Chapter 174: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 174 Honey-trap, get back to him
“Well, then, thanks a lot!” Venus Mu smiled in her heart. She was born and raised here, of course she knew where the good places and good food would be. But to approach Kerry Ye, she had to swallow her pride and said, “Mr Ye, I am not familiar with this place. It will be weekend soon, how about being my tour guide and show me around?” In the shimmering light, she saw that Kerry frowned, so she added hurriedly, “well, of course, if you are busy, just forget about it.”

“Please excuse us for not entertaining you well.” Kerry said politely. “I will show you around A City this weekend, Miss Chu. I haven’t been to those places, either.”

Venus showed a V sign to herself secretly and raised her glass, “Thank you.”


While the two were chatting, Shixuan Tang ran over, looking a bit tipsy. He pushed Kerry toward Venus and sat tightly next to him. He turned around and smiled, “What secrets are you two bosses talking about here? I wanna join you!”

There was not much room left on the sofa. At the moment, Kerry’s legs and Venus’s legs touched closely, and Kerry had to put his one arm behind Venus. Thus, Venus was totally surrounded by him.

Venus pretended that she didn’t see it. She leaned to Shixuan and said naughtily, “Mr Tang, like you said, it’s a secret!”

“Haha! Right! I’ll leave you two alone and I will go to sing songs.” Shixuan left laughingly.

Venus turned around and smiled lightly, “Please don’t mind him. He is used to making jokes when in Hongkong.”

“That’s okay.”

Then the two both got silent. It seemed that Kerry forgot to put down his arm. It remained somewhere below her shoulder and one inch downward she would be in his arms.

Venus was drinking and enjoying the songs, and she would clap sometimes, looking like a teenage girl.

Kerry, in the dim light, got deeply absorbed into her beautiful voice and the temperature of her skin. He felt so lost as if he was getting high on drugs. He knew it was wrong but he just couldn’t stop it.

It was already midnight and Venus was a little drunk. She almost fell when she tried to stand up. Kerry held her immediately.

“Thanks.” Venus was blushing.

“One can of beer and you are already drunk?” Kerry had never seen anyone who could drink less than her.

Venus burped and swung her body outward. She laughed embarrassingly, “That’s why I seldom drink alcohol outside. Didn’t you see I drank yogurt last time? I don’t want to embarrass myself when I am drunk.”

No wonder she didn’t drink last time. He thought she didn’t want to, but it seemed at the moment that she really couldn’t.

The dozen of people who came to have fun together all disappeared, Kerry held Venus and they came to the gate of the KTV. There were only Shixuan and another man of the MK Group left.

Shixuan was quite drunk. That man held shixuan and said to Kerry, “Mr Ye, can you please send Miss Chu back to her hotel? I have to…”

Venus waved her hand and said, “No need. I’ll go back myself.”

Kerry looked at her blurred eyes and said to that man, “Don’t worry. I will send Miss Chu back.”

“Thanks a lot! I am sending Mr Tang back now.”

Then they went into the car that had been waiting.

Venus looked around, shook her head and said drunkenly, “It’s just us left? They left me alone here?”

“Let’s go, Miss Chu. Which hotel are you staying in? Let me send you back.” Kerry held her by the waist lightly.

Venus said the name of the hotel. Kerry told the driver to driver the car over and helped her sit in the backseat.

Once getting into the car, Venus leaned on the window and started to hum some song lightly.

Kerry looked at Venus and then looked to the street. He had seen Venus’s most stupid moment, which was when she got drunk and sang stupid songs in the car. He felt s terrible when he heard her sing at that time. But he wouldn’t have another chance any more to hear her sing.

The two both kept silent, but the atmosphere seemed harmonious.

Half an hour later, the car was parked outside of a luxury hotel.

When Kerry was about to say “Here we are”, he found Venus soundly asleep already.

“Miss Chu, Miss Chu?” Kerry called her a few times. Venus moaned with her eyes closed, “I am sleeping. Don’t bother me.”

Kerry’s eyes showed a deep emotion. Listening to the familiar sound, he really wanted to indulge her and let her sleep her. But his reason told him not to.

“Miss Chu, here you here, your hotel.” He stretched out his hand and pushed her shoulder.

Venus opened her eyes slowly and there’s confusion in her eyes, “Hun? Hotel? Oh, thank you for sending me back. I am going up now.”

Venus got off the car and walked into the hotel, swinging her body. She would possibly hit the wall any time.

Kerry looked at her for a while then relaxed his fists. He pushed the door of the car and walked toward Venus.

