Chapter 181: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 181 Sister, Do You Know Me?

Jason pressed his lips, “This is my duty as a police officer.”

At this time, Flora who found out from the news, also came.

“How come Doris is missing?” Flora asked.

Colin didn’t say anything. Nina, who was beside them, took the initiative to speak, “She was taken away by someone. It has nothing to do with the chairman.”

Flora suddenly recalled that Colin asked her to stay with Doris today and she refused it.

If she didn’t refuse back then, wouldn’t Doris be taken away?

The living room was silent for a moment.

It was a long time before Colin told them that Doris’s intelligence had degenerated into a five-six-year-old child.

When he finished speaking, everyone was shocked. No wonder that Doris went out by herself and then be taken away.


Anyhow, Doris followed Ellie to a villa.

Ellie said that she would get delicious food for Doris first, then take her to find her parents.

However, Ellie never returned.

Doris waited inside the room for more than three hours but Ellie never returned.

Doris was alone in the villa. She was scared and panicked. Why nobody came for her?

After panicking for a long time, Doris remembered that she could go out by herself. But when she went to open the door, she realized that the door was locked.

She didn’t know what it meant. She only knew that nobody came for her and she couldn’t get out. She’s alone and very scared.

“Uncle… sobs…” Doris squatted by the door as she cried but nobody answered.

Another hour had passed when a sound came from the door.

Doris was surprised, “Sister, are you back?”

As soon as she spoke, the door was opened. A lively girl in T-shirt and jeans was pushed inside and then the door was closed again.

“I’ll go! Be gentle!”

Vanessa bumped into Doris directly.

Doris didn’t expect that anyone could bump onto her and both of them fell directly to the ground.

Vanessa felt someone was under her and immediately got up, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I don’t…. Huh? You’re Mrs. Ward? Why are you here?”

While speaking, Vanessa pulled Doris up.

Doris cried while looking at Vanessa curiously, “Sister, do you know me?”

“Huh?” Vanessa was dumbfounded, “Sister?”

Doris blinked innocently.

Vanessa noticed something wrong, “You, don’t you remember me?”

Doris shook her head.

Vanessa observed Doris carefully, then asked softly, “Uhm, can I get your pulse?”

“What is a pulse?” Doris asked curiously.

Maybe because someone was here and it was also a pretty sister, Doris felt much safer now, without feeling afraid as before.

Vanessa coughed and explained patiently, “I’m just going to hold your wrist. It’s simple.”

“How do you hold it?” Doris asked again, she’s very curious.

“Take your hand out and hand it to me.”

Doris looked at Vanessa as she took out her wrist and handed it to Vanessa.

Vanessa coughed lightly and carefully took Doris’s pulse.

A few minutes later, Vanessa looked surprised. The toxin in Doris’s body was gone, which shocked her. That toxin was dissolved in her blood and it wouldn’t be easy to get rid of it. What had Doris experienced in these two days?

After thinking for a while, Vanessa was sure that Doris must’ve taken the antidote. But didn’t know why, it caused Doris to lose her memories, or it could be said that her intelligence had degenerated.

No wonder she couldn’t recognize her and also regarded her as a sister.

But the question is, how could she be kidnapped? Moreover, she was locked up with her. Isn’t she Colin’s wife?

Since Vanessa couldn’t figure out these questions, she didn’t think about it anymore.

“Do you know your name?”

“Doris Lee”

Vanessa nodded, it’s good, “Doris, now we have to stay here for a while. I’ll always stay with you. You don’t have to be afraid.”

Speaking of this, Doris suddenly lowered her eyes, “I miss uncle. Where is uncle? Why doesn’t he come to find me? Sobs…”

“Uh….” Vanessa struggled slightly in dealing with children.

But, uncle?

Who was she talking about?

Vanessa pulled Doris to sit on the sofa in the living room and said, “Don’t worry. Your uncle will come and look for you. We’re… just for vacation…and have fun.”

Doris continued to sob, “I want uncle…”

Vanessa had a headache. What should she do now?

“Then, can I ask you, who is your uncle?”

“Uncle is Uncle. Why does everyone keep asking me this question?”

“Huh?” Vanessa noticed that something was wrong, “Who was the one that asked you?”

Doris replied, “A beautiful sister.”

“She said that she comes to find Uncle. And also told me that she’s taking me to eat delicious food and have fun. She also told me that she’ll take me to find my parents….”

Speaking of this, Vanessa finally understood that Doris was abducted this way, right?

Didn’t Colin know about Doris’s condition?

If he knew about his wife’s condition, he should’ve stayed by her side. How could he let her be kidnapped?

Vanessa suddenly turned angry, as she became more patient with Vanessa.

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