Chapter 183 – 184: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 183: Making Tik Tok Videos

Kris patted his head and remembered the girl to be the one he met last time at a night market.

He added her WeChat, and her name, as far as he could remember, was Qiaoqiao Liu.

Kris laughed. : “Hi, it’s you. What are you doing here?”

Qiaoqiao didn’t expect to meet Kris at this place. She just wanted to make some short videos.

She waved her phone in front of Kris and said: “I’m here to make some Tiktok videos. Don’t you know? Dashun Real Estate held an activity called The Most Beautiful Garden of Heavenly Dream. And if your videos get the most views and likes, you will win one hundred thousand yuan!”

Activity? Kris was confused.

One hundred thousand yuan was a huge amount of money for Qiaoqiao. If she could get this money, she could then focus on her studies.

That’s why she came here and tried to make a few videos.

She was quite satisfied with the videos she made.

Later, she said to Kris: “Are you also here to make videos? You should hurry because there are many people here.”

The first time she met Kris, Kris was dressed in a very normal way, and that’s why she came under the impression that he was also a student, just like herself.

She then believed that Kris was also there to make videos.

Kris froze for a moment and then reacted, but before he could say anything, Qiaoqiao asked again: “Are you studying in Westriver University. Well, I’m. I study in the Faculty of Broadcast. What about you?”


Kris wanted to tell her that he was studying at the Academy of Six Major Schools. But again, Qiaoqiao opened her mouth before he could say anything. Qiaoqiao said: “Right. I haven’t said thank you for your help last time. Since you also come here to make videos, I can show you around. Do you know the best place to make videos in this villa area?”

Kris shook his head. That was the first time he went there.

“Come follow me.”

Then she grabbed Kris and took him to the No.1 Central Villa.

Qiaoqiao released his hands and said: “Isn’t this beautiful? I was just making Tiktok videos here.”

Kris nodded. No.1 Central Villa was the king of all villas. Beside the villa, there was a man-made lake, with willows planted around it. It was late autumn, but lotus flowers were blooming in the lake. Qiaoqiao took out her phone and made another video, and then walked up to Kris happily and said: “Come, give me your phone, and I’ll make a video for you.”

Kris found this girl super talkative, as he was never given a chance to say a word. But that was also quite interesting. Kris reached his hand into a pocket to grab his phone, and then a cynical voice was heard behind them.

“Ah! Isn’t this Qiaoqiao Liu! Why are you here?”

Kris turned around and saw a girl walking towards them.

This girl was quite good-looking. She was not as cute as Qiaoqiao, but still, she was rather attractive. She was dressed in a pink dress and a pair of pink high-heel shoes.

However, the man she was with was just the opposite. That was a very skinny man with furtive eyes and a sullen look. You would come under the impression that he had too much sex. Although he was dressed properly, with a suit and a golden watch, people still found his appearance absurd.

“Qianqian Xu?”

Qiaoqiao was surprised.

This girl named Qianqian Xu was Qiaoqiao’s classmate. She was not from prosperous family background, and her grades were not very good.

From her perspective, college only represented a platform from which she could get close to some rich boys, and she was quite successful at it thanks to her looks and some techniques she applied.

Qianqian checked Kris out and said: “Is this your boyfriend? He is so pathetic. Why do you bring him here? Let me tell you, Qiaoqiao, when looking for a boyfriend, money is the most important element you need to consider, not looks. A handsome man with no money is still a loser.”

Qiaoqiao blushed and waved her hands dramatically. “No, he is not my boyfriend. We just met each other here. I took part in the activity The Most Beautiful Garden of Heavenly Dream, and I am here to make videos.”

Qianqian laughed condescendingly. “Why don’t you look into a mirror and have a good look at your pathetic dress? Who would watch your videos when you are dressed like this? You are just embarrassing yourself.”

“How could you…”

Qiaoqiao was so angry that she didn’t know what to say.

Why would she do this to her own classmate was beyond everyone’s comprehension.

Qianqian was so contended when she saw a warm blush rising to Qiaoqiao’s cheeks. She smirked, and got hold of her skinny boyfriend’s arm and said: “Oh, you were here to make videos? Then what’s the point of only shooting the outside scenery? Dashun Real Estate started this activity to advertise, and what people really want to know is the inner scenery.” Qianqian took a pause and then kept saying: “How about this? I’ll let you shoot in my place. Because Ping Li planned to buy a villa here for me. And we will see the house later.”

