Chapter 179: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 179 Don’t Appear In Front Of Me, Or I Will Kill You (1)
Venus didn’t look back, “I ordered five of my favorite, do you want anything else?”

“No, I can eat whatever you order.”

Venus asked Xinyou again, “What about Miss Qiao? Is there anything you want to eat?”


Venus bowed her head and submitted the menu, murmuring, “Five dishes should be enough.”

“We can add some later If it’s not enough.” Kerry said mildly.

“Fine, you’re the one who pay the bill anyway” Venus opened the yogurt and poured herself a cup, and then looked at Xinyou and asked, “Are you just coming back to Sky City?”

“Yes, I just get here.”

Venus asked with concern, “So where do you live?”

Xinyou looked at Kerry, “I stay in hotel for I haven’t found an apartment yet.”

“What about your job? Where do you work?” Venus was very curious.

“I used to work in Kerry’s company, and now …… ” Xinyou looked at Kerry again but found that he still kept silent, so she continued, “I’m preparing to look for a job now. “

“I get it.” Venus looked back at Kerry with a bit of mockery in her eyes, “Is it not difficult for you to arrange her a position since she is your friend, right?”

Hearing this, Xinyou was very happy, but in the next second, she heard Kerry saying, “Our company doesn’t have any plans to recruit people right now, if Xinyou needs it, I know quite a few companies that are suitable for her.”

Xinyou was shocked by Kerry’s words, It had been a short period for their separation. How could Kerry become so indifferent?

“Kerry, I …… still want to work in the Design Department, can’t I go back?” She was trying to seize the chance. She had no future if she couldn’t be with him.

Kerry said in a objective manner, “The Design Department just hired two designers a while ago, there was no lack of other position.” He didn’t want Xinyou to work his company in case that Venus would misunderstand their relationship.

Hearing this, someone sitting beside was very happy, she sipped the yogurt and smiled with crescent-shaped eyes.

Xinyou stared at Kerry and said softly, “Kerry, I was about to die at that time, if not for your support, I would be a corpse now. You are my everything. I know you love Venus, don’t worry, I won’t disturb your life anymore. I’ll be satisfied if I can just look at you from afar, okay?”

Venus was speechless. Xinyou really had got a brass neck and dare to confess her love toward Kerry regardless of other people.

Kerry replied very indifferently, “Xinyou, Venus and I have experienced too many tribulations, so I don’t want her to misunderstand. She would be unhappy if you work in my company.”

Xinyou’s tears instantly fell and she said, “Kerry, do you only love Venus? I’ve given you my most precious thing.”

“Cough, cough, cough.” Venus was choked by what she had seen. Kerry couldn’t help but caressed her back, “Drink slowly, no one’s urging you. “

Venus coughed for a moment and stopped, she laughed, “No, I just feel it’s too funny, it is my first time to see a woman take the initiative to be a mistress. It really blows my mind.”

Xinyou was embarrassed and said in an angry voice, “Miss Chu, please show some respect, when do I say I want to be a mistress? You have no idea about our past story.”

Venus smirked at her, “I don’t know and I don’t want to know, but I think my understanding is well, don’t that you say that you only want to look at Kerry from afar?”

She wiped her mouth with a piece of tissue and looked down at Xinyou, “Are you sure you just want to look at him from afar? In that case, a photo is enough. You can express you affection without disturbing his family. What do you think of my idea?”

“Thank you for your advice, but it’s none of your business.” Xinyou was so annoyed as being uncovered, she would definitely torn her mouth if Kerry wasn’t here.

But Venus smiled like a spring breeze, “Don’t be angry, I’m just giving you a suggestion.”

Xinyou bit her lower lip with tears falling down her face, Kerry was a little bit moved by her and gave her some pieces of tissue, “Don’t cry.”

“Kerry, I indeed did something wrong in the past, but I’ve died once, do you really want me to sleep in the streets?” Xinyou said with a sob.

Kerry frowned and didn’t say anything, and Venus also acted like it was none of her business, playing with her phone and waiting for the food, leaving only the sound of women sobbing in the room.

“What do you want to do?” Kerry was a impatient by her sob and then asked.

Hearing this, Xinyou looked at him with hope in her eyes. She initially wanted to say that she could do everything if could be with him, but was afraid that Kerry would get bored. So she said, “I can only work in the field if fashion design.”

