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Chapter 175: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 175 Why Are You in My Bedroom?

The antidote really worked.

Doris took off the blanket, revealing her smooth calf under her nightdress. Colin looked straight.

Then Colin felt a familiar feeling of dizziness, but he immediately returned to his sense. He tried to calm down and said, “I’ll go down and see if the takeaway has arrived.”

Doris nonchalantly took off her nightdress and changed boldly. After she got changed, she went out of the bedroom.

“Husband, is the takeaway here?”

Colin’s heart skipped a beat when he heard her voice, but he couldn’t tell what’s strange.


Doris responded briefly and turned on the TV vividly to watch the TV series.

Soon after the takeaway arrived, both of them had dinner and continued watching TV.

That night, Colin didn’t sleep together with Doris. But Doris suddenly came over.

“My husband, why are you sleeping in the next room?”

Colin breathed hard upon hearing that, “Doris, you…”

Doris blinked her innocent eyes, “Aren’t we a married couple? Doesn’t a married couple sleep in the same room?”

Colin suppressed his excited heart, “My wife, you just recovered. It’s not appropriate. Let’s wait for a while!”

Doris blinked upon hearing that, “Does sleeping have anything to do with my health? Moreover, I feel healthy!”

Colin gasped. Did he think too much?

As he looked at Doris’s clear and bright eyes, she completely didn’t mean that way. Colin was dispirited.

“Let’s sleep together, then!” Colin agreed with a smile.

So, Colin and Doris shared the same bed again. But they’re just sharing the same bed without doing anything.

The next morning, after Colin woke up, Doris was also awake.

But when Doris woke up, she was slightly confused.

“What’s wrong?” Colin asked.

Doris glanced at Colin and asked in alert, “Why are you in my bedroom? What have you done last night?”

Colin was speechless for a moment.

“Doris, didn’t you ask me to sleep together last night? Moreover, we didn’t do anything.”

Doris frowned, “Really?”

Colin’s strange feeling grew stronger upon seeing this but he missed the point.

“Well, I’ll buy breakfast for you before going to the company.”

After Colin finished speaking, he left the room.

Doris then mumbled, “Since when did Colin have a job?”

After Colin bought the breakfast, he put it in the dining room, and gave a few words to Doris before driving to the company.

After Colin arrived at Marquis, he went over the materials of the southern suburbs and handed them to Nina.

“Contact this person, tell her that I need her help. Then, contact the chairman of those five groups and invite them to meet me.”

Nina didn’t pay attention when Colin gave her the contact information. She only nodded and left.

After leaving the room, Nina used the office phone to dial the number. Then, she vaguely felt that the number was so familiar.

The phone connected and Nina heard a familiar voice.



“Nina? Why are you calling me with a landline? You are so idle!”

Nina now recalled what Colin had instructed her earlier and immediately understood. Those five chairmen were poisoned and Vanessa could detox them.

But how did Colin know Vanessa?

“Uhm, our chairman wants to ask a favor from you.”

“Huh?” Vanessa was shocked, “I don’t know your chairman. Why is he asking me for a favor? Say, are you the one who told him?”

Nina replied helplessly, “How can I know how he has your contact information? Anyway, the favor that the chairman might ask you, should be to detoxify some people.”

“Detox?” Vanessa immediately remembered, “So, the person from the hospital is your chairman?”

“Huh?” Nina was surprised. She recalled what Vanessa said yesterday and suddenly understood. Yesterday Colin accompanied Doris to the hospital. No wonder he didn’t answer the phone and didn’t come to Marquis.

“Okay! I see that he’s quite good, I’ll just reluctantly agree. Did he say when?”

“I’ll contact you for a specific time.” Nina returned to her sense.

Both of them chatted for a while before hanging up the phone.

Nina suddenly felt complicated. It turned out that it was Colin and Doris whom Vanessa met yesterday. But was Doris in such a serious condition?

After thinking for a long time, Nina managed her mood and called those five chairmen.

In the afternoon, Vanessa and the five chairmen arrived at Marquis.

Since the space was huge enough inside the chairman’s office, it wasn’t crowded for five of them, with Vanessa and Nina.

Trigg, the chairman of Yueya Group, asked Colin humorously, “Chairman Ward, your purpose of calling us here is….”

Colin glanced at Vanessa, “This lady is a doctor. Let her check for the poison in your body.”

Five of them were shocked and at the same time, their face was beaming with joy.

They are considered as the best figure in Tianbei City. Who would want to be controlled with drugs? If the poison could be detoxified, they didn’t need to be controlled by Walson anymore.

Vanessa rolled her eyes and pouted, “You’re talking as if I’m your subordinate!”

Although she sounded reluctant, she’s willing to do it honestly.

“Come on, give me your wrist.”

Trigg glanced at Colin before stretching out his wrist.

Vanessa took Trigg’s pulse and her expression looked normal.

The remaining four people were surprised upon seeing this.

“Is she taking his pulse?”

“Oriental medicine?”

“Is there such a young oriental medicine practitioner these days?”

Vanessa remained unmoved but she frowned, then she let go while looking at the other person.

Seeing this, he immediately stretched his hand and let Vanessa check his pulse.

After examining all five of them, Vanessa said, “My teacher has studied about this poison before. I can cure it.”

“It’s good!”

“Very good!”

All those five chairmen cheered.

Colin also let a sigh of relief. As long as their poison was cured, then Marquis wouldn’t have to receive a penalty from those groups, which was also good news for him.

“Thank you for your hard work,” Colin said lightly.

Vanessa hummed, “You can just pay me.”

“No problem. You can just let Nina know the amount.”

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