Qiaoqiao shook her head and said: “No…That’s not necessary.”

She just wanted to leave with Kris as soon as possible, and she doesn’t want Kris to see her being bullied.

Kris could no longer put up with it. He said: “The villas here? I think they are all sold out. There is nothing left for you to choose from.”

Qianqian looked at Kris and said: “What the hell do you know? The General Director of Dashun Real Estate, Mina Li, is my boyfriend’s cousin. She told us there are two sets of villas left, no.66, and no.88. She told us to pick from them, and she is going to give us the lowest price possible.”

Happiness was written all over her face, and she said: “Isn’t that great? Are you jealous?”

This man is Mina Li’s cousin? How is that possible? Mina Li was so beautiful, and this man was just hideous.

Kris shook his head and said: “Jealous? Not at all! I can tell you that I’m in charge of this place, and you can forget about these two villas.”

Qianqian froze, and then pointed at Kris and yelled: “What did you say? Who do you think you are? How dare you! Oh, I see, Mina Li arranged a servant to show us around the villa, and you must be him! How dare you to talk to me like that? I’m the customer, and where is your respect? What a shame for Dashun Real Estate!”

Qianqian was getting louder and louder, and many people coming for the activity were attracted by her.

Qiaoqiao got nervous when more and more people gathered around them. She dragged Kris and said: “I think we should get out of here.”

“You are not going anywhere. How dare you, a little servant, to talk like that. I’ll call my cousin, and you will be fired.”

Dashun Real Estate treated its staff very well. Even a servant was always paid more than a white-collar in other companies. And it was really not easy to get such a job. He wanted Kris to kowtow to him to dampen his spirit.

Then he called his cousin Mina Li and said: “Are you busy? I have got a problem.”

“Please don’t call her,” Qiaoqiao got nervous. She never expected such a thing would happen. She only wanted to make some videos with Kris here.

She still believed Kris was a student in his senior year and worked as an intern in the company. It was not easy to get into this company, and she didn’t want him to get fired.

Thinking of this, Qiaoqiao rushed to them and bowed to them. “I am so sorry. It’s all my bad. Please forgive us, and we will leave soon.”

“Don’t you think it’s too late to apologize?”Ping Li looked at Qiaoqiao wickedly and found Qiaoqiao was rather attractive. He swallowed hard and said: “Since you are so sincere, I’ll give you another chance.”

Then he pointed at Kris and said: “You ask him to kowtow to me, three times. And then you both will be free!”

“Are you sure?”

“Are you deaf?” Ping Li said angrily. “Have it not been for this little beauty here, you would have already been fired.”

When he finished, an attractive woman walked towards them. Who else it could be other than Mina Li.

When she learned her cousin was in trouble, she left her work behind and walked hurriedly to them.

“Sister!” Ping Li walked up to Mina Li.

Mina nodded. Ping Li was the only man in her family, so she spoiled him a lot. When she learned he wanted to buy a house, she kept two villas, no.66 and no.88, for him to chose from. And the price was, of course, the lowest price.

“Sister, is this man a servant in your company? I was offended by him. Fire him!” Ping Li Pointed at Kris and said furiously.

Mina Li looked towards the direction he pointed and froze, then she shouted: “Shut up!”

“Sister! Why are you saying this to me?” Ping Li got annoyed and said: “Isn’t this man you asked to show me around the villas? He was very disrespectful. I don’t want to see him again. Let him go…”

Before Ping Li finished himself, Mina slapped him right across his face.

“Didn’t I tell you to shut up?”

Then she walked towards Kris and said fearfully: “Director Chen…”

What? Ping Li was stupefied. His cousin called him… Director Chen?!

Qiaoqiao Liu was also taken aback. What was going on? The general manager of Dashun Real Estate called him Director Chen?

Kris looked at Mina and said: “Your cousin is a nice fellow. He just asked me to kowtow to him. What do you think? Should I do that?”

And then, His voice got cold. “You are also truly amazing. How dare you to sell the house I asked you to keep.”

“Oh, no.”

Mina’s mind went blank, and her knees were knocking.

Before Mina said anything, Ping Li knelt down in front of Kris fearfully and said: “Director Chen. It’s all my bad. I am such a fool, and please forget about what just happened.”

