Chapter 177: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 177 Kerry, Stop (1)
“Nangong Hao, are you sure you want to argue about who’s right and who’s wrong?” When speaking, Kerry became much powerful

Hao was afraid of Kerry’s mysterious power and didn’t dare to stay with him for a long time. Turning his head to Venus who was just watching, he said, “Pretty lady, Kerry is a man with a wife. Don’t be deceived by him.” Then, he quickly slipped away with his companion.

By now, it was completely clear to Venus that it was Hao who first pretended to be her brother and came to the villa to take her away. But she didn’t expect to be intercepted by the person in a silver mask and be taken to the island.

So it made sense that Kerry hated him. She remembered that night Kerry was going to a dinner party held by Nangong’s family, so he couldn’t make it back in time to stop her. There must have been an accident on his way; otherwise, Kerry would instantly come to her.

Unfortunately, Hao did it for nothing while the man in the mask was the real beneficiary. She herself was the big fish that several people were fighting over.

“Miss Chu, if that man comes to you in the future, it’s better for you not to meet him.” Kerry said seriously.

Venus thought I didn’t want to see this guy at all. She nodded her head at once, “Okay, I won’t.”

“Bye.” Kerry said in a bad mood. Then, he turned around and got in the car and left without waiting for response.


On the day of the opening ceremony, the weather was extremely hot.

Wearing a white set skirt and silver high heels with a beautiful long hair pulled behind her head, Venus who was refreshing and capable attracted the attention of many men present.

Venus herself was of fine, delicate features. Although she got some attention, it was not too mach. Yan Chu was quite beautiful and eye-catching.

Kerry spoke in front of the microphone about the far-reaching future of the project and the entertainment and economic benefits it would bring to Sky City.

With the sound of a salvo, the construction of the amusement park formally started.

When they checked out the site, Kerry, the CEO of Yehuang Group, told her what would be built here and there personally. There was a harmonious atmosphere between them.

After walking for a while, Venus was in some pain. She should have worn a pair of flat shoes today. It was absolutely suffering to wear high heels.

“A roller coaster will be built here. When completed, it will be the largest one in Sky City. And over there, there will be a fairy tale stage. Besides, plays we are familiar with, like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty will be performed at that stage.” Kerry walked slowly and explained to her in detail, although it was still an open space now.

Venus listened very carefully while stepped in a small dirt pit inattentively.


Kerry quickly grabbed her waist.

The temperature in summer was high and their body temperature was also high due to the over-ten-minute walk.

When Kerry’s hand clasped on her thin waist, the heat was continuously passed over. Venus felt that the skin he touched was about to burn.

“Be careful.” Kerry said.

With his help, Venus stood up with a blush on her face, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. The construction site is really hard to walk. You should have worn a pair of flat shoes today.” Kerry said with a calm face. It was never thought that his heartbeat had become abnormal.

The subordinates following behind looked at each other in unison. They quickened their pace and went forward, as if they wanted to make private space for them.

Venus smiled bitterly, “I didn’t expect that. I’ll do so in my next visit.”

“Do you still want me to show you around?” Kerry looked at the empty construction site, “There’s nothing to see actually. You can look at the plans later if you’re interested. It’s too hot, and it’s not a good place for you women to come.”

It was true that Venus was a bit overwhelmed by the sun, but wasn’t it too unprofessional for her to leave alone?

“As everyone’s here, it’s not good for me to walk away.”

Kerry paused for a moment and said, “Wait a moment. I’ll go tell them to go with you.”

“Huh? It…”

“It’s fine. I know everything here. The main purpose of today is to give you a simple introduction. I won’t have any job if you don’t continue. Wait for a moment.”

Kerry walked towards the group in front of him. She did not know what he said while they looked towards Venus and nodded. Soon, he came back and said, “Let’s go, they have got Mr. Zhang accompanying them.”

Venus was curious, “What did you say?”

“I said that your foot is injured and you need a rest.” Kerry held her waist. They walked towards the outside of the construction site together, completely unaware of the meaningful eyes of the people behind them.

Returning to the car, Venus felt much smoother all of a sudden by a cool breeze as Kerry turning on the air conditioning.

Kerry took two bottles of water from the trunk and handed her one. Opening the lid and drinking two sips, he casually asked, “It may take more than a year to complete this project. You will not return to Hong Kong during this period, will you?”

