Chapter 181: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 181 Venus, Was It You Or Not? (1)

The little girl thought it right so she turned around and let them alone.

Being much more relaxed, Venus moved forward little by little, turned her head to Kerry and asked, “Why didn’t you explain?”

Kerry knew what she’s talking about and spread his hands, “I don’t know them, so what’s the point of explaining it?”

Hey! This guy.

It’s finally their turn to check out. A salesman scanned codes one by one and said, “One hundred and fifty-eight, please.”

Venus was about to pay but Kerry handed over his card.

“You don’t have to pay. I buy them myself,” Kerry pressed her hand and said flatly, “You can consider it my share of the dinner. But if it’s a free meal, I won’t be embarrassed.”

“Then, okay.” Venus gave up retorting.

The supermarket was on the fourth floor, and when the elevator went down to the third floor, Venus saw a children’s clothing store at a glance, and that face like an angel came to her mind. She said, “Let’s walk around on this floor.”

Kerry did not refute.

Venus’s footsteps involuntarily stopped in that store. Children’s clothes are very small and delicate. Venus picked up a short-sleeved T-shirt on light blue, with a small version of Spider-Man painted on it.

From the baby’s birth until now, she hadn’t bought him a single shirt, not a single milk bottle…

As her heart ached, Venus turned her back to Kerry with her hands trembling.

Standing behind and watching her silently, Kerry was a little more certain. Was she thinking of the child?

“Ma’am, what do you need?” A shopping guide greeted her enthusiastically.

Venus put down the cloth and pretended to be calm, “Oh, I’m just looking around.”

“How old is your child? I can give you some recommendations.”

“No, thanks. I don’t have any children yet,” Venus finished this heartrending sentence, “These little clothes are nice so I come in and take a look.” She explained not only to the shopping guide, but also to Kerry.

The shopping guide left with a smile. Venus looked at a few more clothes randomly and walked out of the store.

Kerry keenly saw her reddening eyes and asked as they took the elevator, “Do you like kids very much?”

“Yes, how cute they are. They’re the purest in the world, like angels.” Venus entwined her hands together so hard that white lines showed.

When saying, she found that her eyes were a little wet. She turned her face to look at the window so that Kerry wouldn’t notice them.

However, Kerry didn’t seem to want to let her go easily so he said, “Yes, they’re angels. And if my wife hadn’t left, our child would have been over two months now.”

“Yeah? He must look good.” Venus followed with his words, mulling over the fact that he was born 68 days ago, yet I’d only been with him for three days.

“I sometimes wonder what he looks like, more like me or more like her mother, whether his eyes are blue or black, whether he loves to cry or not, whether he is naughty or not… “Kerry said in a longing voice, which teared her heart.

Venus clenched her teeth tightly, not daring to cry out. This guy must say this on purpose so that she might betray herself. She must hold back.

Venus still had her face sideways, so Kerry couldn’t see her look and figure out what she was thinking about.


The apartment was the same one. Apart from a few fashion magazines lying haphazardly on the couch, the room was pretty tidy.

“I don’t have any guest here so there is a pair of slippers and you don’t have to take shoes off.” Venus bent down to wear her sandals and pointed to the kitchen table, “You can put your things there and rest for a while. There’s water in the fridge and help yourself. it’s too hot outside. It’s almost dark while the temperature hasn’t dropped at all. So it’s still comfortable at home.”

As speaking, she walked into the bathroom. Since the glass of the bathroom was transparent, Kerry unconsciously glanced at her. She was washing her face.

Kerry put things down and walked towards the sofa in the living room. He fished for a magazine, which was related to fashion. And now there were also several book of this kind in Venus’s room.

Much fresher after washing her face, Venus said as she made her way to the kitchen, “If you’re bored, you can come help, or watch TV. But right now, there shouldn’t be any good TV shows.”

Kerry chose the former because he did not think that watching TV was funny.

“What do you need me to do?” Kerry asked.

Venus took a mushroom out of the bag and gave it to him, “Can you wash dishes? Wash this, and there is a basin in the cupboard.”

