Chapter 180: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 180 Truth Exposed, Memories Was Hurtful (1)
Actually, it was not that Xinyou Qiao had changed, but that night Xinyou went back with a high fever. She stayed in the hospital for two days before she recovered. She called Kerry Ye when she had a fever, but he hung up on her. At that moment, Xinyou’s heart became even harder.

Since she couldn’t ruin Kerry, she would ruin his feelings and leave him alone for the rest of his life.

Venus Mu was surprised why Xinyou didn’t come to see her when she ran into Xinyou this afternoon.

But she looked much more haggard and pale than she had the two days ago.

“Miss Chu, I want to talk to you.” Xinyou’s voice was hoarse.

Venus, who had just returned from a walk, wiped the sweat from her forehead and said, “You and I have nothing to talk about.”

“Of course we don’t have anything to talk about, but what if we’re talking about Kerry?”

Venus thought that she was finally here, but her face showed she did not care. She shrugged her shoulders and said, “Well. I’m free anyway. There’s a tea house just around the corner. Let’s go there.”

As soon as they stepped out of the neighborhood, two men followed behind them.

The tea house was quiet, and the waiter led the two to a quiet private room.

“May I ask what tea you two would like?”

“A pot of the Longjing tea.” Venus said.

“Okay. Coming right away, please wait a moment for the two of you.”

Not long after the waiter went out, a beautiful woman in a cheongsam came in with the tea and nodded at them. Then she got down on both knees and began to rinse the teapot with hot water, put in the tea leaves, and brew. Only after pouring the tea once more into the teapot did she serve the tea with both hands.

Venus liked to quietly watch the beautiful woman do this set of actions as if she was admiring a work of art.

But Xinyou didn’t like it. She was preoccupied with how she would convince this seemingly good but actually powerful woman in front of her to leave Kerry later.

With a cup of tea in her hand, she politely curtsied slightly to the waiter and then carefully tasted the tea.

“Miss Chu, I’d like to talk to you alone.” She was anxious and said to her.

Venus smiled inwardly and after taking a sip of the fragrant tea, she said to the waiter, “We’ll help ourselves.”

“Yes, please savor it.”

The green bamboo outside the window rustled in the wind. Venus calmly waited for her to speak.

“Miss Chu, I think you know why I’m looking for you.” Xinyou said with a bad tone.

Venus looked at her with a faint smile, “How am I supposed to know if you don’t tell me?”

Hearing this, Xinyou was tongue-tied but was quite magnanimous, “Then I’ll be straightforward. I came to find you today to tell you that it’s impossible for you and Kerry to be together in the future.”

Venus wasn’t surprised at all. She just sipped the tea in the cup a little bit and smiled, “Miss Qiao, my relationship with Kerry shouldn’t have anything to do with you.”

Xinyou snickered, “Miss Chu, I remember the last time you said at the restaurant that I wanted to intervene in someone else’s marriage as a mistress, so what are you doing? Aren’t you destroying other people’s families too?”

“Miss Qiao is truly eloquent. But I’m disappointed for you. Kerry and I are just business partners. We might just have a better relationship in private.”

Xinyou would not believe her words and she had this look on her face that showed stop lying, “I can tell at a glance whether you are ordinary friends or not. Besides, the way Kerry looks at you is not at all the look of an ordinary friend. Miss Chu, you shouldn’t lie to yourself.”

Venus placed the cup of tea in her hand on the table, slowly poured herself a cup of tea and said, “How he wants to see me is his business. I don’t have the right to interfere.”

Xinyou saw that she didn’t have any intention of giving up Kerry at all. She was agitated, “Do you know why Kerry is interested in you?”

Venus was surprised, “Has he got a crush on me? Miss Chu, you shouldn’t talk nonsense.

Kerry married.”

“But she wife had disappeared. You should know that. It was because his wife disappeared that he was interested in you. Haven’t you ever wondered why a man as good as him would have a crash on you?” Xinyou spoke a bit hurriedly, forgetting about Yan Chu’s identity.

Venus’s face was instantly cold and her gaze was heavy, “Miss Qiao, I don’t feel that I’m any worse than Kerry. On the contrary, I feel that my status and properties are much better than him.”

