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Chapter 176: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 176 Suspicion after Revealing Flaws (1)
“When is he free?”

“Sorry, you’ll have to ask the manager’s secretary about that. If you’re in a hurry, you can leave your contact and I’ll tell the secretary.”

Venus shook her head, “No need, I’ll come back next time.”

Walking on the entrance of the company, Venus looked back at the towering building and thought, she didn’t need that much money, since her brother had left her enough, and she wouldn’t be able to manage the company, so maybe this was the best end, Mu’s Group enterprise was no longer hers, but as long as it could survive for a long time and continued to create value, the efforts of her parents and brother won’t be in vain. It would be enough to support the people who work here.

While going downstairs, a man rushed over, and before Venus could dodge, he knocked her to the ground with a thud.


Venus’s heart was touched. She had just mentioned him and now she saw him, what a coincidence.

Raising her head, Venus was surprised. It had been such a long time since they had seen each other, the once handsome uncle Changrui Mu had actually had grey hair and looked a dozen years older.

Changrui was surprised to see her face, then said, “I thought it was that girl who had come back.” Without saying no apology, he went straight in again.

Venus was furious, “Hey, won’t you say sorry if you knock someone down?”

Changrui turned back and mocked, “Little girl even has quite a temper. Haven’t your parents taught you to speak politely to the elders?”

“Only if the elder is worthy of respect,” Venus sized him up and said deliberately, “Do you think you’re worthy of my respect, uncle?”

Perhaps this sound of “uncle” upset Changrui, so he suddenly became furious, “Uncle? Are you blind? Who is the uncle?”

Venus was not willing to show her weakness. Once she was just too submissive to this elder, so she was deceived by him in various ways.

“Alas! Is there someone else here?”

Changrui was over fifty years old. And he didn’t own the company, and his wife abandoned him. There was even a mistress with a baby asking for money every day. He really ran out of way out.

Now when this woman said he was old, he suddenly remembered those dirty words from the mistress. He became furious. Regardless of the grace, he initiated a quarrel with Venus, “little girl, what are you talking about?”

“It’s normal for me to talk. Uncle, even if you’re old and blurry-eyed, you can’t hit someone and refuse to apologize,” Venus said angrily, as she saw a number of passers-by casting their eyes over. Not wanting to attract attention, Venus patted the dust on her body, “Such an unlucky day. Uncle, I advise you to go out carefully in the future, since there are a lot of cars on the road. “

“Hey, little girl, who are you cursing?”

“I didn’t curse anyone. I was just kindly reminding you. Good-bye!” Venus went down the stairs with her bag.

“Stop right there!” Changrui shouted from behind. Seeing that Venus was still walking forward, he took a few steps forward to go after her. Before he was about to tug on her arm, he was fiercely blocked by a woman.

Changrui stopped and glared angrily at the woman blocking his way, “Who are you? Why are stopping me?”

The woman wore a pair of large sunglasses, flaming red l**s, a fitting camouflage t-shirt camouflage loose pants, and a pair of high heels, with ten toes exposed, all small and delicate, and painted with bright red nail polish.

The woman cupped her hands in front of her chest and scoffed, “How about you apologizing for the girl?”

Changrui was shocked by the woman’s power, but he did not want to lose face. He still argued, “What’s the business with you?”

The woman snorted coldly. “Come on. If you dare to touch her today, I’ll let you know how the word of justice.”

Changrui saw that this woman was not easy to fight again, so he glared at her and said nothing and ran away.

Venus worshipped this beauty at this time. She liked this kind of chivalrous woman who gave a helpful hand for the most in her life. Suddenly she was so fond of her.

“Thank you, lady.” Venus quickly came up and said.

The beauty took off her sunglasses, revealing her beautiful eyes, with a heroic spirit between her eyebrows. She smiled and looked at Venus, “How feeble you are. How can you stand when you run into this kind of man?”

