Chapter 179 – 180: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 179: Showing off the wealth

“Gosh!, this… this is Obstacle-Breaking Pill!” Shixiong Li said, and he has been practicing for more than twenty years after the rise of Li’s Family. Actually, ten years ago, he had been into the acquired stage of the fulfilled period. He knew that it was too late, and his talent was worse than others.

Therefore, he almost lost his hope for reaching the innate-power stage.

Several years ago, he heard from his friend by accident that there was a magic pill called Obstacle-Breaking Pill. The practitioner could break through this bottleneck and reach the innate-power stage.

Knowing the existence of such a magic pill, Shixiong used all of his relations to look for it. However, with ten years passing by, there was still no sign of it.

But the only Obstacle-Breaking Pill had once appeared at the auction of the Ding’s Family. Though Shixiong didn’t see it in person, however, he saw the picture, so now he could recognize the Pill at first sight!


Obstacle-Breaking Pill?

This mud pellet should be the Obstacle-Breaking Pill?!

Tianba Li, Grandchild of Shixiong’s, also participated in the Ding’s auction. Knowing that at the auction, the Pill had been sold at a sky-high price of 5.5 billion.

Tianba has never thought Kris Chen should have the magic pill. No wonder Kris stopped him from buying it at that time.

Tianba instantly understood it and was deeply moved, but Fei Lin and her sister treated Kris Chen suspiciously.

“It is just a fake pill!”

Fei Lin sneered and said:” How did you get such a precious pill, you stole it from somewhere? “

Kris was a little angry hearing this. What Fei Lin said blatantly indicated that he stole the Pill.

Shixiong looked at Tianba eagerly and said:” My grandchild, take it quickly, and there will be a practitioner of the innate-power stage in our family eventually.

Shixiong couldn’t help his ecstasy. As long as Tianba reaches the innate-power stage, Li’s Family will be great in the coming three generations.

“Grandpa, you have reached the acquired stage of the fulfilled period for many years, so, you should take it, and I am still young, I can find another one in the future.”

Shixiong became worried about hearing Tianba’s proposal. He was fully clear that he had aged even if he reached the innate-power stage, and then what? It was impossible for him to reach the back-to-self stage for his whole life.

But the thing is different to Batian. Because he is still young and maybe he could reach the back-to-self stage and then he could be a master practitioner.

Suppose there is a practitioner with the innate-power stage of fulfilled period in one’s family. In that case, it can be called an aristocratic family. Furthermore, suppose there is a great practitioner with the back-to-self stage. In that case, it must be the most outstanding one among the noble family.

Therefore he changed his mind and gave the Pill to Tianba. “Grandpa is old, and you will manage our family, so take the pill and make the family prosper!”

“No, Grandpa, you should take it!”

“I won’t!” the grandpa said firmly.

Kris Chen smiled at them, and then he took out another Obstacle-Breaking Pill and said: “Enough, I happen to have another one.”


Another one?

The Grandpa and Tianba turned around at the same time, and even Fei Lin and her sister Jiaojiao Lin looked at him surprisingly.

Seeing their surprise, Kris smiled again, he did not explain it, and just put the Obstacle-Breaking Pill on Tianba’s hand, and said: “Now, you take it too.”

“Kris, you…” Tianba looked at Kris Chen, and he was too excited to say anything.

Although not saying a word, Tianba would remember Kris’s kindness and treat Kris as his lifelong brother.

With the magic pill in hand, Shixiong’s two hands trembled with excitement, so he decided to take a bath and burn incense and adjust himself to the best state of body and mind. Only after that would he take the Pill. Then, saying goodbye to Kris Chen, he left the table and rushed to his manor with his butler.

As soon as Tianba’s grandpa Li left, Fei Lin immediately looked at Kris Chen eagerly and said: “Do you have more Obstacle-Breaking Pills?”

She and her younger sister, Jiaojiao Lin, have been in the acquired stage of the fulfilled period for a long time.

Seeing Kris Chen taking out two Obstacle-Breaking Pills, she began to contrive a plan for getting the Pill.

At this moment, Jiaojiao couldn’t help saying: “Come on, give us the pill.”

