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Chapter 181 – 182: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 181: A Harridan

Half a month later, Yi Fang, the leader of Emei School, was about to come to Westriver City.

Yi Fang was thirty-three years old that year, and not only her exceptional talent made her the youngest leader of Emei School since it was opened, her beauty was also so breathtaking that even Lan Yu, a woman of immense charm, couldn’t help but feeling jealous.

Two years ago, she got fulfilled in the innate-power stage and then found herself stuck in that stage.

That’s why Lan Yu wanted to give her a gift when she finally left the mountain.

The first thing she could think of is the Obstacle-Breaking Pill possessed by Kris.

To be honest, Kris never wanted to give Obstacle-Breaking Pill to her. He stalled: “Alright, we can talk about it tomorrow. Let’s go to school first.”

“Don’t forget about it. I’ll call you tomorrow.” Lan Yu called out to Kris, who had already turned away and walked towards the school.

When Kris got to Tian’s eighth class, the classroom was already filled with people, and it was so noisy, like a supermarket.

Tianba Li waved to him when he walked into the classroom and said: “Kris, over here!”

Tianba was seated at the center of the classroom, which was undoubtedly the best spot.

Then Kris noticed it was Yanru Sima who was sitting in front of him, and Yanru’s charm was so considerable that it was able to take the darkness from the deep of the night and turn it into a beacon burning endlessly bright.

Kris couldn’t help but sneak a peek at Sima and said to Tianba: “Yeah. This is a good spot.”

Tianba raised his eyebrows and smiled at Kris meaningfully.

When people were chatting vigorously, a young woman dressed in an OL suit walked in with some books.

According to her appearance, she couldn’t be over thirty years old. Every man in that classroom found her charm irresistible. Her body was like a plump juicy peach, and her eyes apricot seeds. Beautiful as she was, she still possessed an air of quiet authority.

“Everybody be quiet!”

She placed her books on the table and said: “My name is Lan Xia, and I am the leader of Wuliangjian School, as well as your headteacher.”

What! The leader of Wuliangjian School? No one thought such a beautiful woman could occupy such an important position.

Kris could scarcely suppress his happiness. He felt lucky enough to study together with Yanru, and now he had met such an attractive headteacher. How much jealousy he was gonna incur!

“Ms, I have a question. Do you have a boyfriend?” Someone asked.

And this question sent the whole classroom into fits of laughter.

The guy asked this question was named Jian Bi, and his family opened a chain of restaurants in Westriver City, so he was quite rich.

Lan Xia’s face darkened when she heard this, and she furrowed her eyebrows and asked: “What did you say?”

Jian Bi looked Lan Xia with a wide grin, and said frivolously: “Why so serious, Ms..”

Before he finished, a book’s volume was thrown to him and hit him precisely on the head. Bang! Everyone was shocked by the force with which she throws the book. And Jian Bi’s head went blank.

Lan Xia said coldly: “Remember this, things that are not relevant to your study should not be discussed in my class. You hear that!”

And then, a strong force was emitted from her body, and she only reached her hand out, the book flew directly back to her.

Crap! That was Sturdy Energy! This Lan Xia is a practitioner in the return-to-nature stage!

All of a sudden, the classroom was in deadly silence. And everyone held his breath.

Jian Bi got so frightened that sweat broke out from his forehead.

He never imagined this teacher could be so formidable. A practitioner in the return-to-nature stage! She can kill him like a chick!

Kris also got frightened. He was rather proud of himself for reaching the innate-power stage, and now even this beautiful female teacher was in the return-to-nature stage. He thought the other teachers and headmaster of the school were all must great practitioners.

Even Lan Xia was in in the return-to-nature stage, what about the headmaster? The back-to-self stage? Forget about the back-to-self stage. It would be tough enough for him even he was only in the return-to-nature stage.

Because it requires a person to turn his genuine energy into Sturdy energy if he is to reach the return-to-nature stage. You can’t kill a practitioner even though you shoot him with a gun, and that is how powerful a practitioner in the return-to-nature stage can be.

“Do you hear me!” Lan Xia stared at Jian Bi, and Jian Bi nodded constantly and said: “Yes, Ms. Yes, Ms.”

When this problem was solved, Lan Xia looked at us and said: “Just now I saw two students fighting with each other at the gate of our school. They are students in our class. Stand up now, and don’t make me pick you out.”

When she finished, everyone looked at Tianba Li because Tianba Li beat Bao Cao earlier at school.

Tianba Li’s eyes rounded when he said everyone was looking at him, and he said: “What are you looking at?”

Everyone looked away fast because it was not a good idea to irritate Tianba.

Lan Xia laughed coldly and pointed at Tianba Li and Kris and said: “It was you both. Now stand up!”

Tianba threw an accusing glance at people around him and thought: What a bunch of losers!

Kris looked at Tianba, shook his head, and motioned for him to stand up.

“The one with a scar on his face is called Tianba Li, right?”