Venus was surprised by her beauty for a few seconds and smiled in a daze, “I didn’t want to get into trouble and he’s old ……”

“It’s because of people like you that there are more and more unreasonable people.” The beautiful girl said as she walked towards her car, “Okay. When you come across this kind of thing in the future, be tough. Don’t be bullied and cry afterwards.”

Venus nodded in agreement, “Lady, let me treat you with dinner.”

“No need. I have things to do in Sky City.”

Venus heard the implication of the words and asked quickly, “Aren’t you from Sky City?”

“No, What’s wrong?” The lady arrived at the car and leaned on the carriage and asked her with a smile.

Venus answered quickly, “I’m familiar with Sky City. If you want to do something, maybe I can help.”

The lady looked at her, “I’m just saying some words for you, and you don’t have to thank me so much.”

“It’s a small thing for you, but a big thing for me.”

In the meantime, the beauty frowned, thought about it and said, “Well, it just happened that I’m looking for someone who isn’t very easy to find. I might make it with less time with your help.”

“Sure.” Venus stretched out her small white hand, “Hello, my name is …… Yan Chu.”

The lady also reached out to hold her hand, “Hello Yan Chu, I’m Xiran Xiao.”

“What a lovely name.” Venus sighed honestly.

“Let’s go. Get in the car.”

After communication for a while, Venus knew that Xiran had a friend who was sick, and she came to Sky City to find an old doctor who had long retired. She wanted to see if she could help her friend. However, she only knew the name of this doctor, and nothing else.

After hearing this, Venus admired Xiran even more and couldn’t help but looked at her with admiration.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Xiran turned around to look at her and asked with a smile.

“You’re so nice to your friends.” Venus sighed forlornly. Her friend was all about counting on her.

Xiran smiled covertly, “Maybe, because he’s a handsome guy.”

“Lol, is that so? Let me meet him sometime.” Venus said without thinking, and only after saying that did she feel a little rash. Would it be rude for someone who only met for the first time?

Xiran felt her regret and comforted her, “Okay, but he’s not in Sky City. When you have time to go to G City, I’ll take you to meet him.”

Venus was comforted. She was more and more affectionate with Xiran. This was the first time she had this kind of feeling towards someone. She always felt that there was a kind of magic in this woman, which attracted people closer.

“Didn’t you say you were familiar with Sky City? Then help me look for this doctor.”

Venus took out her phone. As for finding someone, Kerry was the expert.

When Xiran said just now, she instantly thought of Kerry.

Venus apologized, “I’m sorry. I just lied, I’m actually not too familiar with Sky City, but don’t worry, I have a friend who will definitely be able to help, I’ll call him now and ask him.”

Xiran smiled bitterly. She was really interesting.

In the conference room of Yehuang Group.

The meeting was going on in a serious atmosphere, but Kerry’s phone suddenly rang. He was going to hang up, but when he saw the incoming call, he signaled for everyone to continue but he went out to answer the phone.

“Hey, Mr. Ye. I’m begging you for one thing.” After the call was answered, Venus said straightforwardly.

“What is it?” Kerry had a pleasant voice and a hint of gentleness in his eyes.

“I have a friend who is looking for a retired doctor in Sky City. Can you help?”

Kerry agreed without thinking, “Send his name to my phone.”

“Okay, thank you.” After saying that, without a word of nonsense, Venus hung up the phone.

Kerry was stunned for a few seconds. Seen from her attitude, she really didn’t treat herself as an outsider anymore?

Xiran watched her finish texting and tried to ask, “Is this Mr. Ye you’re talking about Kerry from Yehuang Group?”

“Yes. Do you know him?” Venus didn’t avoid anything, nor did she need to.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 176 Suspicion after Revealing Flaws (2)
Xiran shook her head. “I don’t know him, but just heard about him, a very powerful person.” From this, Xiran was somewhat impressed with this so-called Yan Chu. She didn’t expect that the naive girl would actually know someone so famous in Sky City, and she was not polite in when asking for help. It seemed that this Yan Chu had a powerful background.

