Chapter 183: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 183 Let’s Play Hide and Seek!

The ill-looking man nodded and asked, “What should I do next, Miss?”

A one-billion-reward was too much. Anyone would’ve been tempted.

They had just dealt with two people today. It’s hard to guarantee that the others wouldn’t be tempted. Sooner or later she would be betrayed. Then, she should release Doris and the other?

But Ellie wasn’t willing to.

There’s only one chance. It wouldn’t come anymore if she let it slip.

“Go and find two men”

After she spoke, the ill-looking man paused briefly. Then, he understood what Ellie meant. He lowered his head and asked, “Are you sure, Miss?”

“I’m sure,” Ellie said certainly.

Seeing this, the ill-looking man stopped talking, as he turned around and left.


The next morning, everyone in Tianbei City was still looking for Doris’s whereabouts. Colin also couldn’t stay idle. He was driving around the city with Flora.

Suddenly, Colin received a strange phone call.

“Do you want to know Doris’s whereabouts?” The voice on the phone was using a voice changer device.

Colin’s gaze was stern as he immediately stopped the car by the roadside, “Where is she?”

“Haitian Club”

After saying that, the caller immediately hung up.

When Colin heard of this, his veins bulged as he immediately started the car, and rushed out.

Flora was almost bumped into the car, “What are you doing?”

Colin grabbed the steering wheel tightly, “Doris is at Haitian Club.”

Haitian Club is an entertainment club in Tianbei City. It might look glamorous on the surface, but everyone knew what really is inside.

If Doris is there, then….

Suddenly, Colin said, “Inform Jason to go to Haitian Club.”

“….Oh, okay.” Flora was dumbfounded before taking her phone out.

Two hours before.

Doris and Vanessa woke up and prepared breakfast together. Not long after they finished their breakfast, two bodyguards in a black suit came to the villa.

The bodyguards didn’t talk much and went straight up, one by one. Both of them then carried each one of them and into the car.

More than an hour later, Doris and Vanessa woke up.

“Ugh….” Vanessa rubbed the back of her neck, “Can’t they be softer!”

When Doris saw Vanessa beside her, she didn’t respond much, but just looked around curiously, “Where is this, Sister?”

Vanessa checked on the room after hearing the voice.

It was a luxurious room that was decorated in warm colors, along with the fine furnishing, which made it obvious that it was either a hotel room or someone’s bedroom.

They were sitting on the fluff bed at that time.

Seeing this, Vanessa seemed to have thought of something, and she was panic, but she didn’t dare to show it. She was afraid that if she’s more panicked, then Doris would felt more helpless and scared.

“Doris, I think that someone might come later. Why don’t we hide?”

Doris blinked, “Why should we hide?”

“We’re playing a game! Let’s play hide and seek!”

Doris seemed slightly interested, “Okay, so where do we hide?”

Vanessa was still checking. The bathroom was on the innermost side. It would definitely be impossible. If they want to hide, there’s only one choice, the wardrobe.

“Come, let’s hide in the wardrobe.” Vanessa pulled Doris off the bed, as she wished that no one would come now.

Fortunately, both of them were hiding safely in the wardrobe. There was still nobody came at the moment.

But, it could only delay a short time.

Not long after they hid, the bedroom door was opened.

“Where are they?”

“Are we in the wrong place?”

“It can’t be? It’s here!”


The sound of locks was heard.

Vanessa’s forehead twitched. Their hiding place was not good.

And Doris still looked at Vanessa obediently. It was because Vanessa instructed her to be completely quiet, otherwise, when they were found out, they would lose the game.

Both of them walked in, then looked at each other, and smirked.

“Come out! We know where you’re hiding!”

“Our boss has instructed us to take care of two pretty ladies today.”

Vanessa covered Doris’s mouth and shook her head lightly.

Doris blinked and didn’t make a sound.

But they could hear each other’s breath. When both men spoke, their breath became faster. They were afraid. Even if Doris didn’t know what she would face, in such an atmosphere, she would subconsciously bring fear.

“Damn it! If you don’t come out, don’t blame us!”

After saying this, one of the men approached the wardrobe.

As she heard the approaching footsteps, Vanessa’s heart was pounding.

Suddenly, the footsteps stopped.

Vanessa tightened her hand and stared at the closet door.

A gleam of light came inside the wardrobe as the door was opened.

When the wardrobe was opened, Vanessa shouted and kicked the man’s stomach. Then she pulled Doris as she ran toward the door.

The man didn’t expect that Vanessa would take an action. He was kicked back several steps and almost fell on the floor.

When the other man saw Vanessa and Doris, he immediately reached out and caught Doris. He pulled Doris back and both of them fell together.

“Do you plan to escape?”

As soon as he spoke, the other man approached.

“This stuff is pretty good.”

“It is good indeed! Both of them are the best. We are lucky today!”

Vanessa protected Doris and glared at the two big men, “I warn you, don’t mess around!”

“Huh!” The man didn’t care.

“Do you think it’s useful to say it?”

“Do you know where this is?”

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