Chapter 173: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 173 Temptation, Missing You so Much (1)
Yan Chu was sensitive and found that Kerry Ye was looking at her with the strange expressions. She put down the yogurt cup, smiled softly at him and said in a soft voice, “I’m going to the restroom.”

Yan got up. Her long hair accidentally touched the back of his hand.

The tiny bathroom was brightly lit, and Yan stretched out her hand and touched her face. Her eyes were full of determination.

Time was running out. She didn’t have that much of a way out.

If she guessed correctly, Kerry was outside the door right now.

She held a handful of water to rinse her mouth. Yan pulled the neckline of her skirt down a few inches, looked at the mirror, and stepped out of the bathroom door.

The room was at the end of the corridor. Yan had just walked three or four meters when her arm was tugged and pulled into an empty room. And then she was kissed.

She was right. It was Kerry.

Yan symbolically struggled a few times. After seeing that it was him, she pretended to be surprised and opened her eyes wide.

Kerry kissed her lips. As soon as he kissed her, the string in his mind broke. She smelled like Venus.

This time, he really went crazy.

Maybe he missed her too much. As soon as he tasted her taste, the thoughts came up like seawater……

Yan was intimidated by his strength and his scent came over her. The man’s maturity with the aromatic scent of red wine almost made her fall into it.

Soon, he began……

“President Ye…… please don’t do that …… “Yan was finally released by him and she said softly.

If she did not speak, he could calm down. Once she spoke, Kerry was even crazier as if he was possessed, and then…

“President Ye …… you ……”

“Don’t talk,” Kerry murmured, “Venus…… I miss you so much …… Venus……”

She was so confused. Yan regained consciousness and found him shouting Venus. How could he call her name?

She did not know what it felt like. Yan only knew to get out of here immediately. She pushed him away. Kerry stumbled backwards a few steps and crashed into a chair. The pain made him calm down a little. He looked up and found that Yan was staring at him with shame and anger.

“President Ye, I’m not Venus. You’ve got the wrong person.” Yan dressed in shame and anger, a tear of aggravation dripping from her eyes.

Kerry stared blankly at her gorgeous face and he came to his senses.

She was not Venus. She was not Venus…….

But what did he do? He actually almost raped a woman he had only met twice.

With a long sigh, Kerry pressed his aching temples and said guiltily, “I’m sorry, I drank a little too much.”

Yan didn’t say anything, just lowered her head to dress her clothes. She thought constantly that should she act angry or indifferent?

“Miss Chu, I’m sorry.” Kerry said again.

Yan put her hand over her chest and looked up at him. Her eyes were filled with the panic a woman should have, “Don’t say anything. I’ll just assume that you’re drunk. And don’t mention this matter again.”

“Well. I know.” Kerry’s hand clutched the chair behind his back and his body gradually softened.

The zipper of her skirt was behind her back. Yan pulled it several times without success.

“Do you need my help?” Kerry’s tone of voice became normal.

Her face was red and she turned her back to him and whispered “Hmmm”.

When he got permission, Kerry stepped forward, tugging the waist of the dress with one hand and pulling the zipper up a little bit with the other.

He remembered that once he took Venus to an activity and the zipper of her skirt was also on the back. He was the one who helped her dress. And now, the two backs looked the same and he was almost unable to control his fingers to touch her after he had just calmed down.

All the while being attracted by her back, he was telling himself not to do that.

Kerry was tormented by this feeling and couldn’t stop.

Yan secretly took a breath, turned around to look directly into his blue eyes and calmly said, “President Ye, I hope that next time you won’t misidentify the wrong person. I’m not feeling well. I’m going back first. Please say goodbye to other people over the wine table.”

“Sorry.” Kerry was in a complicated mood. He hadn’t touched a woman for almost a year since Venus was pregnant until she disappeared.

Was it because he was too horny?

Back at the hotel, Yan laid on the bed for a while, feeling some pain on her face. Then she remembered that it was time.

Walking toward the bathroom, she put a few drops in the water to wet her face. And soon, a thin, transparent human skin mask came off on my hand. And in the mirror, Venus’s face appeared again.

It was a mask with a very good adhesion, thinner than a contact lens but it could easily change a person’s appearance. In order to constantly improve the quality of this mask and make it 100% realistic, they even took hundreds of dots from the real Yan’s face and performed microsurgery on Venus’s nose and cheekbones.

