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Chapter 174: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 174 She’s My Student

Niu Wang understood as he looked at Colin’s expression again and helplessly shook his head, “I’ll try my best.”

Colin nodded, “Thank you very much, Dr. Niu.”

After speaking, Colin went home with the antidote.

Niu Wang looked at Colin’s back and he sighed unknowingly.

Nowadays in this society, the standard of living was high with advanced technology, everyone had been living in convenience.

The selfish nature had become more obvious. Perhaps nobody was willing to sacrifice himself for anyone.

Even if it’s the beloved ones!

Of course, it couldn’t be generalized, but such people usually were just small numbers.

And Colin happened to be one of these few people.

Back at the villa, Colin noticed that Doris was still sleeping. So he brought a glass of water and woke Doris up.

“Wake up, Doris. Let’s have your medicine. You can sleep again after you have your medicine.”

Doris woke up in a daze and whispered, “Husband….”

Seeing such a gentle Doris, Colin was felt with love and said warmly, “Come on, take the medicine. You’ll be fine after taking it.”

Doris leaned on the headboard while looking at Colin, and asked in disbelief, “How can there be such a nice thing?”

“And, what medicine is this? Why is it so black?”

“This is the antidote. You’ll be fine after taking this.”

Doris blinked and doubted that she had misheard.

Colin smiled and said, “This is really the antidote. I’ve asked Dr. Niu to run a test on it. Don’t worry!”

Seeing this, Doris obediently took the medicine.


Vanessa returned to Nina’s rental house and threw her backpack on the sofa, “What a hospital! It’s nauseating and they could even be the department head and director!”

Obviously, Vanessa detested the department head and the director.

“But why is that person so familiar? I seem to have met him somewhere?” Vanessa hadn’t thought of Colin’s identity and her memory was indeed quite bad.

After she finished complaining, Vanessa gave Nina a phone call and asked her to have dinner outside together.

Nina hung up the phone after agreeing. She looked at the empty chairman’s office beside her and was very worried. She had called Colin and he didn’t answer it. She couldn’t help but wondered what happened?

After getting off work, Nina and Vanessa went to a restaurant for dinner.

“You know, Nina. In the hospital where I was interviewed today, I met disgusting people, especially the department head and the director….” Vanessa complained again about it to Nina.

Nina couldn’t help but shook her head, “Then what happened to you? You can’t waste your medical skills in vain!”

“Ah, speaking of this, I remember one thing. After my interview, I seem to have met a married couple. The wife is poisoned and the husband has been staying beside her. He’s quite infatuated.”

“Moreover, they didn’t believe me, so he asked me to try it. Otherwise, his wife perhaps couldn’t survive anymore.”

Nina didn’t think much at that time, “Then you’re amazing! You have saved someone’s life. By the way, since you’ve saved someone, the department head can’t say that you’re inexperienced anymore, right?”

“Tsk, their expressions were as dark as the gloomy sky. They definitely won’t admit it!” Vanessa rolled her eyes.

Nina laughed, “After all, it’s their loss since they don’t want you.”

“Of course!” Vanessa was confident in her medical skills.

Both of them chatted while eating and on the second floor where they couldn’t see, someone was paying attention to them.

Ellie glanced at the two people below there with no expression.

But Walson smiled.

Ellie asked him upon seeing this, “You know them?”

“More than knowing her. She’s my student.” Walson said while looking at Vanessa.

Ellie looked at them again, “Is your student that good?”

Walson sneered, “Do you know why I’m the teacher and she’s the student?”

Ellie shut up.

Walson retracted his gaze, “You’d better act quickly. Otherwise, such a good opportunity will be gone.”

“I know it myself,” Ellie replied with a frown. If it weren’t for Walson who drugged her, she wouldn’t have done anything for Walson.

“Actually, if this plan works, you’ll be benefitted from it. After all, Colin hasn’t shared a room with Doris. You’re the first woman for Colin.”

Ellie was silent.

But to be honest, she’s quite excited. She also knew that Colin and Doris had been married for two years, but they hadn’t been actual married couple yet. This had given her an opportunity.

When the time comes, Doris should witness it by herself, so their feeling would be gone forever, right?


In the evening, Colin was awake, while Doris was still sleeping. So, he went out quietly.

He ordered takeaway, then called everyone back one by one.

The first one was Gerd. Gerd went to investigate about the glasses man afterward but didn’t find anything.

The second one was from Nina.

“Chairman, are you sick today?”

“I’m fine. How is the preparation for the land in the southern suburb?”

“The materials and funds have been prepared. We are just waiting for the auction in three days.” Nina replied.

Colin nodded, “Very good. By the way, I need you to pay attention to the information about the hospital. If possible, after the auction is finished, Marquis will consider investing in the hospital.”

After hanging up the phone, Nina was slightly confused. Why did the chairman suddenly consider investing in the hospital?

The problem is, they haven’t even finished dealing with the problem in Marquis. Wouldn’t it be bad if they invest again?

Since Colin didn’t explain, she also didn’t dare to ask further.

The last two phone calls were to Bald Liu and Jason. They had to keep looking for the people, but they didn’t need to rush anymore.

After dealing with the phone call, Colin turned and returned to the room.

“Wake up, Doris. Let’s have dinner.”

Doris woke up after hearing his voice.

“Hm? What time is it now?” Doris asked softly.

When Colin heard it, he felt as if there’s a feather tickling the tip of his heart, it tickled.

“It’s already past six. It’s time for dinner.”

After Doris nodded, she sat up, and stretched her waist, “I feel more energetic.”

She had been feeling weak and always be in low spirits before. But now, she felt that all that energy had returned.

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