She’s a partner, so I should escort her to her room. He tried to persuade himself.

As Venus was walking , she heard the footsteps behind her and showed a smug smile. She pretended that she didn’t see the glass door in front of her and walked directly to it.

One step, two steps, when she was about to take the third step, Kerry took her by the arm, and at the same time, he opened the glass door. Then she heard him say, “You are really drunk. Don’t you see it’s a door?”

“Huh? You are still here?” Venus asked in surprise.

“Let me walk you up.” Kerry held her by the arm and they went inside, “What floor?”

“The top floor…You don’t have to. I am not drunk.” Venus pushed his hand lightly.

Kerry didn’t let go. He said patiently, “Right, you are not drunk. You almost hit the glass door just now.”

Walking into the elevator, Kerry pressed the top floor button directly. Venus leaned her high heels a bit and she fell aside. Kerry hurriedly took her arm and took her back. “Watch out!”

Naturally, her soft body feel into his body…

Kerry got delirious at once. But he still tried to control his desire that’s burning in his heart.

He couldn’t do anything with any women. He couldn’t betray Venus.

Venus buried her head in his chest. There was a tight and strong body under the white shirt. Venus knew where his sensitive points were, so she blew a stream of breath to that little bump and felt that Kerry’s body got stiff immediately.

Venus laughed in her heart. Men are same when they are with beautiful women, even if they are married.

“Miss Chu.” Kerry said in a deep voice and pushed her head away from his chest with both hands. He lowered his head and looked at her, “Are you alright?”

Venus touched her painful forehead and complained, “You are so hard! It gives me headache!”

Kerry breathe in cold air right away. Knowing it’s his chest she was talking about, he still couldn’t help thinking about something else. And some part of his body began to react.

He couldn’t let it go like this. He didn’t want to do anything that would make him regret. Right at this time, they reached the top floor.

“Room number?” Kerry kept some distance with her.

“Emmm, try 1808. Yes, it’s 1808.”

Kerry found room 1808 and asked her, “Where’s the key?”

Venus started to search her handbag for the key. “The key? Found it!” Waved the key in front of Kerry and said, “Here, the key!”

Kerry took over the key and swiped it. “Beep”, the door was open. He came back and helped Venus walk into the room.

It’s a presidential suite. There was a big bedroom behind the luxury living room. Kerry put her in bed. When he was about to leave, his hand accidentally touched her beautiful breasts.

He got rigid immediately.

“So hot!” Venus pulled her collar. She was wearing a blouse with buttons so it’s easy to unbutton it too. Two buttons were already loosened before Kerry could move away his eyes.

Kerry looked inside the blouse for a few seconds then suddenly came back to himself. He was ready to leave when he heard him say, “I am thirsty. I want water!”

Kerry took a deep breath and recovered himself from excitement. He went to the living room and poured a glass of water. He came in and helped her sit up, “ Here, miss Chu, water.”

Venus drank it all.

“Want more?” He stared at her lips and asked.

Venus licked her lips and looked up, and her lips slightly touched his cheek.

Kerry was unable to move. Then she hear Venus’s sexy voice, “No, I am satisfied.”

What the hell!

Kerry’s veins on the arms could be seen clearly. He would really like to rip this woman’s clothes off and press her under his body. But he couldn’t. She’s Yan Chu. He couldn’t do it.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 174 Honey-trap, get back to him (2)
With almost all his strength, Kerry Ye controlled his desire in the body. Kerry threw her rudely on the bed and rushed out of the room.

“Boom”! The huge sound came when the door was closed. Venus slightly opened her eyes and there was something complicated in them.

How could he…not touch her? With such a beauty in front of him, how could he bear not touching her!

Was he still the cruel Kerry that he used to be?

Venus lay on her back, staring at the light yellow ceiling in confusion. She was trying to figure out why Kerry was so different this time.

Should she be happy or should she be disappointed?

She wasn’t actually intending to sleep with him. She would stop him from taking the final step. But with him leaving like this, all her efforts went in vain.

In the following two days, Kerry would think of Yan Chu occasionally, but it’s just a thought.

“Mr Ye, here’s the guidance of the fun places and good restaurants in Sky City that you asked.” Secretary Liu handed her a few pieces of paper, on which detailed routs, attractions and names of the restaurants were marked.

Thinking it would be inappropriate to remain in touch with Yan Chu, Kerry said to secretary Liu, “Are you free this weekend?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Take a tour around Sky City with Miss Chu. Bring back the receipts.” Kerry gave her back the guidance.

