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Chapter 175: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 175 Venus, I Want to Hear Your Voice (1)
After the drip in the afternoon, Venus Mu set out on her journey again.

Now at this time, John the Butler should be helping Mrs. Qin in the kitchen.

Taking advantage of the fact that there was no one around, Venus quickly ran to the door of the study on the third floor, and then gently opened the door.

“Click “, the study door opened.

So confident were Kerry and John the Butler that they hadn’t locked the door. But this was great for her.

She quickly flashed into the study.

Venus carefully rummaged through the drawers, and when she finished, she put them back intact. Kerry was too sensitive, so he could tell if there was any difference.

There was nothing in a few drawers. Venus found the bookshelf again, and still found nothing. She was anxious, but she suddenly saw a small black box with a combination lock on the top of the shelf.

Her heartbeat was fast. What were the important things that Kerry had to lock in the box? Could it be the treasure map?

It was placed too high, so Venus pushed the chair in front of the desk over. Before standing on it, she heard a loud noise outside the door downstairs, Kerry was back.

It was only five o’clock in the afternoon. Why did he come back?

Venus raised her head to look at the box and had to push back the chair, thinking I needed to keep my safety and looked for you next time.

Out of the door, Venus did not dare to stay, and rushed to go downstairs. When she just arrived at the second floor, she heard the sound of Kerry going upstairs. Now going back to the room was definitely not possible, so she could only pretend to go downstairs.

“Miss Chu? How’s it going?” Kerry was standing at the corner of the stairs, looking up at her in surprise.

“Much better. After being in my room all day, I want to go outside.”

Kerry turned around and walked down as well, “Then let’s go. I’ll accompany you.”

Venus thought it’s just okay. There were some things she couldn’t ask. However, she was now Yan Chu, it was easier to ask.

The two of them took a walk outside the villa. Venus felt chilly, so she wrapped her clothes tightly and said, “Thank you for taking me in, otherwise I would have spent a pitiful time alone in the hospital.”

Kerry face was calm and cold, “No need.”

“Originally, I planned a two-day trip to sky city, now it becomes a two-day trip to Ye’s house. Lol, but the scenery of your house is not bad,” Venus bobbed her head as if it was her first time here. She was full of curiosity, “Such a big place. Do you live alone? Where are your mom and dad?”

Kerry’ footsteps noticeably paused. His face became more and more indifferent, “They passed away many years ago.”

“Alas? I’m sorry. I didn’t know that.” Venus apologized.

“It’s okay. It happened many years ago,” Kerry said. He seemed to have remembered something, and gradually unfolded his eyebrows, “I still have a grandpa and a younger brother.”

Venus was really surprised now, “Grandpa*?” She never knew he had a grandpa.

Kerry glanced at her suspiciously, “Is it strange to have a grandpa?”

“No. What about the others?” Venus hid the surprise shown in her eyes.

“He’s recovering abroad since our parents died.” Kerry showed a little tenderness.

Oh, that was right. Then should I ask him how his parents died? Wouldn’t that be a rush? What if he suspected?

When she was hesitating, Kerry stood at the bench beside the lake with his slender fingers touched the spots on the bench, “In the summer, my wife likes to sit here and cool off.”

Venus’s heart pounded, not daring to look at his sad face.

Kerry seemed to realize that he had said a little too much, so he restrained the tenderness in his eyes, and lifted his feet to continue walking.

The summer wind carried heat. Even if it was in the evening, it was mixed with rolling heat.

Venus followed him slowly, unable to control her tumbling feelings, and asked him, “Do you love your wife very much?”

Kerry stopped and lowered his head to look at her, so focused that he seemed to be looking at someone else through her, and then she heard him say with deep emotions, “Yes, I love her very much.”

“Then why did she still leave you?”

Kerry’s eyes went cold, grabbed her by the arm, and asked in a stern voice, “How do you know she left me?”

