Chapter 178: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 178 You Should Explain to Your Wife (1)
“I …… that’s not what you think, nothing happened between me and her.” Kerry got panicked and explained to Venus.

Venus glanced indifferently at the graceful girl standing not far away and sneered, “Mr. Ye, your business has nothing to do with me.”

Kerry blocked her way and held her shoulders with both his hands, he said urgently with worry in his eyes, “Trust me, I really have nothing to do with her.”

“Mr. Ye, I really didn’t expect that you are such a man,” Venus looked straight in his blue and clear eyes, she suddenly remembered her identity now, “Besides, why are you explaining to me? You should explain to your wife.”

Kerry was startled for a few seconds, then he felt a twinge in his heart.

Yes, the person he should explain to was Venus, it has nothing to do with Yan Chu. She’s just too similar to Venus. But why was it so hard for Kerry to see her angry?

“Yan Chu, whether you believe it or not, I want you to know that I didn’t do anything with her, otherwise I wouldn’t be standing here right now.” Kerry calmed down a bit and explain to her.

Venus took his hands off her shoulders and said seriously, “Mr. Ye, I said don’t explain to me, you and I are just ordinary friends, you don’t have the responsibility to explain it to me, I have other things to do, goodbye.”

Helplessness surged in Kerry’s heart, he had no reason to keep her, so he could only watch her walk away from him step by step.

But he also figured out one thing, he really wasn’t interested in any woman other than Venus.

Kerry got in the car and slammed the door heavily.

Henry looked at the man timidly in the rearview mirror and started the car silently.

“Last time I asked you to investigate Yan Chu thoroughly, where is your report? How many days has it been?” Kerry was so angry that he could only take it out on Henry.

Henry was indeed innocent, it really hadn’t been a long time after Kerry asked him to investigate Yan Chu, besides, she’s not an ordinary person, that’s not an easy job for him.

“Young Lord, our European connections have reported no results yet, I will push them.”

Kerry scolded him, “Failure”, then he turned to look out of the window, recalling Yan Chu’s expression and attitude just now.

She did overreact as an ordinary friend to him, even though he had acted inappropriately twice, her emotions shouldn’t even be so intense, and she even spoke in favor of Venus.

That was too abnormal.

How he wished that Yan Chu was Venus, so that at least it meant she’s still alive.

Whether she hated him or not, as long as she was alive, he would be satisfied.

In the past, she used death to force him to let her go, and he wouldn’t agree, but now that she lingered in the shadow of death, he rued the day. Had he known that, he would let her go, at least he could see her with his own eyes.

Thinking about it, Kerry couldn’t help but laugh at himself.

What a stupid man he was.

Back to the apartment, Venus sitting on the sofa angrily, she grabbed a pillow and ravaged it ruthlessly, murmured to herself, “Kerry, you bastard, you said you love me so much, all lies, I was foolish enough to believe you, liar, asshole …… “

After venting out, Venus lay down on her back, she had almost calmed down on her way back home, and she knew that Kerry should have nothing to do with that woman, because Kerry’s not bothered to lie if he really did so, but she just felt sad in her heart.

At this time, Venus didn’t realize that she seemed to alleviate her hatred for Kerry.


Airport of A city.

The flight from Seoul, South Korea landed. A few minutes later, a tall woman in a light-colored dress walked out of the departure gate, a few hazes between her eyebrows emerged in her pretty face.

The person who was waiting her at the airport went up to take over her luggage and said respectfully, “Miss Qiao, Mr. Nangong is waiting for you.”

Xinyou Qiao looked at the azure sky and said softly, “A City, I’m back.”

It turned out that day she had fallen off a cliff and hung on a stout branch, but she was rescued by someone sent by Hao Nangong, and it took a long time for her to get a fully recovery. To avoid Kerry, Hao Nangong sent her to Korea, he informed her to come back a few days ago.

Everything in A City was so familiar for her, the car drove by Yehuang Group, Xinyou Qiao looked at the soaring skyscrapers through the window, “Kerry, I’m back, when you see me back from the dead, will you be a little surprised?” She though.

Hao Nangong’s villa.

He stood at the door to see Xinyou walked in gracefully, he smiled gently, “Long time no see, Miss Qiao, you are more stunning than before.”

Xinyou smiled to him as well, “Let’s not be so polite, say it, why do you ask me to come back now?”

