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Chapter 181 – 190: My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 181
Yvette Jordan returned to her company, she was sitting in the office, feeling puzzled, she just

asked Wang Wei just now, is it a “local tyrant”?

But Wang Wei’s stunned look made Yvette Jordan know that he was not a “local tyrant” without

having to listen to Wang Wei’s answer. So who would it be?

Yvette Jordan was full of curiosity. She turned on her cell phone and looked at WeChat of the

“local tyrant”. He still hadn’t collected the money. What on earth did you want to do?

Yvette Jordan sighed and shook his head, continuing to transfer money to the “local tyrant”…

Chuck Cannon was relieved to see WeChat on his mobile phone, and ignored it. The “local

tyrant” didn’t have to appear.

He just saw that Yvette Jordan was disappointed to leave, so she didn’t ask anything, and Wang

Wei knew how to do it.

But at this time, Wang Wei continued to look at Ye Mei, which is really fascinating, Chuck

Cannon wondered, is Ye Mei so beautiful? Chuck Cannon doesn’t think it’s just a natural beauty.

But at the last party, she was pretty in a dress, and expected, but it was still a bit worse than

Yvette Jordan.

Especially hips.

Chuck Cannon didn’t look at her anymore. After all, the beauty of the leaves is Wang Wei’s dish.

What did he call his friend’s dish?

Lara has been staying by her side. Her eyes have been looking at Ye Zimei.

He had to come to the car where the BMW shop was repaired.

“Hey, where are you going?” Lara came back.

Chuck Cannon walked away without saying anything, Lara stomped her feet, she chased up,

“Chuck Ce, don’t do this, I…”

“What are you doing after me?” Chuck Cannon frowned.

“Me, I…” Lara Zhizhiwuwu, yes, what are you doing after him? Don’t you just like it?

“You deceived my heart, you still asked me what I did?” Lara had confidence, who asked you to

pretend that “local tyrant” added me?

“That’s sorry, I have a wife, your teacher Yvette,” Chuck Cannon shook his head, not wanting to


“Fucker! Fool me! Fool me! You cheat me, why do you deceive my feelings?”

Lara said that her eyes were dark. She felt that her heart was particularly wronged and sad. She

didn’t do anything to you. She showed you her upper body and her legs. What do you want? ?

Chuck Cannon stopped to look back and deceived her feelings by herself? When did you cheat?

Just asked her a few fruit photos, if she is not so bitter, Chuck Cannon will add?

“Chuck Ce, don’t think you are rich, I tell you, with my appearance, what can’t a man find?”

Lara was angry, and her eyes were fixed on the square. “I tell you, you will regret it. I will show

it to you. The owner of this square must be richer than you. Then I will be the woman of this

square. I want to let You regret it!”

Chuck Cannon was stunned. What are you going to do?

Lara is proud, just regret it by saying a sentence, he is so good, just take the initiative, which rich

people do not like? Lara was confident that when she was studying on the first day, the boss took

a fancy to her and said that she wanted to support her, but she didn’t agree.

Lara snorted softly, “I will go to Lu Youwen’s phone to ask this boss tomorrow. I will take the

initiative and people will definitely agree, but if you apologize to me and talk to me, I won’t find

it… Hello, where are you going?”

Chuck Cannon was too lazy to take care of her, just turned around and left. You said that the

woman who wants to be the boss of the square also needs her own consent.

“Stop talking, you can never do it.” Chuck Ce’s words passed.

“Asshole! You are asshole! I will definitely find it, I will! You are waiting!”

Lara shivered with anger, she wiped away the tears in her eyes, feeling very wronged, Lara went

back to her shop, stared at the outside, and looked at…

She took out her mobile phone and wanted to delete the “local tyrant”, but after thinking about it

for a long time, she was reluctant to keep her hand on, and she simply took the phone so as not to

slip her hands. “Well, wait for his money, I will delete him again! Be sure to delete this liar.”

“Yemei Mei, let’s go to dinner today, anyway, I have several places to eat well in the square,”

Wang Wei smiled, and Yemei was resting at this time.

“This…what does Mr. Chuck have to do with you?” Yemei asked.

“Uh, friend,” Wang Wei was surprised. Why did Yezimei mention Chuck Ce? ?

“Friend? That’s no wonder. He invested in this drama. No wonder he let us come here to shoot,

really because of you,” Yemei said.

“What?” Wang Wei was surprised, but immediately whispered in your heart, you Chuck Ze, just

asked you if you don’t admit it, you can actually invest in movies.

Wang Wei envy, how big is Chuck Ce’s circle!

“Don’t you know?” Ye Mei is strange, how come she doesn’t know?

“I know, I know, I just forgot, did you finish shooting today? Have dinner at night.” Wang Wei

was nervous.

The leaves are helpless, “Mr. Chuck will be together?”

“He has to accompany his girlfriend, there is no time.” Wang Wei can only say so.

The beautiful eyes of the leaves have changed, “Oh, okay, when I finish the next scene, I will

find a place to eat on the third floor,”

Wang Wei was pleasantly surprised, and it was a face appreciation. Sure enough, the identity of

the boss of the square chasing women is easier.

Chuck Cannon walked out of the square and happened to see Zelda driving over, ready to enter

the parking lot. Chuck Cannon walked over to say hello, and Lu Youwen had already said that

Zelda’s store was going to be renovated these days, it seems Zelda thought Open quickly.

“Sister Zelda.” Chuck Cannon smiled. Today, Zelda is in a uniform, very beautiful, and looks

like stockings.

“Well, what are you going to do?” Zelda actually wanted to come over and invite Chuck Ce. She

had a few days of birthday and she wanted to spend time with Chuck Ce. But watching him busy,

Zelda didn’t know how to speak.

“I… went back to the BMW store and drove back.” Chuck Cannon said. At this time, she

received a call from her mother. Chuck Cannon asked Zelda to wait a moment and answered. My

mother asked where was Chuck Ce?

Chuck Cannon said that in the square, the mother said, “Cer, I’m still in the field, but suddenly I

found a project in Haishi. You should go and see now.”

“Mother, what project?” Chuck Cannon was curious. My mother called me like this, it must be a

big project, and it may have invested hundreds of millions.

“There is a building suddenly going to sell, I want to buy it, you go first to see what the situation

is, to understand the specific situation, I will send you the address using your mobile phone.”

Mom said.

“Okay, mom, please send it.” Chuck Cannon nodded. Since it was the building that his mom

said, it must be very good, otherwise the mom would not be able to call in the field, so he had to

go and see what he said. .

“Well, this building was suddenly released news, a few people took a fancy, you fancy it in the

past, just call me, I will transfer money to you, you buy it directly know?” Mom said.

Chuck Cannon was surprised, “Don’t you have to watch it in person?”

“Oh, no, it’s less than two billion. I don’t need me to read it. I won’t say it. I’ll send you the

address. You used to watch it.”


The phone hung up, and soon my mother’s address was sent. Chuck Cannon was surprised after

reading it. But this is a building in the city center. What did the mother buy? Continue to open

the hotel?


“Sister Zelda, I’m going out.” Chuck Cannon said, he had to go down and drive, and BMW

certainly won’t be able to drive today.

While Zelda was waiting, she saw a lot of people in the square. She was surprised, “Chuck Ce,

why are there so many people in your square today?”

“Someone came to film. So there are more people.” Chuck Cannon is satisfied, Ye Mei is

popular, and today’s crowd is huge.

“Filming, why film here? Do you have an investment?” Zelda was smart because she saw Chuck

Cannon smiled.

“No, no… well, yes, cast a little bit.” Chuck Cannon was helpless, Zelda was too smart, so she

couldn’t fool her.

Zelda accidentally, really cast it? She just said roughly that Chuck Cannon actually entered the

performing arts circle? Zelda blinked, “Where are you going? I’ll send you over.”

Chuck Cannon looked in and found that Zelda was wearing black stockings. This… Chuck

Cannon shook his head.

Zelda saw Chuck Ce’s thoughts. She was relieved in her heart and shook her head with a smile.

“Afraid of anything? Don’t you guys like this?”

Chapter: 182
Chuck Cannon was embarrassed and could be seen. Zelda was sitting in the car. The thighs were

wrapped in stockings and the thighs were very beautiful and round. Chuck Cannon couldn’t

move her eyes. To be honest, her legs were so beautiful. .

“Sister Zelda, did you wear this on purpose?” Chuck Cannon smiled bitterly.

“No, come in, what are you afraid of? Touch it if you like, and I won’t say you,” Zelda said.

Chuck Cannon was helpless, the smile on Zelda’s face was gone, “Don’t you be afraid?”

Chuck Cannon hesitated, opened the car door and sat back. The car was fragrant and full of other

temptations. Chuck Cannon didn’t even look at her leg. He was abstinence recently, but he

couldn’t think about it, otherwise he would give up his merits.

Zelda took a silk scarf out of the bag, covered his legs, and said, “Is this all right?”

“Thank you Zelda sister.” Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, Zelda was too understanding.

“Thank me for what? You are the first person to look at my leg so blatantly, and also the first

person I am willing to show to others.” Zelda said.

Chuck Cannon smiled bitterly. Zelda’s beauty was a bit cold. It was indeed the first time she met

her. She gave Chuck Cannon the feeling that no one was close, but now she was familiar,

especially familiar.

Until now, Chuck Cannon felt incredible. When he was in the car for the first time, how did he

ask Zelda to help…

Shaking his head, his wife is Yvette Jordan, and she can’t do anything that apologizes for her.

Chuck Cannon thought that, and she calmed down.

Zelda sighed, “You are really good to Yvette Jordan,”

She was a little envious of Yvette Jordan.

Chuck Cannon has no confidence, how to say that he has been derailed three times, twice with

Zelda, and once again in front of Yvette Jordan and Queenie…

Chuck Cannon couldn’t think about it any more. If Yvette Jordan knew, what would

happen? Zelda was okay, but especially in that night in her room that night with Queenie, she

was in front of her,…what expression would she have if she knew?

