Chapter 177 – 178: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 177: Black Jade Fracture Connecting Plaster

Kris got rid off Mary’s hand and looked at her indifferently: “Now you know you are wrong now, but it’s too late! When Tianba was going to take you away last night, what were you doing with him? Lang Shen was not a good man at all. Not only you refused to leave, but also you blamed Tianba for officiousness.”

Hearing Kris’s blame, Mary was very guilty in her heart, but she was also angry, and defended: “I have apologized, what the hell do you want me to do! How should you speak for outsiders, if I knew Lang Shen is such a man earlier, I will keep away from him. Besides, Lang Shen bought hundreds of thousands of goods in my live broadcast room, and if a big fan like him asked to meet me, can I refuse him? If I refused him, how can I continue to do live broadcasting in future?”

Seeing that she was quibbling, Kris was extremely disappointed with her.

Thinking of what happened during these days, Mary couldn’t help sobbing, and her eyes were brimming with tears instantly: “Do you know that I have been kicked out of the family by my grandma? Where were you when I needed you most? What have you helped me with? Since your reappearance, you have been blaming me and scolding me…”

As for talking, Mary’s tears slipped down.

If, in the past, Kris would feel sorry for her facing such a situation.

But now, Kris was indifferent to her tears.

He said with a blank look, “You said I didn’t help you? Haha, why do you think you can become hot? How much did Lang Shen spend on you? Even less than the odds I gave you!”

As soon as Kris’s words finished, Mary stopped crying, and she looked at Kris with tearful eyes, confused.

Immediately, she suddenly thought of Miaoyang on the top list and was shocked.

There was a great wave being generated in Mary’s heart, and with it came remorse. Why was she so stupid; why she did not find Kris had been helping her!

“Kris, I was wrong, forgive me!” Mary held Kris’s arm and begged.

“Forgive? How can I forgive you! Because of you, Tianba will spend the next half of his life in a wheelchair. He was scrapped by Lang Shen, and now he is crippled, don’t you know?” Kris got rid of her hands and drove away without even turning his head around.

“Kris… don’t leave me behind!”

Mary suddenly burst into tears.

She didn’t know how she got home, and then she was a little trance-like.

She closed herself in the room. When recalled what happened in the past two days, endless remorse swept across her.

At that time, when Tianba pulled her away, why didn’t she go away at the time?

Thinking of this, Mary couldn’t express the regret in her heart.

But wasn’t Kris imprisoned for stealing things? Why did he come out so quickly, and… How could he get so many people?


Westriver was a medium-sized city, and the news that Lang Shen, the eldest son of the Shen family, was hacked at the shepherd’s bar of the Shen family spread throughout the city after a night of fermentation.

According to legend, Lang Shen was hacked for more than 400 times, and he was almost chopped into pieces of meat. What was horrible is that each of these hacks avoided the vital point.

And there were even rumors that Lang Shen’s testis was cut off by the man, which meant that he was now an eunuch.

What kind of bloody feud should it be; the man was so ruthless, even if he wanted to kill him, he didn’t have to torture him like that.

It is said that after being sent to the hospital, Lang Shen was in ICU for urgent treatment for one day and one night. It was now the third day, and he was lying in the ICU almost dying.

The people who heard this rumor were all terrified, and at the same time secretly shocked. Who did this? Why can’t they find him out at all?

However, people who dared to treat the Shen family like this should be the enemy of the Shen family.

Shen’s family was an aristocratic family and much better than the common family!

In addition to the fact that Lang Shen was hacked and injured, there was one thing that has also received much attention.

That was, yesterday, the Academy of Sixth Major Schools was opened for admission.

The Academy is set up for practitioners, and it was founded by the Wudang School and co-founded by the other five major schools. The first principal was Yuanqiao Zhang from the Wudang School.

Yuanqiao was the son of Busi Zhang, the grand master of the Wudang school, and also a contemporary disciple of the Wudang school. In the Wudang school and even the entire underworld, he was highly respected.

The teachers of the Academy were also served by the elders of the six schools. The guards of the college were the disciples of the six schools who guarded in batches. It was no exaggeration to say that the Academy was the safest place in Westriver City.

The Academy aimed to select geniuses for practice and delivered continuously fresh blood to the Six Major Schools, and the gifted talent became the core disciples as soon as they entered the Six Schools!

Core disciples were the backbone of the school, and outside disciples were not comparable to them.

Not only were there pills provided for their practice every month, but their families will also be sheltered by the schools. It was really that when a man gets to the top, all his friends and relations get there with him.

Therefore, every family was looking forward to sending their children to the Academy since it concerned the family’s continuation.

Therefore, when the Academy was established, the entire Westriver City was boiling.

Families with better conditions can’t wait to send their children there.

In particular, these families in Westriver city were very smart. How can they miss such a good chance for stabilizing the family?

So, in less than a day, tens of thousands of people in Westriver City signed up for the Academy!

Even the families in several cities around the Westriver city brought their own disciples here when hearing the news.

It was no exaggeration to say that the Academy had become the largest college in the entire Westriver City within a day!