Venus’s expression was calm, “Yes, I will. If things go well, I will go back to Hong Kong for a few days.”

“What about Mr. Chu? Will he come here?”

“Daddy’s busy,” Venus looked at him with head tilting, knowing that he was testing her, and said with a smile, “What’s the matter. You don’t trust me?”

Kerry turned his head to meet her eyes with a smile, “No, this project has been going on for so long while I haven’t met Mr. Chu in person yet, so I am a bit curious.”

“Oh,” said Venus, nodding her head and stare at a small sun-bleached tree in front of her, “I thought you thought I was too weak to help.”

Kerry also shifted his gaze, whose blue eyes were like the deepest place in the ocean, “No, on the contrary, you’re a great person to work with. You never make any excessive demands and maintain the highest degree of trust in our company.”

Venus puffed out a laugh, “Kerry, are you praising me or undermining me?”

“Obviously, it’s a compliment,” Kerry started the car, “Let’s go. Are you going back to the hotel or…”

“Please give me a ride to my new apartment. I was given a key yesterday. Perhaps, it’s ready for me to move in.”

“Oh? Congratulations. You finally have a place to live.”

The car left the construction site and headed towards the downtown.

Venus remembered the task given by the masked man. After thinking for a while, she asked in a seemingly unintentional way, “By the way, you said last time that your grandfather was recovering abroad. In which country? Is it good?”

Kerry asked with a glance at her, “Why do you ask?”

“It is about my friend who came to Sky City last time. Her friend’s illness is a bit special. The environment here is too bad, especially in winter as the smog is too severe. So she also wants to find a better hospital or rehabilitation centers abroad.” Venus tried to make her voice sound normal, despite the fact that she was already nervous.

Kerry didn’t seem to notice it, but he didn’t answer very clearly, “My grandfather is in Australia. It’s sparsely populated and the air is good over there. There are many good medical institutions. Your friend can go and have a look.”

Since he had now become suspicious of Yan Chu’s true identity, it was impossible for him to give his grandfather’s address explicitly. It was too dangerous.

Venus realized the vigilance in his words and didn’t dare to ask any further questions so she said with a smile, “Alright, I’ll tell her.”

As both of them had something on their mind, the otherwise relaxed and happy atmosphere became a little silent.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 177 Kerry, stop (2)
Venus Mu’ s new apartment was in the best part of the city center, only a ten-minute walk from Yehuang Group, a place specifically sought to be close to Kerry Ye.

She opened the door and walked in.

This was a single apartment, large and open. And the decoration also definitely matched her identity. Beige sofa, exquisite minimalist kitchen, and bathroom with glasses, but the most striking was the round bed surrounded by purple gauze, very ambiguous.

“Wow, it’s good. Large.” Venus was quite satisfied.

Kerry quickly scanned the room and disagreed with her, “Miss Chu, do you think it’s large?”

Venus gave a stare, “Mr. Ye, don’t you know the price of Hong Kong’ s lands? Though the news talks about how grand the mansion of a tycoon in Hong Kong is, maybe it’s only one or two hundred square feet, not able to be comparable to your villa. Besides, I’m only going to live here for a year and a half, so I’m already satisfied with this.”

Kerry was speechless.

Venus approached the kitchen and opened the various kitchen cabinets to take a look, fully equipped. She didn’t expect that man to be quite thoughtful.

Switch the button, there was fire.

“Finally, I can cook myself. I’m getting tired of eating outside.” Venus’ s glee this time wasn’t faked. She was really tired of eating food outside.

Kerry was slightly surprised, “You know how to cook?”

Venus rightfully said, “Of course, Mr. Ye, not all ladies are spoiled. When I was studying in Europe, I just couldn’t get used to western food, so I cooked myself. Maybe that’s the time when I learned how to cook.”

Kerry gaze fell on her fingers, not expecting that such dedicated hands could cook.

“Huh? No case board or kitchen knife?” Venus tiptoed to open the top cabinets, wanting to see what’s in there, but she was not tall enough to open it.

The house was not air-conditioned, so it was unusually hot and stuffy. Soon, her sweat on her forehead rolled down her cheeks and slid into her slender neck…

When Kerry saw this and his Adam’s apple moved involuntarily.