Kerry was a little overwhelmed. How to wash mushroom…? Not to mention washing dishes, it was the first time for him to buy food.

“No?” Venus tilted her head and asked him.

“No, I haven’t done it before.”

Venus brought the mushrooms over and gave him several tomatoes, “Then these?”

Kerry relieved, “Yes, I can.”

Soon Kerry mastered the knack of washing vegetables.

He washed, then Venus cut. Their cooperation was quite good.

“When you studied abroad, did you rent an apartment?” Kerry chatted with her, washing vegetables in his hands.

Venus was chopping a tomato. And hearing his question, she said flatly, “Yes, I did.”

“Didn’t your family hire a nanny for you? Or why did you cook for yourself?”

Venus raised the alarm bell in her heart and recalled the information the mysterious man had given her. She said, “Yes, I had, but I think it’s better to learn skills like cooking. Like right now, I can cook for myself.”

“Oh, alright,” Kerry put the vegetables that had been washed in the basket and turned around to look at her back. He continued to ask, “Have you ever been in love with boys when in college?”

“Yeah, three or four.” Venus tried to recall the information on the profile, but she forgot all of the names of those boys.

Kerry had confusion in his eyes. Why did he sometimes think she’s similar with Venus, but sometimes did not?

When Venus heard no sound behind her, she turned and asked with a smile, “What are you doing? Checking on me?” Perhaps, he had already checked. That’s why he had changed his ways to interrogate.

Kerry shook water droplets from his hands and laughed lightly, “Just chatting.”

Seeing that the vegetables were finished cutting, Venus asked him to go out of the kitchen, “Alright, your work is done. Now leave this place to me. You can go out.”

Kerry wiped hands with a tissue and paced over to the sofa to sit down. Suddenly seeing a sketchbook under the coffee table, Kerry took it over.

When he opened it, a perfect piece of clothing design showed, such as women’s clothing, men’s clothing, while to the back is actually several drawings for children from infants, to one year old, two years old ……

Kerry’s slender fingers touched every scratch on it, and his heart pounded heavily. If it wasn’t her, why would she design the child’s clothes. And all of them were boys’ dress, with no skirts. What it meant was clear.

Venus, were these for our baby? What was you hiding? Why didn’t you tell me yourself?

From the kitchen came the sound of cooking. Kerry was somehow unable to control his emotions and took the sketchbook to the open kitchen. Venus was stir-frying a plate of tomatoes and eggs. His look told her that it might be something wrong. As thinking about it, she saw at the sketchbook in his hands.

She had her heart in her mouth and quickly worked out ways to explain.

“Yan Chu, who are you designing these children’s clothes for?” Kerry looked closely at the side of her face.

Venus stretched out her head to see it and said calmly, “Oh, they are designed for my friend’s child.”

“How old is the child?”

Venus frowned for a moment, “The child should be over three months. He is a smiley boy.”

“Three months? You even design for child of one or two years old. Are you thinking this far ahead?” Kerry asked with a fake smile.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 181 Venus, Was It You Or Not? (2)
Due to Kerry’s interruption, eggs in pot were a little over-cooked. Venus quickly turned off the flame and took a plate to serve food, “I was idle anyway, so I just drew randomly. Oh, it’s all your fault. As you come over to disturb me, the eggs are a bit burnt.”

Kerry secretly bit his teeth and squeezed out a smile, “It’s alright. I’ll eat them.”

“Well, do what you say.”

Returning to the sofa with a “hmm”, Kerry looked at the design on the paper and pondered.

Yan Chu, were things really the way you said?

Every time he found similar traces between her and Venus, she cleared them up with reasons both reasonable and normal. Was he being too sensitive? Was he right to link Yan and Venus together? That’s why he thought she’s Venus at any hint of similarity.

But what if she’s not? What if she was the real Yan Chu? What should he do then?

He got a little closer to her, couldn’t help kissing her, and even developed a crush on her. All were on the premise that he thought she’s Venus. But what if it turned out that she’s not in the end?

Did Yan not have any awareness of his intimate movements? Or was she pretending not to know…

The more he thought, the more confused he became. Kerry felt that he was caught in a great mystery. With twilight and dusk ahead of him, he could not see the end.