Chuck Cannon prayed that Yvette Jordan should never know about it,

The car was quiet for more than ten seconds.

Zelda asked Chuck Cannon where? Chuck Cannon said a little, Zelda was surprised, but without

talking, he took Chuck Cannon away while driving…

However, when she left, Chuck Cannon did not find that the leaves that had been filming in the

square were beautiful, and her eyes had no intention of looking over here. She wondered, this

back… seems to be Chuck Ce?

It’s a bit like, she’s strange, why Chuck Cannon as an investor, and friends with the square

owner Wang Wei, did not appear today?

She didn’t think it was normal. At this time, Wang Wei came over, “Is it all right?”

Ye Mei nodded, “Okay, but wait,”

She had to equip it, otherwise it would cause unnecessary disturbances, at least the mask and

sunglasses had to be worn.

Wang Wei was very happy. This was the first time he had dinner with such a red star. The leaves

are so beautiful. If he can catch it today, then…

Wang Wei thought it was beautiful.

After a while, the fully armed Ye Mei came over.

The crew started to clean up for work. Yemei and Wang Wei went to the square to eat. This is

the first time Yemei came to this square. After she came in, she found that the facilities in this

square were very warm and a little bit different. The key is The management of the entire square

is very orderly, indicating that the square management staff is very good, the boss has vision and


Ye Mei said, “You put a lot of effort into this square?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Wang Wei smiled and admired in his heart. How long did Chuck Cannon

take the square, this vivid management really makes Wang Wei unbelievable.

The more she looked, the more Yezimei felt that the square was good and promising.

Unexpectedly, the Mr. Wang Wei in front of him was so capable. This is really a young and

prosperous, very rare rich second generation. Yemei was surprised.

Wang Wei was pleasantly surprised, and Ye Mei’s expression gave him hope.

Soon, the two found a restaurant, and Wang Wei started talking eloquently. After all, this is an

opportunity to show himself. Naturally, we have to try to talk about some of our own things.

Just listening and listening, Ye Zimei feels a bit strange. Why is Wang Wei managing the square

so good and colorful, but the open mouth is to go out to play, and there is no plan between the


How is this square managed? How can it be refreshing? invite?

Guess so.

Ye Mei didn’t think about it any more and continued to eat. After all, she was tired after shooting

a day’s play.

Zelda drove into the parking lot of a building. Zelda was curious. She also visited this building.

Before, a boss started the company, and a very large company renovated the whole building into

a company. But I don’t know the reason at all. This company seems to have some new actions, so

what does Chuck Cannon do over here?

Chuck Cannon got off the bus, and my mother said that several people liked it. In fact, this

building has been a bit old for more than 20 or 30 years. The house is worthless, but the land is

worth it, at least. Seventy-eight billion yuan goes up, so after seeing the place just now, Chuck

Cannon felt that he could take it down.

After all, my mother called on purpose, it should have been fancy here, but Chuck Cannon did

not quite understand, my mother bought here, what are you going to do.

“Chuck Ce, what are you going to do?” Zelda was particularly surprised, because Chuck Ce’s

eyes seemed to be looking at a product. Does Chuck Cannon want to start a company here? ?

Chuck Cannon smiled and said nothing.

“Are you going to start a company here?” Zelda was surprised. If you want to start a company in

the city center, at least you need more than 3 billion yuan to rent a whole building to start a


“No.” Chuck Cannon shook his head.

“Then you plan to…” Zelda didn’t dare to think anymore, feeling that her heart was shaking.

“Buy here!” Chuck Cannon said, calm and confident in his eyes.

Just a few words, Zelda dumbfounded, buy here? ? Oh my god, I bought this place, but I didn’t

buy a square. Should it cost about two billion yuan? How long has it been, two cars, one suite,

hundreds of millions of people bought a square, and still buy it here?

Zelda is completely unimaginable. How rich is the Chuck Cannon in front of him?

“Don’t believe it? Sister Zelda…” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“Believe, I believe everything you say.” Zelda smiled bitterly in his heart, how could he not

believe it? How can anyone who can use a helicopter to deliver millions of ingredients fail to buy

here? It’s just that Zelda didn’t expect Chuck Cannon to come here for this purpose.

“Well, let’s go and see.” Chuck Cannon said. He can’t wait any longer.

Zelda nodded, and the two went to the elevator. Zelda secretly looked at Chuck Ce. She really

couldn’t see through.

“Wait!” Someone came over.

Chuck Cannon pressed the elevator button and walked in a man and a woman, a young man in

his early twenties, wearing a suit, the woman was about the same age as Zelda, very beautiful,

and her body was very hot, but she was standing cold, she stood In front of Chuck Ce, there is a

fragrance coming up, and the concave and convex curves behind it are clearly visible. This is a

superb woman.

“Mr. Xiao, I have prepared the acquisition documents for this building. All are here.” The man


It seems that this man is a woman’s assistant.

The woman glanced at random, “What’s the valuation?”

“Between 1.8 billion and 1.9 billion,” the man said.

“Well, the geographical location of this building is almost worth the price.” The woman nodded,

as if saying a particularly small thing, Chuck Cannon was helpless. Is this his competitor?

It seems to be a super rich person.

“No matter how many people are waiting, you have to win it with all your strength.” The woman

said, she didn’t look at Chuck Cannon in her eyes. In her view, Chuck Cannon didn’t come to buy

a house.

“Yes!” The man nodded respectfully.

But the woman’s eyes rolled and saw Zelda. She looked at Zelda up and down and said, “Zelda,

are you here? What do you want to do? Open a restaurant here?”

Chuck Cannon accidentally, she actually knew Zelda? But Zelda’s expression is not very good, it

seems that the relationship between the two is not good.

The age is about the same, it is estimated to be a classmate.

I saw this woman continued, “I asked you to do finance with me at that time. Do you have to

open a restaurant, do you regret it now?”

Chapter: 183
“No regrets.” Zelda shook his head.

The woman’s cold face smiled lightly, “No regrets? Do you know how much money I made last

month? It’s money you haven’t earned in five years since you opened the restaurant.”

“Then congratulations,” Zelda calmed down. As Chuck Cannon thought, the two were really

classmates. At first, the two also cooperated to open the store together, but in the end, their

personalities were different, which led to great differences and parting ways.

Murongqing went out to start a company by herself, and had good luck, and soon earned her own

first pot of gold, a full 30 million. This is really astronomical for a woman, but she did not stop,

but continued. There is no way out of it. There are three or four companies in the coastal areas,

which have only recently come to the sea market for development.

This building is her first goal to receive inside information.

It must be bought today.

“Congratulations? These two words come out of your mouth. Why is it so sour?” Murong Qing


“Whatever you think.” Zelda sighed. She didn’t sigh anything else. She congratulated her


Instead, he sighed that he and Murong Qing were good girlfriends before, just because they

parted ways, even friends can’t do it?

Murong Qing frowned and finally glanced at Chuck Ce, saying, “I can’t see it, and the old cows

still eat the tender grass, so young people can satisfy your age!”

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Zelda was angry, and Murong Qing said she didn’t care, but said Chuck

Cannon could not, absolutely not.

Murong Qing sneered. “Nonsense? It looks like he is a college student. It is estimated that he is

still a sophomore. You are ten years older than others. Isn’t that what the old cow eats the tender


“You…” Zelda’s eyes cooled down, but he didn’t speak up, and didn’t know how to refute Murong


Yeah, I am really an old cow eating tender grass, Chuck Cannon was a freshman, but I have

helped him twice, and almost fell asleep last time, Zelda sighed, age, are you really so old?

Looking at the young Chuck Ce, she suddenly lost her heart.

“You can’t deny it? It seems that you finally realized that it was the old cow eating the tender

grass, Zelda, you really let me know you again.” Murong Qing mocked.

She was not married or had a boyfriend, but she would never look for someone younger than

herself and more than a decade younger, which she couldn’t accept, and she would never accept.

What’s so good about young men? In addition to being energetic, it works. Others… The man

who eats soft rice hates her most.

“Little guy, how much money does Zelda give you in a month? Fifty thousand? One hundred

thousand?” Murong Qing looked at Chuck Ce.

She hated Zelda very much in her heart. At that time, she almost lost her chance. She hated it so

much. Now she has more money and more success than her, so is it not for revenge?

“How do you ask so clearly, you want to support me?” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“No, I don’t like young men.” Murong Qing shook his head, simple and clear.

“Coincidentally, I also don’t like sagging women.” Chuck Cannon said.

Zelda was startled.

Murongqing’s eyes cooled down, staring straight at Chuck Ce, drooping himself?

“What are you talking about?” Murongqing’s voice was cold, and the assistant she brought was

also annoyed. She said her boss? The boss is clearly in good shape!

“I’m sorry, you are serious, I don’t like it, so if you want to support me, I won’t agree.” Chuck

Cannon said.

Zelda looked at Murongqing in front of her subconsciously, as if not…

Ding, the elevator door opened.

“Sister Zelda, let’s go.” Chuck Cannon smiled.


The two went out, she asked in a small voice, “Chuck Ce, do you really see her sagging?”

“No, I won’t watch it.”

Chuck Cannon shook his head, he had not seen the entity in his life.

It can be said that the front of Murong Qing is the same size as Lara, and Murong Qing is 30

years old, but like Zelda can maintain and exercise, so her figure is not lost. Twenty Lara even

has a woman’s charm than Lara.

But this kind of charm is a fatal temptation for other men, but for Chuck Ce, she is a little

disgusted. Too high a woman, Chuck Cannon is not interested.

What’s more, she still said Zelda, Chuck Cannon wanted to talk to her just now.