“Let me take a look.” He distracted himself and walked over to help her open it. There was nothing in it, and then opened another one, still empty.

“There’s no…” Kerry bowed his head, and at the same time, Venus happened to tilt her head up, so his lips pressed on hers without warning.

Time seemed to stop.

Kerry told himself inside to leave as soon as possible, but there was a little bit of reluctance.

Venus also froze, for she didn’t want to do anything right now…

Venus’s lips were a little dry, so she subconsciously stuck out her tongue to lick her lips, but it touched his. It made Kerry collapse.

His sanity told him to stop…

Kerry suddenly withdrew his hands… Venus was shocked.

“Kerry…Don’t…” Venus said. However, at this time, it’s impossible for Kerry to stop…

Venus also couldn’t control herself… She pushed the head of Kerry and said, “Kerry, stop, please.”

Kerry was completely intoxicated by her fragrance, which was his wife’s smell. He just wanted to smell more and more…

Venus was held by him, knowing that if she did not stop him, he would really be… so she pushed him away violently with all her strength.

Kerry had no defense and was pushed back several steps by her.

Looking at the woman blushing, Kerry instantly regained his consciousness, how did he…

Venus awkwardly covered her breast, not daring to look at him and whispered, “Kerry, are you still not leaving?”

Kerry was stunned and quickly walked to the faucet and opened it. Cool water sprayed out and he washed his face, sober instantly.

Turning his back to her, he hesitated not to look back, not daring to see the disgust in her eyes.

He was really crazy, why was he so unable to control himself in front of her?

“Kerry, that…you go first. I want to rest.” Venus’ s voice was soft, but to Kerry’ s surprise, there was no grumbling or hatred in it.

He slowly turned around to look at her, who was already dressed, but her hair was still a little messy and her face was still blushed.


“Don’t say it, don’t say anything,” She interrupted him and walked over to open the door, looking at him, “You go first, please. It’s too hot, we all need to calm down.”

Kerry gave her a deep look and went out.

She was right, right now they all needed to calm down.

And his impulses towards her all came from his desire for Venus. In this situation, saying anything would be an insult to Yan Chu.

Yan Chu should not be treated like this.

Nangong family’ s villa

Hao Nangong looked at the various information at hand, and a wry smile appeared on his face.

Unexpectedly, the woman he met in the hotel that day had such a powerful background. Fortunately, he didn’t say anything sharp at that time.

But he thought the relationship between Kerry and her was not just business partners. The way Kerry looked at her with a hint of familiarity. It was the way he looked at Venus.

Moreover, Yan Chu really was like Venus. Did Kerry give up looking for Venus and planned to let this woman be a substitute?

If that was the case, he’d have to make the one who disappeared show up soon, or everything would be over and the card he held would be completely useless.

“Come inside.” Hao shouted towards the outside.

The assistant strode in, “Young master, what can I do for you?”

“Tell that woman traveling in Korea, it’s her show time.”

“Yes, Young master. I’ll tell her immediately.”

Hao fondled the photo in his hand, a hint of cunning in his eyes.

“Kerry, there are so many new hatreds between us. How could I let you be happy?”

At this time, Kerry was also in distress.

Kerry wasn’t sure if he hadn’t had a woman for so long that he had some feelings for Yan Chu. To verify this, Kerry did a stupid thing.

“Young master, are you sure?” Henry couldn’t believe what he heard. Oh, god, was this still the Kerry he knew?

Kerry sat in his chair and stared at him coldly, “You dare question my orders now?”

Henry bowed his head, “I don’t, but, young master, what if young lady comes back later and finds out, you…”

“Just do it. Why talks nonsense? I have my own plans.”

Henry didn’t dare to retort, “Oh, I see.” And after a moment’s pause, he somehow asked, “Young master, what kind of girl do you want?”

Kerry had Venus’ s face in his head, frowning and said, “Beautiful looking, good figure and naïve.”

“OK.” Henry was puzzled, wondering inside. What did he want to do?

At the end of the day, Henry called.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 177 Kerry, stop (3)
“Young master, she is at the hotel.”

Kerry Ye was busy with an important document and casually asked him, “Which one?”