But the bad thing about this mask was that it had to be taken off every two days and soaked in water for a day. Otherwise she would feel painful and itchy.

Venus touched her real skin with her fingers, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

People’s faces could be changed, but their voices, habits, walking posture and so on couldn’t be changed in the short term. And today was only the second time she had met Kerry, and he almost recognized her. What was she going to do from now?

She’d almost been raped today just by looking at him a little more closely. And if she’d been a little more ambiguous with him, would she have been eaten without a bone left?

She knew his temper too well but it had been so long. Hadn’t he found another woman?

She didn’t believe he loved Venus so much and didn’t believe he could stand it.


The study room in the villa of the Ye family,.

Kerry flipped through the information sent by Henry Zhang. He looked indifferent.

This Miss Chu was indeed the MK Company’s second daughter. The photo was also the same as the person. She studied in Europe and just returned to Hong Kong a while ago.

He threw a stack of photos on the table. Everything was correct. She was indeed Yan.

But why did he have this illusion that she was Venus? And almost ……

That was crazy.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 173 Temptation, Missing You so Much(2)
There were meetings all day the next day. Kerry Ye thought that Yan Chu would not appear any more. However, she was very generous to get off the car and even shook his hand.

In view of yesterday’s events, to avoid having the wrong impression of her, Kerry had been far away from her and his expression was cold. When she looked at him, he always avoided the eye contact.

Venus Mu was surprised in her heart. Was he determined to avoid her now?

But she had to get close to him. How else could she get information from him?

During the break, she saw that Kerry went out and she had to follow.

Kerry was leaning against the wall to smoke. He noticed someone approaching and looked sideways and found out it was her.

“President Ye, may I ask if I have offended you in any way?” Her tone was angry and accusatory.

Kerry put out the cigarette in his hand and frowned, “Miss Chu, Why do you ask that?

“President Ye, I won’t pursue or hold you responsible for anything last night. You don’t have to worry that I’ll pester you. Besides that, do you think it’s appropriate for you, as the CEO of The Yehuang Group, to be so cold towards your partners?” She said with a sneer.

Kerry realized that it was her who had misunderstood and there was indeed something wrong with his attitude towards her.

“Miss Chu, please don’t misunderstand. I didn’t mean that. It’s all my problems. I’m sorry.”

Venus snorted and glared at him and walked away.

It was so refreshing. She had never spoken so exuberantly in front of him before. No wonder everyone liked power, who wouldn’t like to be able to step on a nasty person at any time?

Looking at her back, his heart was irritated. He couldn’t get too close to her or too far away.

After being blamed a few times, Kerry’s attitude was obviously much better. At least at the conference table he was in normal manners.

In order to save time, they had lunch in the company restaurant.

Kerry gave her the plate, “Miss Chu, You can help yourself. No need to be so polite.”

“Thanks. You don’t want to hide from me?” Without any malice, she smiled and asked, “It seems like I should be the one avoiding you. Why you are avoiding me?”

Kerry looked into her eyes and suppressed the throbbing in his heart, barely smiling, “Miss Chu, why don’t I formally make apology to you?”

“Never mind.” She said as she followed him and put food on the plate, “Actually, my attitude this morning was not good either. I’m sorry. I was a bit impulsive.”

Kerry didn’t expect her to apologize, “Well. It was indeed my fault.”

“I hope it won’t affect our cooperation, or I’ll definitely be scolded by my dad when I go back.” She said mischievously.

Kerry looked at her innocent face and thought for a moment. He lowered his voice and asked, “Miss Chu, you really don’t mind what happened …… last night?”

Her face instantly turned red. What was she going to say? She would definitely mind but for Yan, she wouldn’t mind because she came to make him like her.

“President Ye, how do you want me to answer? Will you think I’m making a fuss if I say I don’t mind? Will you think I’m a slutty girl if I say I don’t mind?”

Kerry was momentarily speechless. In fact, it was not really a question he should not ask but he just couldn’t help himself. He’d done so many out of the ordinary things since she’d shown up.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought this up.” He said sincerely.

She smiled wanly and didn’t answer.

She picked up a few shrimp, some vegetables, a bit of beef stewed with potatoes and ladled a bowl of soup. Kerry saw how little she ate and unconsciously suggested, “Miss Chu, try our restaurant’s spicy fish. It’s delicious.”