Kerry nodded and dialed out, “Hello, Mr. Chen, this is Kerry …… I have a new graduate here, studying fashion design, do you have a suitable job there? …… Okay, I’ll let her go to you company tomorrow …… No, you don’t have to worry, just follow your company’s rules and regulations …… Well, we can have a meet if there’s time, goodbye. “

After hanging up the phone, Xinyou was dumbfounded, while next to her, Venus almost laughed out.

Xinyou thought that Kerry would let her working in Yehuang Group. But now he directly arranged her a job.

“Go the that company tomorrow. There’s staff-dormitory in their company for you to apply and then you’ll have a place to live.” Kerry said flatly, as if Xinyou was really just an ordinary friend.

Xinyou was stunned, what else could she say?

This was totally not she and Hao’s plan. Everything had changed.

Venus ate a bowl of rice for her good mood and favorite dishes.

After eating and paying the bill, they went out of the restaurant.

Xinyou followed Kerry closely and wanted to drive Venus away, so she asked, “Miss Chu, where are you going now?”

“Go home, staying at home and enjoying the air conditioning is the best choice under such a hot day.”

Xinyou was about to say goodbye when Kerry continued the conversation and said, “I’ll send you home.”

Venus looked up at him in confusion and said, “I live just over there, you don’t need to send me.”

“I know, I send you back and get the parasol back.” Kerry pointed to the parasol in her hand.

“Oh I forgot, this is the parasol of the pretty lady at the front desk,” Venus looked at Xinyou who was obviously unhappy and said, “Then, where is Miss Qiao going?”

“I’ll but something in the nearby market,” she said quietly.

“See you then.” Venus waved at her, opening her parasol and walking into a bright sunshine.

“I’ll be leaving too,” Kerry was just turning around when Xinyou grabbed his arm.

“Kerry, can I call you if I run into any trouble?” Xinyou looked at him expectantly.

Kerry sighed and wanted to refuse her directly. But for their past memory, he politely said, “Xinyou, we’d better not keep in contact. You can call me if you really meet any troubles.”

After saying that, he gently broke away from her hand and strode after the woman who was holding a parasol.

In the sunlight, Kerry walked beside her and said something to her with a smile, the woman dodged a few steps and replied him. The man did not get angry, but instead walking with her under the scorching sun.

Watching this scene, Xinyou was very painful. why? Why did she go through all the trouble to return to him but only got his indifferent reply. That woman did nothing but gained his love.

Just because Yan looked like Venus?

Xinyou sneered, she thought the similar appearance would be Yan’s advantage but also disadvantage. She didn’t believe that a rich lady like her would be willing to be someone else’s understudy.

After they arrived at the apartment, Venus gave the parasol to Kerry. Kerry asked, “Aren’t you curious about the relationship between Me and Xinyou?”

Venus glanced at him, “Mr. Ye, this is your personal matter, I don’t want to be so gossipy. But I want to advise you, Miss Qiao is so ordinary, why would you be interested in her?”

This matter had always been a mystery in Venus’s heart.

“We’ve never been together.” Kerry vehemently denied.

“Miss Qiao said that she gave you her most precious thing to you, and you’re still saying that you haven’t been together? Kerry, be a man, okay?”

Kerry didn’t know how to explain, “It is a complete fault, I wouldn’t be plotted against if I didn’t go to that hotel, and I wouldn’t meet Xinyou as well. There is definitely a bad result for I did wrong the first time.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 179 Don’t Appear In Front Of Me, Or I Will Kill You(2)
Venus’s heart started to thud as she caught the word “hotel”, and she asked, “Did you meet Xinyou Qiao at the hotel?”

“Yes, that’s our first encounter……” Kerry Ye looked down at her, “Don’t you say that you’re not the gossip type? Why do you ask about her?”

She promptly disguised her curiosity, laughing perfunctorily, and let him be prepared, “Don’t blame me for bad-mouthing your friend. Today I found her looked quite unfriendly, maybe she mistakes me as her rival. I have to warn you that in case she comes to our door, don’t be distressed if I do something horrible to her.”

The crazy things that Xinyou had done occurred to Kerry, and he frowned, saying, “How about sending two bodyguards to protect you?”

Venus refused in a heartbeat, “No, thanks. I’m guarding by my father’s people. I fear that they may hurt her accidentally.”

Kerry glanced around and found nothing different, “Now I’m in no relationship with her. She’s an adult who should be responsible for her own behaviors.”

“Ok, then I’m more assured.” Seeing that she could not get more messages, Venus waved at him, “I have to go.”