“You are not going?” Liu was a bit surprised. Shouldn’t he be the one to accompany Miss Chu?

Kerry said indifferently, “I happen to have some private errands to run. You go with her.”

“Okay, I get it.”

After Liu left, Kerry thought for a while and decided to call Yan to explain, in order to seem polite.

He took out his phone and dialed Yan’s number.

It took long before the phone got through. “Hello? Who’s that?”

Kerry was surprised. Why did she sound so pale?

“Miss Chu, this is Kerry speaking.”

“Ah, Mr Ye. What’s the matter?” She coughed.

Kerry frowned and asked, “Are you sick?”

“I have a fever. I must have caught a cold the other night. Mr Ye, what’s the matter?”

Kerry touched his forehead. The other night? The night when she got drunk and he just took off like that? He did forget to put a blanket on her.

“I am calling to tell you that…the tour tomorrow…” Kerry was interrupted by Venus Mu.

“I am sorry, I might not be able to go tomorrow. I am not feeling well.”

“That’s okay. Is it serious? Do you need to see a doctor?” Kerry asked with concern.

She coughed fiercely then said, “I don’t want to see the doctor. I’ll be fine.”

“Where’s Mr Tang? Do you have someone to take care of you there?”

Venus sighed, “They all went back to Hong Kong to report their work. I am here by myself. Thanks for your concern. I’ll be alright.”

“Well then, take care of yourself.”

“Okay, bye.” Another cough.

Venus hung up the phone in coughs. Kerry put his phone on the table, thought for a while and continued to work.

She’s a grown up, she should know when to go to the hospital. He’s just a business partner. There’s no need for him to care so much.

After work, on his way home, Kerry passed by a hospital, which reminded him of Yan, wondering if she had got a bit better.

Should I visit her? Maybe she has recovered by taking medicine. Kerry thought.

Well, he decided to call and greet her.

In the hotel room.

Venus stared at the blinking flashlights of the phone but did not answer it. When the screen got dark, she quickly turned off her phone.

Now, let’s wait for him to come.

She’s indeed sick. She had planned to go to hospital in the afternoon. But when he called, she realized that this might be a chance for her to step into the Ye’s Villa.

As expected, in less than twenty minutes, someone knocked at the door. She just sat in the living room.

The knock lasted for quite a while before Venus finally stood up and walked slowly towards the door. The door opened and there stood Kerry.

“Mr Ye? How come you are here?” Venus asked in surprise.

Looking at her red face, pale and dry lips, Kerry frowned and said, “You are seriously ill. Why not go to the hospital!”

Venus turned around and walked inside the room. “I took some pills in the afternoon. Should be fine soon.”

“I called you but you didn’t answer.” Kerry followed her in.

Venus leaned her body, “Did you? Maybe it’s out of battery.”

Kerry walked into the living room and saw there were some pills and a glass of water on the table. He held the pills and asked, “It’s for cold. It won’t work well on fever. Who bought this?”

Venus sat in the couch, lifted her chin and closed her eyes, “The house manager bought it for me.”

“What’s your temperature?” Kerry looked at her weak body. The loose clothes made her seem even skinnier.

“Thirty-nine degrees. I didn’t pay much attention.”

Kerry got furious somehow, “Miss Chu, you should go to the hospital.”

“I don’t want to. I hate hospitals.” Venus refused coldly.

“Come on, let me take you to the hospital.” He felt he should be responsible for this.

Venus opened her eyes and begged poorly, “Please don’t take me there. I am really afraid of hospitals.”

“We must go.” Kerry turned down her request, “Do we need to bring anything?”

“Nothing. Everything’s in my bag.”

Kerry grabbed the handbag in the corner of the couch, came over to hold her arms and frowned, “Your temperature is too high! You will suffer a lot if you don’t go to the hospital.”

Venus walked weakly and thanks to his help she didn’t fall down. She pretended to be confused and said, “I am healthy all the time. How did I get sick? So strange!”

Kerry said, “Did you forget that you drank that night?”

“I drank?” Venus thought for a while, “Oh, I remember! I got drunk that night! Did anything happen after that?”

“No.” Kerry said hurriedly. “You just caught a cold that night. Don’t think too much. You need to recover now.”

Venus answered “Yes” and laughed in her heart.

Kerry, what are you hiding from?

Henry Zhang saw Kerry come down with a woman and hurriedly came to open the door.

“The hospital.” Kerry said.

After doing the blood test and taking the temperature, the doctor gave Venus a bottle of liquid to inject.

“Do I need to spend several days here?” Venus stared her eyes.