The principals of other colleges and universities in Westriver were envious, but they knew that the success of the Academy of Six Major Schools cannot be copied. After all, they had no such great ability to directly invite the Six Schools’ elders to teach.

At the same time, the Fifth People’s Hospital of Westriver City.

Xuan Song sat beside the hospital bed, accompanied Tianba Li, and told him what happened in Westriver City in the past two days.

Although she behaved normally, she was extremely restless. Today, Dean Lan called her aside and told her that Tianba would not be able to stand up, even though the ligaments on his feet were connected, the nerve was damaged, which was difficult to recover.

So Xi Lan told her to prepare to accept the fact that Tianba would not be able to stand up in his life.

After hearing Xi Lan’s words, Xuan Song didn’t cry but stayed silently beside Tianba. She believed that there would be a miracle, and her husband would be able to stand up again.

“Tianba, Dean Lan told me that as long as the recovery is in good condition, there is a great chance that you stand up.” Xuan Song comforted him softly, but when she said this, she didn’t believe it at all. .

Tianba smiled and did not speak.

He knew very well that his hamstrings had been cut off, making it difficult for him to stand up.

However, Tianba did not regret what he did at all.

If he encounters such a thing again, he will still stand up.

He couldn’t watch his brother’s wife being defiled by gangsters.

The atmosphere in the ward became a little dull, which made them feel a little depressed. Just as Xuan wanted to tell a joke to make Tianba to laugh, her cell phone rang.

“Hey, what’s the matter!”

Xuan walked to the window to answer the phone.

“Xuan, there is good news…”

“What? Say it! Great, great!”

“What’s the matter?” Tianba couldn’t help asking when he saw Xuan’s excited expression.

Xuan hung up the phone, walked to Tianba, and said excitedly: “The fellow on the ground floor just called me to tell that Lang Shen was blocked in his own bar and hacked for more than 400 times. His testis was cut off, and he was still being in rescue in the hospital.”

“Haha, great, this is really a retribution!”


Lang Shen was hacked for more than 400 times, and even his testis was cut off? Well… then he did become a eunuch, didn’t he?

Tianba was stunned; he took a long sigh and repeatedly said: “Good, good, good!”

The anger in his heart became weaker, but who was so bold that he dared to disable Lang Shen, the Childe of the Shen family?

Xuan shook his head: “They said they didn’t know. It is said that the whole Westriver city is discussing over this matter now, and they are also guessing who actually did it. I guess, Lang Shen was used to be arrogant, he must have provoked someone he should not be provoked.”

Tianba nodded and didn’t speak. Xuan said exactly what he thought. When he wanted to speak, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open.

Kris hurriedly came in. He held two black dog skin plasters in his hand and walked to the bed: “Tianba, come, get these plaster pasted.”

“What plasters, why is there an unpleasant smell!” Xuan said while covering his nose.

“Kris, look, I still have bandages on my feet…”

Before he finished speaking, Kris untied the bandages on his feet and put the plasters on them.

As soon as the plasters were applied, there was hot pain in the wound.


Tianba took a breath and said with a sad face: “Kris, what plaster did you put on me? Why is it so irritated, and the odor is so strong!”

“Irritation, irritation is right. This plaster is a magic drug. It has another name that you must have heard it.” Kris said secretly with a smile: “Want to know what this plaster is called?”

What is it called?

“Oh, stop keeping us guessing!” Xuan said from the side

“Hey, this plaster is called “Black Jade Fracture Connecting Plaster”!”

“What, Black Jade Fracture Connecting Plaster ?”

Chapter 178: Recovery

What the hell?

Blackjade fracture-connecting plaster?

Wasn’t it the magic medicine in The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber(in Louis Cha’s novel)?

Xuan Song couldn’t believe it was Blackjade fracture-connecting plaster, either.

Washing away the ointment from his hand, Kris said with a smile, “Yes, it’s Black jade fracture-connecting plaster.”

With Tianba’s injury always on his mind last night, Kris took out The medicine book Thousand Golden Prescriptions and found the prescription of Blackjade fracture-connecting plaster in it.

It was a detailed book of the formula of Blackjade fracture-connecting plaster. As a secret tantric medicine that would help to connect bones and veins, it had magical effects on Tianba’s hamstrings that had been cut off.

More rarely, however, to refine Blackjade fracture-connecting plaster requires hundreds of medicinal materials.

Fortunately, Kris had collected some medicinal materials on Ice-fire Island, and the other less important restorative materials could be bought in the drug store.

The process of refining Blackjade fracture-connecting plaster is much more complicated than ordinary medicine only in two hours. And Kris had spent six hours refining it with all his Genuine Energy.

It would even take him much more time if he were still in the acquired stage.

After finishing the refinement of the medicine without any sleep, Kris hurried to the hospital to apply it to Tianba’s leg.

“Will it make a difference? Why is it more smelly than sticking-plasters?” Tianba said loathly.

Xuan couldn’t bear its smell, either, who silently walked away toward the window to breathe.

“Is Kris messing around to apply it to his leg, what if it infects the wound?” Xuan worried in her heart.

Facts speak louder than words. Kris didn’t explain anything.

After three minutes around, Tianba felt numb and itchy in his feet as if something were going come out through the skin.

