Chapter 173 – 174: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 173: Fight to the Last Gasp

See the current situation inside the Tianmengyuan Villa in Westriver City.

Just getting off the live streaming, Mary Su was dressed up and ready to go outside.

Just now, Mina Li called her out to do some shopping.

It was a lovely day though, Mary was not in good mood.

Since Tianba Li suffered a knife attack in Shepherd Bar last night, his followers rushed over there soon.

It was quite chaotic in the bar at that time and thus Lang Shen asked Mary Su to go first.

Since Lang irritated Tianba, such a mogul in Westeriver City, Lang Shen would get into a big trouble. Mary wanted to know how was it going.

Mary was too worried to sleep last night.

She was also absent-minded in the morning live streaming, and then she just worked for two hours and hastily got off the line.

Would he really get caught in a big trouble?

Mary was indulged in wandering mind for the whole night.


At that time, her mobile phone vibrated.

She took out the phone and was hit by sudden delight: it was a message from Lang.

“Sorry, are you frightened by the things that happened last night?” Between the lines, his words were permeated with affection and concern.

His words greatly soothed Mary’s nerves, and her mood brightened.

It seemed Lang Shen was fine.

Mary hastened to reply to his message, “I’m all good. How are you? Is that anything OK? Tianba Li was an important figure in Westriver City. He must seek revenge since you assaulted him last night. You should be more cautious about your safety!”

Lang slightly smiled, “No worries. Despite his tremendous influence, he couldn’t pose any threat to me. It’s downright impossible for him to pay back. “

His response completely eased her tension.

Then, Lang delivered another message, “Mary, I’m so sorry for the accident of last night. To make it up, do you wanna go out tonight still in Shepherd Bar?

Another message followed, “When I closed my eyes after getting home last night, your twinkling eyes and lovely smile dominated my mind. My worries would disappear every time I think of you. “

Reading this, Mary was enveloped by sweetness.

What a distinguished man! Young, rich, handsome, sincere…… More than these characteristics, he is so generous to me.

Which woman could resist the lure of such an outstanding man?

Thinking of this, Mary almost replied immediately without any hesitation, “OK. See you tonight.”

She also added an emoji of squinting face with tongue at the end of the message.

Receiving this, Lang Shen rubbed his chin, and an evil smile came to his lips.

Simultaneously, something happened in the Fifth People’s Hospital of Westriver City.

Hundreds of strong men shadowed the third floor of the in-patient department. The hall was clogged, and the evil spirit permeated around their body. The overwhelming pressure frightened other patients away from there.

Those strong men were the followers of the Li Family.

Nobody dares to move. Doctors were too scared to speak loudly, and several timid nurses were all of a tremble.

So many bruisers crowded round. Could anyone stay clam when facing them?

In front of them stood an elderly man wearing a black Tang suit and holding a crutch. The elder was so anxious that he kept a close watch on the operation room.

The person was none other than Tianba’s grandfather, Shixiong Li.

Since Shixiong’s seventieth birthday, he handed over all the family business to Tianba and retired to enjoy his declining years in the suburban manor. He had struggled in the commercial world for most of his life, and when he was old, he thought his life was fantastic enough to do some gardening, keep several birds, and collect antiques at his leisure until his grandson gives birth to a baby.

Last night, after the quarterly conference of the family business, he slept in the suburban manor. The housekeeper knocked on the door hurriedly at midnight to inform him that his grandson was gravely assaulted. At this, Shixiong was shocked and burned with anger and hastened to the hospital.

Since last night, Tianba had been in the emergency room for over ten hours, but the operation was not over yet.

Shixiong Li was quite worried since Tianba was his only grandson. Was there anything worse than losing his grandson?

But at the same time, he was trying hard to keep his temper.

When he was young, he established his commercial empire from scratch in Westriver City. It was his determination and atrociousness that enabled him to come to success.

Daren’t any clan of the city be polite to him?

Though he was old now, he couldn’t believe that there was someone who dares to offend his grandson! Did that offender think he was too old to hold a machete so that the person could easily give offense to him?

Bullshit! He, Shixiong Li, can’t swallow such humiliation absolutely.