The doctor glanced at her, “If the fever can’t go away by tonight, you’ll have to stay here.”

“But I don’t want to.” Venus was upset, “My families are not here; no one’s taking care of me. Please use more medicine on me. I need to get well as soon as possible.”

The doctor was a bit angry. He hadn’t seen any patients like this before. “You can’t abuse medicine! Your families are not here, but you have friends here! Isn’t he your boyfriend?” The doctor pointed at Kerry and said.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 174 Honey-trap, get back to him (3)
“No,” Venus Mu clarified hurriedly, “He’s just my business partner.”

The doctor was a little bit embarrassed. In her case, it’s better to have a relative by her side to observe her temperature and do other things such as getting the medicine for her.

“Doctor, let me talk to her. Thank you.” Kerry Ye suddenly said.

The doctor glared at him then went out.

Kerry seemed to have thought for a while then he said seriously, “Miss Chu, I have a family doctor. You can go to my home to get treated, if you don’t mind.”

“Oh, is it too much for you?” Venus’s heart beat violently. She knew he would offer this and pretended to be calm.

“No, not at all. You are an important partner of our company and the most distinguished guest. Now that you are sick with no one by your side, I shouldn’t just stand by and watch.”

“But…” Venus showed some hesitation.

Kerry saw through her worries and said, “Miss Chu, don’t worry, I mean you no harm. I am just doing this for our business.”

“No, I am just worried that your wife might get upset when she finds out.”

Kerry was stunned for a while, with some sadness on his face. “I do wish she could find out and come back to me to yell at me. At least in this way, I get to see her and know if she’s doing well.”

Venus felt oppressed and lowered her head. She said nothing else. Why did you have to treat me like that knowing that you’re gonna miss me so much now?

Everything was so familiar on the way to Kerry’s Villa. Venus felt so dizzy but she couldn’t really fall asleep. She’s afraid that she might say something stupid while sleeping.

Doctor Han arrived as soon as he got Kerry’s call. John the butler and Mrs Qin were standing outside of the gate. Someone who looked like their madam would arrive soon, according to Henry Zhang.

It’d been a long time since the Villa was so lively last time.

When the car stopped, Kerry helped Venus out of the car. Everyone was stunned when they saw her, but they got so surprised when they saw her face.

“Thank you, everyone.” She said with a horse voice, with deep emotions in her heart. It was so dark when she left that night, worrying if they would be okay. At the moment, everyone was standing in front of her. What a warm scene to see! Everyone’s fine!

John the butler and Mrs Qin looked at each other. Henry was right, she looked exactly like their madam except her face.

“Have you arranged the room?” Kerry asked john.

“Yes, next to your room.”

Kerry nodded and helped her walk upstairs.

Everything was so familiar to her, the smell, the decoration and everything else.

She thought she was not attached to this place at all, it turned out she’ wrong. She had spent one year here, how could she not feel anything?

When she passed by Kevin Ye’s room, se couldn’t help turning her head to have a look. There used to be a warm gentleman living here, and finally chose to go to somewhere far away because of her ruthlessness.

When doctor Han arrived with the doctor’s prescription and the medicine, Venus was already in bed, with redness of unwell feelings on her face.

“Miss Chu, this is doctor Han.” Kerry introduced simply.

Venus nodded at him and said in a light voice, “Than you.”

Doctor Han smiled at her politely too. He heard that she’s from a big Hong Kong family, but he didn’t expect she could be so easy going.

“Please take care of her. Let her recover as soon as possible.” Kerry said.

“Yes, Mr Ye. Please leave us now.” Doctor Han asked him to wait outside.

Kerry turned to Venus and said, “Just let me know if you need anything.”

“Thank you Mr Ye.” she said.

Downstairs, three people were having a little chat.

“You have to admit that they do look alike!” John said excitedly, “Especially those eyes!”

“Yes, how come there are people who look so much alike!” Mrs Qin said while making porridge. “Is it possible that out young master…”

“Eh-eh!” Henry coughed to reminded her that Kerry’s coming, and Mrs Qin shut up immediately.

“John, send someone to look after her at night.” Kerry sat by the table and rubbed his temple.

John said yes then went out.

Mrs Qin served the food on the table and took a quick glace at Kerry. He seemed to care about this woman. If their madam would come back, is it possible that he would choose to be with this woman? She seemed quite nice.

It was midnight when Venus finished her bottled injections, and she was already asleep soundly.

Doctor took out the needle and touched her forehead to feel her temperature. She still had a little fever.

