Chapter 183: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 183 Xinyou’s Punishment (1)
“I’m very glad to hear that. It’s late. You should go to sleep.”

“Good night.”

Venus then went upstairs. Everything seemed so familiar and so many memories came flooding back. She found everything so dreamy and so surreal.

When Venus disappeared from view, John the Butler said to Mrs Qin: “I overheard someone say that Xinyou Qiao is behind these incidents, and maybe the injuries on Miss Chu’s face were caused by Xinyou.”

“Why can’t this terrible woman just leave us alone!” Mrs Qin said angrily. She continued: “I think Miss Chu is a very civilized girl. She is polite and sweet. She reminds me of Venus.”

“Yes. She is a good girl.” John sighed heavily.

Venus went upstairs and locked herself in a room. She found a mirror and looked at her face, and she was shocked by the horrifying handprint on her cheeks. She felt her face was burning under her mask, so, knowing that no one would come to this room at this hour, she removed the mask carefully, so that her face could cool off.


The atmosphere in the car was rather depressing.

“Alright, I know.” Henry hung up the phone and said to Kerry: “Sir, Xinyou is not in the staff dorm. They told me that she only lived in the dorm for the first two days since she got the job.”

Kerry wore a cold expression. He said: “Let’s go to Hao Nangong’s villa. She is probably there. If she isn’t, Hao must know where she is.”


It was nine o’clock in the evening. After a day’s work, people in the city were about to start their nightlife. Many people gathered at the side of the street, having barbecues and drinking beers. They seemed so free and happy.

And all of a sudden, Kerry felt a pang of jealousy. He also wanted to be one of them, to be an average man. Even though they can’t make lots of money, and even though they don’t have much power, they still have real friendship, and they can share whatever they want with their friends, either it is their sadness, or their happiness.

Kerry went to elite schools when he was younger, and he is never a social person, so he didn’t make many friends from school. Hao Nangong was actually the only friend he had, but their friendship was also ruined. Now he realized that fate is fair to everyone. No one is perfect. He has wealth and power, but he lost something much more important, like family, love and friendship. Kerry was left all alone.

Sometimes he wish he could travel through time. If he could do that, he would travel to the past, and start afresh.

The car was stopped at the gate of Hao’s villa. Henry got off the car and knocked on the gate.

Suddenly, a man’s voice was heard from a speaker. He said: “Who are you here to see?”

“I’m here to see Mr Nangong.” Henry replied calmly.

“He is not home.” That man said. He then turned off the speaker directly.

Henry looked at Nighthawk who was standing behind him. Nighthawk smiled and said: “Just leave it to me.”

Nighthawk then walked towards the wall, and measured its height with his naked eyes. He then moved a few steps back, and then charged towards the wall at full speed. When he was about to bump into the wall, he summoned up all his strength and jumped up and then landed at the other side of the wall.

A few seconds later, the gate was opened.

“Who the hell are you? How did you……” A guard shouted. But he then went silent because he felt a gun was pointed at his head.

Kerry walked into the yard. The guard was shocked when he saw Kerry, and he drooped his head.

“Where is Hao Nangong?” Henry asked.

“Young Master has been living in his father’s villa these days.” The guard answered.

Kerry noticed the living room and a bedroom on second floor were still lit. But that bedroom is not Hao’s room. So he asked: “Who is living in that room?”

The guard looked at that room and answered: “It’s Miss Qiao.”

Kerry gave a short laugh. “Hao is indeed a sweet person for letting Xinyou use such a big villa.” He thought to himself.

“Henry, take her out.” He said.

Henry nodded and walked towards the villa. Kerry stood there and waited. Two minutes later, he heard approaching footsteps. He looked up, and saw Xinyou was dragged out of the villa by Henry. Her hair was dishevelled, her feet were bare, and she was only dressed in a thin pajama.

“Kerry, it’s so late. What do you want!” Xinyou asked.

But instead of answering her question, Kerry delivered two hard slaps across her face. Xinyou felt her ears were ringing.

“I return these two slaps back to you on behalf of Yan Chu.” Kerry cupped her chin and glared at her. He said: “Are you still waiting for these pictures? What’s your plan? You want to put these pictures on the internet? Or giving them to the media?”