The tongue and the gesture indicated that Kris Chen owed them a lot of favors.

“I just have two pills by accident, and I have none now,” Kris Chen made an excuse.

Actually, he still had one Pill, but why should he give it to them?

He is not their father, and there is no need to satisfy them. Furthermore, just one Pill could cost 5.5 billion.

And he isn’t so generous to give the 5.5 billion-worth magic pill to strangers without returning a favor!

Fei Lin and Jiaojiao turned hostile suddenly, and Fei Lin couldn’t help saying sarcastically: “All right, such a magic pill is not as common as the cabbage in the market. Clearly, you just stole them.”

“That’s it.” Jiaojiao chimed: “How dare you to steal such valuable pills.”

Kris just did not reply to them.

Fei Lin’s face turned red with rage, standing up instantly, saying:”Tianba, we’re busy and have to leave now!”

After saying this, the two sisters left the hall.


The next morning, Kris Chen and Tianba were woken up by Xuan Song because they drank deep into the midnight.

Seeing the two men were sound asleep over the table, Xuan Song shook her head reluctantly and went to them, saying: “Darling, wake up, look at the time, you need to go to register in the Academy of Six Major Schools today.”

On hearing his wife, Tianba Li got up with a tingle and said: “Yeah! I almost forget the important thing. Wake up, Kris, and get a shower, we should hurry up!

It was today that the Academy of Six Major Schools opened. And at this moment, in front of the gate, cars filled the space.

Only people in rich families could enter the Academy of Six Major Schools. Its high tuition costs two hundred thousand for only one semester. By now, a number of students constantly were going into the academy.

Either wealthy girls or rich boys have the opportunity to study here. Most of them were gorgeously dressed. Though some of them may be ugly in face, but being covered by heavy makeup.

Here, quite a few wealthy boys crowded round and watched the students coming and going and discussed something in groups.

“Those girls in the academy are so pretty, I am so happy to study here.”

“Yeah, look at that leggy beauty with a short skirt, her legs are so white!”


At this moment, someone cried out in the crowd.

Following the sound, a Porsche 911 was driving into the academy.

“Oh, my God! It’s a Porsche 911!”

“Three million, at least!”

“Damn cool!”

Then, after the car stopped, a young man with sunglasses got off, and it was Bao Cao.

Wearing an Armani suit, a Patek Philippe watch, and Bolon sunglasses, how ostentatious he is!

Many girls stared at Bao Cao with anthomaniac eyes. But when they saw Lan Yu who was standing by Bao Cao, these girls had a sense of inferiority.

It feels good to be a rich man.

At this moment, here came a black Ferrari.

“Damn it! Ferrari 812!”

“So cool! Five million, at least!”

Impressed by Ferrari in films, these boys were shocked to see such sight.

“Wow, this is Sheng Fu, the eldest son of the Fu’s family, but why he study here?”

The Fu’s family, a tycoon in the processing industry in Westriver City, has factories in several cities nearby. There are thousands of employees in its company. Therefore it must be one of the biggest families in Westriver City.

And, he is the eldest son of the family.

The owner of the Ferrari 812, Sheng Fu, who was young, handsome, and rich, and he was captured many girls at once

“Look there!”

Someone in the crowd shouted, and people turned around and looked at the gate.

Seeing an extended wheelbase version of Rolls-Royce Phantom coming slowly.

What’s even more shocking was that there are hundreds of strong men in black short-sleeved shirts jogging and following the car in an orderly manner on each side of the car.

WOW! Who were they? How boasting and exaggerating the pomp is!

People on the spot were all stupefied!

It looked like rich guys were not here for studying at all, but showing off the wealth.

Chapter 180: Asking for Obstacle Breaking Pill again

While the crowd was talking, the car stopped. Hundreds of strong men stood in union on either side of the car. A steward in a tuxedo and white gloves, about fifty years old, went to open the door.

The next moment, a beautiful woman wearing a Cheongsam put her hand on the steward’s arm and stepped out of the car slowly.

When everyone got a good look at her, all the men couldn’t help swallowing saliva.

Oh my god, she is so beautiful!

She is like a lady from the Republic of China.