Xinyou apologized, “I’m sorry. I am wrong. Miss Chu is right. You’re so pretty, smart, and you have such a good family background. So there’s even less need to waste time on a married man, right?”

Venus was tempted to say, “You’re right. I don’t want to waste my time on him at all, but I have to do it now.”

Xinyou saw her frowning without speaking and continued, “Actually, Kerry has a crush on you solely because you’re similar to his wife. He’s just looking for a kind of spiritual sustenance in you. He doesn’t really like you.”

Venus gave a deliberate look of surprise, “Do I look like Kerry’s wife?”

“It’s very similar. Not that it looks much alike, but the whole person is very similar even the voice is exactly the same.” Xinyou was a little excited.

Venus was silent for a while, picking another topic, “Why do you know Kerry so well?”

In order to make her believe her own words, Xinyou sighed and said, “Of course I know him because I used to love him so much that I would even die for him. If it wasn’t for Venus’s appearance, it would have been me who married him.”

Hearing she said this, Venus was in a strange mood. She took the second cup of tea and asked carelessly, “You married him? What does that mean?”

Xinyou hesitated for a moment. In order to let Venus leave Kerry, she started to make up a story, “I met Kerry at the hotel. He was drunk that day so we slept together. I was scared and ran away. His wife, Venus, and I were classmates. She said she was getting married and asked me to be her maid of honor. On the wedding day, I found out that Kerry was the man in the hotel and he had been looking for me, but it was too late. He and Venus were only nominal couple, which meant a business marriage. At first he loved me, but gradually, he distanced himself from me.”


Xinyou’s face paled, jealousy shining in her eyes, “Venus was the one who was driving a wedge between Kerry and me. She said a lot of bad things about me in front of Kerry and set me up. That’s why Kerry lost trust in me.”

Venus was dumb. This woman was talking and reversing black and white. Didn’t this woman think that the person who was talking about was herself?

Xinyou looked at the shocked expression on her face and thought she believed her words so she was happy, “Miss Chu, I didn’t mean to offend you by coming here today. I just want you to understand the truth of the matter. Don’t be confused by Kerry. If one day Venus comes back, he won’t hesitate to abandon you.”

Venus looked at her calmly, “Miss Qiao, I am now the representative of the Mk Company in Sky City, and Kerry is the president of the Yehuang Group so we will definitely meet often. Miss Qiao, if you want me not to see him, it’s probably impossible.”

Of course Xinyou understood. But as long as Venus believed her words, it was the first step to success.

“I’m not asking you not to meet him. I just want to remind you just to never fall in love with this dangerous man. I’m the biggest victim. His handsome appearance is what attracts women’s attention now, isn’t it?”

Venus was confused and thought that she wanted to marry Kerry, didn’t she?

Why did she have changed her attitude towards him so much?

“Miss Qiao, I don’t quite understand. The first time you ate at the restaurant that day, your attitude seemed ……”

Xinyou sighed, “I blamed myself for being too naive at the time. I thought that if I died once, he would feel guilty about me and be able to think of me. After that day, I realized that he already liked someone else. He likes you now. Since he doesn’t have a crash on me anymore, why should I bother with him?”

Venus was really surprised that Xinyou would think this way.

She simply said, “Thank you for reminding me. I know what to do.”

Xinyou’s eyes showed the joy of victory, “Miss Chu, that’s all I want to say. I’ll go first.”

Venus nodded.

Xinyou walked lightly on her feet and headed out. As soon as she pulled the door open, she heard Venus ask from behind, “Miss Qiao, there’s one more thing I’d like to ask.”

Xinyou turned around, “Please ask.”

Venus tilted her head and chuckled lightly, “Miss Qiao’s real purpose in telling me this today is to kick out a potential stumbling block like me to pave the way for your own sake, right?”

Xinyou was stunned. This was the first time she had experienced what it was like to have no good intentions to repay. She suppressed the annoyance in her heart and said icily, “Miss Chu, I’ve come to give you advice sincerely. If you don’t believe me, just wait to be cheated by that scum Kerry. I’m just watching.”

