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Chapter 180: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 180 Vanessa is Also Gone

Gerd also went out to find Doris.

Colin sat alone at the villa. After he thought about it, he decided to call Baker and told him everything about Doris. As for whether or not he would tell Eva, it’s not important anymore.

After Baker knew about it, he didn’t tell Eva. He only rushed to the villa.

“What happened?” Baker asked calmly.

Colin explained briefly, “I have asked someone to find her. Dad, do you still have anyone that can be used? Ask them to find her too. They will definitely find her.”

After Baker saw Colin so anxious, he couldn’t blame him,” I understand.”

As soon as he got Baker’s answer, Colin couldn’t hold it anymore. He immediately coughed out blood and fainted on the sofa.



At the hospital, after Niu Wang examined Colin, he met Baker in his office.

Baker asked, “Dr. Niu, what happened?”

Niu Wang sighed, “ Colin has deep affection towards Mrs. Ward. Do you know about your daughter’s poisoning, Chairman Lee?”

Baker nodded. It happened in front of him back then.

Niu Wang continued, “Colin is also poisoned, it’s exactly the same as Doris. Two days ago, he unknowingly brought an antidote. He only has one and gave it to Mrs. Ward without hesitation.”

Baker looked at Niu Wang in shock, while squeezing his fist tightly.

Niu Wang continued, “He didn’t let me tell others about this. He wanted to fight it on his own. But we didn’t expect that the antidote caused Mrs. Ward’s intelligence to degenerate into a five-six-year-old and can’t remember anyone.”

Baker pressed his lips, “Can Doris recover?”

“It should need medicine, but we….” Niu Wan couldn’t complete his sentence but he understood the meaning.

The office was quiet for a while and Niu Wang continued, “Previously, a young lady came to the hospital for an interview. She happened to meet the unconscious Mrs. Ward. She’s the one who relieved Mrs. Ward’s symptoms. She might have a way.”

Baker’s eyes lit up, “Where is she?”

“Colin has her contact information and you can contact her.” Niu Wang replied.

After leaving the office, Baker sat while waiting for Colin to wake up.

While waiting, Baker thought a lot.

He didn’t really like Colin when he let Doris marry him back then. But now it seemed that he sincerely acknowledged his son-in-law. His kindness towards Doris wasn’t something that they could imagine.

So, when Doris was taken by someone, he wanted to blame him, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Because he was the most anxious one.

He could just hope that Doris would be fine and so does Colin. And everyone would be fine.

Three hours later, Colin woke up, and he felt weaker than before.

“Doris… Doris….”

As soon as Colin woke up, he thought of Doris immediately.

Baker sighed helplessly, “We’re still looking for her. You have to take care of yourself.”

Colin got up, “No. I have to find Doris.”

Seeing Colin acted this way, Baker immediately stopped him, “You know your condition the best. If you’re sick, who will take care of Doris?”

Colin paused upon hearing that and choked up, “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have left her even just a step….”

Seeing this, Baker’s eyes turned red helplessly.

“You need to pull yourself together. Doris is waiting for you. Dr. Niu said that there’s a young lady who can help control your condition?”

Colin hummed.

“Call her here! Get your condition better, so it doesn’t turn more serious.”

“There’s no need to. I’ll find Doris before thinking about it.”

When Colin finished speaking, he took off the blanket and got off the bed.

Baker was so helpless but he didn’t’ stop Colin anymore.

After Colin left, he immediately called Nina to let her contact the directors of the group and the chairmen of another group. Everyone needed to find Doris. No matter who it is that finds Doris, he will reward them with one billion.

“One billion, Chairman?”

“Right” Colin replied. “By the way, after you notified them, find the reporters. Let them publish the news to help to find her.”

Doris went missing?

Nina didn’t dare to delay anymore and immediately followed Colin’s instruction to find her.

In a short time, the wife of the chairman of Marquis was known to every household in Tianbei City.

No matter who finds Doris will be rewarded one billion.

Everyone went crazy.

It’s one billion!

Who wasn’t envious of it?

When Baker found out about this, he didn’t know how to describe his feelings.

But he ingeniously let Eva avoid the news by making her stayed home as much as possible, so she would be unaware of it.

In the evening, Colin sat on the sofa in low spirit. He suddenly received Nina’s phone call.

“Vanessa is also gone.”

“What? Was she taken away by someone too?”

Nina hummed briefly, “I usually live alone, so I installed a hidden camera in the room. When I came home, I couldn’t find Vanessa. She also didn’t answer my phone call. Since I felt something wrong, I checked on the camera and saw that she was kidnapped by two people.”

“Have you reported to the police?” Colin asked.

“I’ve reported it. The police are here. They’re still looking for clues.”

After Nina spoke, she asked again, “Since both of them were gone, do you think there’s a connection, Chairman?”

“Is Jason the police who went there?”

“Yes,” Nina replied.

“Ask him to come to the villa. You also come with him.”

Jason and Nina went to the Lanbo Port villa.

“After I left today, I went to find Ellie Ye as you mentioned, but there’s no evidence. She also didn’t admit it. Moreover, she has the alibi at that time, so…” Jason said.

Colin wondered, was it not Ellie?

But Doris left alone after Ellie came looking for her.

Still, there’s no evidence and the police wouldn’t just randomly arrest people based on this alone.

Colin frowned.

Nina was also a bit anxious, “What should we do now?”

“Continue to send more people to find them.” After Colin spoke, he looked at Jason, “One billion. It also applies to you.”

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