The simple but elegant Cheongsam showed off her figure incisively and vividly. Her long and round legs like two ivory chopsticks. “Oh my god, isn’t she the eldest daughter of Sima family in the capital? She is Yanru Sima.”

“What brings her here? Did she come to sign up too?”

At that time, some rich kids recognized her and shouted out.

The people around were silenced by the shout.

According to legend, Sima family in the capital is the offspring of Yi Sima during The Three Kingdoms Periods. It has been handed down for more than one thousand years, and it’s a true millennium family. Its family business spreads all over the country. Even abroad, there are branches of the Sima family.

And, according to the grapevine, several elders in Sima family are the presbyter of Wuliangjian School.

Yanru is a real princess. Whoever marries her has everything going for. It’s also a glory even if you are a son-in-law by adoption.

When everyone was looking at Yanru and drooling, a voice came from the crowd. “Look, everybody! The class lists are there!”

After hearing that, everyone gathered around.

Not long after the class lists were posted, a Mercedes drove in from the school gate. Compared with sports cars and luxury cars, Kris Chen’s imported Benz 4s is not so impressive.

When Kris and Tianba Li got off the car, they were shocked.

Oh my god, why are there so many people?

After seeing the square was full of people, Kris and Tianba were stunned.

With great effort, they two squeezed in and saw their names on the list. “Kris, we’re in the same class. Feifei and Jiaojiao are also in our class.” Tianba said.

Kris looked carefully and found they are in class eight of Tian Class.

The Academy of Six Major Schools can be divided into 8 types, namely, Tian Class, Di Class, Xuan Class, Huang Class, Yu Class, Zhou Class, Hong Class, and Huang Class, which can be subdivided into 20 classes of 100 students.


At that time, a voice of joy came, and soon a fragrant wind came. People around were intoxicated when they smelt the aroma. It’s none other than Mary Su.

After seeing Kris, Mary was delighted. She stepped forward and took Kris’s hand. “Kris, why you ignored my calls and messages? Are you still mad at me? I know I was wrong. I apologize to you. Will you forgive me?” Mary said.

Mary took Kris’s hand and shook it gently, looking as if she were acting in a spoiled way.

Kris looked at Mary with a plain face and said nothing.

At that moment, Tianba came over. After seeing the atmosphere was a little awkward, Tianba took the initiative to greet Mary. “Sister-in-law, I didn’t expect you are here!” Tianba said.

It’s Mary who made Tianba injured, but Mary is Kris’s wife. Tianba, being an elder brother, could not hold a grudge against his sister-in-law.

Kris has saved Tianba and his wife several times. What’s more, Kris gave Obstacle Breaking Pills to Tianba and Tianba’s grandfather, which made them two entered the innate-power stage.

Tianba’s injury was a blessing in disguise.

“Ah, Tianba Li?” Mary said.

Mary was stunned when he saw Tianba.

“Why is Tianba here? Wasn’t he suffered more than 40 cuts? Didn’t his ligaments be cut off? Why does he look all right now?” Mary thought.

Then Mary regained her composure. She then apologized in a low voice, “I’m sorry. It’s me that night…”

Before she finished what she wanted to say, Tianba waved his hand to interrupted her. “There is no need to apologize. You were deceived by a base person. It’s fine as long as you’re okay…”

What Tianba said made Mary happy but ashamed. She turned to look at Kris and found Kris still alienated her. And she became anxious immediately.

“Kris, please say something. I was wrong. I really know I was wrong…” Mary said.

Normally, Kris would have forgiven her, but this time he was really angry.

Kris is soft-hearted, but he has a baseline.

Kris was self-condemned when he thought Tianba suffered more than 40 cuts by the men of Lang Shen to save Mary.

Afterwards, Xi Lan said it took a whole day and night for Tianba to revive. The transfusion of him is 8000ml, which is equivalent to the total amount of two adults’ blood.

It was hard for Kris to forgive Mary. And from this incident, Kris began to look directly at their marriage. Maybe it was wrong in the first place.

When the atmosphere was deadlocked, a somber voice came from the side.

“Oh, isn’t this Kris? You are a live-in son-in-law. Why don’t you wash clothes and cook at home, but come to The Academy of Six Major Schools?”

