Chapter 175 – 176: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 175: A deal

The Fifth People’s Hospital of Westriver.

Kris hailed a cab going straight to the hospital. The instant he got out of the taxi, he went directly toward the hall of the hospital.

The bishop’s lady arranged for Kris to be sent back from the Ice-Fire Island after assigning him some tasks.

On coming ashore, Kris made a dozen calls to Tianba Li, only to get no response.

It was Xuan Song who eventually answered his call.

When he learned that Tianba got more than forty stabs, well slashed up all over, great anger came through Kris.

On entering the ward, Tianba, who was completely covered in bandages, popped into his sight. But for his bright eyes, Kris would have thought that Tianba had been made into a mummy.


Seeing this scene, Kris’s eyes turned crimson with outrage.

“Tianba, I…I’m sorry, I am late…” A feeling of guilt beyond any word overwhelmed Kris, and deep remorse gripped him tight. Had it not been for the members of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult who carried him off, Tianba would be safe and sound.

Fortunately, maybe destined not to die at so young age, Tianba had survived such severe injuries.

But sadly, the doctor concluded that Tianba would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair despite his survival.

“Kris, how could a real man shed tears?” Tianba winked at Kris, his voice weak.

“You are the one who will shed tears!” Kris blinked his eyes, “It was blowing hard when I was on my way, and some sand went into my eyes.”

As they were in ICU, Kris was in a thick sterile smock. He turned to look at Xuan, who was standing beside the bed with her eyes red and swollen, “Sister, what happened? Who injured Tianba?”

Xuan let out a sigh and brought Kris to the corridor, “Last night at the Shepherd Bar, Tianba and I spotted that your wife was dating with another man. As we were in the adjacent booth, we caught that man drugging your wife. And Tianba went over to stop him and tried to free your wife, but…”

On hearing Xuan’s report of the incident, Kris froze still, swept up in a fury with his eyes turning crimson.

It was because of Mary Su that Tianba was slashed badly injured.

Wasn’t she live streaming at home?

How come she was hanging out with the other man?

Kris’s heart was filled with not only rage and bewilderment but also deep guilt and a sense of blame.

With that in mind, he took out his phone to ring Mary.

Seconds later, the call got through.

There was much noise coming from the other end of the line, and from that, he could easily conclude that she was shopping in a place with lots of people. At that instant, Kris’s anger got fueled up.

“Where are you?” Kris asked, forcing back his anger.

“Of course, I’m on the street.” Mary said coldly as the call got through, “Why are you phoning me?”

She was still angry with Kris, who had kicked her and her mother out when they went to the hospital to visit Kris’s father before.

“Haha!” Kris let out a sneer, “Shopping? Who are you hanging out with?”

Kris’s tone had somehow annoyed Mary, and she replied pettishly, “What does it have to do with you? How? Become grumpier from your prison experiences?”

“Listen, what really happened last night?” Kris could not help but fire questions at her loudly, “Do you know that? Tianba is still in the hospital because of you! And because of you, Tianba has almost lost his life! Tianba will have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, do you know?”

“Why are you shouting at me, Kris Chen?” Mary also became red with anger, “Does my meeting with my fans have anything to do with Tianba Li? It was him who poked his nose into my business, making trouble on others’ turf, and who else should be blamed for his being beaten up?”

Poking his nose into her business?

Ha ha…

Kris ended up laughing due to his extreme anger, “What a damn ‘poke his nose into your business’! I have never expected you should say such a thing. Tell me, what’s your fan’s name? “

“The name of my fan is Lang Shen, a young, affluent and handsome ‘New rich generation’ who buys me loads of virtual gifts every day. Are you satisfied now? Listen, never ring me again!” Mary also got a terrible mood then.

Kris was so infuriated that the blue veins in his neck protruded out, his voice extremely frosty, “Listen, Mary Su! If Tianba should be left crippled this time, then our relationship is done!”

With that, Kris snapped his phone shut and landed a punch on the wall of the hospital, causing the lime piece to drop rustling from the wall, the air around him brimming with intense killing intent emitted from his body.

Hearing the busy signal coming from the line, Mary trembled with anger, and her breast began heaving violently.

Which side was Kris on? Tianba Li was merely an outsider, yet Kris had scolded her harshly because of him!

A feeling of grievance nearly overwhelmed Mary, for it was the first time Kris had yelled at her like that since they got married 3 years ago.

Did she do something wrong? It was all for his being meddlesome that Tianba Li got slashed up. How could someone as nice as Lang be an evil person?

By that point, Mary had got thoroughly disappointed with Kris.

