remembered his previous experience, so he stood by the door, and didn’t go inside.

“I’m here. Give me the antidote.”

After Colin shouted, nobody answered.

Colin shouted again and still, nobody answered him.

“What happened?”

Colin frowned, was he deceived? Or, was he lured outside and their actual target was Doris?

As he thought of this, Colin didn’t dare to wait any longer. He turned around and went towards his car, even called Gerd to ask him to protect Doris.

It’s just that, when Colin was about to turn, the door opened.

Colin stopped and turned back.

“You have arrived and plan to leave immediately?”

The person who spoke was a man in his thirties. He was gentle, in a refined manner, and wore glasses.

There was a big guy with beards, who looked fierce that stood beside him.

The moment Colin saw the man with glasses, he instinctively felt dangerous. But he still looked calm, and asked, “I’m here. Where’s the antidote?”

“The antidote?” The glasses man sneered at him, “This date will be your death anniversary next year. What kind of antidote do you still need?”

Colin turned gloomy. Sure enough, it was a trap against him.

“Give me the antidote. I won’t go against you.” As long as he could save Doris, it wouldn’t matter if he’s dead.

Upon hearing this, the glasses man snorted, “You’re still so passionate? But to our boss, you’re just a fool. For the sake of a woman, you can even throw your life away.”

“Such a fool like you can’t be compared to our boss!”

Colin didn’t care, “I’ve never thought of competing with your boss. I just want to save my wife.”

“Huh! Even if you don’t compare yourself, it doesn’t mean that the others don’t. No, I should say that you shouldn’t have existed. You shouldn’t live in this world!”

Later, without letting Colin think further, the glasses man and the bearded man quickly stepped forward. They were holding a long big knife in their hands as they charged over.

Colin was startled. He turned around and ran.

Both the glasses man and the bearded man were killers. It was a piece of cake for them to deal with a weakling like Colin.

The moment went the knife was about to be stabbed at Colin’s head, Gerd appeared.

Gerd stepped forward and kicked the bearded man away, then kicked the other foot over, attempting to kick the glasses man away.

But the glasses man reacted quickly and avoided Gerd’s kick. This was the reason that Colin’s head wasn’t stabbed by the big knife.


The glasses man cursed, “I know that you won’t come alone.”

That’s why he brought the big bearded guy.

Gerd was expressionless and fought with the glasses man.

The glasses man was holding a big knife while using various tricks to find a gap to attack Gerd. Gerd also wasn’t someone easy to handle and could dodge it ingeniously every time. He’s more nimble than any other big guys.

On the other side, Colin escaped death and his heart had gone up to his throat. If the knife reached his head, wouldn’t he be injured on his head?

He patted his chest with the lingering fear and moved slightly further away.

But Gerd was caught by the glasses man. The big beard guy found his chance and took the knife while charging towards Colin.

Colin turned and ran again.

If he’s faced with killers, he would be killed.

Perhaps, God was also against him. Colin hurriedly ran. Before he could reach his car, his feet were strangled by the few weeds under his feet.

He fell to the ground.


Colin cursed, as he climbed up and looking behind him.

It’s fine with just a look, but it shocked Colin that he almost yelled out.

The bearded man had caught up to him and the big knife was in front of him.

When Colin’s life was threatened, his unknown ability suddenly appeared. He avoided sideways and the big knife reached the floor and it was stuck in the soil because of the excessive force.

Colin rolled and tumbled before standing on his feet, then continued running towards his car.

The bearded man behind him took out the big knife with force. There was a bit of dirt on the edge of the knife but it didn’t affect the sharpness.

The bearded man caught up to Colin in a few steps and grabbed his shoulder. The knife was aimed at Colin’s back and he used force to stab it.

By the chance of the critical moment, a hand suddenly appeared and held the bearded man’s hand. Using a strong grab and a kick, the bearded man was in pain and stepped back several steps.

Colin breathed heavily, as he turned around to look, and surprised, “Xu Lang?”

Xu Lang didn’t answer Colin and had already fought against the big bearded guy.

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