“Ok, bye.” Kerry watched her entering the lift and left until her figure was disappeared from his field of vision.

“Henry, go get two persons to stalk Yan Chu.”

“Is it for surveillance, Young Lord?”

“No, it’s for protection.” Kerry paused for a while and continued, “Xinyou is still alive. She’s back.”

There was a moment’s silence over the phone. Kerry heard that he took a heavy breath and asked, “Xinyou Qiao, you mean?”


“Wasn’t she dead? How possible would she……”

Kerry didn’t want to listen to the surprised man’s nonsense and interrupted, “Do what I just said immediately, don’t let her do harm to Yan.”

“Yes, yes, I’ll get right on it.”

When he was ready to hang up the phone, he still heard Henry’s whisper, “Wasn’t she dead……”

For God’s sake, how could she survive falling off that dizzying cliff?

At this moment, Venus was thinking about another thing in the flat.

Who was the guy sleeping with her at the CK International Hotel that night? Hao Nangong, or Kerry?

Kerry’s encounter at the hotel, Xinyou, and the photos, all of these combined to be a complete chain of events. But she was tricked by the brag to the hotel, and Xinyou was at school at that time, and the design……

The answer was coming up. Venus covered her mouth in surprise. So it was Kerry instead of Hao?

Was Hao lying to her?

Venus, lying on the bed, shocked by her own conclusion. That was to say, her first experience was with Kerry! From start to finish!

And the reason why Kerry treated Xinyou so well and had a prejudice in favor of her concerning everything was that he thought that the woman at the hotel was Xinyou!

That was so fucking ironic!

Kerry was such a dickhead. If he knew that it was her, did she need to suffer so much?

The very thought of it made her engender a sincere admiration for Xinyou’s finesse as she had exhausted all her wits to get Kerry. As for the details, she thought that maybe Xinyou would tell her by herself.

According to her understanding of Xinyou, she must come to her door within two days.

Then she could have an ask.


In the villa of the Ye family, Henry finally calmed himself down after throwing himself into astonishment during the whole afternoon. Then he told it to John the Butler, seeing that he gaped at the news, Henry felt quite good. Well, at least he was not the only one to be flabbergasted.

Then another thing flashed through his mind after John placed it, “How could she still be alive? Will she move back here? How about Young Lord? Will he again…… We’re just back on track, she’d better not to meddle in our lives. What a schemed woman I’ve seen in my life.”

Thinking about Kerry’s order, Henry said, “Our Young Lord’s not in a relationship with her, I guess.”

John said worriedly, “I hope so. Or why don’t you go to check where she’s living? Then we can have a sense about what’s going on.”

Henry was embarrassed and said, “Young Lord didn’t ask me to do so.”

John gave him a kick and stared at him, “What a goose! It will not do a bad turn to our Young Lord. If he blames you for it, you can tell him it’s me who asks you to do so.”

“Really?” Henry raised his eyebrows. Actually he was also full of curiosity about how Xinyou was brought back to life.

John said in a firm tone, “Go!”

“Got it!”

It was not difficult for Henry to trace someone in Sky City as he had hired so many punks who always hung around the whole city. Therefore, he got Xinyou’s address at the beginning of the night.

Now she was living at the hotel. But it’s strange that his people found that Hao’s men also stayed there, which added funs to the whole thing.

Considering what happened in the past, Henry didn’t surprise at the result, but he worried about Hao’s purpose of getting Xinyou back. What was he going to do?

In the study room, Kerry took out the design that had long been pressed under the stuff. His crush on her had long since disappeared, instead, a bit of disappointment fell on him. He used to have the illusion about her when he went extra mile to find her, but now, the reality slapped hard on his face.

If he had known what would happen next, he would rather not get her trace so that he could at least keep a fine memory in his mind.

There were knocks on the door.

Kerry folded the design and said in a cold tone, “Come in.”

The door was opened and Henry showed at the door, “Young Lord, I have something to report to you.”

“Is it about Yan?” Kerry signed him to come in and asked.

Henry closed the door after her and said, “No, it’s about…Xinyou.”

He didn’t plan to tell Kerry, being afraid that Young Lord might be cheated by her, he gathered the courage to knock on the door.

Kerry was a bit surprised, “Xinyou? Is there something wrong with her?”

“Young Lord, do you know who saved Xinyou?” Henry asked carefully.

“She said she was saved by a few explorers,” Kerry sneered, “but I don’t believe in her. The rescuing thing might be true, but how about the hospital expenses? Also paid by the explorers? Were there so many kind persons in the world?”