“So now what? We don’t need to be wandering around Sky City. We can find him until Kerry sends a message?” Venus asked for her opinion.

“Fine.” Xiran parked her car in front of a coffee shop nearby.

After a cup of coffee, Xiran had a general understanding of Yan Chu, who turned out to be a rich lady from Hong Kong, but she was not pampered at all. On the contrary, she was very open-minded, which was very much to her liking.

The two women liked each other. Talking from traveling to hobbies, soon, they ignited a spark of friendship.

While Xiran was talking about her hiking expedition to a primitive forest, Venus’s phone rang, and it was from Kerry.

“Mr. Ye, did you find it?” Venus asked evenly.

“I found it, and I sent it to your phone.”

“Ah, thank you. I told you can find it.” Venus said smilingly.

“Call me again if you have any problem.”

“Okay, bye.”

Hanging up the phone, Venus saw a message on her phone attaching with an address, which happened to be an address she knew.

“Let’s go.”

Xiran did not expect things to go so smoothly, and was in a good mood, “It looks like I went out and met someone with a powerful background today. I had been worried about finding it when I came to Sky City.”

Venus smiled from her deep heart. It had been a long time since she had chatted with a girl in her age like this, and it felt so good to have a friend.

Venus intimately took her arm and smiled gently, “You’re the one who’s precious to me. Hurry up and go. I’ll buy you dinner after finding him.”

After arriving at the destination, she knocked on the door, Xiran took the thick medical records and went in, while Venus waited at the door. This was the privacy.

After waiting downstairs boringly in the community for more than half an hour, Xiran dejectedly came out. She showed a helpless smile.

Venus understood what it meant, so she didn’t ask her about the result, but just went up to hold her and said, “Don’t be discouraged. There are so many doctors in this world, and your handsome friend will be fine in the end.”

“I hope so.”Xiran sighed. In fact, she just came over to try, after hearing that this retired doctor had was excellent in treating vegetative patients. She never thought that he was helpless after reading the medical records.

In order to comfort Xiran, Venus found the most distinctive restaurant in Sky City. Nothing couldn’t be solved after a meal.

After eating, Xiran was going to return to G City. Venus was a little reluctant, “I feel like I’m going well with you, and I didn’t expect to have to part with you so soon.”

Xiran also found this little sister very interesting, squeezing her little finger, “Call me when you are free, or come to g city to find me.”

“Okay, then be careful when driving.”

Xiran reached forward and hugged her, turned around and got into the car. She put on sunglasses, waved her hand towards her, and went away.

Venus stood on the roadside and watched for a long time before she walked to the hotel. She felt upset. If Xiran one day found out that she was not Yan Chu, would she still be friends with her?


A few days later, Kerry received a special phone call from Venus’s school, as she couldn’t be found, so she could only call him.

“Mr. Ye, this is Venus’s teacher, Xiaohua. She will be graduating soon, but Venus hasn’t done her graduation thesis, graduation defense or anything. When exactly will she return to school?” Her tone was quite mild, and if it was Venus herself who answered this call, she would probably have already scolded away. Did you still want the diploma?

Kerry got up and walked to the floor-to-ceiling window, and said clearly and coldly, “Venus is not in China for this period of time. As for the graduation thesis and defense, I will go over to the school to communicate.”

Xiaohua choked and complained, “I originally wanted her to speak as an outstanding representative. She can’t come to even take the graduation photo?”


“Okay, I got it. Goodbye Mr. Ye.”

“Wait,” Kerry suddenly remembered something and called out to her, “May I ask when you are holding the graduation ceremony?”

“Day after tomorrow.”



Venus was leaning against the elevator, wondering, after two or three days, why Kerry suddenly called her out? The car was waiting at the door and Venus sat in the passenger seat and asked him, “Where are we going?”