Xinyou knew why did Kerry come to her at this time, so she didn’t bother to pretend to be innocent. She swallowed her saliva, which was mixed with blood, and said: “Why would I send them to the media? All I need to do is to give them to you. Will you still love her after seeing her being raped by two men? No you won’t. She will be too dirty for you. You will treat her the way you treated Venus before.”

Xinyou’s words stirred his memories up. He hated these terrible memories. He put his hand on her throat and said: “Xinyou, you are such a vicious woman! What did Yan do to you? How can you be so cruel!”

“I am cruel? Kerry, I think you are the real cruel person!” Xinyou said. Her eyes were bloodshot. “You used to love me so much! Why didn’t you marry me? Why were you so crazy about Venus? In which way is she better than me?”

“She is my wife!” Kerry clenched his teeth.

“She is your wife? Where is she now? She has gong missing for such a long time! And I escaped death just to see you again! And what did you do? You fell in love with that woman named Yan Chu! Why? Just because she looks like Venus?” Xinyou roared with rage.

Kerry said: “Yes! I am in love with her just because she looks like Venus. And also, don’t tell me you survived because you want to see me. You lived only because you are afraid of death! That’s all!”

“Kerry, if you told me from the beginning that you don’t love me at all, I wouldn’t fall in love with you either! And then none of this would have happened. So it’s all your fault!”

“Yes! It’s all my fault. I should never have searched the person who made that design; instead, I should have just kept her in my memory. Xinyou, you ruined everything! I never want to see you again!”

A weird smile curved her lips. She said: “Why don’t you just kill me now. Let’s put an end to our suffering.”

Kerry wore a horrifying smile. He said: “I won’t kill you. Because for you, death is the easy way out, isn’t it? Let’s return the villa back to Hao. I’ll take you to a better place.”

He then said to Nighthawk: “Put her into your car.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Kerry, where are you taking me to?” Xinyou was nervous. But Kerry didn’t answer her.

They drove away. And the guard called Hao in an instant.

“Young master, Miss Qiao was just taken away by Kerry!” He reported.

Hao was silent for a few seconds. He then said: “Is Kerry mad?”

“Yes, he is. It seems like he will kill Miss Qiao.”

“I know.” Hao said. His spirit sunk, and he pushed the beautiful woman in his arms away. “Obviously, Xinyou’s plan failed. But where is Kerry taking her?” Hao thought to himself.

Kerry arrived at Golden Avenue, the most expensive and corrupt place in the city. They then went to a bath center, which looked extremely luxurious.

The manager of the bath center walked to them in a hurry and said: “Mr Ye. What a nice surprise. Please come in!”

“Where is your boss?” Kerry said coldly.

The manager soon walked away to call his boss. And in a few minutes, the boss of this center appeared and ran towards Kerry. A vice manager was following him closely.

The boss bowed to Kerry and said: “Mr Ye, what brought you here? Please come in!”

“No, thanks. Today I have a favor to ask.” Kerry said in a polite way.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 183 Xinyou’s Punishment (2)
The boss of this center was surprised by Kerry’ s politeness. He answered: “Please tell me how can I help you. I will do it as long as it is within my capability.”

Kerry pointed at Xinyou and said coldly: “Show this woman what kind of business are you doing here in this center. Oh, just show her what are the cheapest women doing here.”

The boss froze. A few seconds later, he looked at Xinyou, who weren’t even wearing her shoes, and he realized that this woman offended Kerry, and Kerry was just taking revenge.

“Sure, Mr Ye. My vice manager will take them there, and I will stay here to attend to your needs.” The boss said smilingly. He wanted to take this opportunity to leave Kerry with a good impression.

Kerry nodded and said to Henry: “You and Nighthawk should go with her.”

The vice manager then took them away. Kerry was invited to the boss’s office, which looked so grand.

Xinyou was at first confused why she was brought to this bath center, but now she realized that Kerry wanted to sell her to this place to be a whore.

Her guess was soon proved to be true. Because the place the manager was leading them to was so poorly lit, and women’ s heavy breathes could be heard from the rooms along the hallway.

Xinyou was shocked. She couldn’t allow herself to be sold to this place. She is beautiful, and she is educated. She pushed Nighthawk and tried to escape, but she failed. Because Nighthawk was so much taller and stronger. He shouted at her in a fierce voice: “You want to escape from me? Stop daydreaming! If you try to escape again, I will be at the shit out of you!”