Seeing that he was clear-minded, Henry flattered, “You’re so amazing, Young Lord.”

Kerry cast a glance at him and said, “Come on, what did you get from the investigation?”

“Well, we found that she’s accompanied by Hao’s men,” Henry concluded briefly.

“Hao?” Kerry was indeed stunned for a while, and then it dawned on him, “It’s right. They used to be in cooperation, so it’s very possible for Hao to save her. Hahaha……Hao, you indeed give me a surprise. But this time, I’m afraid that your plan will be foiled.”

“Young Lord, don’t you worry that they may set you a trap?”

“Hump, of course, they will succeed if I still believe in her, but now everything’s different, so we don’t need to worry about anything.”

Hearing that, Henry was finally relieved.

Seeing his complexion, Kerry asked in a serious tone, “Who asked you to make this investigation without my permission?”

Henry’s heart missed a beat. Seeing his darkened face, he didn’t want to betray John and told him, “It’s me.”

As he was waiting for Kerry’s reproaching, he heard the man said, “Never again. You can leave now.”

Henry delightfully went out of the study. He was going to tell this good news to John so that he didn’t need to be on tenterhooks anymore.

Kerry stayed alone in the study. He felt a bit distressed. After all, Xinyou used to be his one-of-a-kind, but now there were only intrigues left between them.

Eyeing the design beside his hand, Kerry took a box of matches and put one to the paper on an impulse, as the corner burned, he suddenly put it out with fingers.

Just a design, maybe he could keep it as a memory.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 179 Don’t Appear In Front Of Me, Or I Will Kill You (3)
At noon, looking up between the hard job, Kerry Ye found the cloudburst outside of the floor-to-ceiling windows along with the rumble of thunder.

The weather of Sky City in summer was like running in random code as there’s no telling whether it would be sunny or rainy in the next second.

Kerry stopped working, rubbing his sour eyes, and was going to have lunch at the canteen when the phone rang, an unfamiliar number.

“Hello, this is Kerry’s speaking.” He received the call while walked outside.

“Kerry, it’s me.” Xinyou Qiao’s voice came over the phone, mixed with the rustle of the storm.

He frowned and asked indifferently, “What’s the matter?”

“Kerry, I go to work at Yidu today. The colleagues are nice to me. Thank you for helping me to get the job, I want to invite you to dinner.” Her voice sounded cheerful.

“It’s alright. Go get on the ball, I need to hang up for my business.” Kerry got out of the phone directory without waiting for Xinyou’s response, he was not the hesitated type.

He had believed that she should get his point by learning from his clear attitude, but he met her at the door of the company when he was going home in the afternoon.

Xinyou wore in a floral dress with the ends of her long hair wettened by the rain, seeing Kerry’s presence, she approached him and smiled, “I’ll buy you dinner, Kerry.”

In face of such a headache, Kerry said in a nonchalant tone, “I’ve told you that you don’t need to do so.”

“But I just want to show you my gratitude.” Xinyou looked at him expectantly.

“Xinyou, I don’t need your gratitude and this is the last thing I will do for you. I hope that you can keep it in mind.” Said Kerry coldly, trying to stop her from pestering him.

Obviously, she came with adequate mental preparation and was unconcerned with his words, “Kerry, I won’t bother you anymore, I just want to buy you dinner, why do you regard it as a turn-off?”

At this moment, the car was parked before him, and Kerry opened the door and said, “Xinyou, don’t come to look for me again.” Then he sat the car and left.

Staring at the black car rushing in the heavy rain, she gritted her teeth and ran after it. She didn’t believe that Kerry would have the heart to see her chasing after the car in the rain.

As the rain continued to pour down, Xinyou was drenched the second she ran into the rain. The raindrops hit her face bitterly, but she didn’t care about it as the only thing she wanted to do was to stop the car. For this, she could do anything.

It rained non-stop all day. The water on the street rose to the height of her legs. Xinyou chased after the distant car with great efforts and fell into the water accidentally.

Tears of grievance poured down her face and mixed with the rain. Seeing the black car disappeared in the field of vision, Xinyou felt that she abandoned herself to despair as if being deserted by everyone.

Why did he treat her so cruelly?

God, now that you bestowed me a new life, why don’t you let my dreams come true?

Xinyou, sitting in the rain, burst into cry and ignored the curious looks from the bystanders.

A few minutes later, the car stopped before her, and she heard the most moved and beautiful voice in the world.

