Chapter 176: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 176 Who Are You, Uncle?

This problem could be considered solved. All the five chairmen expressed their gratitude repeatedly, even said that they’ll follow Marquis’s lead in the future, and showed their stance in various ways.

Colin didn’t care about it as he waved to let them go and at the same time, let them maintain the current condition.

After those five chairmen expressed their gratitude again, they left Marquis.

Vanessa glanced at Nina. She hummed at her before turning around to leave the office.

Colin was curious about it, “Do you…know each other?”

“Yes, she’s my best friend. In the beginning, I didn’t know that you’re looking for her, Chairman. I found out about it when I called her.”


Now things had been developing in a good way. Doris had been cured of the poison and so did the five chairmen. Next, he only needed to prepare and concentrate on dealing with Walson Martin.

It’s just that he didn’t know how many chairmen that was under Walson’s control. He didn’t know about this and definitely not only the obvious ones. So he needed to pay more attention to the other groups.

As for the person who gave the drug, he couldn’t believe that he still couldn’t find him despite the fact that so many people were looking for him!

When he returned home after worked, Colin found Doris was watching TV in the living room.

Since when did Doris love watching cartoons?

Did she watch it just to kill time?

“Doris?” Colin called her, “Are you hungry?”

Doris only glanced at Colin before continued watching the cartoon, “I’m hungry. What should we eat for dinner?”

Colin’s weird feeling slightly dissipated upon hearing that, “I’ll just order takeaway!”

He’s terrible at cooking and seeing that Doris didn’t want to eat out, so he chose to order takeaway.

After the dinner, Doris continued watching the cartoon, and Colin had gotten used to it.

Later, when they slept at night, Doris was still sleeping together with Colin. Colin couldn’t help but accompany Doris to sleep while suffering from happiness.

The next morning, when Colin was awake, he found out that Doris was still sleeping. But her sleeping position was a bit indescribable. She was completely curled up and put the blanket under her, looking like a child.

Colin smiled and tucked Doris in. Then he left the room to take a bath and bought breakfast.

But after buying the breakfast and returned, Colin noticed Doris was sitting by the bedside, as she sobbed quietly.

“I want to find Mommy, I want to find Daddy….”

“Uh…” Colin paused. Why does he feel like looking at a kid crying to find her parents after being abandoned? Was he wrong?

Colin had no choice but to comfort Doris, “Okay, okay, let’s find your mom and dad. Don’t cry anymore. Let’s have breakfast first, shall we?”

“Uncle, will you really take me to find my Mommy and Daddy?”

“Unc….Uncle?” It took a long time before Colin found his voice.

Doris had stopped crying but she looked at him, and asked again, “Uncle, is that true? Where is this? Why can’t I find my Mommy and Daddy?”

Colin was shocked and panicked.

Because of this, Colin was too emotional and caused his vision to turn dark and fell directly on the bed. Luckily, he’s able to hold it on time and didn’t faint completely.

“What’s wrong, Uncle?”

Colin tried to calm his mind before sitting straight. He asked in a tremble, “Doris, do you remember who I am?”

Doris blinked innocently and slowly shook her head under Colin’s hopeful gaze, “Who are you, Uncle? Is this my house? Or, are you my Daddy?”

Colin’s heart was slowly sinking as he heard Doris’ words. When he heard her regarded him as ‘daddy’, he was almost choked by his own saliva.

“Doris, I’m your husband. Do you know husband?” Colin calmed his mind and asked softly.

Doris shook her head, “I don’t know….”

Colin almost fainted again upon hearing those words. But he couldn’t faint now. He needed to bring Doris immediately to the hospital.

“Doris, let’s get up and have breakfast. After that, we’ll go to the hospital.” Colin said softly.

When Doris heard about breakfast, she seemed to forget about looking for her parents. She nodded obediently, then looked at her pajamas, and instantly took them off.

Colin took a deep breath and turned around in shock. He breathed heavily while trying to calm his agitating mood. But soon, his face looked desperate.

Doris was in this state, looking like a child, and didn’t know who her parents are.

Colin immediately thought of the antidote. Was there a problem with the antidote or was this the aftereffect?

These needed to wait until the test results come out.

At this moment, Doris suddenly shouted, “Uncle, how do you wear these clothes? Which one should I wear? Why are they so big?”

Colin raised his head when he heard her voice and saw Doris was only in her underwear. Her shining white body appeared in front of him and even gestured in front of him while holding a skirt.

Colin couldn’t take it anymore and faint on the bed.

“Uncle? Uncle?” Doris was frightened as she yelled and was about to cry again.

Colin didn’t know how long had passed when he heard Doris’s sob next to his ear. Colin was heartbroken and woke up.

“Uncle….are…you awake?” Doris said as she cried.

Colin rubbed his eyebrows. This was the first time he fainted and he felt weaker when he woke up. He cast his gaze and answered weakly, “Yeah, put on your clothes first!”

“…Okay” Doris blinked and after seeing that Colin was fine, she studied her clothes again, “But, Uncle, I don’t know how to wear this…”

Colin lowered his eyes as he took a deep breath. Then, he looked up, put up with it, while dressing Doris.

Doris wore a white dress and grinned while standing in front of Colin.

Colin smiled sadly at this. Why has it turned this way?

Later, Colin took Doris to the hospital and went directly to Niu Wang’s office, “Dr. Niu, quickly check on my wife, and she what happened to her?”

Niu Wang asked as he saw Colin’s anxiety, “What’s wrong? Was the antidote not working?”

But looking at Doris’s complexion, it’s much better than before. It shouldn’t be the antidote, right?

It’s just that Doris behaved strangely. She looked like a curious kid, looking around, and asking everything.

“Doris is getting better after taking the antidote. But now she completely turned into a child and can’t remember anything. Even she calls me….uncle.”

When the words were spoken, Niu Wang was dumbfounded.

“How can it turn this way?”

Colin said anxiously, “So, I bring her to be examined, to see what’s wrong with her? Also…can she recover?”

“I will take her for an examination.”

Colin nodded and said to Doris, “Doris, can you follow this uncle?”

Doris blinked upon hearing that and said, “I want you to accompany me, Uncle.”

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