Kris turned his head and saw Bao Cao come over with a smile. Lan Yu was standing beside him.

Kris didn’t bother to answer him and turned away from him.

The more you said to him, the more excited he would be.

After seeing Kris ignored him, Bao Cao was a little angry. “Hum, how dare you ignore me? I’ll show you!” Bao Cao thought.

At that moment, he suddenly shouted to the crowd, “Everybody come and see. This guy is the live-in son-in-law of the Su family. You might have heard of him. He is a famous kept man in Westriver City. Come and watch!”

He spoke loudly, attracting many people immediately.

The wedding two years ago was so famous that everyone knows there is a kept man in the Su family.

Lan Yu frowned immediately and said to Bao Cao, “What’s the matter with you? Why are you always speaking ill of Kris?”

Lan Yu was not here to attend school. As the leader of the criminal police team, she had no time to study here.

Besides, she is the elder sister of Emei School. There is no need for her to study here.

Bao Cao kept begging her, and she came here to send Bao Cao to school as she couldn’t stand up with Bao Cao anymore.

“Am I wrong? Everyone in Westriver City knows him.” Bao Cao curled his lips and said.

Kris was expressionless, but Tianba couldn’t bear it anymore. Tianba pointed to Bao Cao’s nose and scolded, “Dare you to say it again? Kris is my brother. Where your courage comes from? Are you wanting to be hit?”

After seeing it’s Tianba, Bao Cao got cold feet. But with so many people there, it would be a shame for him to cower.

At the thought of that, Bao Cao held his neck straight and said, “Tianba, I scolded Kris but not you. Why you put your finger in another’s pie?”

Although Bao Cao said that his heart was full of butterflies. Bao Cao couldn’t afford to offend Li’s family.

“You need a good spanking!” Tianba said.

Tianba was angry and punched Bao Cao in the face.


Bao Cao fell straight to the ground, and half of his face instantly swollen up.

People around stepped back immediately as they are afraid they would be hit by accident.

After seeing Tianba attacked Bao Cao, Kris went to stop Tianba. “Tianba, that’s enough. He doesn’t deserve your beating,” Kris said to Tianba.

“Kris, this son of bitch scolded you several times. He will be more arrogant if I don’t hit him.” Tianba said. Then Tianba kicked Bao Cao in the head, and Bao Cao fell on his face.

Kris was very moved.

“Kris, Tianba, just stop it,” Lan Yu said.

At that moment, Lan Yu came over. “You two are going too far. How can you hit Bao Cao?” Lan Yu said.

Although Bao Cao said awful things, he shouldn’t be beaten. And Bao Cao is Lan Yu’s betrothed husband. Weren’t they embarrassing Lan Yu as they beat Bao Cao in front of her?

Tianba then gave Bao Cao a good kick in the ass and said, “If you dare to scold Kris again, it’s not as simple as getting spanked. Just remember that.”

Tianba’s anger abated a lot after hitting Bao Cao.

Bao Cao covered his face and kept groaning in pain. After seeing Tianba stopped hitting Bao Cao, Lan Yu was relieved.

Then she went over to Kris and pulled him into a deserted corner.

“It’s not a good thing for you to pull me in broad daylight.” Kris broke away, Lan Yu’s hand, and said.

The corner is secluded, and there were no people around. Then Lan Yu’ said to Kris in a low voice, “Kris, I have one request to make of you.”

“What’s that?” Kris said. Whenever Lan Yu finds Kris, there is definitely no good thing.

Lan Yu said with some embarrassment, “Can you give me one more Obstacle Breaking Pill?”


Obstacle Breaking Pill again?

Was Lan Yu thought Kris is the man who wholesales Obstacle Breaking Pills? How could she get an Obstacle Breaking Pill, which worth 5.5 billion dollars by saying a sentence? Was Lan Yu thought Kris is a philanthropist?

Kris shook his head and said, “I don’t have it now. We’ll talk about it next time.”

Kris had one with him, but he didn’t want to give it to her.

Lan Yu took Kris’s arm and shook it gently. “Kris, I know you can do something. Can you help me?” Lan Yu said.

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