Nighthawk then grabbed her arm tightly, and dragged her forward. Henry was following closely behind.

They went downstairs. The manager said to Henry: “We have the cheapest women on this floor. The customers coming here are various, and of course the women here are slightly older.”

“Open some rooms and show her what is happening inside.”

“Sure, sure.” The manager then opened a room. And they could hear a woman was moaning and gasping in there.

Nighthawk pushed Xinyou to the door of the room. She found it was a small room, and there was only a bed and a bathroom. A woman was pined on the small bed by a fat man. The man looked at them and then ignored them, and resumed his activity.

The manager opened another room. In this room, two men were torturing a woman with all kinds of sex toys. The woman cried so much that her voice was hoarse, but these men were still laughing hysterically.

Xinyou shivered nonstop when she saw this.

Another room was opened, in which a drunk man was slapping a woman constantly while making love to her.

Henry noticed Xinyou’s face was ghostly pale, and he said to the manager: “Good. That’s enough.”

They went back to the hall and waited for Kerry. Xinyou couldn’t get these scenes out of her brain, and she almost threw up.

Xinyou was truly disgusted by what she just saw. After all, she had never seen anything quite like that before. When she was a student, she studied very hard and she got into a very good college, so, even though she is a bad woman, she doesn’t have any psychological problems.

Kerry looked at Xinyou, who was numb with shock, and smiled. “Let’s go. We still have more to visit.”

Then they visited another three centers, and Xinyou got to see more cruel scenes. Some women were treated as if they were just some sex toys, which were designed to please men.

At last, Kerry folded his arms in front of his chest and said to her: “Now you can pick one.”

Xinyou was still feeling dizzy. She didn’t understand what Kerry was talking about.

“You can choose one center you like. I’ll send you there. Don’t worry. I’ll ask the boss to make sure that you always have guests.” Kerry said. His words were like a knife, and Xinyou felt her heart was pierced.

Xinyou’s legs went weak and she collapsed on the ground. She said: “Kerry, I’m sorry! I know I was wrong. Please don’t leave me here!” Tears were rolling down her face.

It was very late. But Golden Avenue was still well lit.

“This is what you deserve for doing such a despicable thing to Yan Chu. Have you ever thought what would happen to her?”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I was too jealous! I have always wanted to get something that doesn’t belong to me!” Xinyou crawled towards Kerry and got hold of his leg. But Kerry kicked her away.

“Kerry, I will apologize to Miss Chu tomorrow. She can do whatever she wants to me! Please forgive me!” Xinyou said. But Kerry still wore a blank expression. Obviously he was not touched. So Xinyou continued: “Me and Venus were classmates back in college. She is a very kind person and she wouldn’t let this happen to me. Besides, I still have my parents. My father has heart disease and they need me to help them! Please!”

Kerry remembered Xinyou’s parents once came to see her, but she snubbed them and they were so pissed off. Her father even had a heart attack. It was Venus who took them to a hospital and attended to their needs.

He took Xinyou to this place only because Yan told him not to kill her, but now he remembered Xinyou still has parents…….

“Nighthawk, send her back to her home in the village. Tell her parents that she killed a person and ask them to keep her at home unless they want her to get arrested.” Kerry said to Nighthawk. He then looked at Xinyou and said: “Don’t you ever come to this city again. Or you will regret for the rest of your life!”

Xinyou was shivering nonstop. At least she escaped this horrible place. She thought.


It was very late when Kerry went back home. He went back to his room without bothering Yan. He was too tired.

The next morning, when Venus woke up, she touched her face, and she found surprisingly the swell was reduced. She looked at a mirror and found the handprint on her face also disappeared. She was amazed by the power of Mrs Qin’s eggs and Doctor Han’s ointment.

Venus then went downstairs and found there was no one in the living room. Only Mrs Qin was cooking in the kitchen.

Where is Kerry? She thought. Because usually Kerry would be up at this hour.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 183 Xinyou’s Punishment (3)
Suddenly, She heard footsteps from upstairs. She looked up and found it was Kerry.

“Your face has recovered.”

“How did everything go last night?”

They said to each other at the same time.

Venus touched her face and said: “Yes. The swelling is reduced. Tell me, how did you handle Xinyou last night?”

Kerry rubbed his tired eyes and said: “I sent her back to her home in the village. She will never come back to this city again.”