He kept apologizing while slapping himself nonstop.

Ping Li was not stupid. When he saw his cousin’s knees shaking, he soon realized that the man standing in front of them is not a servant, but the director of Dashun Real Estate!

Chapter 184: Mayfly Power

Qianqian Xu, who was standing beside, was also greatly frightened. Her complexion was pale, and her body was shaking.

Her mind went blank, having no idea who this man is and why Ping Li knelt in front of him.

And at that time, people around were all rendered into a state of shock. And if you listened carefully, you could hear the noise of someone’s teeth chattering.

Kris Chen looked at Ping Li with a smile. “You still want me to kowtow to you?”

Ping Li heard what he said and got so frightened that he began to beg for mercy. “Director Chen. I was such a fool for not being able to recognize you. I offended you, and for the sake of my sister, please forgive me.”

Mina Li was further irritated by what Ping Li said, thinking: “What a useless loser! Does he want to make Director Chen even more angry?”

Her legs began shaking when she thought of the fact that everything she owns she took from Kris Chen. She summoned up courage and walked up to Kris and said fearfully: “Director Chen, it’s all my bad. I’ll make him leave!”

To be honest, she would be less frightened if Kris’s anger was shown on his face, but instead, Kris put a smile on his face, which made her sense of insecurity even stronger.”

This smile meant Kris was really angry.

Seeing Mina Li was being so cautious, Kris sighed slightly. “It’s your brother, and you should handle him yourself, but I don’t want this to happen again. And also, forget about the bonus of this season!”

“Yes, Director Chen!”

Kris Chen’s punishment was a good sign because it meant Kris was not really angry. She blamed herself secretly for being too happy over her recent good fortune.

Kris specifically asked her to keep it, and how could she be so silly as to sell it to Ping Li without even informing Kris. She felt so regretful when she thought of this.

And then, she saw Ping Li, who was still kneeling on the ground like a slave, and she was suddenly seized by a wave of anger and shouted: “Why the hell are you still on the ground? You think you have more face to lose? Take that bitch and get the hell out of here.”

Ping Li got on his feet soon and constantly bowed to Kris, saying: “Thank you, Director Chen. Thank you for being so generous.”

Then he took off fast. Qianqian Xu, who was standing beside, saw Ping Li was leaving, ran up to him, and tried to get hold of him, but before she could touch him, Ping Li turned around and kicked her away. “You lousy bitch! Had it not been for you, I would never offend Director Chen. Now listen, we are finished!” Then he walked away rapidly.

Qianqian got nervous, and, having not even one ounce of self-esteem, she began rolling on the ground when she realized Ping Li was abandoning her.

“Dear, wait for me. Wait for me…”

Qiaoqiao Liu stared at Kris, feeling puzzled, thinking: he is quite someone! Even the general manager of Dashun real estate is afraid of him!

Qiaoqiao found Kris’s features fine and delicate, and she felt a warm blush rise to her cheeks.

“He is quite…handsome!”

Kris Chen didn’t give a damn about Qiaoqiao’s blush. He asked Mina Li to go back after everything was sorted out, said goodbye to Qiaoqiao, bought some fruits from a supermarket, and then headed for home.

But the moment he walked into the villa, Jane Tang walked out of a room.

When she saw Kris, she seethed with rage and walked up to him and pushed him out. “You pathetic loser, get out of here. You damn thief! You are allowed in!”

Being caught when stealing women’s underwear. What a shame.

Kris was not ready for this, and the fruits he bought fell and went all over the place.

Jane laughed coldly: “Listen up! Tomorrow you should get divorced with Mary! Let’s put an end to this relationship.”

Kris didn’t say anything. He crouched and picked up the fruits one by one.

By then, Mary, hearing the noise, rushed out of her room and saw Kris being pushed out of the room by her mom and the fruits lying all over the floor. She got so annoyed and walked up to them and said: “Mom, what are you doing? I asked him to come back!”

“What!! You asked this thief to come back?” Jane was completely taken aback.

“What is wrong with my precious little daughter?” She thought to herself. “Is she daydreaming?”

She especially warned her not to inform this loser about their address, but she took the initiative and brought him home. Her mind went blank, and she had no idea what to say.

