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Chapter 177: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 177 I Want to be Your Friend

Doris unknowingly had a good feeling towards Colin, so she depended on him.

When Colin heard it he was happy and heartbroken at the same time. He was happy because even when Doris had turned into a child, she subconsciously still depended on him, while he was heartbroken because Doris was just cured of the poison but she turned into a child.

Niu Wang nodded upon seeing this, “Okay. Chairman Ward, you can come.”

Colin nodded and took Doris to have an examination together.

Two hours later

Niu Wang looked serious.

Colin knew that the result wasn’t quite good upon seeing this but he still asked, “Dr. Niu, my wife, she….”

Niu Wang sighed, “Mrs. Ward’s current intelligence is only the same as the five or six-year-old child. She’s completely a child who has forgotten everything that has happened before. Except for her name, she can’t remember anything.”

“Such a thing should’ve been caused by the antidote. But when I ran the test on it, I didn’t notice that the antidote could cause such a result. It’s my carelessness, I….”

Colin looked at Niu Wang upon hearing this, “I don’t blame you.”

Since such toxin could be produced, it’s normal if other substances were mixed in the antidote and couldn’t be detected, but why Doris?

He should be the one who was poisoned and he’s also the one that should turn into a child. Why does it have to be Doris?

Colin was agitated. He was heartbroken for Doris, unwilling, his remorse for himself, and the hatred for the drugger.

“Chairman Ward!” Niu Wang’s voice was heard, but Colin had already lost his consciousness.

“Uncle!” Doris was frightened again when she saw Colin fainted again, “Uncle…what’s wrong with you….”

Niu Wang hurriedly called the doctors to give Colin an emergency treatment.

Then he comforted Doris, “Don’t worry. You… that uncle is just too tired. He’ll be fine after he gets some sleep.”

Doris who currently didn’t understand anything, could only blink and asked, “Really?”

“Really” Niu Wang replied patiently, “You can just wait here. We’ll be back in a moment.”

Doris nodded obediently, “Okay….”

Inside the emergency room

Niu Wang conducted a full-body checkup on Colin and the result came out. His condition was exactly the same as Doris’s poisoned condition, so he helplessly sighed.

This couple was poisoned earlier and later and there was only one antidote. After taking the antidote, the poison was cured but the mind would turn into a child. It’s just… ugh!

Three hours later, Colin woke up and the first thing he asked was, “Where’s my wife?”

Niu Wang was inside the patient ward and Doris was sitting by the bedside.

Colin felt relieved after seeing Doris sitting by his bedside.

Niu Wang who was beside shook his head, “You should know about the poison. You can’t have a significant mood swing….”

“I know” Colin nodded.

Niu Wang didn’t speak much after seeing this, then looked at Doris, “We didn’t know when Mrs. Ward will get better with the current condition. Chairman Ward, you must pay more attention to her and try not to let her go out alone.”

After being silent for a few minutes, Colin said, “ Dr. Niu, I want to establish a hospital for western and oriental medicine. You can manage modern medicine while Vanessa can manage oriental medicine. I believe that your skills will bring good results.”

When he finished speaking, Niu Wang paused.

He immediately sighed and said, “Chairman Ward, you acknowledge my skill, but, I’m sorry. I have my commitment and maybe I can’t promise you.”

Colin was surprised. With such good medical skills, Niu Wang wasn’t supposed to be placed in such a private hospital to be a doctor. For your information, he’s the best doctor in Tianbei City.

Niu Wang’s thought drifted away and said, “Three years ago, when I perform an operation, because of a mistake, I caused a pregnant woman to die. The problem was very serious and I was forced to leave the provincial hospital. For the next year, I lived my life blaming myself.”

“Every day I seek solace in alcohol but it’s useless. I can’t even forget that scene when I went to the hospital. I’m afraid that I can’t be a doctor anymore.”

“It was until the investor of Beihua Hospital found me. She’s the one who gave me hope and helped me stood up again, so…”

“However, Chairman Bai, I really want to be friends with you”

Colin nodded and suddenly smiled, “You’ll be my brother then.”

Niu Wang was in his forties and didn’t look old.

“Fine. Then, I won’t call you Chairman Ward anymore.”

Both of them looked at each other and smiled.

When they’re leaving, Niu Wang said to Colin, “Even if I can’t go to the hospital that you mentioned, but, I still want to be your friend and help you as much as I can.”

Colin naturally felt grateful.

In the car, Colin considered whether he should tell Baker and Eva about this?

Perhaps, he could tell Baker, but Eva, when he imagined the scene when she found out, Colin couldn’t help but shiver. Let’s just forget it!

Back at the villa, since Colin had nothing to do, he stayed to accompany Doris.

Until the next morning, Nina called him and told him that there’s a woman who looked for him at Marquis.

Colin wondered, “Who is she?”

“Ellie Ye”

Colin frowned, “I understand. I’ll be there right away.”

With the current condition, Doris couldn’t be left alone. But, since Ellie was looking for him, she must be up to no good. He felt it’s necessary to meet her to make a timely preparation.

But Doris…

After thinking for a while, Colin had no choice but to call Flora.

“Are you free? Come to the villa to stay with Doris.”

“Not free!” Flora snorted and hung up the phone.

Colin. “….”

Since the last incident, Flora and Colin have had no interaction at all. She also painstakingly forgot about Colin. Who knew that he unexpectedly called.

Doris was in a good condition now and didn’t need her as a companion. She also didn’t want to see Colin. Moreover, she’s really busy now. She’s busy dealing with her parents who always arranged blind dates for her.

Colin had no choice but to tell Doris that he’s going outside to buy her some candies and made Doris obediently stay at home and not going anywhere.

Doris nodded obediently when she heard of candies.

Even so, Colin was still worried and let Gerd stay behind to protect Doris.

After arriving at Marquis, Ellie was already waiting in the chairman’s office.

When she saw Colin, she let out a charming smile as she approached, “Long time no see, Colin!”

Colin sat behind his desk and waved his hand at Nina, “You can go out.

Nina nodded as she wondered in her mind. She was always there if something happened, why was he asking her to leave this time? Moreover, he asked to be left alone with such a pretty lady?

Seeing that Nina had left, Ellie walked over. She rested one hand on his desk and tried to pull Colin’s tie with the other one, “Colin, I haven’t seen you in a long time. Don’t you miss me?”

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