“Well. I get it. Take care.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 180 Truth Exposed, Memories Was Hurtful (2)
Xinyou Qiao still wanted to say something more. But seeing that she didn’t care to pour and drink tea, she bit her teeth and walked away.

Venus Mu, who was sitting alone on her knees, suddenly laughed out loud, her voice getting louder and louder. She was a little angry but more than that, she thought it ridiculous. Xinyou would even come to tell a woman personally that Kerry Ye was a scum.

Wasn’t he important in her heart?

It seemed that she went to see Kerry again after meeting him for the first time. And this time, Kerry had a bad attitude towards her so much so that she had changed her attitude.

Venus only agreed with her last sentence that Kerry was a scum.

It was true that people who had died once had a higher level of comprehension.

But now she also cleared up one thing that the man in the hotel was definitely Kerry without a doubt.

According to Xinyou, Kerry was looking for her at that time. He must hold the design she left in the hotel. Then she remembered that Xinyou hadn’t prepared any work for the competition, and the one she submitted was the one she had redrawn that she had lost. And at that time, Kerry was the judge…… So when Xinyou suggested that she wanted to stay at Kerry’s house, Kerry didn’t object because he recognized the pair of work……

She later went to see Zihang Lu, who said he betrayed her to Hao Nangong, so he shouldn’t be lying. The biggest possibility was that Hao didn’t arrive at the hotel in time and was snatched by Kerry. When she confronted Hao, he admitted that it was himself to lie to her.

So far, all the clues fitted.

Venus sat silently on the bag. The breeze blew in through the bamboo curtain, but it couldn’t dissipate the hatred in her heart.

Because of Xinyou and Hao, how much inhumane treatment had she suffered?

And Kerry, how would he feel if he ever learned that the person in the hotel was actually Venus? Did he be Surprised, anger or regret?

But what was the point of all this?

That was all gone.

However, out of human instinct, Venus still wanted to see him regret. At that time, she would be very happy.


As soon as Kerry came out of the meeting room, he received a call from his subordinate and was told that Xinyou had gone to look for Yan Chu and they had a long chat. Later on, Yan spent a long time alone in the tea house before coming out and no one was hurt.

Kerry was not surprised to hear this news. With his knowledge of Xinyou, he was surprised that she didn’t go to look for Yan.

But what worried him was what Xinyou said to Yan.

Wandering around the office, Kerry wanted to call Yan to see her attitude but he was afraid that she would notice that he had sent someone to follow her. He thought what kind of excuse he should make.

“Knock, knock, knock-” the knock on the door sounded, Kerry stopped wandering, “Come in.”

One of the company’s vice presidents pushed the door and walked in with a sad face, “President Ye, something happened.”

Kerry frowned, “What’s happened?”

“Two days ago it rained heavily and all the rainwater from the site drained into the water fetching pool. The water level in the fetching pool suddenly exceeded the alert level. Because the road was too slippery, a worker just passed by and fell in the fetching pool ……”

He was startled, “Drowned?”

The vice president said evenly, “No. He was rescued by some workers. Now he has been taken to the hospital.”

Kerry was relieved. It was very unlucky that someone died while the project was still under construction and there would be bad public opinion in the community.

“You go to the hospital to visit him on behalf of the company. The medical expenses are the company’s sole responsibility,” Kerry instructed, but he saw that the vice president was still knitting his eyebrows and asked him, “What else?”

The vice president slumped and said, “The medical expenses are a minor matter. The main thing is that worker. His status is a bit special.”

“Special?” Kerry was confused and coldly reprimanded, “Don’t swallow your words so much, say what you have to say clearly.”

The vice-president looked at him, “He has two cousins who are gangsters and seem to be quite famous. They are now causing trouble at the construction site with their people.”

Kerry disdained, “Gangsters? Don’t they know that I own the site?”

The vice president giggled without daring to speak. He knew that Kerry had a mob background. But he never dared to ask more. It wasn’t an area he could get into.

“Who’s at the construction site now?”