Zelda smiled. She really hadn’t seen anyone admiring Rongqing so much, and it turned out to be

a lot of money.

“Boss, this is stupid, don’t listen to him talking nonsense.” The man was so angry that he wanted

to fight Chuck Cannon just now, but it’s not suitable for today. If he delays his boss’s business,

don’t do his job Too.

Murong Qing glanced at him.

“Boss, shall I find someone to teach him a lesson?” the man asked.

“I want you to teach me how to do it?” Murong Qingdao said with a particularly cold voice.

“Don’t dare, dare not.” The man lowered his head in a hurry.

Murong Qing came out of the elevator, her eyes stared at Chuck Ce, a flash of coldness flashed,

“Call four people to come and wait in the parking lot.”

“Yes!” The man hurriedly took out his mobile phone. Such a person really should give him a

lesson, hum, actually saying his own boss?

Seek death, the trouble comes from the mouth, boy you are over today!

“Boss, the phone has already been called,” the man said. Such a kid, just call a few people.

Murong nodded, her eyes fixed on Zelda, what are you doing here today? You are just a

restaurant owner and you are not qualified to come here.

“Someone.” Zelda said, she and Chuck Cannon entered a room, he saw five or six rich people, all

of them worth three or four billion, she came in a little bit ashamed, after all, there is no Chuck

Ce, she simply came Appeared on this occasion.

Everyone who can come here has the means to receive the news. The delegates are able to take

the building. Chuck Cannon and Zelda find a place to sit down.

Soon Murong Qing also brought his assistant into the room, but also sat in the corner.

There were not many people on the scene, just about ten, all of them rich.

Soon a man with a sad face came out of it. Zelda introduced it in a whisper. It was the boss of

this building. Chuck Cannon nodded. The message sent by his mother already introduced this

person in detail. There is business, but more than a dozen people have died recently, and his

great impact has caused him to sell this building to solve his crisis.

“I don’t have much to say, I will sell this building today, plus the land, and today who will give

me 2.5 billion, I will immediately give him the building.” The man said immediately.

“2.5 billion? Old Chen, you want to make a fortune!” Someone looked displeased.

All the people present estimated the value of this building, which was less than 2 billion. The

boss directly said 2.5 billion, which made many people annoyed.

How much is this?

“I already said that,” the man said.

“2.1 billion, I will give you the money now.” It was Murong Qing who said that she thought this

was her highest price.

“No, it must be 2.5 billion.” The man shook his head with a firm attitude.

Murong Qing frowned, this place was not worth so much, she asked the assistant around to


Several rich people at the scene looked ugly, no one spoke, how to say that only two billion

worth of things, called 2.5 billion, when they? Must be here? You have to know that you are

selling it yourself, so arrogant?

“Lao Chen, it’s not what I said, it’s impossible to sell your name so high,” someone said.

The man was indifferent, but when he looked closely, he found that he was also very upset. He

also knew that his building was not worth so much, but he needed money recently, otherwise his

company would be gone overnight, and he had no way.

“Huh, play us, see how you sell, I will not accompany you!” Someone stood up and went directly

outside, he did not believe that someone would spend 2.5 billion to buy here, more than 500

million, when will it be possible Earn it?

But before he went out, he saw someone talking on the phone and talking to someone. He

quickly stood up and said, “2.5 billion? Okay, I bought it. You are preparing for a contract


Zelda was stunned, Murong Qing frowned, 2.5 billion? You bought it, do you have it?

Chapter: 184
As soon as the man’s eyes lit up, other rich people on the scene also looked at him. Is anyone

really buying? ?

“What are you talking about?” The boss suppressed the excitement and asked.

“Yes, you prepare the contract, and the money will come to your account immediately,” Chuck

Cannon said of course.

He just saw that the rich people present were all angry, no one shot, and the boss was firm, he

could only call his mother to ask, but he did not expect the mother to smile, and said a word

directly, “Buy.”

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that his mother really took a fancy to this

place, but she didn’t know what her mother was going to do with it.

Chuck Cannon is more curious about this.

Everyone in the room was quiet, and looked at Chuck Cannon strangely and surprisedly.

Who is this young man?

The boss was pleasantly surprised, because in less than a minute, he really received 2.5 billion.

He took a closer look and was sure that he was right. He hurriedly said, “Okay, I have received

the money. You come and sign the contract. “

“What? Really received the money?” Some rich people were surprised.

What is the concept of turning 2.5 billion at once? You have to know that these people have a

limit by bank transfer one day, but his limit is so high?


Murong Qing sitting in the corner was stunned, really gave it?

Isn’t this person being kept by Zelda? But he adopted Zelda? But how could he like a woman

who is ten years older than him when he is so young? ?

“No, someone will sign with you.” Chuck Cannon shook his head. The mother said just now that

Chuck Cannon had signed, Chuck Cannon thought it was too expensive. This level of investment

is still better for the mother to wait for herself. Have the ability, and then buy it yourself.

After all, Chuck Cannon really didn’t know what his mother had bought here, and then she had to

ask her mother for money. Chuck Cannon felt embarrassed.

Besides, he didn’t have any other ideas. He signed it, and she temporarily shelved it. It’s better to

let his mother carry out her plan.

“Sister Zelda, let’s go.” Chuck Cannon said.

Zelda was dumbfounded, “Chuck Ce, the money is so given, the contract is not signed, the

procedures are not done, are you afraid that he will run away with the money?”

Less than a minute before and after this, it took 2.5 billion to buy this building?

This really refreshed Zelda’s concept of a local tyrant, which is too rich.

“Can’t run, no one can run, let’s go,” Chuck Cannon laughed, joking, dare to run? Where to run?

Mom immediately grabbed him.

When Chuck Cannon asked this question to his mother just now, the mother just chuckled and

Chuck Cannon understood.

Zelda froze and followed Chuck Cannon out, and Murong Qing stood up, “Who the hell are


She felt a fire, and she took a fancy to this building, and was actually taken first.

“It’s none of your business,” Chuck Cannon shook his head.

“I like this building.” Murong Qing said.

“Then you didn’t buy it just now? Now that I bought it, do you still say Mao?” Chuck Cannon

was too lazy to take care of her and took Zelda out.

Murong Qing’s face was angry.

The rich in the room were surprised, really left?

“Lao Chen, who is this young man? Why haven’t I seen it before?”

“I knew the woman he brought in. I opened the restaurant. I’ve been there a few times, but she

didn’t have the ability to buy it!”

Several rich people have talked about each other, they have so much money to shoot, they can

not do it, they have to spend time to gather money.

The owner of this building has recovered, so fast, it really makes him feel dreamy. He smiled and

shook his head, “Not sure, but this young man gave me the feeling that there is a person behind

him that we can’t imagine. Characters…”

Having said that, his tone was solemn.

“I can’t imagine?” The rich people present were stunned. Yes, the shot was 2.5 billion. The

minimum of this net worth is more than 10 billion.

If things go out today, I am afraid the whole market will be stunned!

Chuck Cannon and Zelda took the elevator downstairs, but Zelda was still ignorant, “Chuck Ce,

did I dream?”

“Sister Zelda, you don’t have one.” Chuck Cannon smiled. Zelda’s stunned look really made

people want to do something to her.

“I don’t think so,” Zelda was stunned. Chuck Cannon was so real, how could it be a dream.

At this time, the elevator door opened, and the two went to the parking place, but Chuck Cannon

frowned, because four people came out of the corner, all fierce!

“What are you doing?” Zelda was angry, and she could see that these people came to Chuck Ce,

because they stared at Chuck Cannon when they came out.

“What are you doing? Someone asked his brother to give him a lesson, so that he won’t be so

cheap in the future!” said the shaved head.

Chuck Cannon frowned. Was this what Murong Qing just told people to do? It should be.

“Murong Qing asked you to come over, how much money she gave you, I will give you double!”

Zelda was annoyed, it must have been done by Murong Qing.

“Double? Can you afford it? Get away!” The bald head came over with a cold face, “Brother,

please give me!!!”

The four people gathered around, and Chuck Cannon pulled Zelda behind him, but Zelda took

out a spray from the bag and sprayed two directly.

“Ah!! Grass mud horse, my eyes are so painful, so painful.” The two immediately covered their

eyes and snarled in exasperation.


Chuck Cannon punched out. Two days of training gave him little strength, but he knew where to

attack people, and he could quickly make people lose their resistance. Chuck Cannon quickly

punched and let one of them hum, just The body stiffly fell to the ground, Chuck Cannon hit his

cheek, hit him with a punch.

There was also a headed bald head who was surprised and rushed over in annoyance. Chuck

Cannon was not polite. He was ready to try to see how he was, but Zelda had sprayed out the

spray. The bald eye hurts, and he covered his eyes, Chuck Cannon kicked out, and the man fell to

the ground.

Chuck Cannon gave him a few punches, he groaned and wailed, he smiled, and gave a few

punches to the other three, and easily solved four.

However, Zelda helped Chuck Ce, otherwise Chuck Cannon might have gone through a hard

battle, it seems that Zelda was often attacked by others, otherwise she would not prepare for it.

“Sister Zelda, you are so powerful,” Chuck Cannon was serious.

Zelda blushed. There were five people who wanted to do something to her. That’s how she

solved it. She has experience. Just now she saw Chuck Cannon was going to be beaten. How

could she not care? After all…I really want to eat tender grass…


The elevator door opened and two people came out. It was Murong Qing and her assistant.

Murong Qing was shocked. Why was it useless? These four people are so useless.

“Boss, you go first, I stop them!” The assistant bit his teeth.

“Can you stop it?” Murong Qing was annoyed and actually called such a garbage person.

Chuck Cannon and Zelda came over. Chuck Ce’s eyes were on her, and her heart was annoyed,

didn’t she just say that she was drooping? As for calling someone to beat yourself? This woman

is too disguised.