Kris hung up and strode outwards.

Seeing Kris’s emotion in an abnormal state, Xuan trotted to catch up with Kris, “Kris, where are you going?”

“Take revenge.” Kris spat out two words through his teeth, his voice icy.

In the final analysis, it was Mary who caused all that trouble. Though their relationships were bust in all but name, she was still his nominal wife.

From the perspective of both emotion and morality, he was supposed to avenge Tianba.

Xuan got panicked, grabbing Kris by the arm, “Calm down, Kris! Lang Shen was a member of the Shen family of Southeast City, an aristocratic family whose strength is well above those of common families. You are casting away your life if you should clash with Shen family.”

Shen family of Southeast City?

Kris gave her a smile and patted on Xuan’s hand to console her, “Sister, make yourself easy. I won’t act on impulse, and what you need to do is just to stay in the hospital and take good care of Tianba. I don’t care whether the Shen family is aristocratic or not. That damn Lang Shen, no matter how many stabs Lang had landed on Tianba, I will let him pay back ten or a hundred times as much as he did.”

As he finished speaking, Kris gently disengaged his hand from hers and turned to stride away.

“Kris, you…” Xuan stood there dully, and the next instant, tears welled up in her eyes!

It turned out that Tianba had not misjudged Kris, who is indeed a hero with great loyalty to his friends.

Nonetheless, Kris should stay rational when going the extra mile for his friend. And Shen’s family of Southeast City was definitely a behemoth. Thinking of that, Xuan stamped her foot in anxiety.

Kris walked out of the hospital before he took out his phone to call Kuizi.

Kuizi was one of the Holy Dragon Cult disciples who was promoted to deputy sub-branch leader by Kris two days ago. When Kris was away, it was Kuizi’s duty to run Kris’s affairs.

“Sub-branch leader?” As the phone was connected, Kuizi’s voice came through the line.

“Call up all our men.”

“Yes, sub-branch leader!”


It was 9 p.m. when the atmosphere in many major nightclubs had already been warmed up.

They were in the most luxurious box on the second floor at Shepherd Bar.

Lang was in a white leisure suit with his hair carefully brushed, and a middle-aged man with an unsightly face was sitting next to him. The two were having a nice chat while having some spirits.

Seated by Lang’s side, Mary was wearing a reserved smile on her face, which appeared a little unnatural and rather stiff if observed carefully.

She had thought she could spend some time alone with Lang, yet this middle-aged man joined them, making her a bit ill at ease.

Worse still, the middle-aged man kept eyeing her body up and down in an impudent manner.

The thinly veiled dirty look in his eyes made Mary feel awful.

Lang filled himself a glass of wine before he got up and said, “It is our great honor that Mr He should pay a visit to our club. Come on, I drink a toast to you, Mr. He! We shall get plastered tonight for this occasion!”

The unsightly middle-aged man was called Bugui He, who is a presbyter of Huashan School with a high position within Huashan School.

He was an honored guest for the Shen family.

Some days ago, Lang had just learned that Huashan School owns a wonderful pill that could raise practitioners’ training speed, the Spirituality-Enhancing-Pill!

He had made quite a few attempts before Bugui finally accepted his invitation. If Bugui should promise to supply him with Spirituality-Enhancing-Pill, the members of the Shen Family, at that time, will make a leap in their speed of training.

Bugui smiled, “Sir Shen is joking with me. We have such a close relationship, and there is no need for courteous sentences.”

Though saying so, he didn’t bother to get up. Instead, he turned to look at Mary who was sitting nearby, “Sir Shen, we haven’t met each other for long. When did you have such beauty accompany you?”

Lang was distracted for a split second before he laughed along with Bugui, “Mr. He, so long as you supply me with Spirituality-Enhancing-Pill, I will offer you a number of beauties as many as you want.”

“Ha ha, that will be a piece of cake for me.” Bugui clinked his glass with Lang’s, then settled his eyes again on Mary’s body, with less disguise and restraint this time.

Mary hurriedly got up and murmured to Lang, “Excuse me. I wanna use the restroom.” With that, she sped out of the box.

No sooner had Mary went out than Bugui turned to Lang, “Sir Shen, if you want Spirituality-Enhancing-Pill, this woman will be mine!”

Bugui was indeed a lecher.

And how could he give up such beauty as Mary?

The smile froze on Lang’s face, and he found it somehow difficult for him to make a choice,”Mr He, what about me giving you some other beauties? Or I’ll give you another two…or three? How do you like that?”

“I don’t think much of that.” Bugui shook his head as if it were a rattle, “I want her. If I can’t have her tonight, you’ll have to whistle for your Spirituality-Enhancing-Pill!”