“Didn’t you say you were going to take me out to dinner? You’ll know when we get there.” Kerry started the car, “Buckle up your seat belt.”

“Oh,” Venus pulled the seatbelt buckle, “I thought you forgot about this.”

“I’ve been too busy for the past few days to think about it, but I happen to be free today.”

Kerry was wearing casual clothes today, with a simple white t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans and a pair of white sneakers. He looked much younger.

The car quickly drove away from the hotel, when Venus casually turned on the car stereo, melodious music drifted out.

Kerry looked at her. The kind of doubt in his heart came again. Why Yan Chu was so familiar with moving his things? And she made it at wills.

Venus noticed that he was looking at her and became tensed, thinking to herself that there wasn’t anything wrong with her, “What’s wrong?”

Kerry focused his gaze forward, “Nothing.”

Venus was sitting squarely on the seat, not daring to speak again.

The car drove on the road, gradually, Venus found the route familiar. This seemed to be …… the road to her school. What was he going to do in her school?

Sure enough, ten minutes later, the car stopped at the parking lot in front of the school.

Being chilled, Venus calmly asked, “Are we going to school?”

Kerry went around to the back seat and took out something to carry on one shoulder, “Well. Yes.”

“What for? Aren’t we going to enjoy dinner?” Venus was a little nervous.

“I have something to do, and we will go for dinner afterwards.” Kerry stepped forward and looked back at her, seeing that she was standing in the same place and didn’t understand. Venus had no choice but to force herself to follow.

The school was filled with the scent of departure. There were graduates taking pictures in their bachelor’s uniforms.

Venus’s pace was getting slower and slower, and she remembered that these were the days when she graduated from the university.

Kerry took the dv out of his satchel, opened the lens and carefully filmed.

“Mr. Ye, what are you filming?” Venus was a little curious.

Kerry didn’t look back, but said gently, “Today was originally my wife’s graduation ceremony, but she’s not here. I wanted to take pictures of these and give them to her when she comes back, so that she wouldn’t miss the most important day of her life.”

The man’s words were soft, but as hard as a jackhammer stone, which slam on Venus’s heart, making her a little breathless.

Kerry, why were you doing all these things? Why did you do these touching things when you knew I didn’t like you and wouldn’t love you?

Venus’s eyes were a little w*t. Being afraid that he would see them, she even lowered her head to wipe them away, and quickly caught up with him.

Along the way, she saw many girls in bachelor suits taking photos next to the school’s iconic buildings. They were mostly from one dormitory. Venus remembered the member of her own dormitory. In order to make her live a little better, her brother chose a two-person dormitory, and her roommate was Xinyou Qiao.

Nowadays, after such a long time, when walking on the familiar campus, Venus remembered the one who brought about endless sorrow for her and found it a pity. Even without her, she might also not get along well with Kerry.

The beautiful men and women would always attract a lot of people’s attention, especially Kerry was also holding a dv shotting randomly. Some girls thought he was one who studied here before, pushing and shoving over to want to take pictures with him. However, he refused them all.

When she reached the school building in the design department, Venus saw many familiar figures. Her classmates and teachers were taking graduation photos in front of the school building.

All the teachers who had taught her for four years, both kind and serious, were smiling before the camera.

Originally, there would have been a place for her there, but now, she could only stand here, silently watching.

She could no longer held back tears, and instantly cried.

Kerry turned around with the dv and was trying to tell her that this was his wife’s class. She was shocked by the tears in her eyes. Why was she sad? She was not Venus ……

“Why are you crying?” Kerry stared straight into her eyes, as if to see something in her eyes. There was an answer in his heart that desperately needed to be confirmed.

Venus broke into a smile, “I remember the time when I graduated and just felt the same way.”

“Yeah?” Kerry walked over to her step by step.