Venus laughed bitterly, “Kerry, I have the reasoning of a normal person, okay? If you love her so much, then surely it wasn’t you who drove her away, then it was only her who left you. Wouldn’t I understand such a simple thing?”

Kerry abruptly let go of her arm. Was he too sensitive? He thought ……

“I’m just asking. Why did you get so angry and grab me so hard?” Venus rubbed the place where he had grabbed her, complaining.

Kerry was actually somewhat powerless as he stood in front of her at this point.

“It’s my fault.” He said in a deep voice.

“Of course it’s your fault.” Venus thought he was apologizing, only to realize a few seconds later that he was answering the previous question.

Sure enough, Kerry continued, “It’s my fault for doing a lot of things wrong to her. That’s why she left me, and this is my punishment.”

Hearing this, Venus’s eyes crawled over a touch of pain. She admitted that she just wanted to see him in pain and regret. Only then could she feel comfortable.

“You didn’t look for her?”

“I’ve searched everywhere I can to find her, and I haven’t found her.” Kerry raised his head to look at the distant blue sky, “Now, no matter where she is, my only hope is that she can live safe and sound.”

Venus had an inexplicable feeling of emotion, because Kerry had really changed a lot.

“I believe that she will live a good life.” Venus said firmly, seemingly comforting him, but actually comforting herself.

Kerry finally had a smile on his face, “I believe in it too. Let’s go. It’s time for dinner.”

The mask has been worn for two days and plus she was sick. When eating dinner, her face was already a little itchy, but she did not dare to touch her hands again, so she had to bundle her hair on both sides, being afraid that Kerry would see something strange.

After hastily eating a few bites of food, Venus said to him, “I don’t need a maid to take care of me tonight, since I’m used to sleeping alone.”

Kerry saw that she was better and nodded in agreement.

Back in her room, Venus locked the door and hurried to the mirror. The interface of her cheeks had begun to become red.

“Thanks to my long hair, or he would have seen it.” Venus said to herself as she put the water in the potion.

Soon, a transparent human skin was removed from her face, and in this place, Venus was a little nervous disclosing her face.

Making sure again that the door was closed, Venus lay down on the bed.

There was a picture of the one-month baby in her phone, with his big open clear eyes and bright laughter. The smile seemed to melt the glaciers of ten thousand years.

It was a picture that Venus had cried and begged for a long time before that mysterious boss agreed to pass it on to her.

Looking at the baby’s face, Venus instantly burst into tears.

Was he fine now? Was he crying? Did he forget her mother?

Venus dared not think about these issues, and when she did, she couldn’t stop crying and her heart ached.

She wasn’t a good mother, since she didn’t protect her child.

Venus buried her face in the blanket to suppress her crying, when the door rang at that moment.

“Miss Chu? Are you there?” It was Dr. Han’s voice.

Venus’s hands were busy drying her tears with the blanket, and she cleared her throat and asked, “Something wrong?”

“I’m going to do another test,” Dr. Han said simply.

Venus panicked, since he hadn’t said anything about this when he left this afternoon. He definitely couldn’t be allowed in now, because it took a long time to wear the mask.

“Doctor Han, I feel much better already and I’ll check again in the morning.”

Doctor Han outside the door thought she was taking a shower or something and didn’t want to let him in, so he didn’t think much of it. He had to say, “That’s fine, Miss Chu, Sleep tight.”

Venus lay on the door and listened to his footsteps disappearing before she let out a sigh of relief.

It seemed that spies were not everyone’s cup of tea, especially her, who accepted no training. Fortunately, she was trained to be stronger by Kerry before, otherwise, she would be surprised to death in minutes.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 175 Venus, I Want to Hear Your Voice (2)
At that moment, Venus remembered another thing, which was Kerry’s supernatural ability. What if he got interested at night and suddenly came through the wall?

But I didn’t think he was such a freak.

God blesses.