“Kai Chen.” The vice president said evenly, “Kai is the engineering manager of the company and one of the main managers of this project.

Kerry looked at the watch on his hand, “You go prepare the car. I’m going to go to the construction site.”

“Yes.” The vice president saw that Kerry personally took actions and immediately ran out to prepare the car.

Kerry paced in the office, bit his lip and dialed a number.

The phone only rang twice before it was answered. The haunting voice on the phone said, “Kerry, what is it?”

He did not frown at once. She still called him Kerry so it seemed that she wasn’t much affected by Xinyou.

“Something happened over at the construction site. I’m going over there now. Do you want to go as a representative of the company?”

“Fine, come pick me up. I will wait for you at the gate of the community.” Venus didn’t hesitate. She didn’t have much time and she had to win his trust as much as possible.

Kerry curled his lips, “Well. You can go downstairs. The car will be here in five minutes. Remember to put on flat shoes this time.”

“Got it. I’m not an idiot.” Venus muttered and she hanged up the phone.

Kerr’s heart was inexplicably warm because Venus used to like to talk like this.

Half a minute after the car was parked in front of the community, Kerry saw Yan walk out. Her long hair was tied in the back, and she was wearing a white t-shirt, light-colored jeans, a pair of sneakers on her feet, and a small black shoulder bag behind her.

If he didn’t know her, Kerry must have recognized her as a student.

He got out of the car and opened the back door for her.

“What happened at the construction site?”

“Get in the car first and we will talk.”

The car drove quickly to the construction site. Kerry gave a general description of what had happened at the construction site and finally said, “You will stand behind me at the construction site later and don’t talk.”

“Why do you want me to go there?” Venus didn’t understand.

Kerry thought about it and said with a light smile, “Just think of it as understanding the situation. You’re also in charge so let you understand how difficult our job is and then you’ll be less likely to find fault with us in the future.”

“You are so wily.” Venus smiled.

Kerry relaxed a lot, “Compared to your father, I’m ashamed of myself.”

Venus chuckled and she remembered that Xinyou looked for her. After considering for several minutes, she still said, “The friend of yours that I ran into last time, she came to see me this morning.”

Kerry turned pale and pretended to ask her, “You mean Xinyou?”

“Yeah. That’s her.”

Kerry said with a smirk, “I knew she couldn’t stay out of my business. What did she want with you?”

Venus turned to look at him and asked, “You want to know?”

“Can’t you tell me?” Kerry asked.

“No. I’m afraid you’re probably going to be pissed off to hear that.”

Kerry was even more curious, “Tell me. I’m not that fragile yet.”

Venus turned her eyes and said with a smile, “She told me your love story. She also said that you’re a person who sees a girl and then loves that girl. And she also told me to stay away from you. In short, you are a scum image in her mind.”

Kerry was stunned for a second or two after hearing this. Instead of getting angry, he laughed bitterly, sighed and said, “It’s good that she thinks that way so she won’t keep pestering me.”

Kerry was a little surprised by what Xinyou said. He thought that Xinyou was looking for Yan to provoke her but he didn’t expect that she went there to ruin his image.

It seemed that she really hated him.

“Are you not angry?”

“I don’t care at all what image I am to her because she’s nothing to me.” Kerry looked into her eyes, “What about you? Do you believe what she said?”

Venus hesitated for a moment, looked him up and down and said, “I think that you’re a good person. You’re not as bad as she said. Besides, we’re partners. No matter what your personal life is, as long as we build this amusement park perfectly, you’re a good …… partner in my mind.”

“It’s not bad to get such a comment,” Kerry said with a light smile. If she was Venus and that was what she was thinking, there was no rush. Take her time.

While they chatted all the way, the car arrived at the construction site.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 180 Truth Exposed, Memories Was Hurtful (3)
There was still a lot of mud rot on the site after a heavy rain. Thanks to a concrete road that was repaired in advance, Venus Mu didn’t have to step on mud puddles.

The crowd of troublemakers could be seen at a glance. Kerry Ye turned back to her and said, “Do you still remember what I said?”

“Yes. I won’t give you any trouble. Let’s go.”