Henry said the name of the hotel and Kerry’ s hand stopped. Wasn’t the hotel where Yan Chu lived? However, she’s living in her new apartment now, so she shouldn’t be able to run into him.

“Got it. You guys go eat first. It’ll probably be after 10pm when I’m done here.” “Okay, young master.”

Coming out from the company, it was already late at night.

Kerry stood in the night breeze for a while and headed to the parking lot. At the hotel, Henry opened the door for him, and there stood a girl with long hair, clear and elegant, wearing a white t-shirt, denim shorts, and her legs were long.

When she saw Kerry, her eyes lit up a bit, smiling.

Kerry looked at her coldly. Not too bad.

“Wait downstairs first.” Kerry said to Henry.

Henry looked up at him, and inside, he still wanted to stop him, but Kerry was cold on the face, so he hurriedly left.

Walking over to sit on the sofa, Kerry supported his forehead with his hand, coldly asking, “Do you know the rules?”

The girl came over to kneel at his feet and said gently, “Yes, boss.”

Kerry said the rule was that once walking out of the door, they were completely strangers.

“First, take a shower.” He said. “Okay.”

The girl turned around and went into the bathroom and the sound of water soon came. Kerry was hesitant, was he doing this right or not?

Never mind, now that he was here, he had to figure out something.

A few minutes later, the girl came out wrapped in a white towel, revealing her white shoulders and thighs. She walked to Kerry, timidly looking at him. Seeing that he didn’t say anything, she bit her lower lip, went up and began to unbutton his buttons.

Kerry looked at her with cold eyes, no stirs inside. He didn’t want to touch her at all.

He didn’t whether she was intentional or not. Before she unbuttoned all his buttons, the towel suddenly fell on the ground, exposing her naked body, emitting a light shine, whose tits were quite good.

If it was an ordinary man, he would have pounced on her like a hungry wolf, but Kerry only felt irritated.

The girl blushed and she raised her eyes to look at him, with the delicate hand sliding into his shirt. Kerry’ s strong abs make her surprised.

The girl’s hand was getting lower and lower. When it was about to dig into his belt, Kerry pushed her away.

“No need.” He said abruptly, then quickly fastened the button of his shirt.

There was no impulse to do so, instead, he felt disgusted.

What the hell was he doing? How dare he use a strange woman to validate his feelings for Venus. Was he out of his mind?

The girl was disappointed and worried when she was abruptly told to stop and asked him, “Boss, what did I do wrong?”

“Nothing.” Kerry took out some cash from his wallet and gave it to her, “Get dressed and go.”

Downstairs of the hotel, Henry sat in his car, bored. A familiar figure suddenly appeared in his sight and instantly sat upright.

Was this…Yan Chu?

He heard she had moved to a new apartment. Why was she coming back?

Henry suddenly remembered that Kerry was upstairs. He prayed inside.

Henry was right, the person coming towards the hotel was exactly Venus, because when she was packing up her things in the apartment, she found that she forgot her favorite lipstick in the hotel, so she called the front desk, and the front desk said she could pick it up at night.

When she arrived at the hotel, she saw a black Cayenne parked at the side and wondered, “How does this look so much like Kerry’ s car?” Then she looked at the license plate. She was true.

Why was he here? For work?

Without thinking too much about it, Venus walked straight to the hotel reception desk and after explaining her intentions, the receptionist handed her a lipstick.

“Thank you.” Venus said politely. “You’re welcome.”

As she was about to turn around and leave, two people walked out of the elevator, and Venus stiffened there.

She thought that Kerry had some work to do here, but it turned out…

At night, a man brought a woman out of the hotel, and the woman was dressed so sexily and her hair was still wet. Anyone could tell what they had done.

Venus felt her heart being crushed. He talked so much about how he loved her, but it was all lie and she actually believed it?

Kerry sensed someone looking at her. he froze. Why was she here?

Venus snorted and gave him an icy glance, walking towards the hotel door.

Kerry somehow panicked, for he was too familiar with that look. It was the look of desperation in Venus’s eyes, the look that nothing he did had anything to do with her at all.

In this instant, Kerry thought of her as Venus and ran towards her in strides, grabbing her by the arm.

“What are you doing?” Venus shook off his hand and looked at him coldly. At this moment, Venus forgot that she was Yan Chu and simply felt angry and disappointed.

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