Hao Nangong invited her inside as he said, “Venus has disappeared, did you know that?”

“I know, isn’t that because of you?”

Hao Nangong sat down on the sofa and said with a sigh, “It’s only benefited others, I didn’t get anything out of it, and I’ve been grounded for a long time.”

Xinyou sat not far from him, complacency appeared in her eyes, “Is Kerry still looking for her?”

“Yes, but it’s unlikely that he could find her,” Hao Nangong turned to her and said slowly, “So, now is the best time for you.”

“Do you think …… after all these things, Kerry will treat me differently?” Xinyou wasn’t sure and asked doubtfully.

Hao Nangong smiled sinisterly, “How can we know that if we don’t try? Xinyou, you have a lot of advantages over other women. Don’t you want to win Kerry back?”

Xinyou remained silent, of course she wanted to go back to him, she has never stopped thinking about him, but the vital thing was, would Kerry still believe in her?

“Xinyou, God let you live, maybe that’s God tell you to fulfill your wish, and if you lose this chance, then you won’t be able to win Kerry again in your life.” Hao Nangong embellished, “A man’s guilt can drive him to do a lot of things, Xinyou, you’re a smart woman, I think you’ll take advantage of it. And I heard that ever since you fell off the cliff, Kerry didn’t eat or drink for a few days, he’s really heartbroken.”

“Is that true?” A flame of hope ignited in Xinyou’s eyes.

“Do I have to lie to you? Think about it, you are the first love to Kerry, what kind of man would forget his first love?”

Xinyou took a deep breath to calm down, but there was still a doubt in her heart, “Hao Nangong, since Venus has disappeared, why are you still targeting Kerry?”

Hao Nangong threw up his hands, “Xinyou, you only need to get what you want, you don’t have to worry about what benefits I can get from it.”

Xinyou looked at him for a while, she didn’t refute him, that was then, before they were partners, she had the right to ask his plan, but now, he was her savior, she didn’t have any rights to refute him.

“Take a look at these files, this is the Second Lady of MK Group in Hong Kong, Yan Chu, who is now closely related to Kerry.” Hao Nangong threw her an envelope, “Before they have been together, you have a better chance of winning.”

Hao Nangong got up to walk out after gave her instructions, he stopped when he was almost at the door and said, “You’d better stay here for a while, but of course, if you’re good enough to live in the Ye family’s manor, you won’t have to come back.”

“I’m looking forward to that day too.” Xinyou looked at the photo, Yan Chu looked like a babe in the woods, it’s so easy to deal with her.

But she’d better think about how she’s going to impress Kerry first.

Suddenly she’s interested in the coming days.


Ever since they came across with each other in the hotel at that night, the relationship between Venus and Kerry has turned downright icy, they didn’t contact with each other for several days, and their working information all passed by Shixuan Tang.

Venus understood that this was not good for her, but Kerry didn’t give her an out, she couldn’t pretend anything didn’t happen at all and contact him shamelessly.

Today, MK Group and Yehuang Group’s meeting.

Close to Yehuang Group, Venus refused to be picked up by Shixuan Tang, instead she walked to the company on high heels. Yet Kerry’s car parked in front of her when she just arrived at the gate.

Wearing a dark gray shirt and black trousers, the man got off the car, when he saw her, his eyes darkened and greeted her in an indifferent tone, “Miss Chu, are you here alone?”

Venus was emotionless, “My house is nearby, Mr. Tang and the others are probably still on their way.”

Kerry opened the gate of the group and said politely, “Miss Chu, come in please.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 178 You Should Explain to Your Wife (2)
As the two of them headed for the elevator, Kerry suddenly asked, “Have you had breakfast?”

“Thanks for your concern. I have eaten it.” Venus Mu pressed the button for the elevator, and then the doors opened. She walked in, and Kerry followed.

This elevator was only for the CEO, so they were the only two in it.

Kerry recalled the information Henry gave him about Yan Chu last night. He said that Yan Chu had a cheerful personality and had several boyfriends at school. But the quiet girl in front of him was not very interested in men either.

Also, Yan had a maid to take care of her life during school, so she didn’t need to cook for herself. The girl in front of him cooked in the apartment herself.

Thinking of this, Kerry stared at the girl in front of her. “Are you the real Chu Yan?” he thought.

Now Kerry was certain that this Yan was most likely a fake. He wanted to know how to prove that she wasn’t the really Yan.