Venus wiped her tears naturally as she laughed and said, “Yeah, I hugged and cried with my friends when I graduated, and now I think of myself when I see them.”

Kerry lowered his eyes to carefully examine her, Yan Chu, was that really the case?

“Why are you looking at me like that? Do I still have to lie to you?”

Kerry looked at her deeply, “No, I just thought you were quite sentimental.”

“Yeah.” Venus crossed over to him and walked forward.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 176 Suspicion after Revealing Flaws (3)
Kerry Ye turned around to look at her back, mixed feelings inside. When he came to school today, the car involuntarily parked in front of the hotel, perhaps was still a little doubt, wanting to test her, but now that he had tested, he only believed half of her answer.

Yan Chu, if you were Venus Mu, why would you appear as the young lady of MK, which was real.

If you were not Venus, why was it such a coincidence? And it just happened to appear beside me.

Kerry always felt there was someone controlling it behind the screen, but he was in a mist, seeing nothing.

It seemed like he had to learn another superpower so that he could read her mind.

While wandering around the school later, Venus didn’t dare to show any strange behavior as she noticed that Kerry had already started observing her.

When she arrived at the faculty building, Kerry asked her to wait here while he went up to do some business.

Venus looked at the familiar and unfamiliar faces coming and going, which she was so envious. When would she be able to live such a leisurely life? No hook up, just a peaceful life with her child.

“Hello, may I ask which grade are you in?” A clean-cut boy blushed and asked her, and there were a few other boys far away focusing on them.

Venus laughed, for she had been accosted before at school, but not so directly.

She didn’t say anything and pointed at the building behind him.

The boys were embarrassed, “You’re a teacher?” Venus nodded.

The boy’s face turned sullen and he looked at her suspiciously with incredulity in his voice, “You look so young, how can you be a teacher? And I haven’t seen you at school either.”

“Boy, I’ve just finished my interview and I’m waiting for the results, so if I’m lucky enough, you’ll see me next semester.” Venus was talking nonsense.

The boy was stunned by her words, scratching his head and apologizing. He then quickly turned around and ran away, with several boys also running away, with heckles.

At that moment, Kerry came out, looking at that direction, and asked her, “Miss Chu, what’s going on?”

Venus looked like she was feeling good about herself, “It seems like I’m still young, for there are boys hitting on me.”

Kerry raised his eyebrows and laughed, “Then how do you answer him?” Kerry didn’t feel angry. If it was someone who accosted Venus, he definitely would piss off.

“I said, I’m a teacher who just came to apply for a job, so he ran away.” Venus was a little shy, “I’m not bad and teacher-student love is also quite good. Why run away?”

“Maybe he thinks that it’s still little easier to hook up with a student.” Kerry teased her.

Venus no longer dwell on this issue. Seeing the graduation certificate in his hand, her breath stalled for a second or two, calmly asked, “This is…”

“Oh, this is my wife’s diploma and degree certificate. I help her get it since she’s not here.”

Although there was no thesis or graduation answer, but with Kerry’ s power and means, it was not a big deal for him to get them.

“May I have a look?” Venus tried her best to act calm, though inside she was already excited.

Kerry handed them to her, keeping observing her expressions.

Venus flipped the diploma open, on top of which an ID photo, taken just at the end of college. The one on the photo was naïve and happy, with bright smile.

She knew he was looking at her, so she didn’t dare to have too many expressions on her face, so she just smiled and said, “Your wife is pretty.”

“Thank you. She is.”

“Costume design?” Venus pretended to be surprised, “The same major as mine?”

“Yes, she’s a very agile and talented fashion designer, and if…I think she’s going to do great things in fashion world.” Kerry said seriously, whose tone was all of pride.

Venus didn’t expect him to be so sure of her work, making her happy, but she couldn’t show it.

After the work was done, Kerry said as he headed out the north gate of the school, “Well, now it’s time for Miss Chu to treat me. Let’s go.”