With such terror, Venus fell into sleep in a daze perhaps because she missed the baby too much. All night long she dreamed of the baby wailing at her, and she wanted to run over and hold him in her arms, but her feet felt as if they were shackled and she couldn’t run.

In the morning, Venus waked up in exhaustion, with her pillow damp.

In the morning, when she woke up, her pillow was damp. Kerry went to the office as usual, and Venus went downstairs after the drip, and saw John the Butler directing the servants to clean the swimming pool, and Mrs. Qin picking vegetables in the kitchen.

The small black box was still in its original place, but there were a few more documents on the desk, as if they were related to the company’s business, Venus was not interested in these, but moved a chair to take down the small box.

The small box was very light. When Venus shook it, there was really something inside. She got happy, sat on the chair and began to figure out the password.

What exactly would Kerry use as a password? If it’ was something expensive, it shouldn’t be his birthday, which was too easy to decipher.

Was it her own birthday? Venus was narcissistic, thinking it was impossible, but still unconsciously went to use the password. All four numbers were input correctly, but the little box didn’t move. It turned out that she really was too narcissistic.

What else could it be?

Venus frowned tightly. Some said books were only good until they’re used, and now she realized she really knew very little about Kerry. In case he used a password related to his parents on a whim, she didn’t know anything about it.

Seeing that the secret was right in front of her, but she couldn’t open it, Venus was so anxious.

No matter, try randomly one.

Four sixes, four eights, four zeros ……


Shit, what did you enter? It was on?

Venus looked in surprise, 0428. This seemed to be …… their wedding day.

Venus was confused for a few seconds. How could she subconsciously enter this number? Secondly, she was also shocked by Kerry, who used the wedding day number as a password?

Tremblingly opening the lid, Venus’s full expectations were shattered. There were two red marriage certificates lying quietly inside. Other than that, there was nothing.

This guy actually locked the marriage certificate inside. Was he so childish?

There was no wonder that he would use that number as password. However, it would also be so……

Venus actually felt like laughing and crying at the same time as she looked at the small red marriage certificates.

It was a surprise for her to find nothing.

Exasperated, she covered the small box, messed up the code, and left it intact at the top of the bookshelf.

Where else would it be?

Venus clasped her hands in front of her chest, with her eyes searching every corner of the study. For such an important thing, of course, it would not be found easily. Besides the study, was there any other place in this villa that was secret?

Forget it, it was not easy to get in here once. I would search again. What if I could find something?

Venus opened the drawer again. Nope. The cabinet again. Still nothing …… Wait, what was this?

A piece of overgrown paper was pressed underneath a stack of papers. With a little effort, Venus pulled it out. The paper was closed, and once she had it in her hand, she felt a sense of familiarity.

As if she had seen this somewhere before as it was slowly opened.

Venus even stopped breathing. Wasn’t this …… the design that she lost?

Why was it here?

She obviously lost it in the hotel. How could Kerry get it?

A terrible thought came to her mind: could the person that night Kerry?

No, it couldn’t be. Zihang Lu said that she was betrayed to Hao Nangong, and Hao Nangong admitted it. But why ……

Venus became confused, but she still remembered that she couldn’t stay here for long.

Putting the design on the far side, Venus muddled up and ran out of the study.

For the entire afternoon, she had been thinking about the whole thing.

If she was Venus now, she could rush to Kerry and ask him why the design was here, but now it was so ridiculous, she was Yan Chu.

She couldn’t ask anything.

Even if the person who was in the hotel that day was Kerry, what would it change for her? Nothing can be done. The damage had been done and the ending was still the same. It was just that the hatred in her heart would be more, on Hao Nangong, and more on Kerry.

During the evening meal, Venus was concerned about something, so her eyes always involuntarily attached to Kerry. However, the memory was vague, so she had forgotten the general appearance of that person in the hotel.

It was okay to look once or twice, but if you looked more, Kerry would be aware of it.

