Chapter 178 -179: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 178 Why Don’t You be my Boyfriend?

Colin snorted upon hearing that, “Think of you? You mean, thinking of how you’ll overthrow me?”

Ellie smiled nonchalantly, “What are you talking about? How can I overthrow you? I’m even too occupied to like you, you know?”

Colin looked at Ellie and obviously didn’t believe what Ellie said, “Everybody has aware of what you’ve done. I don’t need to explain it, right?”

Everything that Fox had done was completely instructed by Ellie. He’s already aware of that.

After he spoke, Ellie retracted her hand, as she stared straight at Colin for a few seconds, before smiling and said, “Right. But, I really like you. Why don’t you be my boyfriend?”

“I already have a wife,” Colin replied lightly.

Ellie ignorantly said, “But it makes no difference either you have or not, right? It’s been more than two years and you still haven’t slept with your wife, have you?”

Colin coughed. This was what he wished the most. But, he had feelings for her not because he wanted to sleep with her.

“Married couple isn’t just about sleeping together. You won’t understand it.”

After speaking, he didn’t give Ellie a chance to speak, and he immediately asked, “Tell me, what is your purpose of your coming to me this time?”

Ellie’s gaze trembled and said, “I miss you, that’s why I visit you.”

Colin didn’t believe it. Since she didn’t say her purpose, he also didn’t have the patience to waste for her, and said, “If there’s nothing, you can just leave.”

“Don’t be so heartless!” Ellie said in a seemingly flirty way.

Colin couldn’t help but shivered, “Please leave.”

Ellie gritted her teeth when she saw Colin’s behavior, so she had no choice but to leave.

Colin couldn’t figure out, what the hell did this woman come here for? She’s really wasting his time. He’s was also curious, how is Doris?

However, when Colin was about to go home, Nina came in and reported, “Chairman, Director Moore is here.”

“What’s wrong?” As soon as Colin asked, Adam came in by himself.

“Chairman! The penalty from those six groups towards Marquis has become worse. Won’t we take any measure? Moreover, the other directors are also asking. Didn’t you say that it would be settled in two days? It’s almost been a week…..”

The reason why Adam had the courage to ask Colin directly was entirely because of the profits. If Colin didn’t care about Marquis, when Marquis fell, Adam as one of the shareholders wouldn’t get any benefits at all. Not only that, but he might also lose his family fortune and go bankrupt.

Colin said nonchalantly, “I said that it would be solved in two days. It was indeed solved, it’s just you can’t see the result.”

“It’s….” Adam didn’t believe it. if it’s solved, why couldn’t he see the result?

Currently, the six groups were still punishing Marquis and had no intention to stop.

Colin didn’t explain, “You don’t need to worry about these things. Just prepare for the auction at ease.”

Adam was trying to say something when Colin raised his hand to stop him, “I know that this is related to the directors’ vital interest. I won’t take this as a joke. After all, the biggest shareholder is my father.”

As soon as he spoke, Adam had nothing to say anymore and had to go out.

Upon seeing him left, Nina said in displease, “Chairman, Director Moore is too….”

“It’s fine.” Colin said lightly, “Such people are best to be used, but isn’t worth to be trusted. Anyway, since he’s in such a leisure mood, you should arrange more things for him to do.”

“I understand, Chairman.” Nina nodded.

Colin stood up, “I still have things to do. I’ll leave first.”

When Nina saw Colin hurriedly left the office, she wanted to stop him, but unfortunately, she didn’t have any reason.

When Colin drove, he really stopped at the supermarket to buy Doris a few packs of White Rabbit milk candy. He also bought several kinds of candies before leaving the supermarket.

Colin saw someone in the supermarket parking lot. Someone whom he hadn’t noticed for a long time.

“Colin!” That person glared at Colin, as if he wanted to eat Colin alive.

Colin was slightly surprised, “Dean Brown?”

Dean dressed a bit differently from what he did in the past. He didn’t wear a suit and leather suits. But he wore casual clothes. Moreover, it’s casual clothes that could be seen everywhere on the street.

Since the last time he met Colin, Colin didn’t let any companies of Marquis cooperate with Dean’s company. Dean’s company couldn’t attract investors and became worse each day. Now they were just lingering on the worsening condition.

And Dean put all the blame on Colin.

At that time, he thought that Colin was only a manager in Marquis. But in the recent news, he only found out that Colin is the fucking chairman of Marquis!

Just imagine, if there’s a country bumpkin that couldn’t be compared to you, who suddenly changed and became the chairman of the leading company in the city. It really felt like shit!