“Isn’t the car parked over there? Are we walking there?” Venus looked curious.

Kerry glanced at her, “Well, it’s not far away. There are many restaurants near the north entrance of the school, but it’s up to Miss Chu to see if you can accept it.”

Venus knew where he was talking about, which aroused her interest, “As long as it’s delicious food, there’s nothing that can’t be accepted. Also, we two have known each other for so long and you have helped me several times. Don’t call Miss Chu or Mr. Ye, just Yan Chu and Kerry, OK?”

When he heard Kerry, he hesitated for a moment. Venus had never called him Kerry, but always Kerry Ye.

“Sure, Miss Chu…Yan Chu.”

Venus nodded her head with great satisfaction, “That’s right, Kerry.”

Kerry was somewhat moved and his eyes were filled with tenderness.

They then arrived at the north entrance of the school, when was about to be lunch time, so there were many students.

“Hurry up and tell me, which one is better?” Venus seemed to be excited. But she knew that she knew better than him.

Kerry took her to the rice noodle shop that she once ate with Venus, and said with smile, “How about this one?”

Now as a girl from Hong Kong, of course Venus didn’t know what was good here, so she just followed Kerry.

“Did your friend find a doctor that day?” Kerry suddenly asked.

“Yes, but it doesn’t seem good. She was unhappy after coming out of the doctor’s house.” Venus stretched her chin in a low mood.

“Oh, didn’t you say last time that you didn’t have any friends in City A? Where did he come from?”

Venus smiled mischievously, “It’s the one I met that day. She’s very nice, and helped me a little, and she’s also very pretty.”

During their talking, the dishes were served. Kerry pretended to wipe his chopsticks, but saw her add ingredients in the same way as Venus…

It seemed that Kerry needed to reinvestigate the young lady of Chu family. Born in Hong Kong and studying in Europe, she would actually know how to eat rice noodles, and the way she ate was too similar to Venus.

They both picked up some into a small bowl to cool it, and eat noodles before vegetables.

How could there be so many coincidences in the world? Kerry didn’t believe it.

“Yan Chu, did you really have a secret? If there was one, I hope it’s the one I was most looking forward to.”

Kerry drove Yan Chu back to the hotel. In front of the hotel, Yan Chu said, “It cost less than fifty yuan. Kerry, you really help me save the money.”

“Then, I’ll deposit it with you first and I might come to get the interest one day when I have a whim.”

Venus didn’t care, “Do you think I’m a bank here? It’s now or never. By the way, Shixuan Tang and the others are back from Hong Kong. Choose a good day and we’re going to start the project.”

Kerry smiled, “I thought you were here for eating and having fun, so you still remember the work.”

“Of course. I’ll have Shixuan contact you.”

After Venus said that, she turned around and was about to enter the hotel, when she came face to face with a man with a woman with delicate makeup in his arms. The first time he saw her, he was stunned for a few seconds, but quickly returned to normal.

After taking two more steps, he saw Kerry, with a strong sarcastic look.

“Well, well, hi, Mr. Ye.” He said with no good intentions, “Ha, ha, Kerry, aren’t you flaunting yourself a good man? What? It’s only been six months, and you can’t control yourself?”

Venus glared at him. He was always so shitty.

Kerry was originally leaning on the carriage, after seeing him, he stood up straight, whose blue eyes showed coldness, “Hao Nangong, when were you out?”

Venus was stunned. Hao had gone to the jail? How was that possible?

As expected, when Hao began to say, Venus knew she was overthinking.

“Kerry, I was grounded at home for half a year. Isn’t that enough?”

Kerry sneered, “Hao, if Venus can’t be found for a day, you’d better not appear in front of me, in case I’ll break one leg of yours. I’m afraid that Mr. Nangong won’t let me go.”

Hao was angry with him, “Kerry. Venus has her reasons for leaving you. Why only blame me? have you ever thought your own problem?”

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