Venus, sensing his gaze, turned her head to look at him calmly and asked, “Why are you staring at me?”

Kerry smiled lightly, “Are you still angry?”

Venus turned back, pouted, “Your business has nothing to do with me. Why am I angry?”

“I mean the other day in the apartment.” Kerry said deliberately.

“Yes, I’m angry. Mr. Ye, can you control your behavior? It will bother me if you did that.” Venus was a little annoyed.

Kerry considered it for a moment and promised, “Okay, I get it.” But he wasn’t sure whether he could do it, for he thought she had a lot of many secrets

The elevator was ascending slowly and the atmosphere was a bit awkward.

“Miss Chu, there’s something I’d like to explain. That night at the hotel, I didn’t have any interests about that woman, so I left then. That’s what happened.” Kerry said.

“You can find another girl and maybe you’ll be interested in her.” Venus smirked.

Kerry looked at the rising numbers on the elevator and said ambiguously, “No, I’m only interested in one girl.”

Venus’s heart beat faster. She pretended she didn’t understand what he was saying. As soon as the elevator doors opened, she walked quickly out.

“He falls in love with Yan Chu?” Venus thought. Although Venus’s purpose was to make Kerry like Yan in order to get rid of him, but at this point Venus felt a little sad.

“People haven’t arrived yet. Do you want to come to my office for a while?” said Kerry.

Venus nodded. She had no reason to refuse.


Nothing had changed in Kerry’s office, just as the aloofness and arrogance he gave off hadn’t changed.

Mavis approached his desk and suddenly said to Kerry, “I’d like a cup of coffee.”

Kerry was about to turn on his computer. When he heard her words, he stopped what he was doing and said, “I’ll have my secretary bring it in for you.”

“Can I trouble Mr. Ye to pour it for me personally?” Venus said calmly.

Kerry stood up straight and looked at her, “Do I have to pour the coffee myself?”

“Yes. If you don’t want to, forget it.” Venus sat in the chair in front of the desk, figuring that he would do it.

Kerry pressed down on the swivel chair, and said, “If I go and get you coffee, you’ll forgive me for my presumptuous behavior the other day?”

“Yeah, maybe.” Venus looked directly at him

“What flavor would you like?”

“I’ll have a freshly ground latte with milk and sugar, but not too sweet.” Venus said casually.

Kerry looked into her eyes and smiled faintly, “Miss Chu is asking for so much. It’ll probably take a little longer.”

Venus shrugged, “I’m free now anyway.”

He’d been observing her since yesterday after he’d gotten the detailed information about her.

As soon as Kerry was out of the office, Venus got up from her chair and opened drawers and cabinets to quickly rummage through the things she wanted.

Venus thought he knew he probably wouldn’t keep something important in his office, but she still didn’t want to give it up.

The drawers were full of all sorts of important papers. Venus pulled open the cabinet again and she froze. It was full of the pencil she’d used, scissors, half an eraser and drawings from her internship in the design department.

Venus took out a few drawings she had made before she left the company for fall outfit.

“He’d actually kept them all?” Venus said to herself.

Suddenly, there was a greeting from Secretary Liu at the door, “Good morning, Mr. Ye.”

Venus tossed the design into the cabinet and quickly walked to the side of the desk, casually picking up a picture frame on the desk and pretending to look at it.

The door was pushed open at that moment.

Venus heard his footsteps and was about to turn her head to look at him, but was drawn to the picture in her hand.

In the picture Venus was wearing a gorgeous wedding dress, barely smiling, while Kerry was wearing a white suit without a smile on his face.

“This is a picture of our wedding day. Where did he find it?” Venus thought.

Kerry watched the look on her face carefully and noticed that she wasn’t very pleased except for a little surprise.

“This is a picture of me and my wife on our wedding day.” Kerry said in a soft tone. He then took the picture from her hand and handed her the coffee.

Venus took a sip of her coffee and asked deliberately, “No special wedding pictures taken for the wedding?”

Kerry’s long fingers touched the woman’s face in the photo and said with some regret, “I couldn’t find others, except for this one.”

“How does it taste?” Kerry put the picture on the table and asked her.

Venus walked towards the couch with her coffee, “Just So-so.” she said.

Kerry smiled and shook his head. It was the first time he had made coffee for others, which also surprised a lot of the employees who came to pour tea in the break room


Venus had been attending meetings all morning. The atmosphere of the meeting was good because of the rapprochement between the two bosses.