“What did you do?” The assistant came out, Chuck Cannon looked at him, and slapped it out.

With a snap, the assistant fell to the ground.

Murong Qing stared at Chuck Ce, and she was able to buy the building, so she had nothing to

fear, she did not believe that Chuck Cannon would beat herself.

“Murong Qing, you are too much, it’s actually calling people!” Zelda was angry.

“How about it?” Murong said coldly. She would not refuse to admit it, just do it, what?

“You have no way of acting? Calling people to come here? What if you are killed?” Zelda really

wanted to slap her.

“Whatever you say, let go, I’m leaving here.” Murong Qing said.

The tone is still so calm.

“Leave? You asked someone to beat me, I will let you leave like this?” Chuck Cannon suddenly

smiled, if his mother knew, this Murong Qing is really miserable, at least he will be beaten up.

Murong cleared a sneer from the corner of his mouth, “Don’t you let me go? Dare! What’s more,

you have nothing!”

Chuck Cannon is annoyed, is he still so straightforward now? Okay, make you great! Chuck

Cannon stared at her and approached her.

Murong Qing frowned, “What do you want to do? Still want to hit me?”

Chuck Cannon shook his head, “I don’t beat women very much, but someone yells at me, then it’s

not my character to go back to the same yin, so…”

An idea came up in Chuck Ce’s heart.

Chapter: 185
“So what do you want to do? Or do you want to hit me?”

Murong Ching sneered. She didn’t believe that Chuck Cannon dared to beat her. First of all, she

was a woman. You just said that you were drooping just now, so she was called someone.

It is you who is responsible for the loss. Who told you to say that? Don’t know that women hate

others to say saggy What’s wrong with calling you? what happened? ?

Yes, you should be beaten!

“You, shameless!”

Murong Qing was suddenly annoyed because Chuck Cannon had been wandering around herself,

and this look made her feel sick.

She hates men who are younger than she thinks of her like this. Is she thinking about

herself? nausea!

It’s disgusting!

“Are your mother sick?”

Chuck Cannon frowned, and he was too lazy to look at her. Zelda had the same body as her. She

wanted to see Zelda at any time. She could even uncover Zelda’s clothes and see clearly. Zelda

didn’t. Will refuse, why do you depend on you?

“Dare you scold me?” Murong Qing’s face was cold. Today she was really hot. The first project

that came over here was actually taken by others.

Now he was actually scolded by a man in his tens? This disgusting feeling made her want to hit

someone herself!

“Who are your parents? I will make you regret what you said today!” Murong Qingmei stared at

Chuck Ce. She was worth hundreds of billions, and no one dared to treat her like that.

Zelda listened to this sentence, and her curiosity came up. Yes, she always wanted to know who

Chuck Ce’s parents were, because she was so powerful.

“You are not qualified to know.” Chuck Cannon said.

Just kidding, what about Murongqing’s tens of billions of dollars? Compared with your own

mother, that is a big difference, and you still want to start your own mother?

This is really beyond self-confidence.

“I am not qualified to know? Huaxia Rich, I know everything about Murong Qing, one-fifth of

you know, you say!” Murong Qing Meimu just stared at Chuck Ce, and today she was insulted.

“Or is it that your parents are not influential at all and do not deserve to let me know?” Murong

Qing showed a taunt.

Where does Chuck Cannon listen? Say your parents will never work!

Chuck Ce’s eyes cooled and approached her.

He really didn’t want to hit a woman, and the idea he just came out also wanted to humiliate her.

Get closer step by step.

Murong Qing is so disgusting, how can she bring a disgusting person close to herself? She felt

like she was going to be forced by Chuck Ce, she stepped back, but her high heels were empty,

she fell to the ground, embarrassed, and her buttocks couldn’t climb.

She gritted her teeth and suddenly burst into tears, tearing herself open in a hip skirt.

“What are you going to do? Don’t come!” Murongqing’s beautiful eyes are about to burst into

flames, and she hurries to cover her spring with her bag.

Chuck Cannon glanced at her and gathered together, “Don’t you wear black silk at your age?”

When she fell just now, it was originally a hip skirt, of course, something would show up. Chuck

Cannon just saw it, and he was not blind.

“You! Shameless!” Murong Qing got up from the ground like a female leopard.

Chuck Ce’s eyes looked at her thigh, which was pretty good and mellow.

Seeing her so embarrassed, Chuck Ce’s thoughts were suppressed and she was too lazy to adjust

her. She turned around and said to Zelda that she could go. Zelda nodded. This is the first time I

have suffered so badly in front of a man!

Murong Qingmei stared at the leaving Chuck Ce, and immediately, she looked down at her

ripped skirt. At this time, his assistant was already dumbfounded, and this leg was… beautiful.

Murong Qing usually does yoga, very shaped, perfect legs are rounded, this is the best long legs.

Snapped! !

Murong looked at him coldly, walked over and shook his assistant, “Can I see it?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” The assistant covered her cheeks and slammed her head down. He refused

to look at it reluctantly, but he was bitter in his heart. What made you angry with me?

“Check me all the information about this person. I need to know who he is and who my parents

are. I want him to kneel down and beg me!” Murong Qingmei’s eyes are cold, the kind of cold

that scares men .

“Yes, yes,” the assistant said, and Cha Zang was nothing to Murong Qing at all, and there will be

results soon.

“Also, if the person you are looking for is so rubbish next time, you don’t have to show up in

front of me.” Murongqing’s voice was cold, if not the four rubbish, would he be insulted today?

It was actually seen by a ten-year-old man… Murong Qing gritted his teeth, really annoyed! too


“Yes, rest assured, boss!”

“Call and ask a few people to stand by! I will let him suffer for this person.”

The assistant of course nodded his head. Just now Chuck Cannon slapped him. He still

remembers it clearly, but if he thinks so, his eyes can’t help but look at Murongqing’s legs. It’s

really beautiful. If he can…

An evil idea was born in the assistant’s heart…

“Also, the investment in this building has failed. Where else in Haishi has the value of being

acquired?” Murongqing’s voice recovered.

The assistant took out the information he had prepared, and after a few glances, locked his eyes

on a square.

“Boss, there are several places. Among them, I think there is a square that is good. There are a

few schools around. The development potential is great, but I don’t know if this boss has the

intention to sell,” said the assistant, if Chuck Cannon is here He must be crying and laughing

because this assistant is talking about Chuck Ce’s city square…

“What’s the valuation?” Murong Qing asked, and at the same time took the information, she

glanced at it and thought it was okay, and it had the value of the acquisition.

“May be around 670 million,” said Zhuan Ideal.

“Six hundred or seven hundred million? Such a square is not worth so much, at most 500 million.

I gave him six hundred million, and he earned it. Immediately took me to this square to see it. I

want to personally investigate and definitely take this square down. ,” Murong Qing said.

“Yes, but are you going now?” The assistant hesitated and stared at Murongqing’s legs again,

how to say Murongqing’s skirt was torn apart…


Murong Qing slapped him, “Look at your eyes again!”

Murong Qing said that when she walked into the car, she had clothes in the car, just change them

in the car, and she just took off her clothes when she went.

The assistant was outside the car, his hands touching his swollen cheeks, his eyes were irritated,

“Grass and mud horses, have been with you for so long, except for a little higher wages, I will be

beaten by you like a dog every day… you……”

“Don’t come in to drive yet?” Murong Qing changed clothes and opened the window coldly.

The assistant was busy getting in and driving. He navigated to the city square, but his eyes

passed the rearview mirror and saw the skirt that Murong Qing changed, so fragrant…

Of course Chuck Cannon didn’t know that Murong Qing actually wanted to buy his own square.

At this time, he had already taken Zelda’s car back to the square. It was already six or seven

o’clock. Chuck Cannon thought, simply called Yvette Jordan down, the three together Have a


But Chuck Cannon thought so, Zelda whispered, “Chuck Ce, do you have time tomorrow?”

“The day after tomorrow?” Chuck Cannon was surprised. Zelda wanted to help himself the day

after tomorrow? This… Chuck Cannon was helpless. He was afraid that he would always be with

such a superb woman, and one day he couldn’t help but did something sorry for Yvette Jordan,

that Chuck Cannon would regret it.

After all, Zelda was really too tempting. When driving back just now, Chuck Cannon couldn’t

help but look at Zelda’s legs. Fortunately, Chuck Cannon couldn’t hold his hand. Although he

reached out, Zelda would only blush. Do not know, let Chuck Cannon touch.

But in doing so, Chuck Cannon always felt guilty in his heart and felt sorry for Yvette Jordan,

but he didn’t want to.

“Um, the day after tomorrow…” Zelda wanted to say that the day after tomorrow was her

birthday. She wanted to spend time with Chuck Ce, and really wanted to, because she has

basically had her own birthday for so many years, but this year is different. She met Chuck Ce,

the man she liked.

She doesn’t want to be alone on her birthday.

“But you see, I will call you the day after tomorrow, and you are free, I will say it again.” Zelda

said, Chuck Cannon was hesitant, she saw it and was lost.

“Well, sister Zelda, you have decided,” Chuck Cannon can only say that. He thought that the day

after tomorrow should be fine, but how to say, he felt as if something happened this day, but he

couldn’t remember it at once.

What Chuck Cannon didn’t see was that Murong Qing’s car also drove into the parking lot of the

city square…

Chapter: 186
“How do you feel about this square?” the assistant asked confidently in the car.

Just now she had taken Murong Qing around the square, and from the look of Murong Qing, she

saw that she was basically satisfied.

“Go down and see first.” Murong Qing said.

The assistant of course nodded, went out of the door, and then opened the door to Murong Qing.

She walked down and the assistant’s eyes lighted up. Murong Qing just changed his pants. This

was tight, and the round thighs were really eye-catching.

The assistant felt that he could not move his eyes when he glanced at him. The evil thoughts in

his heart grew more. When he slept with her once, he immediately escaped without anything.