At that moment, Venus shouted in the kitchen, “Kerry, go take rice into bowls. It’s time to eat.”

The fog in front of his eyes suddenly dissipated.

Kerry took a long breath of relief. Just forgot it. Time would eventually give him the answer. What he should do was to follow his feeling, and he believed that one day he would clear the fog.

Venus wasn’t a very good cook. It was her limit to cook four dished in such a short amount of time.

“The taste is very ordinary. Since it’s you who want to come to dinner, you’re not allowed to say it’s not good.” Venus gave him chopsticks.

Kerry looked at the dishes, scrambled egg with tomato, stir fried vegetables with mushrooms, shredded potatoes with green pepper, and…

“What’s this?” Kerry asked her, pointing to the plate of dishes so brunt that he could not see the raw materials

Venus smiled awkwardly, “Oh, I originally wanted to make braised eggplant. But the heat was so high that it’s what it looks like now. Although it looks bad, the taste is still good. Just try it.”

Kerry held his chopsticks and asked, “Are you sure?”

“Pretty sure. You’ll know if you try it.”

Kerry dubiously put a piece of eggplant into his mouth, without noticing the wry smile on Venus’s face.

As soon as the eggplant was placed in his mouth, Kerry’s taste buds protested violently and his whole face crowded together. Then, he looked around for a trash can.

“Hahahaha-” Venus let out a loud laugh.

Kerry spat the eggplant into the can and rinsed his mouth. He said with his pretty eyebrows furrowing, “How much salt did you put in it?”

Venus wiped her tears from laughing, “I was going to put one spoonful of salt and two of sugar, but it all was salt in the end.” You had only yourself to blame for asking questions like a detective, which made she distracted and messed up.

Kerry drank several more gulps of water before that salty taste in his mouth faded away.

Finally, she managed to stop laughing, and dumped that dish into the bin.

Sitting on a chair and seeing that he didn’t dare to move his chopsticks, Venus gave him a piece of egg, “I guarantee that the tastes of the other dishes are normal.”

Kerry hesitated for a moment, and took a bite. Huh, not bad.

“I’m not lying. I’ve learned it at least.” Venus said smilingly.

Kerry nodded, “Although it doesn’t look good, it tastes nice.”

As the two of them ate and chatted, Venus took a glance at him and asked, “Did you have any dreams when you were little?”

Kerry raised his eyebrows and thought for a moment, and then his eyes darkened a bit, “My childhood dream was that my parents wouldn’t fight.”

Venus was stunned for a moment, “Did your mom and dad used to have a bad relationship?”

“No, they rarely talked to each other even at home.” Kerry paused and asked back, “What about you? What were your dreams as a child?”

“I, hahaha. Don’t laugh when I say it.”

“I won’t. Just tell me.”

Venus put down her chopsticks and said with shining eyes, “When I was a kid, I especially wanted to grow up to be a pirate so I could go to the whole world to look for treasures. If I found them, I’d buy lots of food and fun things. And I’d go out to look for more again if I ran out of them. I wouldn’t have to work every day, and I thought adult’s jobs were so boring.”

Kerry said with a smile, “This dream of yours is quite funny, but I’m afraid it won’t come true because your small body would only make you be hijacked by other pirates. You are too weak to be a pirate.”

Venus was unconvinced, “Who said that? Look at the Pirates of the Caribbean made by Hollywood. The heroine in each one was able to fight and beautiful. What’s more, they really found treasures. I think of my dream every time I watch this series of movies.”

Thinking that she was still childlike, Kerry teased her, “Then you can give up your job and try your luck in the Caribbean. That place is still full of pirates. Maybe they’ll accept you.”

Venus sighed grudgingly and started to eat, “fine, I have self-knowledge. But I might be able to look for treasures. Do you know where there is treasure? I’m going to try my luck.”

Venus’s afterglow was keen enough to catch his chopstick pause and then continue to move, “There’s no treasure at all? If there were any, they would have been dug up long ago. But do you know where some of it is still hidden?”

Venus’s heartbeat accelerated. With a faint surprise on her face, she asked, “Where, where?”