But because of this, Dean hated Colin even more. Isn’t Colin the chairman of Marquis? Then, why did he only borrow him 20,000 back then? Why didn’t he directly invest several million or even several hundred million?”

In the end, he even found him to settle the debt!

Huh, if he didn’t settle the debt, he wouldn’t let his company cooperate with Marquis, which was sinister and mean!

These were the personal thoughts of Dean.

Colin had stopped paying attention to Dean and how his company was doing, had nothing to do with him.

“Please give way.” Dean was standing in front of his car. The car beside him might belong to Dean.

Dean didn’t budge and said relentlessly, “Colin, do you know how I’m living now? You still have the fucking pride to talk calmly to me?”

Colin frowned, “What does it have to do with me?”

“Huh, if it weren’t for you rejecting to cooperate with my company, will my company go through bankruptcy?”

Colin sneered at him coldly, “Can’t your company survive without Marquis, Dean? Then what’s the purpose of its existence?”

“You!” Dean glared at him, “Anyway, everything is caused by you. I request you to compensate me 50 million!”

As soon as he spoke, Colin was puzzled.

Did Dean personally come here to block him?

Did he think that 50 million compensation could come with his mouth? Based on what?

“I tell you. This is the amount that you should compensate me!”

Dean thought that since Colin was the chairman of Marquis, then 50 million was just a piece of cake for him. Considering their relationship as former classmates, moreover, he should’ve made the compensation, so Dean took it for granted.

Colin’s gaze turned cold, “Dean Brown, I’ll tell you for the last time. You and I are no longer friends. Long before you didn’t settle the debt, we weren’t friends anymore.”

“Everything that happens to you today is the result of your own action and has nothing to do with me. Don’t ever appear in front of me anymore. Otherwise, I don’t mind taking some special measures.”

“You know that I can do it.” Colin’s last gaze had actually frightened Dean.

Colin pulled Dean away, opened the car door, and drove away.

Dean was shocked. After a while, he yelled, “Colin Ward! Wait for me!”


Doris was staying alone at home while watching the cartoon. She suddenly heard the doorbell and was overjoyed.

She got up and opened the door, “Uncle, are you home?”

However, when she saw an unfamiliar pretty lady in front of her, her face turned gloomy, with a look of doubt and curiosity.

Ellie was standing by the door and was struck by Doris, who just called out ‘Uncle’. She looked at Doris’s appearance again and had to ask, “Don’t you recognize me?”

Doris shook her head, “Who are you, Sister?”

“Sister?” Ellie was shocked, “Did you call me ‘sister’?”

Doris was indeed younger than Ellie by one or two years but their relationship wasn’t to that extent.

Doris blinked, “Then what should I call you? Auntie?”

Ellie was feeling suffocated and her face was gloomy, “You really don’t know who I am?”

“I don’t know…” Doris shook her head, and asked, “Are you here to look for Uncle? Uncle went out o buy me candies.”

“What?” Ellie was dumbfounded.

Uncle? Buy candies?

Wait, something wasn’t right with Doris.

Chapter 179 I Want to Find My Parents!

“You… Who’s your uncle?” Ellie asked her.

Doris nodded after a while, “Uncle is an uncle!”

“Then, can I go inside and sit? I’m here to find your uncle.” Ellie couldn’t tell the reason and changed the subject.

Doris thought for a while before turned sideways, “Come in then! Uncle might be back after a while.”

Ellie sat on the sofa and found that Doris was watching the cartoon. Her lips suddenly twitched, isn’t this something the children usually watch?


Ellie squinted her eyes slightly. Could it be that Doris had turned into a child?

“Doris, I suddenly remember that I still have something to do. I’ll come next time to find your uncle!”

Doris turned her head and blinked, “Oh….”

Ellie said again, “But just now you said that your uncle went out to buy you candies, right?”

“Yeah” Doris nodded.

Ellie smiled softly, “Then, I can also buy candies for you, Also, there are so many delicious things to eat and have fun. How about I take you out to eat and have fun?”

Doris blinked upon hearing that. It’s obvious that her childish temperament was tempted.

“But, Uncle said, I can’t randomly go out with someone.”

Ellie replied with a smile, “I’m not someone else. I have a good relationship with your uncle. Otherwise, I won’t come to his house and find him, right?”

After hearing this, Doris found it reasonable, and asked hesitatingly, “Are there really a lot of things to eat and play?”

“Of course. I won’t lie to anyone.” Ellie said with a smile.

Doris nodded, “Then, I’ll wait for my uncle to return so he can take me.”