Seeing the leader coming, the boisterous crowd immediately quieted down. Engineering Manager Kai Chen ran over and said respectfully, “President Ye, you’re here. Hello, President Chu.”

It was not good to call Yan Chu Miss Chu outside so people slowly addressed her as President Chu.

“What’s the situation now?” Kerry asked as he strode towards the crowd.

“The troublemakers want huge compensation.”

Kerry snorted coldly, “There has to be a reason for that.”

He walked up to the crowd and took a cold glance. He immediately saw that the man standing in the second row with muscles was their leader.

He held out his hand and pointed at him, “You. Get out.”

Everyone’s attention focused over him. The man came out of the crowd with a domineering appearance and a somewhat horizontal tone, “President Ye, what’s wrong?”

Kerry asked directly, “Who sent you here?”

The man slanted a glance at his brother beside him in order to give himself courage, “My brother had an accident at your construction site. I came to seek justice. What’s wrong with that?”

Kerry clasped his hands in front of his chest and stared at him gloomily, “Your brother has now been sent to the hospital, and all his medical expenses will be covered by our company and the construction company. We definitely can’t treat him badly. What kind of justice do you want to seek?”

“No one knows whether you will compensate us in the end. We need to get our compensation now.”

Kerry sneered, “Do you want the money? Do you know who you’re asking for money?”

He was frightened at once after seeing his cold eyes. But he’d come all this way and it was too wimpy to leave now.

“President Ye, I know you’re powerful in Sky City but it’s a fact that my brother is injured in your site. Do you still want to bully the weak with the strong?”

“Bullying the weak with the strong? The idiom is well used. Let me make it clear today, even if I were to pay, I would only give it to the injured worker.” Kerry looked one by one, scaring a few people into lowering their heads, “As for you, get back to where you came from. Otherwise, I’ll immediately have you accompany your brother to the hospital, but I won’t pay for your medical bills.”

The few gangsters in the back looked at each other and they all had the urge to run. But the leader in the front was still holding on, “Since we’re here today, we won’t leave if we don’t have a satisfactory result.”

“You’re pretty tough,” Kerry started rubbing his wrists and moving his fists, “I’ll ask you guys again who sent you here?”

The man took a step backward and didn’t speak.

Kerry thought of a person and smirked, “I know that it’s Hao Nangong, right?”

The man looked at him and lowered his head as well.

“Hao really makes troubles all the time. Get lost. I’ll pretend this didn’t happen today. Now I’ll give you two minutes to escape, if you insist on staying ……”

Kerry said only halfway and a couple of gangsters had long been unable to bear his threats and run towards the site exit. The boss who was left behind panicked when he saw that all the people he had brought had run away.

“There was one minute left.” Kerry kindly reminded him.

The man couldn’t care about his dignity and ran even faster than his own men.

The people left behind at the construction site were relieved. Kai said admiringly, “President Ye, you’re still amazing. You scared them off with a few words. When you didn’t come, we almost fought with these people.”

Kerry left him a glance and said arrogantly, “In the future, when these people come in again, if you can beat them, beat them all out of the construction site. I’ll deal with them if they’re maimed or disabled.”

Kai was befuddled and thought would this work?

“There’s no one I can’t handle in the Sky City yet.” Kerry patted him on the shoulder, “Keep working.”


Venus saw Kerry return and immediately gave him a thumb up, “Awesome.”

Kerry smiled helplessly and rubbed his eyebrows. He was actually very reluctant to solve the problem this way. He hadn’t used this kind of approach for a long time. It was just that reasoning with this kind of person won’t work so he could only use violence against violence.

“Where do we go now?” Venus followed him and asked emotionally.

Kerry thought, “It’s still early in the morning. Let’s go to the hospital. In any case, he had an accident at our construction site.”

“You’re right. Let’s go.”


After coming out of the hospital, Venus took a deep breath, “Fortunately, you didn’t give that guy money just now. Otherwise he would have run away with the patient’s compensation.”

“Yan, if I can’t even think of that, how I manage the Yehuang Group?”

“That’s right,” Venus said when she looked at the time, “I am off the duty. Can you take me back?”