“With frequent rains in the summer and the inability to work during the hot midday hours, the workers are working very short hours. Mr. Ye, can you communicate with the builder and ask them to adjust the construction time?” Shixuan Tang spoke objectively.

“I’ll talk to them,” Kerry said, “But the drawings can’t be changed anymore. Every time you change them, my company will have to pay a price.”

Shixuan laughed, “Fine, I promise that it will never be changed again.”

After all the issues were communicated, it was close to noon. Since there was no meeting in the afternoon, Venus was ready to go home and cook dinner, but as soon as she got into the elevator, Kerry followed her in.

“Where are you going to eat?” asked Kerry.

“Go eat some outside.” Venus said.

Kerry gave her a suspicious look, “Didn’t you say you liked to cook at home?”

“I don’t want to do it today,” Venus said arrogantly.

Kerry had wanted to go to her apartment and have her cook for him and observed her closely.

“There’s a nice restaurant around here, I’ll buy you a meal to express my apology to you for my rudeness last time.” Kerry said sincerely.

Venus turned to look at him, pursed her lips and said, “Actually, I don’t want to forgive you, but for the sake of the food, I will.”

Suddenly Kerry really wanted to kiss her pink lips. Venus was all too familiar with this look in his eyes, so she turned around and pretended to look at the elevator floor.

As they walked out the elevator and headed out, Venus asked, “Is the place far? Don’t you need to drive?”

“It’s just around here. We can walk there in ten minutes.” Kerry passed by the front desk and stopped to ask the girl, “Do you have an umbrella?”

The receptionist girl took out her umbrella for him.

“Thank you. I’ll give it back to you when I get back.” Kerry said. Then he took the umbrella and walked up to Venus and said, “Let’s go.”

Venus was surprised, “What do you borrow the umbrella for?”

“The sunlight is strong now. It’s easy to tan black people’s skin. But it’s not for me to use, it’s for you.”

Venus was surprised and was silent. “Kerry, when do you become so considerate?” she thought.

Behind her, the girl at the front desk was also surprised. In all her years on the job, this was the first time her boss had spoken to her.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 178 You Should Explain to Your Wife (3)
They walked out of the company towards the eating place, Kerry was opening the parasol when he heard a sound, “Kerry,”

Venus was familiar with that sound as if she had heard before.

So they turned back and shocked by what they has seen.

Xinyou was wearing an elegant dress two meter away and smiled at Kerry with tears in her eyes.

At this time, both Kerry and Venus was confused and thought that she had already died.

Before Kerry had realized the fact, Xinyou ran over and hugged him tightly, “Kerry, I miss you so much ……”

Venus stared at the woman in front of her, it was Xinyou, she didn’t die.

She had a complex emotion, what could be more shocking than seeing someone who had already died?

Kerry finally realized that and pushed Xinyou away, he stared at her blankly, “Xinyou? How did you ……”

Xinyou was crying with tears on her face, “Kerry, I’m alive ……”

Venus was clear, when she saw Kerry using his powers, she knew that there was nothing impossible in this world. They didn’t really see Xinyou die, so it was a possibility that she was alive, but they had never thought of that possibility.

Although Venus had thought about forgiving Xinyou for everything she had done, that was based on her death, and now when she actually stood in front of her again, Venus thought that storms would coming soon.

Would Kerry still stand behind her?

“Mr. Ye, I didn’t expect that you have quite a few confidants.” Venus smiled lightly and looked at them mockingly.

Xinyou had seen Yan’s photo, she originally thought that she was just a mobbee. But now she thought Yan was cunning as a fox.

“Kerry, she is ……” Xinyou looked at the woman warily and asked softly.

Kerry was still in a little excited and said, “This is Yan.” Then he introduced Xinyou to Yan as one of his friend.

Kerry’s simple introduction made Xinyou a little dissatisfied, but she didn’t say anything. Then she held Kerry’s arm arrogantly and said, “Kerry, I have so much to say to you, can we find a quiet place?”

Kerry quickly accepted the fact that Xinyou was alive and ripped her hand away, “I am just about to go to dinner with Yan ……”

“Kerry, I really want to talk to you alone,” Xinyou interrupted him and then said to Yan, “Miss Chu, I haven’t seen Kerry for a long time, and I have some private topics to talk with him.”