Ellie couldn’t stretch her smile anymore. She had shown the greatest patience in her life and yet she still couldn’t coax Doris. She was slightly irritated. In the end, she could only say, “Fine. Let’s do it this way. My address and phone number are here. If you can’t wait anymore, you can find me. I’ll take you to play.”

Doris took Ellie’s business card. She didn’t quite understand it, but she still nodded.

Ellie had no choice but to leave. But when she stepped out, she suddenly thought of something, as she turned around, and said to Doris, “Doris, not only that I can bring you to eat delicious things and have fun, but also I can take you to find your mommy and daddy.”

After speaking, Ellie left immediately.

Doris was surprised, “Mommy Daddy….”

Ellie found out that Doris had been talking about her uncle and didn’t bring up her parents. Wouldn’t children want to stay with their parents?

So when she said the last sentence, it depends on whether Doris will take the bait or not?

Doris looked at the business card while thinking about her parents. Who are her Mommy and Daddy? Why didn’t her uncle bring her to find them?

Why didn’t her parents come and find her? Is she an abandoned child?

Thinking of this, Doris’s eyes were red and Colin had also not returned yet. She felt more grievance, fearful, and helpless.

In the end, Doris mustered up her courage, “I want to find my parents!”

Doris went out with her business card.

At this moment, Gerd was fighting with the ill-looking man. So, he didn’t notice that Doris left the villa.

When Doris left the villa, she started to feel at loss.

“Where is this? How do I go there?”

At the roadside, there were few vehicles and few people that went by. So she couldn’t ask anyone.

Doris walked aimlessly, hoping that someone would come and tell her the way.

At this time, Ellie, who was hiding by the blind spot of the surveillance, shouted at Doris, “Doris, are you going to find your parents? Come here, I’ll help you find them.”

Doris walked over obediently….


“Doris is missing.” Gerd’s voice was heard over the phone.

Colin was driving when he heard the news. His hands trembled, causing his car to turn a corner. Luckily, he could control it in time, “What happened?”

Gerd said solemnly, “Ellie came to find Doris and brought a bodyguard.”

“You mean that Ellie took Doris away and you aren’t capable of keeping her behind?” Colin was about to explode. Anyone knew how precious Doris to him is. Now, Gerd told him that Doris was taken by someone while being under his protection.

Gerd was silent and didn’t speak.

Colin hung up the phone angrily.

The car speed was increased to maximum instantly.

Ten minutes later, Colin returned to the villa.

Gerd was standing at the entrance, as he waited for Colin.

Colin walked over with gloomy eyes. He raised his hand and intended to punch Gerd before he felt dizzy and staggered because of his mood fluctuation.

“Be careful” Gerd reminded him.

Colin clutched his chest and took a deep breath. His voice was terrible low, “What has actually happened?”

Gerd explained briefly.

Colin tried his best not to faint, “Go check the surveillance.”

“The surveillance has been checked. Doris went out by herself.”

“She went out by herself? She wasn’t taken away by Ellie?”

“We’re not sure yet.” Gerd shook his head.

Colin took a deep breath and called Jason.

Jason quickly brought police to the villa and after hearing Colin’s story, he immediately sent someone to retrieve the roadside surveillance around the villa.

Half an hour later, everyone saw Doris walked aimlessly. Then, they saw someone walked over with a smile. Until here, there’s no trace of Doris anymore.

Colin and the others’ expressions turned gloomy.

It’s obviously had been planned. The person who took away Doris especially chose the blind spot.

“I will send more officers and quickly look for her.” Jason stood up and said, “Although we still don’t know the other party, we will try our best to find her.”

Colin nodded and sent Jason away.

Colin’s heaved. He had been holding on to not faint and he’s about to reach his limit. But he couldn’t, he’s worried. Doris was deliberately taken away by someone. Anyone could imagine what would happen to her?

Since Doris hadn’t been found, he couldn’t feel at ease.

Colin took out his phone and gave Bald Liu a phone call.

“You don’t need to find that person anymore. Now, you have to find Doris immediately. I’ll send you the picture later. The rules are still the same. Whoever finds her first, I’ll reward him 100 million, no, one billion!”

“Buzzzz….” Bald Liu’s blood froze, “Boss, did something happen?”

One billion, he suspected that he had misheard.

Colin was anxious, “Fuck, just do what you’re instructed! Stop spouting so much nonsense!”

After speaking, Colin immediately hung up, and called Ramon.

“Ramon, contact everyone that you have there. Help me find Doris. I’ll send you her picture. If you find her, I’ll give you one billion.”

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