Because his boss is so good, the age of temptation is like peach.

But the assistant didn’t dare to look at it more. Murongqing must have slapped it out again, but

after Murongqing came out, his eyes were fixed on her hips, really…

The assistant felt that Murong Qing was really the best, and he wanted to sleep Murong Qing

more seriously.

Murong Qing and his assistant made the elevator to the first floor.

She glanced at her eyes and thought it was okay. The design of the whole square is more general,

but the user-friendly facilities are very good. Having let her enter so many squares, she feels a

little refreshing. It seems that the owner of this square still has a little talent.


“Hey, boss, there is a crew filming here?” The assistant saw some publicity and said that a crew

came here to film and shoot, and the actor was actually Ye Mei.

“Well, yes, this square has good development prospects,” Murong Qing took a fancy here.

There are crews, which shows that the square has the merits and large traffic, and at this point,

the flow of people is not much worse than other squares. Although it is largely due to the

willingness of the crew or the beauty of the leaves, it is more illustrative. Many people in this

place will come over as long as they are attractive.

She has a good vision, so she has today’s net worth. This square is really doing, and the future

value will definitely not be less than 3 billion!

This is a good investment for hundreds of millions of dollars to buy here.

Therefore, Murong Qing decided to acquire here.

Regardless of whether the boss agrees or disagrees, if he disagrees, he will smash the money. It

can be worth 3 billion yuan, then 1 billion yuan, 1.5 billion yuan, and in the end, it will be a big


She didn’t believe the boss was unimpressed.

“The boss, what are we going to do now? Go to this square management office?” the assistant


“Yes, see the manager here first,” Murongqing said.

The assistant glanced around and saw that the office should be on the fifth floor.

“Boss, please here.”

The two took the elevator, and Murong Qing’s eyes have been observing the square. The

observation on the first floor and the first floor has further confirmed her thoughts. There is

absolutely value in acquisition here!

In the office.

“What’s the matter with you?” Lu Youwen was stunned. The man and the woman who walked in

front of her were so temperamental, and she only recognized more than 700,000 yuan per bag.

She recognized it, so this woman must be a rich man.

“Where is your boss? Our President Murong wants to see him.” The assistant came over and


Murong Qing looked at landing Yuwen, this office gave her a good feeling, indicating that the

manager has good capabilities, so the acquisition here, Murong Qing decided to leave this

manager, after all, from the perspective of her woman, she appreciates beauty and ability


“Uh, the boss is out, is there anything?” Lu Youwen smiled.

Murong Qing sat down, “How much do you cost a month?”

“Ah?” Lu Youwen was stunned and asked what did this do?

“Say, our President Murong asked you something.” The assistant said.

“More than 10,000.” Lu Youwen was helpless and did not mean to hide. After all, most of the

square managers are this salary, which is not an industry secret, but Lu Youwen does not

understand, what does this woman want to do?

“I will give you twenty thousand.” Murong Qing said.

“Ah?” Lu Youwen was surprised. Is this a digging foot?

“Thirty thousand!” Murong Qing said again.

Lu Youwen was crying and laughing, “What do you mean?”

“Our President Murong decided to buy here, so give you this salary, I hope you continue to work

here.” Assistant said.

But he was also envious. He was usually beaten by Murong Qing, and it was only more than

50,000 a month. He had thought about not doing it, but he couldn’t bear it. After all, Murong

Qing was so beautiful. This assistant didn’t want to leave when he saw her every day. Especially

seeing Murong Qing wearing all kinds of clothes, uniforms, tight jeans, hot pants… Seeing her is

just enjoyment, I am really excited to think about it.

Lu Youwen smiled, “Are you going to buy us here?”

“Yes, our boss wants to buy here.”

“So you want to see our boss?” Lu Youwen asked curiously.

“Well, let him come out to see me, I talk to him.” Murong Qing said indifferently, money is the

best negotiation. She has a lot of money, so the boss can kneel down and beg her to buy, as long

as she is willing.

“This boss will not agree.” Lu Youwen shook his head.

“Will you agree?” The assistant sneered. “The market value of your square is between 600

million and 700 million. Our President Murong decided to give you a purchase price of 800

million, far exceeding the market value.”

“800 million?” Lu Youwen was surprised.

“Yes, your boss will definitely be excited at this price and let him out,”

“Sorry, there are quite a lot of 800 million, but our boss should not agree,” Lu Youwen said, first

of all, she knew that Chuck Cannon didn’t lack money at all, and secondly, she knew that Chuck

Cannon was very dedicated to this square, Chuck Cannon has invested his efforts, how to sell it?

Lu Youwen felt that Chuck Cannon would not do this. She usually chats with Chuck Ce. She

knows how far Chuck Ce’s vision is and clearly knows.

“You can’t be the master, let your boss come out,” the assistant said.

Lu Youwen had no choice but to say a word, and then took out his mobile phone and called

Chuck Ce. It was still a good solution for Chuck Cannon himself. However, Chuck Cannon

didn’t answer.

“Sorry, our boss is busy.” Lu Youwen said.

“Then you will call me.” The assistant said, Lu Youwen was helpless, shaking his head to say no,

Chuck Cannon said, not wanting to let others know that the square owner was him.

“Relax, I called and asked him, and then you didn’t call me, it made your boss lose a chance to

know me.” Murong Qing said, how could a manager not be able to handle it?

Lu Youwen hesitated, she really looks extraordinary in this woman, it is impossible to have such

self-confidence without money.

Then give it? Maybe Chuck Cannon really wants to know? She really couldn’t refuse such a

thing, which was beneficial to Chuck Ce. Lu Yuwen nodded after hesitating, “Well, this is our

boss’s phone.”

The assistant remembered it, but dialing it, it turned out that no one was answering, really busy.

“Boss, no one picks up.” The assistant whispered.

Murong Qing stood up, “He will pick it up.”

After talking, Murong Qing turned around and walked out, but stopped and turned his head, “I

told you, you think, the boss of this square will soon become me, so if you follow me, the future

will be very good.”

“Sorry, I haven’t had the idea of changing jobs, nor would I have this idea,” Lu Youwen smiled.

She knew that Chuck Cannon had other ideas recently, so she decided to follow Chuck Cannon

all the time.

“Then you will regret it.” Murong Qing said lightly, swaying his long legs, and the assistant

sneered. “You really regret it, because our President Murong is much richer than your boss…”

After he went out, Lu Youwen smiled helplessly, didn’t he? She felt ridiculous.

But she is curious, what is Chuck Cannon doing? Why didn’t you answer the phone?

“Boss, do you need me to continue fighting?” the assistant asked.

Murong Qing shook his head, “No, I gave him a chance, he will take the initiative to call,”

The assistant nodded, ah, the phone number Murongqing is not something that ordinary people

can have. The owner of this square can also see that the owner of the phone, you must call back.

“Something to eat,” said Murong Qing, who was about to become his own square, so he had to

try the square’s dishes. If he didn’t taste it, he would get out!

“Yes.” The assistant agreed, but after seeing Murong Qing walking in front of him, that leg… the

assistant’s mind was deeper, and he must sleep on you.

Chapter: 187
The assistant thought about it, and he has followed up. He has been with Murong Qing for a

year. Today is the first time he has to eat with his boss. The taste is definitely good. He dreamed

of the lingering picture of Murong Qing in his mind. .

The assistant was excited. He walked beside Murong Qing and smelled her.

Murong Qing turned around the place to eat, basically there are many tastes, and most of the

business is good. This is a good performance of the square. She is more satisfied with this place

in her heart and is more determined to buy it.

“Hey, boss, look, is that person beautiful?” The assistant suddenly saw two people coming out of

a restaurant.

He didn’t know a man, but the woman had just put on sunglasses, and he recognized it as a

popular star with beautiful leaves.

Murong Qing looked at it and found out that it was really Ye Mei. Before that, her company had

cooperated with Ye Mei once. When Ye Mei was not red, her company invited Ye Mei to come

and sing a song every year.

Obviously Yezimei also found Murong Qing, she was surprised, immediately recognized who it

was, she came over, “Hello President Murong, how are you here?”

“I’ll come here and see,” Murong Qing didn’t say much, but if it’s time to buy here, then Ye

Zimei can still be invited to come to the platform.

“Are you filming here right?” Murong Qing asked because she saw the promotion.

Ye Zimei nodded her head. Some students nearby recognized her and wanted to take a group

photo. The leaves were helpless and red, and they had too much trouble.

“Well, I’m filming here with this boss.” Ye Mei introduced, because Wang Wei was around, she

had to introduce it.

Wang Wei had just eaten with Ye Mei for a long time. He felt Ye Mei had too much appetite for

him, but Ye Mei was just a polite meal. He just invited Ye Mei to drink, but Ye Mei refused to

make a show tomorrow.

This made Wang Wei helpless, but it was good to know her.

What a coincidence in the assistant’s heart? But on this occasion, he didn’t have much to say. He

knew clearly, so he didn’t speak.

Murong Qing looked at Wang Wei several times, “Are you the boss of this square?”

She was a little surprised. The boss of this square was so young. No wonder she didn’t answer

the phone just now.

“Well, this square is under my name. Hello, my name is Wang Wei,” Wang Wei smiled, and

Murong Qing’s temperament was particularly good. This made Wang Wei want to be close. If it

wasn’t for the beauty of the leaves, he would talk directly. .

Murong Qing frowned, and Wang Wei’s eyes made her feel sick. She hated men younger than

herself to look at herself with this kind of look. This kind of look made her think of Chuck

Cannon when she was in the parking lot. Eyes are particularly disgusting.

“Well, I have something to tell you,” Murong Qing said calmly.

“You said,” Wang Wei was surprised. Is this to tell Chuck Ce? Sure, but since his boss is

installed, he must be installed.