Venus smirked but pretended to be indifferent, she looked at Kerry and said, “Fine, you guys can talk.” After saying that, she turned around but was pulled by Kerry as she was leaving, she was surprised and turned back to looked at Kerry.

“There’s nothing private to talk about, you can be with us.” Although he wasn’t sure that she was Venus right now, he would seize any chance. So he didn’t make her misunderstand any more.

Xinyou was shocked by Kerry’s words, Hao said that they were just partners, weren’t they?

Venus smiled warmly with her gaze falling on Xinyou, she said in a cold voice, “But it seems that Miss Qiao is unsatisfied with that. Is it appropriate?”

Kerry said firmly, “Definitely, you can eat while we are talking.”

“Then …… ” Seeing the displeasure in Xinyou’s eyes, Venus raised her eyebrows and hesitated for a moment and said, “Then I can only come with you.”

Hearing this, Qiao Xinyou was very furious and thought that Yan did it on purpose.

“Then let’s go.” Kerry gave his parasol to Yan, and turned to Xinyou and said, “The place to eat is just a few minutes ahead.”

Xinyou answered cutely, “It’s up to you.”

On their way to the restaurant, Venus walked in front them and thought about many things. Who had saved Xinyou? Thinking of this, a face suddenly appeared in Venus’s mind, it was Hao.

Hao was the only person left at that time and he was able to do that.

Was he the person?

Kerry was also thinking about this, but he knew that he didn’t love Xinyou. His affections toward her had been buried on those painful nights. What’s more, after he knew the truth of past things, the left affections had obliterated at all, he and Venus wouldn’t be separated if nor for her tricks.

Now, Kerry only felt fortunate to see her alive and there was no other emotions.

Xinyou, who was walking behind was worried, she sensed that Kerry was not that excited for her emergence. She thought she could be with Kerry after Venus was gone, but now, Yan showed up. Compared with Venus, this woman was more cunning.

Another point that Xinyou didn’t want to admit was that Yan’s background was much better than hers. It was true. Any man would inclined to choose Yan.

Arriving at the restaurant, Kerry asked for a quiet room. They went in turn with Kerry sitting in the middle. He was totally calmed after thinking on the way.

He delivered the menu to Yan and said, “Choose what you want to eat.”

Venus was relaxed as if she didn’t see Xinyou, she flipped the menu with a smile and said, “Although you treat me nice last time, I will not act like you and would definitely order the most expensive dishes.”

“I don’t believe that Ye family will be impoverish for only a meal.” Kerry laughed and teased her, he turned to the waiter, “Give this lady a cup of yogurt first,” and then asked Xinyou, “What would you like to drink?”

Xinyou observed their conversation and felt very upset, however, she said with a smile, “All is Okay.”

“Then two glasses of orange juice.”

After the waiter had left, Kerry and Xinyou started to talk while Venus was ordering the dish.

“What happened after you fell?” Kerry asked straight to the point without any buffering.

Xinyou took a glance at the woman who was taking her order, and then looked at Kerry pitifully, “I was hooked by a tree after falling, and then be rescued and sent to the hospital. I come to you as soon as I have recovered. Kerry, I was too impulsive at the time, will you blame me?”

Kerry knew what she had referred and said in a indifferent voice, “Xinyou, it’s all over and now you’re fine, that’s the best result.”

“So you don’t blame me?” Xinyou squeezed out a tear.

“I don’t blame you, all is over, we should move on.”

Xinyou broke into a smile and said, “Kerry, where’s Venus? I want to apologize to her for all the things I’ve done in the past.”

Yan’s finger was trembled and then she kept ordering the dinner. She wonder whether Xinyou was sincere or not for she had seen Xinyou’s jealous in the eyes. Xinyou didn’t change at all.

Kerry looked even colder, he leaned on his chair and cast a glance at Yan intentionally, “Venus has gone abroad, she won’t stay in here for a while.”

“For what?” Xinyou pretended to be curious.

“To further her education.” Kerry skipped over this topic and asked her again, “Who saved you then?”

Xinyou said what she had prepared, “Some explorers, not from A city.”

“I know.” Kerry nodded, he didn’t believe the answer, but he had no interest in the truth as well for it made no sense to him. Besides, he had something more important to do now.

The waiter knocked the door and came in with a carton of yogurt and two glasses of orange juice on his hands.

“Have you finished?” Kerry reached over and asked the one who had been silent.

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