Kerry pointed his index finger down, “In the tombs of the emperors of the past dynasties. If you want to find it, you can go and rob the tomb.”

Venus was disappointed, “That’s illegal, and I’m not going. Besides, I don’t have the guts.”

“Ha, you have self-awareness.” Kerry teased.

Venus laughed without answer.

After finishing the meal, Venus was afraid that he would do something excessive so she urged him to leave.

“Are you full? If so, it’s time to leave.” Venus said straightforwardly.

Kerry laughed bitterly. How afraid was she of his approach? “Okay, I’m leaving. Thank you for your hospitality.”

Venus pulled the door open, a wave of heat immediately surged in outside. Venus watched him go out and leaned against the door frame, “You’re welcome. You’ve invited me so many times. I should return to you.”

Kerry gazed at her with deep eyes and said warmly, “Then… See you.”

Venus shook her hand, “See you.”

When he turned around, Venus closed the door. Just looking at Kerry’s reaction, Venus believed he knew the whereabouts of the treasure, but he didn’t trust himself, so he wouldn’t tell her.

Now that she’s sure, then Venus has a bottom in her heart. She’s afraid that she tried for a while, but Kerry didn’t know about the treasure at all. That would be tragic.

At Ye family’s villa.

After getting out of the car, Kerry went straight into the study.

Kerry reached out to take out the book placed at the top of the shelf and pressed there. Then, on the left side of the study, the voice of creak came in the back of a pair of landscape painting.

When Kerry pulled away the painting, a small wooden box was pushed out. Kerry pressed his thumb on the top of the wooden box, and the wooden box opened gently with a click.

Inside quietly laid an old parchment roll. When looking at it, you could have a sense of history.

Unfolded, the two-palm-sized parchment was densely packed with routes that eventually led to a spot where was on the edge of the brunt mark.

Yes, it was an incomplete treasure map, handed to him by his father on his deathbed.

Although he had wanted to go over there and find this treasure when he was younger, in the end he had given up.

He didn’t want to spend his life searching for this huge treasure like his parents did, and they ended up getting killed accidentally. It was not worth it. He preferred to create a kingdom of his own with his own hands, and he had done it. Now, wealth was just a number to him, and what could he do with more money when he had nothing to worry about? It was nothing more than a higher quality of life, which was not what he was after.

Compared to a huge treasure, he was now more eager to find Venus and be with her and the child.

Just whether Yan Chu was intentional or unintentional when she mentioned the matter of the treasure tonight?

And how did she learn about it? This was a very secret matter. Not many people in this world knew, otherwise people would fight to get it.

But with her background, she didn’t need this fortune. Or was she too greedy?

Things seemed to be getting more and more complicated..

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 181 Venus, Was It You Or Not? (3)
With Kerry Ye here, the project was progressing smoothly.

In the evening, Venus Mu and Kerry returned from the construction site, to the entrance of the community, then the two people went their separate ways.

Venus was hot and sweaty, and still had a lot of dust sticking to the construction site, so she thought she’d better go home and take a shower before going to the nearby supermarket to buy food.

As soon as she entered the neighborhood, she felt eyes staring at her from behind, and turned back sharply, but there was nothing.

She was a little afraid, quickly walked to the door of the apartment, pressed the code to enter before a little peace of mind.

Was someone following her?

Venus was confused, Yan Chu didn’t know anyone in Sky City and didn’t have any grudges against anyone, so what kind of person would notice her?

Taking a shower and going downstairs, Venus even paid special attention to the surroundings on the way to the supermarket, but she still didn’t find anything special.

Could it be that she was too sensitive?

Casually buying a few dishes, Venus walked back, looking around as she walked, there was indeed no one around except for the strolling people, and the children playing.

Relieved to get into the elevator, to her own floor, Venus input the password, “tick-” the door opened.

A pair of large hands suddenly appeared behind her and tightly covered her mouth. Venus was shocked and was about to resist, a dagger was placed at her waist.

Venus stopped resisting immediately.

“Get in.” The mugger behind her whispered.