Lan Xia looked at him and said coldly: “You are the grandson of Li Family, which is a first-rated family in Westriver City. Your grandfather is called Shixiong Li, and your family’s fortune and fame were all earned by your grandfather step by step. Fifteen years ago, your family was fighting for the market with Huo Family. Your parents got killed by a car accident designed by Huo Family. Am I right? When Huo Family was eliminated, your family controlled half of the Westriver city. Right?”

Holy shit, no one knew there was such a story. No wonder people were always saying that there was a Huo Family in this city. Turned out, it was eliminated by Li Family.

Tianba’s face darkened. His parents’ death was always a scar that couldn’t be cured. He looked at Lan Xia viciously. Had it not been for this woman’s power, he would hit her with no doubt.

Lan Xia didn’t give a damn about Tianba’s stare. She could have a careless attitude because she was really powerful. All tricks and traps are absolutely nothing when confronted with absolute power.

She crossed her arms in front of her chest, smiled slightly, and said: “Before you got into this school, the school had surveyed the family background information of every one of yours. I know pretty much everything about you, and I need to warn you that no matter how tough you can be at home, you’d better be good when you are here.”

Then she looked at Kris, who was standing beside Tianba, and said: “You are Kris Chen, right? The survey says that you married into the Su Family, which is at the bottom of all second-rated Families. Since you got into Su Family two years ago, you’ve been cooking and doing the laundry, and you have no status in Su Family. And your parents are still doing labor work in the countryside. Am I right?”

Lan Xia’s questions sent the whole crowd into fits of laughter. Everyone looked at Kris, smirking.

“Shut your damn mouth! Without my permission, you shall not make a sound in my class.” Lan Xia roared. And all of a sudden, students found it almost hard to breathe as they were overwhelmed by the energy emitted by a practitioner in the return-to-nature stage.

“What the hell? What is wrong with this woman? Why aren’t we allowed even to laugh.”

The students looked at each other, awkwardly and smiled bitterly.

Damn it! At first, they felt lucky to have a beautiful teacher but turned out she was a harridan. How were they gonna put up with her was a serious question. Many students got desperate inside.

Lan Xia looked at Kris and said: “Kris, it’s okay for Tianba to fight. Why were you also involved in this? You are nobody, with no power, and no money! How are you gonna make it up if you offend someone.”

“Ms, I didn’t fight.”

Kris was unhappy, as he didn’t fight at all. Why was he accused?

Lan Xia furrowed her pretty brows and said: “How dare you to talk back. You fought on the first day of school. You should be disciplined. Now go to the playground and do a thousand push-ups.”

What! One thousand push-ups?

Tianba was already irritated. When he learned he needed to do the push-ups, he burst with anger. “What? One thousand push-ups? Why?”

When he finished, he felt something Was pressing against him like a mountain on his back, and the next thing he knew, he was kneeling on the ground.

Chapter 182: Come Home With Me

Tianba Li knelt on the ground instantly.

A man kowtows to Heaven, to Earth, and to his patents. But Lan Xia pressed Tianba and made him go down on knees just because she was in a higher stage.

How could Tianba bear it!

So he roared and struggled to stand.

Bang! Lan Xia released her power of the return-to-nature stage unreservedly.

Tianba laid prone on the ground, not being able to move at all.

At that moment, Kris Chen thoroughly understood that Lan Xia was teaching by example! So Kris whispered to Tianba: “I know you are angry, but we can do nothing about it because she is so much stronger than us. We have to admit that…”


Before he finished, Kris was pressed by a strong force, and he just went down on his knees before he realized it.

Damn, the woman couldn’t even tell right from wrong!

Why am I punished when I asked Tianba to apologize?

“You two, either get the hell out and do the push-ups, or leave here and never come back again!” Lan Xia crossed her arms in front of her chest, grim-faced.

Damn! Tianba would have her killed if he was able to, but at that moment, Kris sighed deeply and said, “Forget about it! Tianba, we’d better take our lumps.”

They never expected to be used by her to protect her authority—what a stroke of bad luck.

Taking a long, deep breath, Tianba went with Kris to the playground, his face grim.

When they got to the playground, Tianba began to do push-ups. His wound was not fully healed, and the strenuous exercises made his scab break again. “Damn! I will never forget about it! How embarrassing and disgraceful! I will find my pride back someday!”

It was absolutely disgraceful to kneel on the ground in front of the entire class!

Kris Chen did the push-ups and said, “she is at the return-to-nature stage, far higher than our stage. If you want revenge, the best way is to get to a higher stage.”

At that moment, in the twentieth class of Tian, Bao Cao, sitting by the window, was bored and was looking around to find something interesting. When he saw two men doing push-ups on the playground, he laughed.

Then Bao Cao shouted to his classmates, “Everyone! Take a look! There is the man, the son-in-law, who was married into the Su family! He is punished for doing push-ups over there! Wow, and you can see Tianba Li beside him.”