Lang’s heart did a flip. The old dirty man was so persistent. He had just built some intimacy with Mary, not even getting a chance to hold her hand. Yet he had to send her onto the bed of another man?

He felt unutterably depressed, but he had no alternative. To get Spirituality-Enhancing-Pill, Lang had to say through gritted teeth, “Deal. I will dedicate that Mary Su to Mr. He!”

“That would be great, ha ha! So long as I can have sex with this woman, the supply of Spirituality-Enhancing-Pill for you Shen Family should count on me.” Overjoyed, there was an evil look in Bugui’s narrow eyes, “The woman is first-class in both look and shape, outshining those superstars I have had sex with.”

Lang nodded without saying a word, then fished out a packet of white powder and poured it into Mary’s glass.

Chapter 176: Blood for blood

At nine o’clock in the evening, in front of Shepherd’s bar. Hundreds of disciples of the holy-dragon cult were already gathered here waiting for orders. Headed by a bald-headed man with a bearded face, who was Kuizi, the deputy Sub-Branch Leader promoted by Kris!

A Mercedes-Benz 4S came over and stopped in front of everyone.

“Boss, everyone is here,” Kuizi hurried over to help Kris open the car door and said respectfully.

Kris nodded: “Well, you wait here now, I’ll go in and have a look.”

If so many people rushed in, maybe they would not find the man, but instead put themselves in danger.

Therefore, Kris decided to go ahead and find if the man was in the room or not. We have to admit that the business of this shepherd’s bar is very good. This bar had been popular just a few days after its opening, and it was even better than the other bars. At this time, it was the busiest time in the bar. The men and women on the dance floor embraced and twisted their bodies wildly. The ambiguous lights and loud music almost ignited the atmosphere of the scene. Kris frowned, to be honest, he didn’t like this kind of place. He thoroughly searched the dance floor and booth, but couldn’t find Lang Shen. After thinking about it, Kris walked towards the box on the second floor.

At the same time, Mary, encouraged by Lang, had already drunk that glass of fortified wine.

As soon as the wine was drunk, Mary felt dizzy, and suddenly a sense of weakness rose.

No, there was some problem with this wine.

Mary instantly noticed something was wrong. She bit her lips heavily and tried to keep herself awake.

At this time, Bugui from the side suddenly laughed aloud evilly, and he moved to her side and took a deep breath on Mary’s hair: “Hello, beautiful girl, are you drunk? Do you want me to help you?” Go rest in the room?”

“You… you get away,” Mary said.

Bugui He smiled, not only did he not walk away, but put his hands on her smooth face: “I didn’t expect you to be a little chili, your temper is so violent, I like it!” Mary was surprised and angry, wanting to get up and leave. But she found out that she couldn’t make any effort. What the hell is going on! “Lang, help me drive him away,” Mary said to Lang beside her.

Lang shook his head and said with a sigh: “Mary, this Mr. He, and he is a distinguished guest of the Shen family, he likes you so much, so you can sleep with him for one night.”


Mary thought she had heard it wrongly and looked at him in disbelief: “Lang, what did you just say!”

“I said, Mr. He is my distinguished guest, you will be with him for one night, and try to please him.” Then, Lang said, “I just added medicine in the wine you drank, so you had better not to resist, entertain Mr. He for me, and I will not treat you shabbily. As long as Mr. He is satisfied, I will give you 30 million as compensation.”

“You… how can you do this!” Mary looked at him desperately.

“Beauty, have you heard that? you had better serve me in earnest.” Then, Bugui hugged Mary, got close to her hair, took a deep breath, intoxicated, “Beauty, You smell so fragrant, I can’t help it.” “Back off, don’t touch me!” Mary’s was very regretful, she never thought Lang was actually so dirty. Tianba Li and others were right. Lang was not a good guy. Bugui laughed with pride and put Mary on his shoulder at once, and said to Lang: “Lang, I’m leaving, I’ll talk to you later!” Mary was completely desperate, now she was like fish on a chopping board for slaughtering. Thinking that she would be raped by this disgusting guy, she couldn’t help it any longer, and tears burst into her eyes. Lang nodded and said with a smile: “Enjoy yourself, please call me at any time!” “Okay!” Bugui nodded and was about to leave with Mary. “Wow!” At this moment, the door of the box was broken down from the outside, and a person rushed from the outside, took over Marry.

Kris was frightened and angry. He supported Mary with one hand and said angrily: “Why are you here?”


