Chapter 185 – 186: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 185: Trouble Recurrence

By the time Kris Chen got to School, most of the students in the class had arrived.

Where’s Tianba? Won’t he be absent on the first day?

Glancing at the empty seat, Kris Chen got a little worried. But at the time he wanted to phone Tianba Li, Lan Xia came in the classroom with books in arms.

Kris Chen put back his phone hastily and sent a message to Tianba Li on his seat.

“The first class today, I want to explain the originality of the six major schools to you guys,” said Lan Xia, as she put the books on the teacher’s desk. At this moment, Lan Xia wrote “Wuliangjian School” on the blackboard. There is no doubt that she would start from her School as she is the presbyter of Wuliangjian School.

As the six major schools’ aim is to recruit and cultivate followers to their own School, Lan Xia’s duty is to seek as many talented followers with outstanding skeletal structure as possible for Wuliangjian School.”Wuliangjian School was founded in the Song Dynasty, and the first pioneer of the School was…”

Lan Xia is serious when giving a lecture, and nobody dares to act up in her class. After all, the scene of she teaching Sheng Fu, Tianba Li, and Kris Chen a lesson yesterday, is still vivid in everyone’s mind. Who dares to challenge her authority?

What’s more, Lan Xia is actually a true beauty, and it’s a privilege to attend her class when putting aside her bad temper. Even so, currently, Kris Chen has no mood to listen to her.

What on earth happened to Tianba? Why didn’t he even answer my message?

As Kris Chen being anxious, his phone hummed to vibrate.

It’s a reply message from Tianba Li!

“Kris Chen, it’s Xuan Song here, TIanba is now in the Fifth People’s Hospital. Come here!”

What? In the hospital? Kris Chen’s face distorted, and immediately asked, “What on earth is going on? Are the people of the Shens did it?”

“Nope, is Lin Li and Hu Lin these two siblings,” said Xuan Song.

The two siblings from the Li’s had been at enmity against Tianba Li for a long time, and the whole Westriver City knows that they are so incompatible currently. There is no chance for them to coexist as either Tianba Li dies or the Lis’s siblings were killed.

Yesterday morning, Hu Li heard from his informer that Tianba Li went to The Academy of Six Major Schools for study, and there was only Xuan Song at home.

Hearing the news, Hu Li was wild with joy and knew that he could not let slip the opportunity. So he directly headed to Lis’ home that noon, leading a gang of men.

At that time, except for Xuan Song, the lord Shixiong Li was at home as well. Because Shixiong Li had broken through to the innate-power stage successfully after taken the Obstacle-Breaking Pill, so he could beat off the enemies’ attacks by himself temporarily.

However, no matter how powerful he was, he was an old man in his 70s after all he was and not to mention that Hu Li had become a younger guru(in India culture, the word guru means the man is a master or an expert in certain aspect) at the innate-power stage after taken the Obstacle-Breaking Pill, which was bought from Kris Chen.

After a struggling fight, Shixiong Li was defeated. What’s worse, the lord was hurt by a palm of Hu Li and spit lots of blood on the spot. Fortunately, Shixiong Li warded off the other attacks and fled the house with Xuan Song in a gap.

When Tianba Li arrived home and saw there was a mess in his house, he glared at the mess with his eyes largely widened. So immediately, he called up three hundred brethren and together headed to the territory which was under Hu Li’s control.

Hu Li had already assumed that Tianba Li would take avenge on him, so he had sent people to set ambushes around his place beforehand.

After a fierce battle, Tianba Li was defeated and badly wounded because he just broke through to the innate-power stage and was still in at unstable state with injury, while Hu Li made his breakthrough a month or two ago and was in a fully solid-state.

But Tianba Li’s ferociousness had also been inspired in dilemma, with this instant outburst, he fought with Hu Li at all hazards and oppressed him for a while and soon grasped a chance to escape.

After reading the message sent from Xuan Song, Kris Chen was in a fury. He shouldn’t have given the Obstacle-Breaking Pill to these two siblings.

Kris Chen stifled his anger, then turned to Lin Li’s phone number and sent a message to her, “Did you guys look for the Lis’ trouble again?”

Once the message was successfully sent, Kris Chen smelt a refreshing fragrance. He looked up subconsciously and was stunned immediately.