“Have you ever thought about selling this square?” Murong Qing came straight to the point.

Today, she was a little bit fed up. Especially when Chuck Cannon looked at the bottom of her

skirt today, she was annoyed when thinking of it, and did not want to say a word to her younger


“Sell?” Wang Wei was surprised, is this woman going to buy here?

Even Ye Zimei was surprised, how could she think that Murong Qing would say such a thing,

buy this square?

“Yes, the price is good. I’m in love with your place, so you can make a price.” Murong Qing was

calm, and his tone didn’t fluctuate.

Ye Mei looked at Wang Wei.

Wang Wei is speechless, how does he interface? He is not the boss, Chuck Cannon is the boss,

but the person he likes is here, he certainly cannot say that the square is not his own, Wang Wei

is tangled, this Murong Qing said, the price will not be low, how can he know Chuck Do you

want to sell it?

“Your square is worth 700 million, I can make 800 million.” Murongqing quoted directly.

Wang Wei was shocked to know that when his dad sold it, it was only 500 million, but now it

has risen by 300 million? In other words, Chuck Cannon earned 300 million in less than a


Murong Qing was expressionless, and Wang Wei’s surprised expression made her think that

Wang Wei was moved, 800 million, and most people would not refuse.

The assistant admired, and sure enough, his own boss was straightforward to get this square to be


“This…” Wang Wei regrets, and is even more uncertain whether Chuck Cannon will sell it. After

all, 300 million, even if Chuck Cannon is rich, he will be excited.

“The price is not satisfactory? I can add another 50 million.” Murong Qing said.

Wang Wei was completely shocked, can it be added? ?

He is confused, is the value of this square so great? Why didn’t I find out before?

“What you said is true?” Wang Wei swallowed.

“Yes, you agree, I can now transfer you a 50 million deposit.”

Wang Wei felt that he couldn’t say it anymore. Chuck Cannon came to talk about this matter

himself, but how did he let Chuck Cannon come? Chuck Cannon came over, so he didn’t help in

front of Ye Mei?

Wang Wei was particularly entangled, “If you talk to the manager of the square, I have

something to do at this time,”

“I have already talked to her.”

“Did you talk?” Wang Wei was speechless. He could only say to Murong Qing with a smile.

“Then you talk to my other manager first, he will tell you the details.”

“This? Okay.” Murong nodded, and Wang Wei’s surprised expression was already ten or nine,

and he could discuss the details.

Wang Wei was relieved, immediately called Chuck Ce, and quickly connected, “Manager

Chuck, someone came over to talk about the square with you, come over here! The place to eat

on the third floor, um.”

When the phone hung up, Wang Wei’s words were obvious, and Chuck Cannon would come.

The leaves are wonderful, Manager Chuck?

Soon Murong Qing’s eyebrows twisted up, because she saw a nasty person approaching this way.

Is he the manager here?

Chuck Cannon was also surprised, how could Murong Qing be here? But Wang Wei has Ye Mei

around, and of course he won’t say much, let’s talk to her as a manager.

Ye Mei’s eyes are wide, he is the manager here? It should be impossible, how could the manager

let the five-star hotel send the highest reception to meet? And also invest in movies?

“This is the manager of your square?” Murong Qingmei stared at Chuck Ce, his voice seemed to

freeze the air.

“Well, it’s the manager.” Wang Wei came over with a slight smile and whispered, “Chuck Ce,

this person is going to buy your square, bid more than 800 million yuan, you talk to her


Chuck Cannon is weird, is this woman sick? Just bought a building in the past, and now come to

buy your own square?

“Well, I know, you and Ye Mei continue.” Chuck Cannon glanced at Ye Mei.

Since Murong Qing spent more than 800 million yuan to buy here, then she saw the prospect of

this square and Chuck Cannon did not lack money. How could it be sold? Although he can make

300 million yuan, he is very happy, but he does not sell!

“Thank you very much. Please relax tomorrow.” Wang Wei gave Chuck Cannon a

comprehension of a man. Chuck Cannon nodded silently. It was considered coping, he wouldn’t

go into that kind of place.

“Let him leave here.” Murong Qing said, of course, this sentence was for Wang Wei. She didn’t

want to see this disgusting person who saw her skirt.

Wang Wei was stunned, what happened? ? “You are…”

“Is there such an employee in your square? I regret it.” Murong Qing shook her head. She knew

why Chuck Cannon didn’t tell her who her parents were. They used to work for others. I’m afraid

that the building was also bought by Wang Wei. It’s just let Chuck Cannon act as agent.

Does a person who comes forward dare to look at the bottom of his skirt?

“Have you misunderstood?” Wang Wei was stunned, and Ye Mei was stunned. What happened?

“Misunderstanding? Not misunderstanding. You just asked him to come out and buy the building

for you?” Murong Qing said.

“What floor? What are you talking about?” Wang Wei was completely ashamed.

“No need to install it. You bought the building. It’s your skill. Now that I bought you here is also

my skill. Let him leave and I will talk to you.”

Wang Wei was completely ashamed. Chuck Cannon bought the building just now? What


“No talk.” Chuck Cannon said.

“You are not qualified to talk to me, you leave me here!” Murong Qing’s beautiful eyes stared at

Chuck Ce.

“I think you are not qualified to stay here,” Chuck Cannon looked at her and said.

Chapter: 188
Murong Qing’s eyes cooled down, “You said I am not qualified to stay here??”

The assistant next to her said a neuropathy. It’s really a neuropathy. Your own boss is going to

buy it. A manager on the bright side said that his boss is not qualified to be here?

Huh, your boss bought this, and the first one will let you go!

Wang Wei was a little anxious. He didn’t know what contradiction between Chuck Cannon and

Murong Qing. He only knew that Chuck Cannon was a little annoyed. If that goes on, wouldn’t

Ye Zimei know that he was not the boss here! Is Chuck Ce?

Ye Meimei turned her eyes, and she looked at Chuck Cannon curiously. Why do you say she is

not qualified to stand here?

Ye Meimei understands Murongqing’s net worth, tens of billions of dollars, do you have more

Chuck Cannon than Murongqing’s net worth?

Ye Mei doubted, very doubtful.

After all, Chuck Cannon gave her a deep impression some time ago. The five-star hotel has the

highest reception. He has played a billionaire in public. He has also invested in a movie starring

himself now. Qualified to stay here…

Isn’t this what ordinary people can do?

Ye Mei is full of curiosity, who are you?

“Yes, I will let you leave now because I am…” Chuck Cannon said.

Wang Wei suddenly turned his eyes to pray.

He only came into contact with Ye Mei with the identity of the owner of the square, and now it

has been dismantled. Ye Mei will definitely think that he is a liar, so that her impression in Ye

Mei Mei will definitely fall to the bottom, and there can be no next step. .

This is just the beginning, why did Wang Wei want to give up? ?

Chuck Cannon sighed secretly. He understood Wang Wei’s mood and had just made Ye Mei

have a good impression on her. Now it is really not very good to dismantle him. Plus he really

agreed to Wang Wei. Now it is even worse. …

“What are you? Why didn’t you say that?”

Murongqing’s voice was particularly cold, even with a touch of ridicule, “Do you want to say

that you are still the manager here, so you have the right to let me leave here?”

“It’s a real arrow with chicken feathers!” The assistant mocked.

Who knows that their status is low and they don’t speak? A broken manager can’t even compare

with himself, and he wants his boss to leave?

“Mr. Wang, let him leave here, immediately!” Murong Qing said, if this is an employee of her

company, she will immediately let Chuck Cannon put things away.

On this occasion, the manager is not qualified to speak.

Chuck Cannon frowned.

Wang Wei hurriedly lowered his voice and said, “Chuck Ce, beg me, beg me, Wang Wei owes

you a big favor, what do you have in the future, in a word, I will definitely go through the fire…”

Chuck Cannon sighed, all men, he understood, Chuck Cannon nodded, “You talk to her.”

After talking, Chuck Cannon turned and left.

Wang Wei was relieved and thanked Chuck Cannon in his heart. He calmed down and said to

Murong Qing, “Maybe I will talk to you tomorrow!”

Tomorrow Chuck Cannon must have talked to her, and now it is enough for Ye Zimei to

continue to believe that she is the boss.

“Yes.” Murong nodded, and she was hungry. Anyway, she would be tenure tomorrow, and it

would be fine for another day or two, not to mention her good mood just now was destroyed by

this man who looked at the bottom of her skirt.

Wang Wei was relieved.

Murong Qing and her assistant left, and randomly found a restaurant to enter, and Ye Mei looked

at the direction of Chuck Ce’s departure, she was curious, so she left?

She is a little unbelievable. It stands to reason that Chuck Cannon should not be the manager of

this square.

“Ye Damei, let’s go for a walk.” Wang Wei said.

Yemei hesitated, “This gentleman is really your square manager?”

“Well, he has always been, he is very talented in management, so I asked him to come over and

manage it for me. He is my friend, of course he will not refuse.” Wang Wei laughed.

“Well, this is the case.” Ye Zimei suddenly realized, no wonder this square looks good. It turns

out that Chuck Cannon is managing. As a friend, it is normal to help management. Chuck

Cannon is a good person, so if you have money, you can help yourself. Friends manage here.

“That’s it, go for a walk.”

“Well…Murong Qing said just now, is it true that you asked Mr. Chuck to help you buy the next

building?” Ye Zimei just heard Murong Qing’s words. She was really surprised that buying a

building should also cost hundreds of millions. Your business? I didn’t expect Wang Wei to be so


But at the same time, it was also unexpected that Wang Wei was so busy that his friend Chuck

Cannon appeared when buying a house? Is it so low-key?

“That’s right,” Wang Wei smiled bitterly, Murong Qing said so, so it must be 100%. Chuck Ce,

do you have money? I bought the plaza and the building…

“Well, where is the building?” The leaves are wonderful.