On the near bench, Xuan Song’s red eyes filled with tears. She was weeping all the time since last night.

It was heartbreaking for Xuan Song to witness the scene that her husband, Tianba, was thrown near the rubbish pile, flooding with blood.

Later, she finally got through the phone and called dozens of followers over the Shepherd Bar. But she did never expect that Lang Shen had over one hundred guys, which hamstring her strength in number.

Despite the valor and prowess of Tianba’s followers, the number of rivals was almost double theirs.

And the enemies were also as merciless and courageous as them.

After a scuffle, Tianba’s followers were almost all injured and sent to the hospital.

Xuan Song had prayed secretly for countless times: “God bless Tianba, stay safe and sound, please!

When everyone was anxious, the signal light of the operating room turned green, and the door opened from inside. Then Xi Lan with a doctor’s gown came out.

The operation was performed in person by Xi Lan. Because she knew that Tianba had a good relationship with Kris Chen.

It took for exactly ten hours since last night.

Xi Lan was cleanly exhausted, like returning from the battlefield.

“How was it going? Doctor Lan? “

“How was my grandson???”

The two rushed to inquire about Tianba when Xi Lan just came out.

Xi Lan sighed, “His wounds have all been sewed up, but he is not in good condition now because he suffered extremely heavy injuries, and he lost too much blood. Whether he can survive depends on his sheer willpower. Moreover, even if he barely survives, I’m afraid he will become a cripple in the future. “

Xi Lan had never seen a patient with such serious injuries during her doctor’s career for so many years.

Tianba almost became a bloody man after suffering over forty knife attacks. He was dying when he was sent there, his body was covered by stab wounds all over, and his hamstrings were all picked off.

A nurse on probation was scared to cry when she saw his bleeding wounds for the first time.

If he was an ordinary person, he would die halfway instead of keeping himself to the hospital.

Thus, Xi Lan can’t help admiring Tianba’s perseverance. He survived from the disastrous injury and endured the long-lasting operation.

When Xi Lan just finished her explanation, Shixiong’s eyes instantly turned bloodshot and darted frightening lights.

“Li Family ensured a patrilineal succession of descents with only one son in each generation.” He thought.

“Did God really wanna cripple the continuance of my family line?”

“Lang Shen, I won’t let you go! My revenge shall have its day!”

“It was the devastating blood feud to cut one’s family line!” He thought.

“My Lord! Big Sister! Bad news!” At this moment, a young man hastened over there and shouted. He rushed to meet Shixiong and Xuan Song, slipping and sliding, with an extremely nervous expression.

“What’s the matter? Why are you shouting here? How disgraceful!” Shixiong scolded.

The young man gasped, “Sorry, my Lord, it was Lang Shen that controlled Li’s Street with his gang. “


Controlled Li’s Street?

Li’s Street in Westriver City was named after Li Family since 90 per of the shops in this street were all Li Family’s businesses.

Those shops, including hotels, karaoke bars, net café and restaurants, were all controlled by Li Family. Those sellers would pay money on time to seek protection.

Lang Shen, the arrogant man, not only attacked Tianba, but also occupied the whole Li’s street. Did he wanna cut off their financial support?

There was a saying that goes, “To cut off one’s fortune is to kill one’s parents. ” Lang Shen was really audacious. Did he really wanna die?

Shixiong stamped his crutch, “Bang!”. “Shen Family of Southeast City, our Li Family would be at daggers drawn with you!”

People just felt the ground have a shake, and then found his crutch was inserted into the hard concrete ground.

“Clicking, clicking. “

Then they witnessed the floor with ceramic tiles began to crack like a spider’s web.


The medical staff around, seeing this scene, all gasped, “Is the old man too horrifying?”

“Did he really think that we are so vulnerable to be a victim?” At this moment, Xuan Song stood up from the bench and wiped away her tears, said harshly, “Everyone is following with me now! Today, we gonna fight a life-and-death battle with Lang Shen!”


Since they had long wanted to rush out to avenge Tianba, Xuan Song took the lead now, they got excited all of a sudden.

“Xuan, don’t be impulsive!”

As Xuan Song was going to take people to leave, Shixiong held her back.