“I don’t eat spicy food because it’s hard to pick out the fish bones.” She casually replied. Since she had given birth to a child, she got her taste back and she couldn’t eat any spicy food. When she ate it, she would get pimples on her face, not to mention that she was in a special situation. Her face was very important right now.

Kerry’s hand paused for a moment when he picked up the food. He squeezed out a hint of a smile, “Do you not eat spicy food?”

Venus tilted her head to look at him purely, “Is it strange not to eat spicy?”

“No. It’s just someone I know and she doesn’t eat spicy either.” She did not like fish and always complained that the fish stings were too troublesome.

Her heart trembled slightly. He had tenderness in his eyes …… Is this because he remembered her?

“Oh, a lot of people I know don’t eat spicy food so this is not a big deal, I guess.” Venus dropped her eyes to clear her name.

“There’s a lot.” Kerry responded. However, he only remembered Venus.

Because she was too familiar with the place, Venus warned herself in her heart to be calm and not to look around.

But when she didn’t look at others, there were people secretly watching her.

When she was eating with my head down, suddenly a man came running over and shouted excitedly, “Venus? Have you come back?”

Venus was fiercely startled. From the sound of the voice, she knew it was Xiaoli, the impostor from the design department.

She smilingly raised her head and calmly looked at Xiaoli. She only saw that Xiaoli’s delighted face instantly fell. And then he looked at Kerry who was gloomy. He even bent down to apologize, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’ve mistaken the wrong person.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Her voice was flat. It was like that she treated with a stranger.

Xiaoli quickly ran away. Venus looked back at Kerry and asked, pretending to be curious, “Am I very similar to that Venus? You and your employees had mistaken the wrong person.”

Kerry looked her intently and said in a deep voice, “Except for the face, everything else is very similar.”

“Oh~” She lowered her head to continue eating and casually asked, “Who is she.”

Kerry felt his heart ache and said softly, “She’s my wife.”

Venus expressed in amazement, “Your wife? You’re married?”

“Well, I’m married.” Kerry said frankly and now he was a father though he had no idea where the child was now.

“You got married and last night…… ” She wrathfully poked at the plate of food and she could not say whether to be angry for herself or for Yan is not worth.

Kerry also had no appetite to eat and his voice was even lower, “I’m sorry. I think of you as her. I …… haven’t seen her for a long time, so ……”

Venus tilted her head to look at him. And the man’s face was visibly sad and looked …… heartbreaking.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 173 Temptation, Missing You so Much (3)
“Where is she?” Venus Mu asked.

“She…I don’t know where she is…” Kerry Ye paused. He then put down his chopsticks and said to Venus, “Enjoy your meal. Excuse me, I have to go now.”

Without waiting for Venus to speak, he got up and left the restaurant in strides.

His back revealed a sense of loneliness and depression, and Venus thought that if she was just Yan Chu, she might fall in love with such an affectionate man, but she wasn’t her.

“Kerry, I don’t like you at all, why do you have to be like this?”

This night, as soon as Kerry returned home, he locked himself in Venus’s bedroom. When it’s time for dinner, John went up and knocked on the door, but no one answered, so he shook his head and went downstairs.

It had been a long time since Kerry had been like this. What happened again?

“Henry He, what happened to young master today?”

Henry shrugged and sighed, “A business partner came from Hong Kong two days ago and it’s a woman.”

“A woman? What’s the problem?”

Henry leaned close to him and whispered, “This woman is like the young lady.”

John stared at him in surprise, “Really?”

Henry shook his head, “It’s not the appearance, but the temperament, the back and even the voice. When he first saw her, he even regards her as young lady.”

“Seriously? I’d like to see her.” John looked helplessly upstairs.

Henry sat in his chair and said with a heavy expression, “John, I mean if, if we can never find the young lady, what will the young master do? He can’t go on like this forever, right?”

John had obviously thought about this too, and said with a sad face, “I don’t know, it depends on him. Of course, it’s best if young lady can come back.”

“That’s the best result.” Henry said casually.

John glared at him, “Bastard, show some respect to me, OK?”

“Oh, John, I’m sorry.”

Upstairs, Kerry was sitting on the sofa, drinking wine. There was a photo from his wedding day on the table, which cost him a long time to find it.

After marriage, he actually didn’t even have a photo Mu Venus, let alone a single photo of her.

How ironic was it.

The cooperation was going smoothly, and during the following days, the contracts were almost finished, but Venus still hadn’t made any progress.