Later, Jane got so angry that she found her breath irregular. She pointed at Mary and said: “What a shame! What a poisonous relationship! Why can’t you open your eyes and see! Mr. Shen! What an amazing person! Didn’t you find him splendid the last time you met him? And wanted to be with him?”

Mary was so awkward. She didn’t understand what was going on at that time.

She didn’t tell her mom what happened a few days earlier. That’s why her mom still thought Lang Shen was a young man who was in possession of a good fortune. And which mom doesn’t want such a man to be her son-in-law.

Mary got frustrated over her mom’s harangue, and said: “Mom,when did I say I want to be with him? You can’t say whatever you feel like saying. And I will never get divorced from Kris!Never!”

Jane found it difficult to suppress her anger, and she dragged Mary home and shut the door violently. “Go away! You are not coming to my house today.”

Jane couldn’t be more determined. She wouldn’t let Kris come in, and she would make Mary divorce this thief.

Outside the door, Kris rubbed his nose and thought: “Whatever, I never wanted to come back in the first place. Now I can just go back to my own place.”

Kris felt relaxed. He was not a pervert, and why would he choose to be abused every day by other people?

When he reached the Central Villa, he took out the key Mina Li gave to him just now and got in.

When he was inside, he found no one there. He called for his parents but got no answer.

Then he found a note on the table.

This note was left to Kris by his parents. It turned out, his parents went back to the countryside.

Kris laughed. Maybe his parents could find no one to talk with and went back to the countryside to look for some company.

Kris felt hungry, and he ate something from the refrigerator. Then he laid leisurely on the sofa and took out a book given to him by a cult leader.

This book, called Sangraal’s Thief, is about the techniques you can apply to steal. But don’t look down upon this book, as its author is no one other than the amazing thief who is known as Sangraal’s Thief. Although his profession is not that dignified, he himself is a man of great integrity. He is brave, loyal, and he never steals from the poor.

The first passage of the book persuades people to be good. It tells people to rob from the rich and give to the poor. It also tells people that when wealthy, you should be beneficial to the world, and when in misfortune, you should retain your integrity.

“What a good book. This Sangraal’s Thief is indeed a righteous thief.”

Kris was at first unwilling to read this book, but he was filled with admiration when he saw these words.

Actually, you can do justice no matter which profession you are in.

Kris kept reading, and then he got addicted to this book.

Not only hundreds of techniques for stealing are recorded in this book, unique martial art that is only practiced by Sangraal’s Thief is also recorded in this book, and this is called–Mayfly Power.

Apart from all his other techniques, Sangraal’s Thief’s ability to steal everything should mainly be attributed to this Mayfly Power.

In ancient times, people used tiles to cover their roofs, and Sangraal’s Thief was able to walk on these tiles like he was walking on the ground, and he didn’t make a sound when doing so. How amazing was that?

“What a good book!What a good book!This Mayfly Power is so useful.” Kris felt he had found a fortune. “This is must Qinggong in Chinese martial arts!”

Kris got so excited, and he began practicing according to the book, and after a night’s practice, he didn’t feel tired at all; instead, he felt his body was continually refreshed by a rush of cool air in his body. Kris laughed and thought he was at least getting started.

He took a break, and his phone rang. It was Mary. She said: “Kris, you finally picked up the phone! Are you angry with me?”

Her voice was tinged with sadness and tiredness.

Kris got so confused, and he checked his phone and found Mary had called him a dozen times and sent him so many messages, and he had replied to none of them.

He patted his head and said: “Ah, I slept so tightly last night, and I didn’t hear it.”

He was practicing so attentively that he didn’t hear the phone.

“Really?” Mary’s tone softened after hearing what he said.

“Yes!” Kris said.

“That’s good.” Mary sighed with huge relief. She thought Kris was mad at her. Yesterday, she got into a fierce argument with her mom for the first time in her life. She said to her mom: “If Kris is not allowed in, I’ll move out.”

Having no idea what to do with her, Jane said: “You will regret someday if you don’t listen to me.” And then she stomped angrily out of the room.

Last night Mary didn’t sleep at all, fearing that Kris would treat her coldly like the other day, and fearing that he would abandon her.

Mary sniffed miserably and said: “Get up soon, or you will be late for school. Oh right, did you have breakfast? I made breakfast for you, and I’ll bring it to you later!”

Then she hung up.

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