And right now, students in the class are all wearing a gloated smile.

How dare this bold nullity peek at his mobile phone during class, thought Lan Xia. Lan Xia stretched out her hand and said to Kris Chen coldly, “Hang out your cellphone. Who gives you the privilege to play with a cellphone during the class?”

Kris Chen sighed and answered, “My respectful teacher, we’re in college instead of middle school. I don’t even have the right to check out the time on my phone?”

“You still got a reason to play with your phone in class? ” said Lan Xia with her elegant eyebrows frowned, “You know what? The reason you could be admitted into the Academy of Six Major Schools as a live-in son-in-law(in China, the phrase means that a male joins his bride’s family when he gets married) is that we broke the rule for you. Could you act like a real man and cherish the chance to study hard rather than being importuning?”

Lan Xia ended the conversation and turned around to the teacher’s desk without even paying a glance at Kris Chen.

Kris Chen was speechless and said, “Is this your way of showing the teacher’s ethnics by insulting a student in front of so many people?”

Kris Chen had nothing to say, he just didn’t know why such people are doing harmful things on him but kept saying those were for his own good?”


How dare he criticize Miss Xia in that way.

Does he have no shame at all saying this as a live-in son-in-law? Everyone in the Westriver City knows that he is fed up by his bride’s family.

Everyone in the classroom looked at Kris Chen like he was a fool.

Lan Xia was even enraged by his words. Since she had broken through to the return-to-nature stage, her listening became so excellent that she could hear a mosquito flying by with a radius of 20 meters.

So Lan Xia could hear what Kris Chen had said clearly even though he spoke in a quite low voice, and she blew up immediately.


She slapped the teacher’s desk heavily and said with her finger pointing at the door, “You nullity! Roll yourself to the flag-raising platform and stand underneath there until you realize you were wrong!”

“Right away,” thought Kris Chen with slight anger.

Currently, what Kris Chen wants to, is to steal the scripture and never come back to school anymore. Holding a high position in both two heresies, the Academy of Six Major Schoolsreally couldn’t come into his sight.

Today several classes were given.

Except for the Originality and Development of Wuliangjian School explained by Lan Xia, the students also learned the Civil and Military Expertise and Six Righteousness for Gentlemen.

However, most of the courses were given by some gray-haired elderly. These elderly were like the tutors of private schools in feudal society because the way they explained knowledge was so obscure and always made students sleepy.

But there is one course named The Ancient Medical that students listened to very carefully.

Since ancient times, medicine and military had been inseparable, and as a martial arts master, it’s necessary to be proficient in medicine.

The teacher who gives The Ancient Medical course named Rong Wen, and just like Lan Xia, she is a gorgeous beauty in her 30s. But unlike Lan Xia, Rong Wen has a mild temper and even speaks softly and soothingly, which makes her more like an elegant lady rather than a teacher.

So just after one lesson of The Ancient Medical, Rong Wen became popular among students.

Kris Chen had stood underneath the flag-raising platform nearly all day long and felt like he was worn out. Finally and uneasily, he muddled through until the School was over. So Kris Chen went back to the classroom, deciding to pack up his kinds of stuff and visit Tianba Li, who was still in the hospital.

At this time, a tall male schoolmate stepped on the platform, tapped the table, and said with a smiling face, “Wait! Everyone, please don’t go and pay a little attention to me. I have something to say.”

This guy named Jun Tong, a non-native, lived in Westriver City, and since his family is quite noble in the local area, it’s not exaggerated to say that he is actually a young rich master as well.

Jun Tong looked around and said to the students in the room, “My fellow classmates, it’s a fate that we could study together. So please don’t leave after School. Let’s have dinner together. My treat!”

“Aha, brother Jun’s gonna treat us a meal. So terrific!” a student stood up and said with loud clapping.

“Of course, how mighty brother Jun is!” another student also stood up and applauded.

These two flattering students named Pan Wang and Shou Yan, where the fat one is Pan Wang, and the thin one is Shou Yan. Although their family has a little money, but they are not worth mentioning when compared to other rich kids.

However, Pan Wang and Shou Yan have the gift of gab, and along with they have been in friendship beforehand, they hooked up with Jun Tong with mutual collaboration in less than a day. So it makes sense that they became Jun Tong’s sidekicks with so much pride.