When Venus’s eyes again aimed at Kerry. He felt that, and Venus quickly looked around.

Kerry felt a little baffled and asked her, “Miss Chu, do you have anything to say?”

“Ah …… “Venus hesitated and thought of a reason, “Dr. Han said I’m fine and I’ll go back to the hotel tomorrow.” Although staying here was convenient, but it was too dangerous. If you were not careful, you would be torn apart.

Also, Kerry seemed to be deliberately avoiding her, which was not a good sign.

Kerry’s eyes became gloomy a bit and didn’t refuse that, “Fine, I’ll drop you off at work tomorrow.”

“I really have to thank you this time. How about this? When I’ve fully recovered, I’ll treat you with dinner. Don’t refuse me.” Venus said with a smile.

Kerry also laughed lightly, “Then I have to think about what to eat?”

“Lol, what haven’t you eaten in Sky city, as the president of Yehuang Group? Well, I’d like to see how expensive restaurants you can pick.”

“Then it’s a deal. Don’t take back your words and I’ll call you when I book.”

Venus pretended to pat her purse, “Don’t worry, I can still pay for that.”

Two of them laughed and chatted. John the Butler in the side looked and became satisfied. For a long, Kerry had not laughed like this.

In the early morning, Venus left in a black cayenne. Looking back at the villa in the morning light, she had a hunch that maybe soon, she would return here again, because what she was looking for had not yet been found and the biggest secret of this villa had not yet been revealed.


After going back to the hotel, Venus opened the computer to search for all the information related to Kerry’s parents.

However, unfortunately, the network all the information was only about their death due to an accident, but there was nothing about how they died. There were even few words about Kerry’s grandpa, once at the helm of Ye family.

The internet was so powerful. According to the Ye family’s family history, there should be curious people searching for the secret, but surprisingly there was nothing, which was very abnormal.

It seemed that either Kerry was tampering with it, or someone with ulterior motives didn’t want the world to know the real cause of his parents’ death, so they hid it.

What exactly happened back then?

Venus’s brain was in a mess. She was too stupid and only good for drawing. This kind of matter really didn’t suit her. The most crucial thing right now was to get Kerry to fall in love with her, so she can ask more questions. However, she couldn’t be too aggressive, and could only wait for his call.

Just thinking of this, her phone rang. After picking it up, Venus directly jumped up from the sofa.

She quickly answered, “Hello?”

“How’s it going? Dear Miss Mu?” The man’s pleasant voice came over the phone.

“It’s going well. Where’s my baby? I want to see the baby.” Venus said anxiously as she heard a baby babbling there.

“Oh, the baby is fine. He’s dancing and laughing by my hand.”

Venus’s eyes immediately got w*t, “Can I see him? Just one picture, please? Please.”

“No. That’s no good. If you want to see the baby, how about getting what I want back? Is there any important information?” The man asked.

Venus recalled Kerry’s words and said, “Kerry has a grandfather who is recovering abroad.”

The man seemed surprised, “That old man is actually still alive? Lol, fine, fine. Get his address, and I will pay a visit.”

Of course Venus knew that the visit he was talking about wasn’t that simple, and while she didn’t want to hurt the old man who had never seen him before, there was no way she could let the child get hurt.

“I see. Can you let me see the child? Just a glance.”

“Beep” What in response to her was the cold machine voice.

Venus’s tears rolled down. She was too angry that she wanted to throw the phone on the ground. What sin did she do in her last life? Why did she run into this bastard Kerry, If she hadn’t met him, her child would have been the happiest baby in the world.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 175 Venus, I want to hear your voice (3)
Yehuang Group

When Kerry Ye was listening to the vice president report work, he suddenly sneezed, so the vice president made fun of him, “It seems that someone is missing Mr. Ye.” (It’s said in China that when one sneezes, it means that someone is missing him or her.) After being stared at by Kerry, he began to report in a serious way again.