“Well, let me tell you after I have completed the procedures.” Where does Wang Wei know, but

he knows that Chuck Cannon can get his shot, it must be a large real estate, and he can only ask

Chuck Cannon after a few days, otherwise This lie can’t go on anymore.

“Good.” Yemei is also curious, where is the building that Wang Wei bought.

Chuck Cannon was chatting with Zelda in the car just now, and came out after receiving Wang

Wei’s call. Now he is back in the parking lot again. How to say, it is good to chat with Zelda.

Because the two people chatted and talked about that problem, he almost made a mistake just


Fortunately, Chuck Cannon calmed down.

“When will you go running?” Zelda asked.

Chuck Cannon thought that running would definitely be necessary, but he has lived in Yvette

Jordan’s house recently, and running is also going to run near her house, it is unlikely to be with

Zelda, but to be honest, Chuck Cannon really wants to see, Zelda This kind of hot figure, running

in yoga pants, must be very attractive.

Chuck Cannon shook his head, he couldn’t think about it any more, he wanted to let Zelda help

him once in the car.

“It will be better in a few days,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Well, then I will go back first,”

“it is good,”

Zelda drove away, and she thought about going to the decorated shop to see if she was still alive.

Zelda drove away, Chuck Cannon thought to go to Yvette Jordan, and went home with her, but

the elevator door opened, Murong Qing and her assistant came out, Chuck Cannon was a little


He didn’t laugh, but he stared at Murongqing’s hips when he saw the assistant coming out. His

eyes were full of evil. Everyone was a man. How could Chuck Cannon not understand what this

assistant was thinking?

Do you want to strengthen Murongqing? That would be interesting. What would she think of

being a stronger assistant than her own? ?

Chuck Cannon couldn’t wait to know.

“Why are you again?” the assistant scolded. Now that there was no one else, he had to dress up in

front of Murong Qing.

Murong Qing stared at Chuck Ce, does this person’s soul live? He told him to leave, and now he

has reappeared, wanting to retaliate?

“Sick.” Chuck Cannon was too lazy to take care of him, and he had to go find his wife when he

was in a domineering situation.

“Oh, you bastard!” The assistant was annoyed. Your mother is not as high as I am. I’m a close

assistant anyway. You are a small square manager. What are you doing?

Chuck Cannon walked over and kicked the assistant’s foot. The speed was very fast. A skinny

monkey still wanted to be in the limelight?

“Oh…” The assistant screamed while covering his stomach. Where did he want Chuck Cannon to

dare to hit him!

“Dare you dare to hit me?” Murongqing’s voice cooled down, which was really hot.

“What about the fight? I will let you leave here immediately!” Now that Wang Wei and Ye

Zimei are no longer around, there is no need to hide it.

“What qualifications do you have for me to leave? You are just a manager, you…” Murong Qing

stared at Chuck Cannon and felt ridiculous. What is such a person? Holding a chicken feather as

a seasonal arrow?

A bright manager, to be honest, does not even have the qualifications to speak to himself.

“No, I am not a manager.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Aren’t you a manager? Haha, you were just fired by your boss, right? Also, you are so lacking in

eyesight, I am the boss, and the first one fires you like you.” The assistant got up from the

ground, clutching his stomach , Ridicule, isn’t the manager still so straightforward? He really

admired it, and his face was thick.

“Go away!” Murong Qing had murderous eyes.

“No, this square is mine, I am the boss here, you stand in my place, you are the one to roll,”

Chuck Cannon said.

Chapter: 189
“The square is yours?”

The assistant laughed at his stomach. He felt that he had underestimated Chuck Ce’s thick skin.

What kind of shameless words can be said?

“Is the boss of the square not Wang Wei? When my ears are deaf? People Wang Wei just

admitted that you are a little manager. When someone said you were fired, you fired one of your

little managers, thinking that you would buy it for your boss. Building, you’re awesome? You’re

just an obedient dog in your old eyes, what are you doing with a cheeky face!” The assistant

disdained, he was the first time he saw such a shameless person.

You must force someone to believe it!

Murong Qing frowned, she stared at Chuck Ce, “Go away, did you hear?”

She really didn’t want to see this man who was lazy in her skirt again.

Damn it, disgusting! How could there be such a person? ?

It’s shameless!

Chuck Cannon glanced at her and took out her mobile phone. “There was a missed call just now,

should it be yours?”

“What about pretending? Call to find a reason to leave, right? I’m seeing more of your pretense.”

The assistant sneered.

Chuck Cannon pressed the phone, less than ten seconds.

The phone rang, especially in the quiet parking lot.

Murong Qing felt particularly harsh, her look changed slightly, and her assistant was stunned.

What happened? Really called?

Murong Qing stared at the assistant. He took out his phone and looked at it suspiciously. Was

this number not given by the square manager?

“Boss, is this number wrong?” the assistant wondered.

It was definitely the manager who just didn’t want the boss’s phone number, so I just gave

another manager, the person’s number, absolutely.

He doesn’t believe that the square owner is him!

Murong Qing took down his mobile phone and stared at Chuck Ce. “It’s just a phone call. Why

do you convince me that you are the square owner? With this phone number?”

Ye Mei will not lie to herself. Wang Wei is the owner of the square, but Ye Mei said it himself.

The person in front of him was nothing but Wang Weiming.

How could it be the Plaza boss?

She absolutely doesn’t believe it!

Chuck Cannon hung up the phone. This phone number is extraordinary. It must have been called

by Murong Qing just now. Of course, Chuck Cannon could see it at a glance.

“Do not believe it? That’s okay, you will believe it soon.” Chuck Cannon took the elevator.

“Boss, let’s go, this kid pretends to say so, deliberately, and he will slip if he is afraid of losing

face.” The assistant said, he was more certain. The reason why Chuck Cannon was able to make

a call just now was that beautiful manager’s intention.

Anything else I will believe soon, you have to make excuses to escape, and also believe in Mao!

Murong Qing frowned, she nodded after being silent, “Go drive!”

Indeed, she did not believe this person who peeked at the bottom of her skirt.

The two turned around, but Ding!

The elevator door opened, and Chuck Cannon walked out, holding any documents in his hand.

The assistant was stunned and wanted to pretend!

“Show it to you once.” Chuck Cannon handed over the document in hand, Murong Qing’s

eyebrows were twisted, and Meimu kept staring at Chuck Ce, impatiently next to the document,

opened it and looked at it. This is the square transfer contract, signed It is Wang Hao and Chuck


Wang Hao, Wang Wei… this father and son?

Murong Qing was stunned in an instant. She had a dreaming feeling. Is this square really his?

The assistant was also dumbfounded. He saw it, but the name of Chuck Cannon was clearly

written in black and white on it. Is the boss of the square really him? ?

Then he is really qualified to let people leave!

“Read it? So I left here immediately, I don’t welcome you,” Chuck Cannon took the contract.

“What’s the matter? Isn’t the square owner Wang Wei?” Murong Qing still didn’t believe that she

really liked this square. If the square owner is him, then…

“It’s simple, Wang Wei wants to soak in the beauty of the leaves, so I cooperate with him.”

Chuck Cannon said.

Murong Qing’s face is particularly ugly, really his!

“Don’t go yet? Do you want me to send you away?” Chuck Cannon looked at Murong Qing.

“Since you are the boss, then I buy here, you make a price!” Murong Qing said, she did not want

to give up here, let alone, do not want people to blast out!

Be your own boss here! !

“Do not sell!” Chuck Cannon shook his head and refused, joking, why did he buy it? I have just

done it a little, and it will be easy to make big money in the future, he will not cheap this


But Chuck Cannon still admired her, that is, this woman has a good vision!

“Why don’t you sell?” The assistant was annoyed.

“Just because I am the boss here!” Chuck Cannon calmly.

The assistant was speechless and didn’t know how to refute.

“One billion, you agree that I will transfer the money to you now.” Murongqing’s tone is

undoubtedly one billion, which is much more than the value of your current square.

“Sick.” Chuck Cannon was too lazy to care about her.

“1.2 billion!” Murong Qing gritted his teeth, this person, she must make him regret!

“You like people to sell so much, why don’t you sell them yourself?” Chuck Cannon said.


Murong Qing raised his hand in annoyance to slap Chuck Ce, but how could Chuck Cannon let a

woman fight? Eyes fast grabbed her wrist quickly.

“You mother let go!” the assistant scolded, but this is when the hero rescued the beauty.

Chuck Cannon glanced at him, without saying a word, he kicked his leg up, and the assistant

screamed while covering his stomach.

“What do you want to do? Let go!” Murong Qing’s eyes were like a female leopard, full of


“You sell it yourself! Someone likes you like an old woman.” Chuck Cannon said.

“You are shameless!”

“Fuck you!” Chuck Cesong’s hand, Murong Qing hummed, fell to the ground, the round buttocks

hit the ground, embarrassed, Murong Qing’s eyes were about to burst into fire, she felt her butt

hurt, It hurts.

“Go, have you heard?” Chuck Cannon stared at her.

Murong Qing got up from the ground, “Chuck Ce, I remember you, you remember it for me, I

must take down this square!”

“You sell it a few times, I will sell it to you, you go.” Chuck Cannon shrugged.

“You shameless bastard!” Murong Qing was angry, she wanted to kill.

“Who the hell are you talking about?” Chuck Cannon came over and pushed her. How could

Murong Qing stand a man’s push? She fell to the ground again, but her hips hurt even more.

Such a woman does not fight, why do you keep it?

“Boss.” The assistant gritted his teeth and ran up to support Murong Qing. Murong Qing raised

his hand and slapped it out. “Where do you touch the grass and mud horse?”

The assistant covered his cheeks and there was bitterness in his eyes. He just deliberately just

wanted to touch, but he was found…because he was full of Murongqing’s hips.