Kerry asked her keeping a poker face, “Aren’t you going to eat?”

“I cook tonight. I don’t want to go to a restaurant.”

Kerry wanted to have a dinner with her and struggled for a few seconds inward. He asked, “Then can I go to your house for a meal?”

Venus was surprised and thought with a stare and said, “It could be but there’s just enough food in the fridge for me.”

“Then we’ll go to the supermarket to buy food first.” Kerry said decisively, not giving her a chance to refuse.

Venus gazed at him and said seriously, “Well. Then you must first promise me that you won’t touch me after you go there.”

As she said the last sentence, Kerry clearly saw her face quietly redden.

“I promise you.” Kerry solemnly promised.

Venus laughed in her heart, but her face looked reluctant, “I’ll just barely believe you for once.”

Henry He parked the car firmly in the supermarket parking lot and watched them laughing and joking as they entered the supermarket. He happily pulled out his phone and called John the Butler.

“John, master won’t be back for dinner tonight. You tell Mrs Qin to eat less.”

“Does master engage in social activity again? Henry, you are here to advise master not to get drunk.” John the Butler said worriedly.

Henry laughed, “John the Butler, I’m afraid master won’t be able to get drunk today. Don’t worry.”

“That’s good. Too much alcohol hurts the body…… “John the Butler said nagging and hung up the phone.

It wasn’t even six o’clock yet and it wasn’t the weekend so there weren’t many people in the supermarket. It had been a long time since he had been to a supermarket and there was nothing he wanted to buy. Even if he wanted something, all he had to do was to tell John the Butler or his assistant and they would put the best things in front of him.

So when he pushed the shopping cart to accompany Yan around the supermarket so slowly, he felt flesh and peace in heart.

Venus took the items she needed from the shelves. She checked the ingredient description and the calories of each one she got. She put the ones she liked into the shopping cart.

Kerry thought she was only looking at one or two items, but after ten minutes of shopping, she was looking at every one she bought. He couldn’t help but be curious and asked “What are you looking at?”

Venus was holding a bag of cookies in her hand, “I see how many calories it has and if it’s puffed fried food,” she said, putting the cookies back on the shelf and moving on, “I don’t eat them because they’re unhealthy and fattening.”

Kerry swept a glance at her and questioned, “You’re not fat.”

“No. You don’t understand. When I get fat, it’s too late. I particularly dislike exercise. Besides, haven’t you ever heard of a saying that losing weight is every woman’s life’s work?” After Venus finished speaking, she saw the vegetable section not far away and quickly walked up.

Kerry picked up those things she had put in the shopping cart and looked at them again and again, not feeling any difference.

“What kind of meat do you want to eat?” Venus saw him follow and turned her head to ask him.

“I can eat anything.”

“Then we do not buy meat. Let’s eat vegetables.” Venus was happy with her decision because she wasn’t very good at frying meat right now and it was too much trouble to cut meat.

Kerry was a little helpless and thought why did she ask what kind of meat he wanted to eat?

Venus was picking up the vegetables and Kerry was waiting patiently beside her. He suddenly felt that it was good to live this kind of ordinary life.

Beautiful people would always attract attention, not to mention a man and a woman. Kerry and Venus went around the supermarket for half an hour, earning envious glances from others.

The queue at the checkout was a bit long. There were two little girls standing in front of Venus about fourteen or fifteen years old. They kept looking back at her and Kerry and even turned around and whispered to each other, and then looked again afterwards.

Looked by them, Venus was a little shy but Kerry was aloof as if none of this had anything to do with him.

When they looked back for a third time, Venus couldn’t help herself, “Little sister, what are you looking at?”

The little girl blushed and whispered, “We think you and your boyfriend look like two stars but we can’t remember.”

As soon as Venus heard the word of boyfriend, she frowned and turned back to see that his face expression changed a bit and he smiled helplessly at her.

“Little sister, first of all, he’s not my boyfriend. Secondly, we’re not celebrities. Don’t you know that celebrities wear masks and sunglasses when they go out? What celebrity have you ever seen hanging out in a supermarket so openly?” Venus was very serious about preaching.

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