“Keep a good relationship with the government. Besides, associated certificates should be dealt with as soon as possible. The project must be finished on time. Hong Kong people values high efficiency.” Kerry looked indifferent.

The vice president laughed and said helplessly, “Mr. Ye, the city government only respects you. If we go there, we can’t even meet the man.”

Kerry stared at him, “If you visit more, won’t you get more acquainted?”

The vice president didn’t speak. He actually didn’t have any time to do that. Besides, it’s not that he wanted visit that he could visit.

“Forget it, tonight at Tingyuxuan Restaurant. I’ll go there in advance.”

“Good, do it right away.”

After he left, Kerry suddenly thought of what he had just said. Was anyone missing him?

He hoped that it was Venus.

At the table, there were all of executives of each department. No matter how arrogant Kerry was, he also needed to ask others to help him. After a while, he flushed because of wine.

“Director Zhang, I promise that our company will follow the environmental laws.” Kerry then patted his chest.

The director with glasses laughed, “Oh my, I certainly trust you. Send me the documents tomorrow, so I can sign for you. You’re also contributing to the development of our city, which we must support.”

“Good, thank you…”

After a meal, everything was settled down, and Kerry was also drunk and groggy.

Henry helped him into the car. Everyone saw his gloriousness, but who would have thought that he also needed to please others?

Kerry huddled on the back seat, thinking about Venus.

“Venus… Venus…” He mumbled, with a strong sense of miss and sadness.

Henry felt sad for him. He had gotten drunk because when he was sober, he would not call young lady’s name so blatantly. Only when he was drunk would he let himself go for a moment.

Kerry took out the phone, dialing that familiar number, but there came a stiff female voice, “Sorry, the number you’ve dialed is no longer in service.”

Hanging up the phone, he saw another person’s name and dialed it accidentally.

Venus was about to go to bed after showering, but her phone rang. It was surprised to see it’s from Kerry. It’s so late, why did he call her?

As soon as it was connected, she heard the husky voice over there, “Venus…”

Venus stiffened. Did he know that?

“Venus… Venus…Talk to me, please…”

After listening for a while, Venus realized that the guy was drunk, and she relived.

“Mr. Ye, you’re drunk.” She said calmly. “I’m not. Venus, talk to me, okay? I feel so bad…”

Venus trembled, and for the first time, she called his name, “Kerry, what do you want to say?”

“Anything. I just want to hear your voice.”

Venus looked up at the ceiling. anything? She noticed a fashion magazine on the table, asking him, “Is it okay if I read a magazine?” “Yes, sure.”

Venus opened the magazine and then her soft voice came into Kerry’s ears.

Maybe he knew that the person over the phone was not Venus, but he was so painful that he wanted to numb himself by her voice, even just one night.

Kerry, like an obedient student, didn’t disturb her.

He finally fell asleep until the magazine turned to page four when Venus could hear his steady breathing.

Venus hung up the phone and threw the magazine away, drinking some water.

It was much better than the history book he had read to her last time. And if the next time…

Venus was frightened by her own subconscious thought. Next time? No way. She didn’t want to lie next to Kerry and listen to what he was reading, even if it was her favorite novel.

Now, what she needed to think about was how to answer him when he called to apologize next day.

In the morning, Kerry woke up, thirsty, also with a severe headache, which was the price of drunkenness.

He got into the bathroom and took a shower to refresh himself.

When he came downstairs and ran into Henry, he gave Kerry a strange look and said hello, “Young master, good morning.”

“Yeah.” Kerry drank water as he walked towards the kitchen, “Did you get all those people back safely last night?”

“Yes.” Henry took another glance at him, but this time, Kerry sensed that something was wrong and asked, “If you have something to say, say it.”

Henry hesitated, “Young master, just take a look at your phone.”

Kerry was confused and took out his phone from his pocket. Turning it on, he found that the interface was still the call interface. When he saw the topmost one, he stopped.