Out of the acute sense of doctors, Han found it a bit strange that Venus had such smooth skin. When he was about to get close and find out, the door was open and Kerry walked in.

Seeing Venus was asleep, Kerry asked in a low voice, “How is she?”

Han stood straight, “Her temperature dropped a little, but she still has a little fever.”

Kerry took a look at this woman and asked in surprise, “One night without blanket and she’s sick like this?”

Doctor Han said a few things to the servant and said to Kerry while they were walking out, “It’s just a cause. The main reason is that the place and food are making her uncomfortable. She just let it out.”

“I see!” Kerry closed the door, “When can she recover?”

“At least two days.” Doctor Han estimated.

Two days? So long?

He decided to work in the company this weekend. Thinking that she looked so much like Venus and she’s in his house at the moment, he’s afraid that he wouldn’t be able to control his feelings.

The next day, the sun was warm and bright.

After one night’s sleep, Venus felt so much better, but there’s still a little fever.

Doctor Han came in. After examining her, Han said mildly, “Miss Chu, you look so much healthier than yesterday. But you still need some bottles of injection today.”

“Thank you.” Venus was cautious about her behaviors and words. She could not be too naughty and lively as a lady of a rich family. Beside, Han was quite familiar with her, it’s better for her to be careful.

After a while, Mrs Qin came in with a bowl porridge. Venus felt so warm in her heart. Half a year had passed and Mrs Qin looked so much older.

“Miss Chu, doctor Han said you can eat some liquid food, so I made some potato and dates porridge. Please enjoy.”

Venus couldn’t refuse the kindness of such a nice old lady, so she took over the bowl and said, “Thank you, Mrs Qin.”

Mrs Qin was stunned, “You know who I am?”

Venus was dumbfounded by herself as well. She blamed herself in the heart how stupid she was. She explained hurriedly, “Oh, Mr Ye told me that if I need anything I could go to Mrs Qin. I guessed you are Mrs Qin.”

Mrs Qin smiled right away, “Yes, yes, if you want anything, just tell me.”

“Okay.” Venus dared not say anything else and just drank her porridge. She hoped Mrs Qin wouldn’t go to ask Kerry about this. She assumed she wouldn’t do this.

She’s safe for the time being.

After two bottles of injections, Venus said she wanted to go around. Han agreed.

Venus wore her shoes and the maid helped her out.

“go to attend your business. Let me walk alone.”

“But…” The maid was a bit worried. John had told her to watch her and look after her closely.

“I’ll ask for you if I need you.” Venus said coldly

The maid dared not disobey. She had to leave.

Venus was free finally. She looked around and saw no one. She went straight to the third floor. She heard from Han that Kerry went to the company, so she had nothing to worry about.

The walked to the third floor step by step and walked to the study. When she was about to get to the door, she heard a voice.

“Miss Chu, what are you here for?”

Venus breathe in cold air. John deserved his name of a good butler. He came and left with no sound.

“I want to have a look at this villa.” she answered calmly.

John said nicely, “Miss Chu, there’s nothing worth seeing on the third floor. The view was quite nice in the yard, why not go there?”

“What are in the third floor?” Venus asked in surprise.

“Young master’s study room, a movie room and a paint room.”

Venus was amazed, “A paint room” She had no memories of this paint room. When was it there?

“Yes.” after Venus disappeared, Kerry asked john to refurnish this room and made it into a paint room. It’s just, Kerry had never set foot in here again since it’s done.

Kerry hoped to surprise her when she should come back.

“Can I go in and have look?” Venus asked.

John was a bit embarrassed. “Sorry Miss Chu. No one is allowed in here without young master’s permission.”

Eh…well. So be it.

“Can I go to the study room to find a book?” Venus asked.

“sorry too, Miss Chu. Not allowed.” John answered with no emotion.

Venus was so angry. She smiled coldly, “Mr Ye has so many restrictions!”

“Sorry.” John apologized.

Venus took a deep look at the study room and left the third floor.

John was a bit confused. She looked like she came to the third floor on purpose, but why? There’s nothing valuable here.

When she came to the second room, Venus headed to her own bedroom. Then when she reached the gate, she realized that she’s not living here. So she hurriedly walked to the opposite direction.

Oh Lord! Luck that no one saw this. She hurriedly went back to her own room.

How terrible a person’s habit could be that it was still controlling her.

But she was curious what her bedroom had become of. Did Kerry throw away all her things?

When she came back to her room, she sat on the bed with her arms around her knees. She tried hard to enter this villa, how could she give up so easily? If she couldn’t make it, she would try next time. There must be a time when John couldn’t notice.

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