Hearing what he said, all students in the class gathered by the window and saw the two men doing push-ups. They laughed and laughed.

“Wow, it’s really him!”

“So funny, look at him, doesn’t he look like a stray dog that is peeing.”

Ha! Ha! Ha! all students burst into laughter, which successfully got students’ attention from other classes, and they all looked towards them..

Even Mary Su and Xiaorou Xu went to the window and looked outside to them. When they saw Kris Chen, they all felt uncomfortable.

Oh, well. Kris was now famous. He was punished for doing push-ups on the first day of school and became a celebrity.

Either intentionally or not, Bao Cao’s defamation made all six major schools know that Kris was just a good-for-nothing failure in the eighth class of Tian.

Then Kris became a laughingstock in six major schools.

They finally finished one thousand push-ups after forty minutes.

“I am dead! All my wounds opened up. I need to have my bandage changed.” Tianba stood up and found his clothes were stained by blood..

Luckily, there is an infirmary in six major schools’ campuses. He went to the infirmary with Kris and had his bandage changed.

When they went back to the classroom, Lan Xia said nothing. She announced some rules and regulations and then declared that all students can go back home.

Since it was the first day of school, students from other cities needed to be arranged in the dormitory. So, in the afternoon, they had free time.

Tianba put his arm around Kris’ neck and strode out of the classroom. When they were talking about lunch, a pretty woman walked towards them.

Who could this woman be other than Mary Su?

Mary Su saw them and walked up to them, with a handbag in her hand, and said: “Kris, let’s go home.”

Tianba put down his arm and walked beside. But Kris put his arm on Tianba’s shoulder and said: “Tianba, let’s go for lunch!”

Mary got anxious, and hurriedly held Kris’ hand and said in a low voice: “Kris, I am wrong. Please don’t be mad at me. Let’s go home, okay?”

Kris broke away impatiently, and it made Mary more anxious, and she held onto Kris again, tears streaming down her face. “Kris, please. Please come home with me, and I know I’m wrong.”

Kris ignored her and said to Tianba: “let’s go, Tianba, to Dynasty Hotel!”

Tianba shook his head. “You should go back home with Mary! We can have lunch later.” And then Tianba walked away. He was not that stupid as to stay there and be a third wheel.

“Kris, please. Don’t go. Could you give me another chance?” Mary swept and held him tight.

She thought a lot these days and realized she was so wrong about many things.

If she failed to take Kris back home this time, they would be finished. So Mary used her last resort and said: “If you don’t go home with me, I will follow you where ever you go.”

It seemed to Kris that he was obliged to go back home with her, otherwise, she would keep pestering him the whole time!

Kris sighed and withdrew his hand quietly and said: “All right, I’ll go with you.”

It was not a problem to go back with her, but he found it difficult to forgive her right then.

She utterly broke his heart into pieces.

So, on their way back home, Kris didn’t say a word, stony-faced.

One hour later, they drove to Heavenly Dream Villa.

Getting out of the car, Kris looked around and nodded.

This Villa Area is developed by Dashun Real Estate.

It looked really good. Mina Li was indeed brilliant.

Each villa showed ingenuity in different styles, and when you put them together, it was still harmonious. Once you enter here, it was like entering a paradise.

And he looked at the quarterly sales report submitted by Mina Li this month. Heavenly Dream Villa was sold out in less than a month. Now there were only two sets left, which were ordered by Kris to be kept.

Mary was clutching Kris’s arm, smiling. “Let me take you to our new house.”

Kris paused and said, “You go back; first, I’ll buy some cigarettes.”

In Heavenly Dream Villa, there is a supermarket directly operated by Dashun Real Estate. In the future, there will be schools and hospitals nearby. Kris planned to turn it into a semi-closed social circuit.

Kris said he wanted to buy cigarettes, but in fact, he wanted to buy something else. He didn’t come back for so many days. If he went back with nothing, Jane Tang would nag about it.

“When did you learn to smoke?” Mary frowned.

“I learned it when I was in prison,” Kris said in a flat voice. “I’ll also bring some fruits back.”

Mary realized what was going on when she saw Kris was not happy. It was so difficult to take Kris back, and she didn’t want to piss him off.

Moreover, she could sense the alienation in his tone. It sounded like he was going to her place as a guest.

“Oh…… you don’t have to go. If you want to smoke, I will buy them for you!”

Kris shook his head. “It’s okay. I’ll go myself.”

Kris also wanted to visit his parents. He had already been released from prison for several days, and it made him feel very guilty that he didn’t go back.

Unable to change his mind, Mary had to nod and said, “OK, you shall go, but you promise me that you will come back as soon as you are done. Don’t you ever leave me?”

She was afraid. She was afraid of losing him again.

“Okay!” Kris nodded and walked to the supermarket.

But as soon as he got to the gate of the supermarket, Kris met an acquaintance. Before he could open his mouth, she said: “ah, what a coincidence. What are you doing here?”

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