Chapter 184: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 184 It’s Really Her!

“This is Haitian Club”

“After entering here, you think you can still leave in whole? Are you dreaming?”

Vanessa lifted her head and glared at the two men, “So what? If the others can’t, it doesn’t mean that we can’t!”

“By relying on yourselves?” The man looked at both of them in disdain.

Doris was terrified at the moment as she hid behind Vanessa. She didn’t dare to lift her head, her eyes were red, but she held her tears.

Vanessa pulled Doris to stand straight, as she sneered at them, “Who do you work for? Do you know who she is? You dare to touch her?”

“Who?” Both of them were the workers from Haitian Club, who was recruited by Ellie to force Vanessa and Doris. But they didn’t know Doris and Vanessa’s identity at all.

Doris still kept her head low, made them more unable to identify Doris.

“Who cares about your identity? After you arrive here, you have to obey us. Today, you have to serve us well. Maybe when our moods get better, we can let you go.”

“Are you kidding me?” The other man said, “They’re such good stuff. If we let them go, won’t it be a waste? We should train them so we could make a lot of money!”

“That’s true!”

When Vanessa heard their conversation, it sent chills to her heart. If it really happens that way, she would rather die!

Doris couldn’t understand what they’re saying but she could sense that it wasn’t good.

The man became impatient so they simultaneously approached Vanessa and Doris.

Vanessa pulled Doris as they backed off step by step.

“I’ll tell you. if you dare touch us today, you’ll definitely be sorry!”

“The person behind me is the wife of the chairman of Marquis Group!”

“If the chairman finds out you treat his wife this way, let alone you, even the Haitian Club will be destroyed by the Marquis!”

Both the men were ignorant in the first place. But when they heard about the wife of the chairman of Marquis Group, they stopped.

“What did you say?”

“She is the Marquis Group’s chairman’s wife?”

When Vanessa saw this, she was slightly overjoyed. She put up an act, then said, “Right! It’s her!”

“She was kidnapped yesterday. Probably, the chairman is looking for her now. I believe it won’t be long before he finds her here. If you dare to touch her, the chairman definitely won’t let you go!”

“Are you saying the truth?”

Vanessa nodded, “Of course, it is!”

One of the men reached out and held Doris’s chin, “It’s really her!”

Vanessa was suspicious upon seeing this, how could they recognize Doris? Why didn’t they recognize her earlier?

It was because both of them only looked at her briefly just now and Doris lowered her head, so they didn’t notice it. Moreover, their main task was to complete Ellie’s instruction.

Vanessa was silent since she was unsure of their intention.

After a while, one of them said, “Do you want to send her back? It’s one billion!”

“But the boss….”

“How much did she give us?”

“Ten million”

“Can it be compared to one billion?”

Vanessa was confused. What’s with one billion?

Both the men hesitated for a while, before one of them said again, “He doesn’t know that his wife is here anyway. Why don’t we have fun first, before sending her back? We will still get one billion!”

“Are you stupid?” The other man slapped him, “She’s not a mute. She will definitely tell him. Can you still get that one billion?”

“Right, so we just forget about them? They have the best qualities.”

“Since we can’t do anything to Mrs. Ward, this one should be fine….”

Vanessa was on guard after hearing it, “What are you doing? I’m her best friend. If you dare to touch me, the outcome will also be the same!”

Upon hearing the words, both their gazes flickered.

Vanessa got it now. Colin spent one billion to find Doris. She had to say that Colin really cares about Doris.

In the end, both the men had been tempted by one billion. If they get the money, will there be any kind of woman that would refuse to sleep with them?

However, when they’re about to say something, the door behind them was already kicked.

Soon, a group of police rushed in.

Followed by Colin and Flora who also rushed inside.

As soon as Colin saw Doris, he rushed over, and hugged Doris.

“I finally found you, Doris….”

When Doris saw Colin clearly, she froze for a while, before bursting into tears, “Uncle… Uncle… They’re so scary…”

Seeing Doris who cried so sadly, Colin was more heartbroken, “It’s okay now, it’s okay…”

When Vanessa saw the police, she was completely relieved, “Oh my God, fortunately, you came in time, otherwise….”

As soon as she spoke, Flora looked at both the men, “Did you do something to Doris? Huh?”

Jason also pointed at them, “Say it!”

“No, officer, we didn’t.”

“Officer, we also didn’t know why they’re here. When we’re about to report to the police, you’re already here.”

“That’s right, officer. We just realized that this is the wife of the chairman of Marquis. We’re just about to call the police and didn’t do anything!”

After Colin comforted Doris, he turned around, and stared straight at both the men.

Then, he approached them step by step in front of everyone.


With a muffled grunt, Colin punched the man in the stomach. Soon afterward, he also did the same to the other man and beat him to death.

“Colin Ward!”

Jason yelled at him and came forward to pull him.

Colin was pulled away by Jason and another officer. His face looked really furious.

Jason held him down and said, “We know your feelings. But judging from Mrs. Ward’s condition, it seems like nothing has happened.”

At that moment, Vanessa also nodded and said, “Right, right. Nothing has happened. You came in time. They couldn’t even touch her!”

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