Xuan Song stopped, fairly puzzled, “Why? Grandpa, you know he almost threw shit on us. I can’t stand this!”

“I see. I can’t endure such shame as well. “Shixiong nodded.

Then he sighed, “He must pay for this. But Shen Family is an aristocratic family with great influence. We can’t rival them for sheer force. At present, we should wait until Tianba is out of danger, and then we discuss at home about the countermeasures to handle Shen Family. “

Chaper 174: Sangraal’s Thief

Meanwhile, in the Sun-Moon Holy Cult leader’s wife’s boudoir on Ice-Fire island. Kris tossed about for two hours before releasing all the evil fire in his chest.

In this brief moment, he slowly recovered consciousness.

That’s the peak of the early period of the innate-power stage!

Kris took a deep breath. He thought that the “Fire Ganoderma” was really a treasure, which not only stabilized his stage but also improved his stage a lot. His training speed was incomparable.

With excitement, Kris felt the warmth under his body and got stiff.

Oh, shit!

Under Kris’s body, Quan Mu was gasping for breath. There remained a flush in her delicate cheeks. She stared at Kris with a pair of watery eyes, filled with sadness, indignation, helplessness, and complexity.

In particular, she frowned slightly, which seemed joy as well as pain.

Her hair was damp with sweat and stuck to her face, which looked very charming.

I’m done.

I had sex with the leader’s wife. Oh, my godness!

Kris went blank for a moment.

“Madam, I…”

Quan Mu interrupted him before he finished and said,” Kris, you take sheets out?”

Voice faded, Quan Mu’s face blushed up to the temples.

She was now in a strange state of mind. On the one hand, she was grateful to Kris for saving her life. On the other hand, she hated Kris for taking her virginity, her mind was mixed with traces of inexplicable emotion.

Although she is the leader’s wife of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult, she has suffered from bitterness. Who knows?

She has been married to the leader of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult for nearly ten years who had an internal injury and lost potency. Who can know that she is still a virgin after decades of marriage?

Even Kris didn’t think of it.

Seeing the bright red blood on the sheet, Kris’s face turned pale at once.

“How… How… How could this be possible?” He was so frightened that he broke out in a sweat on his forehead.

As soon as the words popped out, he realized that he had said something wrong. He quickly explained,” Madam, please don’t get me wrong, I…”


Quan Mu interrupted him with a straight face and said,” Untie the rope for me right now.”

Kris quickly put on his clothes and cut the rope with scissors.

Without saying a word, Quan Mu quickly took a piece of underwear and put it on.

Like a child who has done something wrong, Kris was standing by side, wringing his hands, which looked rather constrained.

The leader’s wife is still a virgin. How is that possible? How can she be a virgin?

When Kris felt confused, Quan Mu said, “Kris, for what happened today, I would pretend it didn’t happen.”

Getting dressed, Quan Mu looked at him and said literally,” but if I find that you leaked out it, not only you but also I will die.”

As the leader’s wife, she had an improper relationship with the subordinate.

If this matter spreads out, she will be the first one to be killed.

She wanted to kill Kris. But, after all, he had saved her life. Otherwise, he has taken her virginity. At the thought of that, she couldn’t do it anymore.

“Madam, please don’t worry. Nobody will know this matter except you and I. I promise no one else will know it.” Kris nodded very fast. How can such matters be put in the street? He is not foolish.

In addition to shock, he also felt a little bit of joy. After all, he had been Xiaobao for one time today (Xiaobao: a role in the famous Chinese play “The Deer and the Cauldron” who also had sex with a leader’s wife). The leader might lose potency. If not, the leader’s wife can not be a virgin.

Quan Mu nodded, returning to a superior attitude, waved her hands and said, “Ok, remember what you said. It’s late. Go back and have a rest.”

“Yes, madam!”

Kris nodded and withdrew.

Back to his room, lying on the bed, a sense of tiredness swept over him. He fell asleep soon.

He had a so sound sleep that he slept till the next morning.

“Hum, ha!”

A burst of shouts came. The voice of followers practicing martial arts from the square could be heard through the window.