Ever since that day at the restaurant, Venus had noticed that Kerry had become estranged from her and had almost no personal contact with her except for the necessary courtesies.

Was it because he wanted to be loyal to Venus?

Venus was a little bit annoyed and a little bit gloating by this conclusion.

She wanted to save her son, but also wanted to have no relationship with Kerry, which was easier to say than do.

The treasure map couldn’t be kept in the company, so it’s most likely in the study room of Ye family’s villa, which she desperately wanted to escape from in the past, but now she had to find a way to get in.

But how?

Kerry’s life was highly regulated. Every day was about work and home, with no other entertainment. There was no other way for her to contact him except the office. If this went on, she wouldn’t be able to complete the task even if she was given a year.

This afternoon, Kerry and Shixuan Tang finally finished the last contract.

“Thank you, Mr. Ye. Last time, Mr. Ye invited us to dinner, so today, it’s MK’s turn and we’ll go sing. What does Mr. Ye think?” He asked, shaking his hand.

“Well, we do need to celebrate.” Kerry did not refuse.

It’s almost ten o’clock after dinner. Venus went to the restroom to fix her makeup before entering the KTV room, and when she came back, there were already people starting to sing. The lights were dim, and after a glance, the sofa was full of people sitting on it, only the corner was empty.

Venus went towards the corner, but before sitting down, she fell down because of not noticing the beer on the floor. When she was about to fall down, someone picked her up and Venus just fell into his arms.

The room was large and the light was dim here and the others were either singing or drinking and chatting, so no one noticed the accident that happened here.

Venus lay on his chest and heard his powerful heartbeat, which was familiar to her.

“I’m sorry.” Venus stood up in a panic, but she stretched her hand on his chest, “Thank you, Mr. Ye.”

Kerry said to her in a hoarse voice, “Be careful.”

Venus then sat down on the edge of the couch, which was the farthest away from him.

She knew Kerry hated frivolous women, and he also said he was married, so even if she wanted to seduce him, she couldn’t show it too obviously, otherwise it would cause him to resent it.

Kerry grabbed a can of beer from the table, but he couldn’t stop looking at her.

The moment she just fell on his body, the soft feeling, really was like Venus, making him desperately want to embrace her.

Venus was sitting alone. Since she was the superior, no one dare to accost her, so she thought about it and also took a can of beer.

One bottle shouldn’t get her drunk. She could drink two.

“Why not Miss Chu sing?” Kerry suddenly spoke up, breaking the awkward atmosphere between them.

Venus took a sip of her beer and mocked herself, “No, I can’t sing.”

“Come on, Miss Chu. Just sing a song.” Kerry then got up, but Venus stopped him by grabbing his wrist, “Don’t. I’m telling the truth, don’t embarrass me.”

Kerry’s arm was numb, as if he had been electrocuted, and sat down slowly.

Venus let go of his wrist, which was hot.

The atmosphere between them became a little weird again, so Kerry began a topic, “Now that since the contract has been signed, is Miss Chu going back to Hong Kong?”

“No, my father said that I can only go back when this project is successfully completed.” Venus said with sadness.

“Why do you look so sad?” Kerry poked fun at her.

“Yeah.” Venus pursed her lips and said helplessly, “I don’t have any friends here either. What I do every day is to go to the office, so boring. And no one can go shopping with me. At least there are some girls accompanying me.”

Without looking at her face, Kerry just listened to her complaints, feeling that he was listening to his wife’s ramblings. He didn’t want to interrupt, even wishing she would say more.

“And it’s not convenient to stay in a hotel. I should have come…”

“How’s your new apartment?” Kerry asked.

“I don’t know. Not yet.” Venus took another sip of wine and leaned back on the sofa to look at his perfect face. Seeing that he didn’t say anything, she muttered inside, for in the past, he just let Xinyou stay there, but now, he didn’t invite Venus to Ye’ s villa.

Suddenly thinking of something, Venus asked somewhat excitedly, “Mr. Ye, is there any good place in Sky City ? I should be free these days, so I want to see around.”

Kerry frowned. Although he had lived here for many years, he didn’t pay any attention to this, “I only know that there’s a museum and a river called Yellowflower.”

“Mr. Ye, are you born here?”

Kerry knew the meaning of her words and smiled, “Of course, but I really don’t know too much of this. How about this? I’ll let my secretary tell you, he should be better than me.”

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