And as qualified sidekicks, they must flatter and applaud when their boss is going to treat a meal.

Led by these two guys, the other students in the room started to cheer.

“Aha, how might!”

“Thanks! How generous you are!”

Hearing the compliments around him, Jun Tong’s face broke into a smile, and said: “Now that everyone is going, I’ll go get Miss Xia right away.”

No sooner had Jun Tong’s voice died away than Pan Wang, and Shou Yan scrambled to find Lan Xia. After a while, Lan Xia walked into the classroom in her high heels.

Jun Tong’s mouth quirked gently when he saw Lan Xia. He waved his hand and said, “Here comes Miss Xia. Let’s head to the Dynasty Hotel!”

Chapter 186: Did You Steal It?

Dynasty Hotel represented the best hotel in Westriver City.

Since it was the first time he invited his classmates, Jun Tong found it necessary to go to a fancy restaurant so that he wouldn’t lose his face.

His classmates’ happiness was beyond measure when they learned Jun Tong would take them to Dynasty Hotel.

A third of his classmates had rich parents, and so, a third of them owned cars. And as for the other two thirds, they could just take their classmates’ cars.

Kris took Mary’s car that morning and so he could only ask someone for a lift.

But presently, every car was filled with people.

Kris looked around and found their cars were mainly sports cars, which have very small accommodation. And only Jun Tong was driving an SUV, and there was an extra seat.

Pan Wang was seated at the front seat. Zetao Yan, Fei Lin, and Jiaojiao Lin were seated behind. But thanks to the size of this car, four people can fit into the back seats without feeling crowded.

So Kris opened the door and was about to get in.

But Fei Lin pushed him away and said: “Are you blind? Can’t you see the seats are all taken?”

“What do you mean? Isn’t that an extra seat?” Kris pointed to the empty seat.

Fei Lin said disapprovingly: “Look at your clothes. Can they be more shabby? Aren’t you afraid to stain Jun Tong’s car? Why don’t you get a taxi, and please stop shaming yourself.”

And then Jun Tong said: “Kris, you should really get a taxi since Fei Lin and Jiaojiao Lin already told you so. If you don’t have money, I’ll reimburse it for you later.”

People in the car heaped praise on Jun Tong and said: “Aren’t you lucky? You can have your expense reimbursed, and you can have your own driver.”

“So, go and get yourself a taxi and stop wasting our time.”

Having no idea how to respond to their biting remarks, Kris shook his head and walked away. He had no idea why it was such a big deal to go to Dynasty Hotel. If he wanted to, he could afford to go every single day.

Now he didn’t want to go at all.

By then, Lan Xia walked to him and said in a flat voice: “You can take my car.”

Lan Xia owned a black Passat, and it looked very old-fashioned. He didn’t get it: Why such a beautiful woman would drive such a silly car.

To be honest, Kris wasn’t very willing to take her car, but he had to do so because Lan Xia was a very dictatorial person.

But her car was filled with a pleasant aroma, and maybe it came from its owner.

Feeling she was stared at, Lan Xia rounded her eyes and said: “What are you looking at? I will take your eyeballs out if you keep staring at me.”

Kris laughed. Beautiful as she was, her temper was indeed explosive. People were not even allowed to look at her.

Kris turned his head and looked ahead. They reached the Dynasty Hotel without talking to each other again.

A crowd of people entered the hotel, and Jun Tong yelled at a waitress: “I need your biggest separate room.”

They have a hundred people, and only Dynasty Hotel had a separate room that could accommodate so many people.

The waitress walked to him and said: “Sir, please show me your Supremacy Card.”

This hotel has a room that can accommodate a hundred people, but it is only reserved for some important guests by its boss Youming Zhou. Ordinary people can’t get in at all unless they have Supremacy Card, or they are invited in by Youming Zhou.

There are three kinds of card in this hotel. The first one is called the VIP card, and people with this card can dine on the first floor. The second one is called the SVIP card, and with it, you can dine on the second floor. And the last one, the Supremacy card, is for the biggest separate room.

Jun Tong wasn’t anxious at all. He smiled and took some money out and said: “Here is your tip. Take it and prepare your separate room. I have enough money.”

The waitress turned it down and said: “I’m sorry, sir, but I can’t do it if you don’t have the card.”