“Her home in the village?” Venus was a little bit surprised. She then said: “That’s good. Because she can take care of her parents there.”

Kerry was shocked. He was just feeling sleepy, but his mind went clear in an instant when he heard what she said. He looked at her closely and asked: “How do you know she has parents?”

Venus wanted to slap herself at that moment. “Why couldn’t I just keep my mouth shut.” She thought to herself.

“I was just guessing. Her parents are dead? I don’t think so.” Venus explained herself calmly. “You said you sent her back to her home in the village, so I thought her parents are must there.”

“Yeah. You are right. Her parents are there.” Kerry walked towards the kitchen. His mouth curved into a smile.

Venus sighed inwardly with relief. This is probably the best outcome. She thought to herself. Xinyou made every endeavour to get Kerry, but in the end, she was sent back to the village, to her starting point, and all her efforts had been in vain. This is probably the best way to punish her.

The breakfast was delicious. Both Kerry and Venus believe Mrs Qin makes the best soup in the world.

Kerry looked at Venus while drinking the soup. He suddenly remembered the first question she asked him was about Xinyou, instead of his sudden appearance in her apartment yesterday, which was quite confusing.

“Yan, why don’t you ask me why did I appear in your apartment yesterday?” Kerry asked directly, and he looked at her expression closely.

Venus froze, and her spoon was hanging in midair. She then recovered herself and acted as if she suddenly remembered it. She said: “Oh, I almost forgot. Tell me. What happened?”

Kerry stirred the soup with his spoon. He put on a mysterious smile and said: “Actually, I am not an earthling.”

Venus burst into laughter. She then noticed Kerry was rather serious, so she refrained her laughter and asked: “So, are you an alien?”

“Aren’t you surprised?”

“I am surprised. But I do believe aliens exist in this universe. Just think about how huge the universe is! There are numerous planets and earth can not be the only one that can sustain life.” Venus said seriously. “So, tell me about your planet. Is it beautiful? Do you also have advanced civilization there?”

Kerry knew she was only joking with him. But he said: “These are all secrets. But the air on my planet is much cleaner than the air here on earth.”

“What else?” Venus asked smilingly.

“And……” Kerry found their conversation rather silly and he also burst into laughter. He said: “Alright, that’s enough. All I have are some special powers.”

Venus acted to be surprised. She asked a few other questions to which she already knew the answers, and then they finally moved on to another topic.

“Are you going to the workroom today?” Kerry asked.

The workroom Kerry mentioned was a temporary work place rented by MK Company in the city. It is near to Yehuang Group. Shixuan Tang and his team were often working there. Venus was a nominal director of that company, so she needed to go to that workroom from time to time.

“No, I am not going. I had lots nightmares last night and I’m not feeling well.” Venus said. Actually, she just wanted to search this villa when Kerry was absent.

Kerry wore a concerned expression. He nodded and said: “Fine. You should have a good rest. The project is going very well, so you don’t need to worry about that.”

Venus nodded. She suddenly remembered Kerry’ s study. She said: “John told me your study is on the third floor, but you won’t let anyone in. Can I take some books from your study? I am just bored.”

A flicker of a smile crossed his face. Even though she found the hidden cabinet, she couldn’t open it without his finger print. He thought. So he said: “Sure. You can go in there. This villa is not the Forbidden City. I’ll tell John about it.”

Venus’s eyes were alight with excitement. “Thank you! You are so nice!” She said.

Kerry went to work after breakfast. He told John about Venus’s request. But he added before he drove away: “She can go where ever she wants. But tell me what she has been doing when I’m back.”

John was confused. He didn’t know what Kerry meant by saying that. Henry then whispered to him: “Young master wants you to spy on her.”

“Aha! I see.” John said.

Venus walked out of the kitchen when Kerry drove away. She said to John: “John, can I go to the study now?”

“Sure. Young master told me about it.” John said respectfully. But he didn’t know why Kerry wanted him to spy on her. Kerry was rather nice to her, and also, she is the director of Hong Kong Company, and is she looking for something in Ye Family? John thought to himself.

Venus went to the third floor at a brisk pace. The study was still the way it was. There were some documents on the table. Venus looked at them, and found these were just some budgets about an amusement park project, which she had no interest in.

Venus only searched the study roughly before. And this time, she had enough time and she would search it thoroughly.

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