It’s no wonder that the Sun-Moon Holy Cult followers are so strong. It’s all due to their diligence and hard work.

Thinking for a moment, Kris was awake. He stood up and got up from the bed.

Getting dressed, he was about to go out. At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open. And then, Quan Mu walked in.

She looked as if nothing had happened last night.

Kris was stunned. It was so early. What did she come here for?

Did she change her mind after sleep and wants to kill me?

Kris kept silent for a while. Quan Mu is so pretty today. Instead of wearing a bright yellow phoenix robe that she wore yesterday, she changed into a bright red dress that can set off her white skin better.

So pretty! The girl and woman really look different. It seems that she is more charming overnight, which makes Kris excited.

However, just looked at her for a few seconds, Kris drew back his sight quickly and said slowly,” Madam come to me so early. What can I do for you?”

Quan Mu went to the chair, sat down slowly, and said, “Can’t I come for nothing?”

She added, “I come here just to remind you that you must keep your mouth shut for what happened last night. If not, everyone around you will die. Understand?”

“Yes, I understand.” Kris nodded and said,” Please rest assured, Madam. How can I risk my own life?”

Hearing the rely, Quan Mu nodded with satisfaction and said, “By the way, don’t forget the task I gave you yesterday. After returning to Westriver city, you should try every means to get the scriptures.”

“Yes, madam.” Kris nodded quickly, but in fact, he was helpless and depressed.

Stealing scriptures is easier said than done.

Moreover, Quan Mu yesterday said that the six major schools president was a master of Wudang School.

He is just in the early period of the innate-power stage, and the other side is at least the Practitioner of the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage. So there is no doubt that it’s too hard to steal things from the president. Having seen Kris’s embarrassment, Quan Mu chuckled and took out an ancient book.

“The emperor does not need hungry soldiers. This task is very difficult for you, so I decided to give you this book. As long as you learn the skills in this book, stealing scriptures will be a piece of cake for you.”

Quan Mu said, and handed the ancient book to Kris.

What book is it?

Is it a martial arts bible?

Kris took the ancient book with inexplicable excitement. In fact, he has fallen in love with the martial arts bible since last time he secretly learned the Sun-Moon Holy Classics. When he grappled with a shark in the deep sea before, he might have died but for the Sun-Moon Holy Classics.

He couldn’t wait to read that book.

“Sangraal’s Thief!”

Oh, my gosh! How strange the title is! It doesn’t sound like a serious book.

“Madam, what does this book talk about?” Kris was puzzled and asked.

Quan Mu said with a smile,” This book mainly deals with a thief’s unique skills.


A thief’s unique skills?

Kris’s face was frozen, and he was stunned.

Are you kidding? A thief’s unique skills? Isn’t that the act of stealing?

Oh, no! She is going to train me as a thief.

Seeing Kris’s confused face, Quan Mu chuckled and said,” At the end of the Ming Dynasty, there was an inglorious school, named Sangraal School. Its followers lived on stealing. But they were not ordinary thieves, they were the chivalrous person who robbed the rich to help the poor. When the Manchu invaded, the Ming court had no provisions and pay for troops. At this time, the followers of Sangraal School robbed the rich to help the poor and raised military pay, which was deeply admired by the men of the world. However, the treacherous court officials were in power at that time, and the Sangraal School was exterminated by the court.

At that time, the leader of Sangraal School was a great thief. When he was about to be killed, he was saved by our followers. Under gratitude, he joined us the Sun-Moon Holy Cult.”

“So it is!” Kris suddenly nodded and said.

“The thief is known as Sangraal’s Thief, who was the most skillful thief in the world. He steals everything, and the “Sangraal’s Thief” is the book of the skills of stealing handed down by him.”

Hearing this, Kris got it.

“The book “Sangraal’s Thief” has been collected by the leaders of all times. Several months ago, the leader was afraid that I would be bored, so he gave me this book to relieve the monotony.”

“Now I’ll give it to you. I hope it can help you. As for whether you can learn the stealing skills, it’s up to your talent.”

“Thanks, madam.” Kris bowed and said. If this book is really so powerful, it will make great sense.

“Well, all is said and done. Next, it’s up to you. You can leave now.”

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