Why did he call Yan Chu last night? And the call lasted 16 minutes…

Kerry looked up at Henry, eyes full of incredulity. He couldn’t remember anything.

“Me?” He asked Henry in surprise.

Henry nodded, not knowing what expression to use, “You were drunk last night and kept…mumbling young lady’s name. Then you called Miss Chu and said you wanted to hear the voice…”

Kerry rubbed his forehead. Jesus, how did this happen?

“Then why did the call take so long? Did I say anything weird?”

“You didn’t say anything and Miss Chu seemed to be reading to you, and then you fell asleep.”

Kerry was completely speechless. This was too humiliating. Last time he forcefully k****d her, and this time he called her after drinking, and she also agreed to his request…

Why had everything been going off track since she appeared?

He didn’t want to be interested in any woman other than Venus, but she was so like her in every aspect.

“Young master, shouldn’t you make a phone call…” Henry interrupted his thoughts with a kind reminder.

Kerry glanced at him, Zhang He so Henry immediately disappeared.

Never mind, he’d better call and apologize first. He found that he was always apologizing to her.

Pressing his temples, Kerry thought for a moment and dialed the number.

“Hello?” Venus’s clear and pleasant voice came over, “Hi, Mr. Ye woke up quite early.”

Kerry heard the ridicule in her tone and relaxed his tension, “I drank a little too much last night. I’m sorry.”

“You drank not only a little. It was too much.”

“I’m really sorry to bother you,” Kerry apologized.

Venus seemed to be happy, “It’s fine. It’s rare to see Mr. Ye act in that way. And it’s my honor. Besides, it’s not bad to be able to comfort a heartbroken person with just my voice.”

Kerry was relieved to hear that she was not angry, “Thank you for your understanding.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll hang up first, I’ve got some work to do now.” “Okay, bye.”

The man who said he was busy was actually sitting leisurely in a café enjoying her food. She didn’t believe that Kerry would not be moved by such a generous and lovely woman who was so like his wife.

Sometimes, thinking about it, Venus feels so sad. She was his wife, but she pretended to be another woman to seduce him. What’s wrong with herself?

Walking out of the café, Venus headed towards Mu’ s Group and wondered if her cruel uncle had taken the company back after her brother’s death.

It was already past the rush hour, and Venus stood at the entrance of the company building, feeling uncomfortable.

The company was founded by her parents and developed by her brother. But now, none of them was there. If she knew this, she definitely wouldn’t have studied design, but business or economics, so that she could not let her uncle take the company away.

Standing there for a moment, Venus stepped inside. The clean marble floor, the huge golden chandelier, and the huge drawing of a classical Chinese lady on the wall were all familiar.

The lady at the front desk saw that she was dressed not like a normal person, so she kindly asked, “Miss, who are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for…I’m looking for Tianye Mu.” Venus endured the pain in her heart.

She was visibly stunned for a few seconds, then said, “Miss, I’m sorry. Mr. Mu has already left the country and he is not in the company. May I know your name?”

Everyone said that her brother was not in this country.

“I’m his old friend and I’ve just returned from overseas.” “Oh, I see, I’m sorry.”

Venus hesitated and continued to ask, “Then is Mr. Mu’s uncle, Mr. Changrui Mu here?”

The lady saw that she knew Mu family so well, and couldn’t help but respect it a bit, “Mr. Mu stopped holding any position in the company long time ago.”

Hearing this news, Venus was confused. Then company’s matter…

“Miss, what else can I do for you?” She asked politely.

“Who is the current general manager? I want to see him.” Venus’s expression was serious.

The lady at the front desk didn’t dare to casually answer, but couldn’t say too much about company, “Miss, our general manager is Mr. Jack, invited by Mr. Mu, but I’m afraid that you can’t see him today without an appointment.”

Jack? Was the head of the management team that her brother had hired?

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