“Get in the car.”

Xinyou wiped her tear. She looked at the serious face of Kerry before her, the extinguished fire within her burned again……

Kerry handed her a dry towel without a word.

After a drive to a café, Kerry sat on a booth with Xinyou who was drenched with rain and asked the waiter for two cups of hot coffee.

“Xinyou, let’s get it straight today. Listen, I love Venus Mu, she’s my one and only for my life, so you don’t need to waste your heart on me anymore, I won’t respond to your love. Else, even though I had had a crush on you, it’s over, do you understand?” Kerry said seriously.

Although it was summer, Xinyou was shivering since she had got wet in the rain for such a long time and her lips turned white, “Kerry, she won’t come back, why do you keep waiting for her?”

Kerry leaned against the sofa, gazing at her with arms folded, “How do you know that Venus won’t come back? I remembered that I told you she was to engage in further study.”

Xinyou stunned at his words. She was indeed out of her mind.

“Well, I see,” Seeing that she kept quiet, Kerry continued, “as it’s Hao Nangong who got you back, he must have told you about her.”

Xinyou didn’t dare to meet his perceived eyes. How could she hide her lie from him?

“Nothing else to say? Then I should go. We shall not meet again.” Kerry got up and was ready to leave, and Xinyou hastened to say, “I’m sorry, Kerry, I lied to you.”

Kerry sat back slowly and looked down at her, waiting for her words.

“I lied to you because I’m afraid that you might misunderstand me.” Xinyou said quickly, “I admit that it’s Hao who saved me, took me to the hospital, and ask me to come to find you.”

“What’s that for? Making me lose my reputation by sending you to sleep with me? Or spy to get the goods on me?”

Xinyou shook her head in a panic, “No, no, no, he just let me come back to him without asking me to do anything. I come to find you on my own initiative because I miss you.”

“You said you were not asked to do anything. If I find that you work for Hao in secret, I will never forgive you and Hao.” The murderous tone made her hair stand on end.

“Kerry, don’t you miss me at all? I just had a narrow escape, could you offer a few words of comfort even as a normal friend?” Said Xinyou, looked like she would cry out the next second.

Kerry was indifferent to her imploration, “Xinyou, it’s God’s mercy on you that you can live on, so you’d better cherish it and don’t carve on something meaningless.”

“What if Venus leaves you forever?” Xinyou brazened it out, “Do you keep waiting for her?”

Kerry’s blue eyes darkened, “She will come back.”

“But what if it’s true?” Xinyou persisted to ask.

“It’s impossible. There is no if in my life.”

“Kerry, stop fooling yourself, life is fickle……”

“One more word, and I will teach you a good lesson!” Kerry scolded.

Xinyou bit her lower lip, feeling her heart torn asunder, and said in a sad tone, “Kerry, do you know that your obsession with Venus is the same as mine to you? Why don’t you choose me? Did you forget that fantastic night we spend together?”

With his eyes darkened, Kerry said icily, “Xinyou, sometimes I would rather not look for you so that at least you’re perfect in my mind. You destroy it by yourself. Now, it’s my last bit of love for you that enables me to endure sitting here and talking with you. From now on, you and I will no longer have anything to do with each other.”

“Is that because of Yan Chu?” Xinyou asked him loudly, and her words stopped him leaving, “Is it because she resembles Venus that you prefer a substitute rather than me?”

Kerry turned around and looked at her condescendingly, “Xinyou, I will never choose you even without Yan. Besides, you’d better not to offend her for that if you dare to touch a hair of her head, I’m afraid those guys in Hongkong will let you suffer living death without having me made my move.”

Xinyou stared at him and didn’t dare to say a word.

“And I withdraw my words that you can call me when you’re in trouble. Don’t call me or meet me anymore. Because your presence occurs to me what I have done to Venus. I fear that I can’t control my desire to kill you.”

After he left for a while, Xinyou recovered from the extreme fears. She read his intention to kill her in his eyes and it was true.

The bubble finally burst, and Xinyou sat down weak and limp on the sofa.

What should she do?

She came back for Kerry, but the man was so cruel that he was not even willing to give her a chance.

All right, let all of us end in misfortune. I can’t get him, neither none of you.


The cloudburst continued for two days and the sky didn’t clear up until the third day. People cracked jokes that if the rainy days kept going on, everyone could only go to work by boat.

Venus stretched her back and felt quite confused. She expected that Xinyou would appear at her door soon, but three days passed, where was the woman?

Had she changed?

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