Another man pulled the door open beside her, and the man who covered her mouth pushed her through the door.

Venus was shocked, two men?

There was another tick and the door was locked.

The man released her mouth, but the dagger was still there.

With a great gasp, Venus said, in a stoic tone, “Do you want money? I have it in my purse, please don’t hurt me.”

The other man snatched her purse away and dumped it instead, spilling her wallet, cell phone, small mirror, wipes, and various little bottles of makeup used by girls all over the floor.

The man, wearing a cap so that Venus couldn’t see his face, picked up the wallet, which didn’t have much cash in it, just over a thousand dollars.

“Only these?” He was disgruntled and said. He saw a bank card in the wallet, pulled it out and asked, “How much money is in there?”

“I don’t know, and I haven’t paid attention, but I’m guessing it could be about a hundred thousand dollars.” Venus said truthfully, it wasn’t her money anyway.

As soon as these two heard the amount, they looked at each other and saw the excitement in each other’s eyes.



“Immediately transfer all the money to our account or kill you.”

“I don’t have a computer at home, my computer is at work. You can search it if you don’t believe me, my place is not big, it’s obvious.”

The two men were silent for a few seconds, one of them smiled darkly and said, “Don’t lie to us, or I’ll make you beg for your life.”

Venus said with sincerity, “Really, you guys can get it now, there’s a bank just a couple hundred meters east of the neighborhood out.”

“Go ahead, call me if you have any questions.” The man said to his companion.

The companion looked glowing at Venus and left, padding his feet as he whispered something in his ear, and the man said unkindly, “Don’t worry, I know your hobby.”

The man who went to get the money touched Venus’s face and went out.

Venus saw his last sinister glance and instantly realized what his hobby was.

Damn, these two people were not only robbing money, but also sex?

So ungrateful.

There were only two people left in the room, and the thug who had been standing behind her pulled a thin rope from his pants pocket, tied her hands behind her back, and pushed so hard that Venus fell to the floor.

Venus looked up, the man was also wearing a hat with the brim depressed low.

“Just stay still.” The man shook the dagger in his hand, then began searching the house for anything of value.

Venus, who was hurting from the fall and struggling to get up from the ground, and she found the phone just a few feet away and hooked it with her toe when the man wasn’t looking.

Damn! With too much force the phone slid into the doorway under the shoebox.

Venus wanted to curse herself.

Moving towards the shoe cabinet a little bit, the man immediately noticed her movement and pointed at her and yelled, “Who told you to move? Behave yourself.”

Venus stopped.

The man rummaged through the room, finding nothing of value except for a dozen dollars of change on the couch.

“Shit, there’s not even an ipad.”

He cursed, going to the fridge and taking out a bottle of water to drink, then sitting in front of Venus.

He stared at Venus for a moment and said with a dark smile, “Rich people are different, living in such a nice and big house by themselves.”

Venus huddled in the corner and begged him in a low voice, “I’ll give you all the money, can you let me go?”

“Hahah” the man laughed, “Don’t worry, we’ll let you go when my friend comes back later.”

Venus’s face went white, knowing what he meant. She thought that begging was useless, so tried to threat him.

“Do you know Kerry? If you offend me, you offend him, don’t you think about the consequences?

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 181 Venus, Was It You Or Not?(4)
The man’s face clouded, throwing his empty bottle at Venus Mu and scolding “You bitch! How dare you threaten me? Kerry Ye is just a piece of shit. As soon as I get the money, I’ll flee away. At that time, there’s no way he can find us.”

“How far can you go with only 100,000?” Venus laughed disdainfully, “He might have caught you before you get out of this city.”

“Humph, so what! If we kill you, no one will know we are the murderers.”

“Bro, don’t you know there are surveillance cameras all over the place?” Venus couldn’t help wondering if there was something wrong with his head, “The entire neighborhood, the elevator, and even every single street, everywhere is being watched, where can you escape to?”

The kidnapper’s face immediately pale and long.

Venus took the opportunity to persuade him, continuing, “Let’s make a deal. I’ll give you the money. You and your friend leave now. I swear I won’t tell this to the police.”

“Why should I believe you?” The man shouted loudly.