Seeing that the man was Kris, Mary felt ecstatic in her heart, and her tears rolled down. She seemed to have held the life-saving straw: “Kris, quickly… take me, take me out of here…” Kris looked in a bad mood. Although he was angry, he also realizes that it was not the right time for revenge. He helped Mary and took her away.

However, at this time, Lang stood up with a sneer, blocking Kris’s path: “Let go of the woman in your hands, get out now, I can act as if this hasn’t happened, otherwise…”

Otherwise what?

Kris’s eyes narrowed, and a burst of evil erupted from his body: “You are Lang Shen, right?”

“Yes.” Lang also recognized him at this time. He looked at Kris up and down and said with a sneer: “If I’m not wrong, you should be Tianba’s friend. Are you taking avenge for that loser?”



The anger in Kris’s heart was instantly ignited. He gritted his teeth and said: “Yes, today, I will have your blood for my brother’s blood!”

“Kris, what are you talking about?” Mary was anxious, and she quickly said, “Don’t be hard-mouthed. You really think you have stolen a lady’s underwear and stayed in jail, and you are a gangster? You are no match for them in the fighting. Take me out of here as fast as possible.” Mary couldn’t be more anxious. At this time, Kris was still pretending to be a hero and didn’t know dangerous it was!

Yesterday, even Tianba, who is so powerful, was ravaged by them. You are just an ordinary person, and you are no match for them.

“Blood for blood?” Lang seemed to hear the biggest joke. He held his belly and kept laughing, suddenly he stopped the laugh and clapped his hands heavily.

In an instant, twenty or thirty strong men rushed in from outside to surround Kris!

“Wait a minute, don’t do it first, it would be bad if my beauty was hurt by mistake.” At this time, Bugui, on the side said, he smiled and walked in front of Kris, said: “If you don’t want to die, give her to me, otherwise…” Boom! Before he finished speaking, Kris smashed him with a punch!

This punch was very quick and heavy before Bugui could react, he flew out and hit the wall heavily.

“Guy, you are looking for death!” Bugui got up from the ground, his nose was bleeding, his face got swollen like a pig’s head.

After a successful blow, Kris did not speak and protected Mary behind him. He silently repeated three times in his heart, and a spear appeared in his hand instantly!

“Seeking death? See who will die today!” After finished these words, Kris took a sudden big stride forward and threw the spear toward Lang!

“Come on now, kill him,” Lang shouted and stepped back.

When the words finished, dozens of big men rushed directly to Kris.

On the other side, Kuizi received a signal from Kris and took hundreds of disciples of the holy-dragon cult to the Shepherd’s Bar with their weapons!

“Sub-branch leader!”

“How dare you fight with our Leader!”

Nearly 300 disciples of holy-dragon cult rushed over with weapons! “Don’t let even one person go, I want all of them to die.”


As soon as the words finished, Kuizi rushed into the crowd with a broad sword and began to hack!

All the disciples of the holy-dragon cult were practitioners. In just two minutes, Lang’s men were all cut down to the ground. Bugui was hacked several times and whether he was alive or dead was unknown.

Lang crouched on the sofa in horror, panic-stricken! “Brother, this is a misunderstanding. I have nothing to do with Miss Su. I am a fan of her. Don’t misunderstand me!” Lang counted several hacks, but the wounds were not deep. In just two minutes, he felt like he was walking on the verge of death. That feeling was really terrible. He didn’t want to die!


Kris held the spear and walked to Lang with no expression on the face: “You said it a misunderstanding? My brother is still in the hospital, but you sucker said it a misunderstanding?!”

That being said, the spear punctured his thigh instantly!

“Poof!” Lang’s thigh was pierced! “How many hacks did you make for my brother, I will pay you back ten times!”

I don’t know how many times he stabbed, and Lang didn’t know how many holes in his body. He became a bloodied man at this time and passed out, but Kris didn’t stop! The disciples of the holy-dragon cult looked at Kris with a look of fear in their eyes. This incense master is too cruel, this is to abuse him to death!

Twenty minutes later.

Kris walked out of the bar, covered in blood. “Kris, wait …” Mary quickly caught up from behind, anxiously. In the bloody scene just now, she had already spit out the wine in her stomach.

At this point, the medicine effect in her body passed, and at least she could walk. Kris had a lot of blood on his body, and now he just wanted to take a shower and change the bloodstained clothes on his body. As for Mary’s yelling, he didn’t want to notice!

Seeing that Kris didn’t notice her, Mary gritted her teeth and sped up her pace; she grabbed Kris’s arm: “Kris, I’m sorry, it’s my fault, it’s all my fault, don’t go…”

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