No way! Can’t we use the room without the card? People began discussing it.

Jun Tong froze and thought to himself: “ What a crazy rule. But this card does sound pretty cool. I can buy one, and the next time I ask people out, I can use this Supremacy card. Isn’t that cool?”

Then Jun Tong smiled and asked: “How much is a Supremacy card?” I’ll buy one.”

He thought it was nothing but a card, and at most, it would cost him 100 or 200 thousand dollars. And he could afford it.

The waitress shook her head and said: “I’m sorry sir, but only our boss could do this for you. But he is currently away. Maybe you can have an SVIP card first.”

What? Only the boss could do that?

Jun Tong was speechless. Had it not been the fact that he already promised his classmates to dine here, he would have long decided to go somewhere else.

There was nothing to be done. Jun Tong looked calm on the surface, but he was bloody nervous when he found everyone was staring at him. The clock was ticking, and it was getting more and more awkward. Then, Yanru Sima, who had been silent all along, said: “I’ll call your boss.”

Everyone looked at Yanru Sima when she said this. Yanru Sima is the daughter of the famous Sima family. She enjoyed such a high social status, and this would surely be settled if she helped.

Jun Tong froze, and then he said happily: “That would be wonderful. Thank you so much Ms. Sima.”

Jun Tong was also from a great family, but he knew there was still a distance between him and her.

The waitress bowed slightly and said: “This lady is a friend of my boss’s? That’s great. You can talk with our boss, and then this problem will be solved.”

Yanru nodded and took out her phone, and called Youming Zhou. But Youming Zhou didn’t answer at all, which was out of everyone’s expectation.

Then everyone froze, and awkwardness was written all over Jun Tong’s face.

The waitress bowed again and smiled apologetically. She said: “I’m sorry, Ms, but we can’t give you the room without my boss’s permission.”

Hearing what she said, Yanru said nothing. She nodded and stepped aside.

No one had any other idea about what shall be done.

And then the feeling of disappointment filled many of the students. Then Kris stepped out from the crowd and passed a card to the waiter and said: “Hello, is this card okay?”

Youming Zhou forced this card to him once, and he didn’t know what it was for, but he kept it anyway.

“What is that idiot doing? Even Jun Tong and Yanru couldn’t fix this. What is Kris, a pathetic son-in-law, doing here? People thought. And they all stared at Kris, and they hardly managed to conceal their contempt as you could see it in their eyes.

“Kris, what is this all about? Don’t you think it is highly inappropriate to make trouble for us at this place and at this time?”

Then Fei Lin walked to Kris and snatched his card away and laughed: “What the hell is this? It looks like an iron sheet you tore from someone’s door.”

“Kris, you are so funny. Why are you showing off an iron sheet?”

Then the students roared with laughter.

“Give it back,” Kris wanted to take it back.

“Am I right?”

Fei Lin laughed and passed it to the waitress. “Come and see this card. Is this one okay?”

The classmates kept laughing.

The waitress walked up to them and took a look. Then her eyes rounded, and she said: “Isn’t this the Supremacy card?”

This ugly black card was indeed the Supremacy card, and the waitress was shocked when she saw the card.

Then soon, she collected herself and looked at Fei Lin respectfully. “Is this your card? Ms?”

Fei Lin believed the waitress recognized the card to be a fake one, and she waved her hand, pointed at Kris, and said: “No, it is his.”

Now everyone was picturing the embarrassed look on Kris’ face when he was told the truth.

But what happened next took them aback. The waitress walked up to Kris and bowed deeply to him and said: “How are you, my dear customer? We weren’t informed about your coming, and we apologize for our negligence. I hope you can forgive us.”

Then the waitress raised up and said: “Follow me, I will take you to the Supreme Room.”

What? Everyone was greatly surprised. How was that even possible. Some people kept rubbing their eyes as they couldn’t believe what just happened. This Kris was a nobody, and how come he owned a Supremacy card?

Everyone opened their eyes and stared at Kris in disbelief. What the hell was going on? Did his wife give this card to him? That’s very unlikely despite her charm. Besides, Su Family was just a second-rated family in Westriver City, and they couldn’t put their hands on this card. So, where was that card from?

Then, Jun Tong’s little minion, Pan Wang, asked: “Kris, where did you get this card? Did you steal it?”

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