Murong Qing stared at Chuck Ce, “I remember everything today, and you are ready to get out of


She said she limped to the side of her car and opened the door to get in. She couldn’t do it

because the hips hurt too much.

The assistant gritted his teeth to drive and took Murong Qing away.

Chuck Cannon shrugged, you let me go? Okay, let me see how you bought me this square, when

the mother bought your company, and see what you dragged.

“Her husband, you are in the parking lot, go home together…what are you holding in your hand?”

Behind it, Yvette Jordan’s voice, she was a little puzzled because she saw the city in the hand of

Chuck Ce. Four words in square.

Chuck Cannon was taken aback and was busy collecting the square contract in his hand. “It’s


“Yes.” Yvette Jordan came over. This should be the information of Chuck Ce’s part-time job in

this square. “Her husband, go home.”

“Okay.” Chuck Cannon got into Yvette Jordan’s car and collected the documents, so she could

not see them for the time being.

The two left.

“Boss, what are your plans now!” the assistant asked in a low voice.

“Send me to the hospital,” Murong said quietly.


“Deaf ears?”

“Okay, okay.”

Soon the assistant took Murong Qing to the nearest hospital. Murong Qing let the assistant wait

in the car and she went to the doctor herself.

An hour later, Murong Qing stood and waited for the news. She just checked. Her buttocks had

to be smeared. She fell three times in a row. She felt that her bones were injured and she had to

apply medicine. Because for Murong Qing, This part is the part that she is most proud of,

absolutely nothing can go wrong! !

The doctor came in with the results of the examination, “Murong Qing? Well, your buttocks have

been injured, slightly red and swollen, but your hip bones are intact. It will be fine after a few

days. Now take off your clothes and I will help you.”

“Wipe Nima!” Murong Qing yelled in exasperation, and went out to buy medicine with the

result. A male doctor rubbed the medicine with himself? ?

Chapter: 190
Murong Qing came out of the hospital and got into his car. The assistant wondered, what

medicine did his boss buy?

But from the rearview mirror, he saw that Murong Qing’s sitting posture was different from

usual, as if to avoid something, and the moment she just sat down, there was pain on her face,

this is…

The assistant thought about the hips, but Murongqing’s most precious thing, he and Murongqing

have been with him for a year, knowing this clearly.

He also knows that Murongqing will go to the beauty shop three or four times a month, tens of

thousands of times to specially maintain this part, so when Murongqing is wearing tight jeans, it

is really a visual enjoyment.

The more the assistant thinks, the more itchy in her heart. For these few days, she must sleep to

her, no matter if she is stunned or whatever, she must sleep!

When the time comes to take fruit photos, do you still hit me? ? When the time comes, a photo

will make you obedient.

The more the assistant thought, the expression on his face changed.

“Don’t want to do it? Don’t want to do it, just leave me!” Murong Qing said quietly.

“No, it’s not.” The assistant drove in a hurry and took her to the five-star hotel where she stayed

only a few days.

Night hotel.

If Chuck Cannon is here, he will definitely cry again and again, because Murong Qing actually

lived in his mother’s hotel……

Early the next morning, Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan went to the square. He saw that Yvette

Jordan was very busy and under great pressure. Chuck Cannon let her relax a little. Yvette

Jordan just smiled and said that she would make money.

Chuck Cannon was helpless.

He thought about going to drive the car back today. He said a few words to Yvette Jordan, then

took the car directly to the BMW shop. When he got on the car, WeChat asked Charlotte and she

said that she had time.

Drive BMW, then

“What are you doing here? The time for repayment has not yet arrived!” Yvette Jordan frowned,

as a few people who borrowed usury came to his office.

And these two people looked wrong.

Looking at Yvette Jordan’s office for a few moments, his mouth raised a strange smile, and he sat

down, “Recently made money, didn’t you? Changed to a new Mercedes-Benz…not bad!”

His younger brother and his girlfriend turned around in the square and saw Yvette Jordan driving

a Mercedes-Benz, so he told him.

“The money will be given to you when the time comes, and you won’t even lose a penny.” Yvette

Jordan said.

“Lianbendaili? I’m a little skeptical about this?” Cuntou smiled.

“What do you mean? It was fifteen days after the first repayment.” Yvette Jordan frowned, and

she felt that the position was not good.

“Fifteen days later? Please look at the contract carefully.” Cunto snapped his fingers, and the

younger brother took the contract out, which was the contract signed by Yvette Jordan last time.

Yvette Jordan frowned and looked at the contract carefully. The first time he found no problems,

the second time Yvette Jordan was irritated. If there were any problems, there was a problem

with this contract.

“You guys!” Yvette Jordan stood up. The contract was to borrow 700,000, each month for

100,000, for a total of ten months, and when he got it, there was no 700,000 at all. Accepted, but

this contract has pits!

“How? See it clearly? It turned out that you didn’t see it when you signed the contract? Why

didn’t you care so much? Fortunately, now it’s clear.” Into the smile, he stared at Yvette Jordan’s

angry figure, He was so beautiful in his heart that he couldn’t sleep this time? ?

The other younger brothers’ eyes were all shining, and their boss was asleep, so it was their turn.


“You!” Yvette Jordan was about to tear up the contract, but the contract was taken over as

expected. “Look clearly, it is 700,000 per month, for a total of ten months, which is 700. Wan!

Not yet, your company is mine!”

Yvette Jordan stared at him.

“But that’s okay, I think your figure is so good, so beautiful, you can’t afford to pay every month.

It’s okay to come and accompany me for a few nights. What if I push you for a month?” Cunto

He laughed, “Or it’s better to follow me, I won’t let you pay the money, you say how good I am

to you?”

The eyes of several other younger brothers are brighter, and it is really willing to live like this

beauty for ten years!

“Shameless! I want to call the police!” Yvette Jordan took out his mobile phone, how could she

accept such a pit? The alarm can definitely be handled!

“Call the police? I advise you to think clearly. The contract is clearly written in black and white.

You call the police? Also, my brother has followed you, knowing that you have a little white

face, if you dare to call the police, I immediately call my brother to scrap Fuck him!” Cunto said


How can he be unscrupulous? ? Such a woman, he can eat her to death, but also want to call the


“Don’t! Don’t touch him!” Yvette Jordan panicked. She knew that the position was talking about

Chuck Ce. These people had no humanity at all. They might beat Chuck Cannon to death when

Chuck Cannon went out. Yvette Yi Nan dare not think about it.

“No? Haha, you really have a little white face? Such a lack of men, you should feed me. You see

I am much stronger and more powerful than your little white face. If you are…”

Cunto laughed at himself.

Several other younger brothers laughed. How could it be so cheap to raise a little white face? No

wonder we are going to borrow usury.

Yvette Jordan’s eyes cooled down, grabbed the documents on the table and smashed them out, “If

you dare to move him, I will die with you!”

Yvette Jordan’s voice is particularly cold. She has no father and mother, and she has been an

orphan since childhood. Now the only relative is Chuck Ce, who grew up together and is her

own husband. She absolutely does not allow anyone to hurt Chuck Ce.

Because if Chuck Cannon had an accident, then she would be alone.

Into the head laughed, “Look clearly, you can’t afford the money in a few days, your company is

mine! Even your new car is mine, and this is my phone and my WeChat. You If you can figure it

out, just give me a call and I’ll open a good room for you, I promise you, I want to…”

He took out a business card and blinked Yvette Jordan with an expression you understood.

“Go!” Yvette Jordan’s eyes were red.

Cunto laughed, and walked out with a few younger brothers, and at the door, Cunto commanded,

“Give me 24 hours to monitor her, and as soon as she does anything, immediately grab me.”

“Yes, boss, don’t worry!” A few younger brothers smiled and watched the beauties. Why didn’t

they want to?

“Don’t fuck your mother, I’m the one who moved first!” Cunto said.

“Yes Yes.”

“She’s fucking, the company is operating in such a square where the birds don’t shit, it’s not

strange to lose money! Let’s go!” Cunto took the rest with them, they went to the parking lot and

saw Yvette Jordan’s new car, Cunto went over ,sneer.

Yvette Jordan is sitting in the office, this is definitely not possible, borrowing 700,000 and

returning 7 million, how is this possible? However, if they call the police themselves, they call

Chuck Cannon angrily, what should they do?

Yvette Jordan struggled, and her biggest worry was Chuck Ce.

What should I do? Not like this, she took out her cell phone Chuck Cannon to fight, but no one

answered, her heart hung up, what’s wrong? Husband, what happened to you? ?

Yvette Jordan panicked.

Chuck Cannon was sitting in the car, he mentioned the car just now, and was going to go back,

but Charlotte said to give her a ride, Chuck Cannon certainly agreed, but after drinking a glass of

water from Charlotte, Chuck Cannon felt that his body was hot, as if in his heart There are

feathers on the face.

“Chuck Ce, what’s the matter with you?” Charlotte was pleasantly surprised. She had already

prepared it. She added a little to Chuck Ce’s water. Chuck Cannon must sleep, otherwise how

could she go further?

“It’s okay. I’m a little tired. I want to rest.” Chuck Cannon said, seeing his mother’s hotel in his

eyes. He wanted to go to sleep and felt uncomfortable. Seeing Charlotte’s legs, he felt


what happened? Have you held back for too long? He shook his head, but he couldn’t do

anything sorry to Yvette Jordan.

“Okay, that’s all right in that hotel.” Charlotte smiled. It turned out that Chuck Cannon still had

an idea for himself. So half-finished, he still had to sleep himself. He must know that he was

taking medicine. Fortunately, not much. He Still sober, take this opportunity to sleep yourself.

Chuck Cannon drove in, and when she arrived at the parking lot, Charlotte saw Chuck Cannon

blushing, and she felt a smile. She smiled, but didn’t expect to get a Ballerin this way. Rest

assured, it would make you happy.

Charlotte helped Chuck Cannon get off.

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