“Oh, Kris, what happened?” Tianba was about to scratch.

Kris stopped him by grabbing his hand in time, “Wait for a while. It will be fine soon!”

Though Xuan was also worried, he did not stop Kris out of trust.

After another several minute, his feet seemed to be sentient! He gently hooked his toes. They moved!

Xuan burst into tears with her hands raised to the mouth, surprisedly, “Dear, your feet are sentient! “

Xi Lan had clearly told her that Tianba was injured so badly that survival would be the luckiest with his hamstrings cut off. As for recovery, he could only resign himself to his fate.

But now, his feet could indeed move.

As Xuan was extremely excited, Tianba stood up from the bed steadily!

He began to step forward, wincing as a sharp pain shot through his legs and other wounds.

“Haha, I can walk now!” Tianba couldn’t be more excited now. He didn’t even cry when he was mobbed by dozens of people. But now, he couldn’t help crying.

“Oh yeah! I don’t need a wheelchair anymore!” Tianba looked at Kris with his eyes reddening, “Thank you, Kris. Without you, I would have to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair! “

Seeing Tianba had recovered, Kris was relieved to no longer feel guilty!

Xuan was shocked to see him walking steadily without any disability in just a few minutes, which overturned everything she thought.

It’s really amazing!

After recovery, Tianba couldn’t wait to leave at once. He wiped the tears from his face and grinned, “Let’s go out of the hospital. I’m going crazy here! “

Without taking off the hospital gown, he strode out happily.

At 8:00 pm, Kris reached Tianba’s manor on the invitation.

Every one of the Li family was happy to know Tianba’s recovery, especially the old man, who took out the wine that had been treasured for over 40 years.

More importantly, there were two guests to come today.

At the table in the hall seated six people, including Kris, Tianba’s family of three, and two beauties!

The two sexy beauties were Tianba’s cousins.

The elder one named Fei Lin, and the other named Jiaojiao Lin.

Fei was a wild and sexy woman with large breasts and butt.

While Jiaojiao had a baby face with full bosoms, no smaller than Fei’s.

They both hurried here to visit Tianba after they heard that he was injured.

They were happy to see him full of energy.

However, their mood got bad again when they saw Kris.

They didn’t understand why Tianba invited such a slovenly man wearing cheap and shabby clothes.

What’s worse, it seemed that Tianba was injured exactly due to him.

Thinking of it, they were more disgusted with Kris without any disguise. If he was aware of it, he would have left now.

Of course Kris had detected their expressions. But he ignored it and focused on drinking with Tianba and the old man.

After a few rounds, Shixiong Li said to Tianba with a smile, “Tianba, have you heard of The Academy of Six Major Schools?”

“I have. It’s said to be a practitioner academy jointly established by the six schools.”

“Great!” Shixiong fingered his beard with a smile. “Yesterday, I signed up for you three, Fei, Jiaojiao, and Tianba.”

Fei and Jiaojiao were both pleased to hear that they could go to school with Tianba, who they had always been admiring. That’s perfect.

Besides, the old man had a good eye. It must make perfect sense.

As long as Tianba entered the Academy of Six Major Schools, he would definitely stand out with his talents and personalities.

At that time, their family would be protected by the six major schools and no longer scared the Shen family.

Tianba frowned, “Grandpa, how about the business if I go to the academy?”

The old man had been taking a back seat in retirement for so many years that he couldn’t allow his grandpa to come back.

Shixiong looked at Xuan with a smile, “Don’t worry. Xuan is home.”

Xuan held Tianba’s hand to reassure him.

Tianba finally smiled and looked at Kris, “Kris, how about you? Do you want to go to school with me?”

“Sure, I’d like to!” Kris gave a smile and took out his phone to send a message to Xue Mi, asking her to sign up for him.

“Haha, buddy, cheers!” Tianba filled his glass and drank off it nobly.

Xuan also smiled to see the two in a good relationship.

Never mind. With Kris’s care, Tianba would be fine.

However, Fei pouted and said with disdain, “Kris, the Academy of the Six Major Schools won’t adopt everyone without principles. Hey, do you know the practitioner? That’s not as simple as that in the martial arts novels.”

“Yeah!” Jiaojiao echoed, “Moreover, can you afford the tuition fee? It’s said that the tuition fee for one semester is over a hundred thousand dollars!”

They were judging by appearance. Kris smiled and shook his head.

He didn’t know what to say. There was no need to make a fuss about so many people in the world.

Not responding to their scorn, Kris took out an Obstacle-breaking Pill to Tianba, “Tianba, it’s for you.”

At the Ding’s auction, Tianba was stopped by him to bid for the Obstacle-breaking Pill.

The pill looked so familiar.

Tianba looked at the pill carefully, which he seemed to have seen somewhere.

“Cousin, throw that away!”

“Yeah, what a disgusting pill!”

As they were about to stop Tianba from taking the pill, Shixiong suddenly stood up.

“Tianba, let me have a look at your pill!”

Tianba passed it to Shixiong immediately.

“It’s… it’s…”

Shixiong’s eyes widened in shock as if he were looking at something outrageous.

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