Venus turned into a much better attitude and said in earnest, “I’m in your hands now, how dare I deceive you? Think about my suggestion, don’t you think that makes sense?”

The man’s attitude loosened a bit. Just then, the door bell rang.

The kidnapper stood up from the floor, checked at the peephole, and then quickly opened the door.

Venus took the opportunity to move closer to the shoe wardrobe.

“I got the money, but the ATM can’t take that much money at once. Here are twenty thousand, the rest 100,000 is deposited in our bank account.” The man who just came in with a heavy black bag said excitedly.

“That’s good, let’s go.” The kidnapper was convinced by Venus. He just wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible and get rid of this event.

The man who went to take the money stared at Venus, “Did you forget what I said before I left? Besides……” He didn’t finish his talking.

His partner frowned, but finally nodded after considering, “Hurry up!”

At this time, Venus finally got access to her phone. Watching the sleazy and vulgar man approach, Venus leaned on the shoe wardrobe tightly and shouted in fright, “Don’t come over! Stay away from me!”

“Ha ha, I’ve slept with so many women. But none of them can compete with you. You are simply the most perfect woman I’ve ever seen. Come on, let me take you to the paradise and show you what I’ve got.” After saying that, he put his hand on her collar.

Venus lowered her head, giving him a bite. The man screamed, and immediately slammed her face with another hand.

Bleed dripped from the corner of her mouth. Venus was punch-drunk and let go of the man’s hand.

“Bitch, you bite me! I’m gonna fuck you up!” Saying this, he tried to pounce on her again., but was kicked on the thigh by Venus.

He roared in anger again.

Venus quickly unlocked her phone with her hands tying behind herself and found the call records according to her memory. She remembered that Kerry Ye had called her in the morning and it was the last call on her phone, she did not hesitate to dial the number at the top of the screen.

She knew very well that she shouldn’t call the police at this moment, because Kerry would definitely come faster than the police.

Kerry! Answer the phone! You have to answer the phone!

The man was angry and cursed again, turned back to another kidnapper who was standing behind and said, “Don’t just stand there watching, help me hold her down.”

“Stop there! Don’t come over.” Venus yelled at them. But as a woman, her strength was much weaker than them. Hence, she was soon controlled by them.

The man slapped hard on Venus’s face again, spat and said, “Still arrogant? I told you to behave good, I’ll make you go wild.” After saying that, he tore Venus’s shirt.

On the other side, finishing a shower in the bathroom of the Yehuang Group’s office, Kerry had just come out to put on clean clothes when he heard the phone ring.

When he saw it was Yan Chu, he smiled. Was she calling him for dinner?

However, he heard the heartbreaking cry of Yan once the phone was connected, “You bastard, let go of me, don’t touch me!”

Kerry gritted his teeth, holding the phone tightly. His eyes were slowly turning purple as all the blood rushed to his head.

“Kerry, help me! I’m in the apartment.” Venus shouted.

Just as the kidnapper’s hand was reaching for her breast, his head was violently kicked by Kerry and passed out, while the other man was also knocked out by Kerry’s punch.


Venus stared at Kerry, who just appeared out of nowhere. She wasn’t frightened, nor surprised. She was just weeping in despair.

Kerry took a look at her, her cheeks were red, only a light-colored bra was left on her body.

Seeing this, Kerry felt a sharp pain in his heart. He hunkered down beside her, helping her put the clothes back on, which had been undressed to her elbows. He then hugged her tightly in his arms, “Do not be afraid, I am here! You are safe now. It’s all right.”

Venus was still trembling, with tears streaming down continuously.

She thought she would be raped and defiled by this disgusting man. Luckily, Kerry showed up and rescued her.

Kerry didn’t interrupt her crying. He knew she needed time to recover. So he gave her a warm hug; his shirt was wet with Venus’s tears. Kerry felt that his heart was soaked in the tears, sore and ached. He couldn’t wait to kill these two kidnappers right now.

Seeing that her hands were still tied with ropes, he reached out his hand to untie it while kept holding her with another hand. There were red bruises across Venus’s delicate wrists…

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