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Chapter 173: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 173 The Poison and The Antidote

Seeing that the bearded man didn’t succeed and even Xu Lang was here now, the glasses man had a grim look in his eyes. While fighting back, he said, “I didn’t expect that Colin even had Xu Lang under his control. It’s really shocking.”

Gerd snorted coldly and didn’t speak, but fought harder.

Colin finally could feel safe as he reached the side of his car. He leaned on the car and gasped for breath, “Fuck! I almost died!”

It was three times!

The knife almost reached him three times!

If it weren’t for Gerd and Xu Lang, he might’ve been gone.

He felt that he really needs to learn a few tricks from Gerd, especially the skill to escape death.

Four of them went against each other in pairs. They were ruthless and deadly. They still couldn’t hit their opponent’s vital, and even rarely hit the opponent.

Colin swallowed his saliva after he watched it. They deserved to be called skilled killers.

But right now, he cared about the antidote the most.

After the glasses man fought Gerd for a long time and found out that the bearded man and Xu Lang were equally matched. He knew that he couldn’t discuss anymore, and immediately gave out, “Stop! If you don’t stop, I’ll immediately destroy the antidote!”

Gerd and Xu Lang stopped at the same time and so did the glasses man and the bearded man.

Colin walked over and stood between Gerd and Xu Lang, while asked, “Give me the antidote.”

“I can give you, but I have one condition.” The glasses man said calmly.

Colin asked, “What’s that?”

The glasses man took out two small porcelain bottles. One of them was filled with a white pill while the other one was filled with a black pill.

“The black one is the antidote while the white one is the poison. It’s the same as the one in Doris’s body.”

Colin looked down. He could already guess the requirement from the glasses man.

Just as he expected.

“If you take this poison, I’ll give you this antidote.” The glasses man said while looking at Colin.

As the words were spoken, both Gerd and Xu Lang looked at Colin at the same time.

Colin asked lightly, “Why do I have to take this? After we kill you, we still can get the antidote!”

The glasses man ignorantly laughed, “Do you believe that, before you kill me, I have many ways to destroy this antidote?”

Colin was silent upon hearing that. He was right. it’s not a problem to kill both these men, but it’s absolutely impossible to get the antidote before they killed him.

“Don’t worry, as long as you take the poison obediently, I’ll give you the relieving antidote every month. We won’t let you die so quickly. As long as you behave well while living in Tianbei City, our boss might show some kindness and let you live for a few more years.”

Colin wondered, “Will he show some kindness?”

If he’s kind, he wouldn’t have sent people to kill him.

The glasses man smiled, “As long as you stay in Tianbei City forever, I said forever, and don’t stand in our boss’ way, our boss will let you live.”

Staying forever in Tianbei City?

Colin sneered, “I’ve never thought of leaving here.”

“You can say it that way, but who can guarantee it?”

The glasses man shrugged and shook the porcelain bottle, “So, this is the only guarantee. You have to let us trust you.”

Colin frowned.

The glasses man threw the porcelain bottle over and Gerd caught it.

“Your wife’s life is in your hand. It depends on your choice.” The glasses man looked at Colin as if he’s watching a show.

Gerd looked at Colin and didn’t speak.

Colin looked at the glasses man deeply and stretched his hand.

Gerd understood what he meant and didn’t ask much. He took the poison and gave it to Colin.

Seeing this, Xu Lang bit back his words.

He could even save the killer that wanted to kill him. He already knew the answer, so it’s useless to persuade him.

But sometimes, he couldn’t figure out, what’s up with Colin?

But also because of this, he had the idea of not killing him anymore.

The glasses man smiled triumphantly and cursed in his mind, “He’s such an idiot!”

The bearded big guy didn’t respond much. He only listened to the glasses man and did whatever he wanted him to do.

In anyone’s mind, Colin’s choice was indeed stupid but it was in anyone’s mind.

Colin had his commitment. He knew what he’s doing. He also knew he wouldn’t regret his choice.

So, whether it’s stupid or not, nobody could say it clearly.

Colin opened the bottle without hesitation and swallowed the white pill at once.

The glasses man laughed, “Very good, you’re the only one who can do such a stupid thing. But, don’t worry. Since you’re so sincere, our boss never gets back on his words.”

Colin didn’t respond, “Give me the antidote.”

The glasses man didn’t care anymore since Colin had taken the poison and threw the antidote over. This time, it was Colin who caught it.

Colin looked at the porcelain bottle. His eyes flashed since he didn’t know if this antidote was real or not, so….

Gerd and Xu Lang seemed to have noticed Colin’s intention. Both of them were ready to fight.

But at the same time, the glasses man, “Do you plan to kill me?”

“You have to think clearly, if we die, our boss won’t give you the antidote every month and you’ll die soon.”

Colin paused. This was also a problem.

He had chosen to take the poison in exchange for Doris’s antidote. He didn’t say that he’s great, but because Doris is more important in his heart.

But now, if he had the chance to live, he also wanted to live. It’s human nature.

The glasses man saw that Colin was silent and he gave a hint to the bearded man. The bearded man understood as he turned around and walked out of the warehouse.

After a while, the sound of a motorcycle engine was heard.

The bearded man came with his motorcycle and stopped in front of the glasses man. Before the glasses man got on the motorcycle, he smiled at Colin, “If you want to live, you had better not to act rashly.”

After he finished speaking, the bearded man started his motorcycle and both of them drove away.

Xu Lang frowned as he watched them go and asked, “Do I still need to continue the mission?”

After Colin was silent for a moment, he said, “Yes. Now, instead of finding him, kill him.”

The previous mission that Colin gave to Xu Lang was for him to find the person who gave the drug. Now, not only he had to find him, but also he had to kill him. Since they had the antidote now, they wouldn’t have to restraint themselves in the future.

After arriving at the hospital, Colin found Niu Wang to let him do a test on this antidote, and see whether if the antidote could cure Doris.

Two hours later, Niu Wang took the test result and found Colin. He looked excited, “This antidote can cure the poison in Mrs. Ward’s body indeed. It’s just….”

“Just what?” Colin asked.

Niu Wang sighed, “It’s just that I haven’t been able to study the composition, but fortunately Mrs. Ward was the only one who’s poisoned. She’ll be fine after eating it.”

Colin hesitated before saying, “Dr. Niu, can you try to do research on this antidote? Because….”

“Because what?” Niu Wang asked.

Colin pressed his lips, “Because I was also poisoned.”

“What” Niu Wang widened his eyes as he’s shocked, “This….”

There’s only one antidote. Colin was also poisoned, then….

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