Chapter 185: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 185 He’s My Boyfriend (1)

Venus Mu choked, and really wanted to say that Junior Miss was also a counterfeit.

But after calming down and thinking about it, she had money and she didn’t need to ask her to borrow money, so what kind of pressure could she have? What she appreciated her was her style of behavior, but not her fortune.

After thinking in this way, Venus felt better.

The car parked in a luxury hotel downstairs, Kerry Ye arranged everyone to go for a rest first, then eat lunch and then go together to meet the clients.

Yesterday, she wore a sports outfit before going out, with a set of casual clothes. She couldn’t wear a t-shirt and sneakers to the meeting later, since it was too disrespectful to each other.

A few people finished a simple meal in the hotel. Kerry arranged a meeting at 2:30 pm.

“Yan Chu, where are you going?” He saw me in a hurry after a call.

Venus couldn’t help but say: “I just asked the manager at the front desk is there any mall nearby and I have to go change my outfit.”

Kerry sized her up, and found the white t-shirt and sneakers weren’t really formal for the meeting, “You’re going alone?”

“Shixuan Tang and the others are still reading the files, so how can I bother them? It’s embarrassing.”

Kerry thought about it and said, “I’ll go with you, since I am free right now.”

“Really? That’s great! I can’t tell the directions.” Venus mocked herself as she walked outside. “With you here, I don’t have to remember the road signs.”

Kerry followed her and asked her, “Is it far away? Let me ask Henry to drive us there.”

“No need. The manager said it’s just around the corner at the intersection ahead. Moreover, it’s in the lunchtime now. Maybe it would take less time for us to walk there.”

“Then let’s go.”

Kerry and Venus walked for less than ten minutes, and then they saw a large shopping mall around the corner. The two of them took the elevator to the third floor of the women’s clothing area, and Kerry immediately saw a Yehuang brand’s women’s clothing store.

“I’m giving you a dress today.” He said with a smile.

“Why are you giving it to me?” Venus was a little surprised.

“Here, look,” Kerry lightly lifted his chin and pointed, “This is my store. As long as you like it, you can pick whatever you like.”

“Lol. Mr. Ye is indeed rich and generous.” Venus was the first to walk towards the shop. She saw the blue and white striped dress first, which looked like Meiling He’s design.

The saleswoman came up to greet her warmly, and suddenly saw Kerry. She was stunned for a while, and could not say a word.

“Hello, Mr. Ye, “

Kerry nodded to her, looked around and pointed at the dress on the model and said to Venus, “Do you like this one?”

Venus found it was a white dress above the kneel, with a few petals sporadically and darkly printed on the skirt, which made the dress delicate.

“Nice, I’ll try it on.”

“Take a middle size one for her.” Kerry said to the saleswoman.

“Okay Mr. Ye.”

Venus smiled and teased him, “You seem to know a lot about women’s sizes.”

Kerry was very proud, “Because I have women’s clothing brands, otherwise, how can I be their boss if I know little about it?”

As they were joking, the saleswoman brought the clothes over, “Hello, the changing room is over there.”

Venus went in to change clothes, while Kerry lowered his head to check his mobile phone information. As he heard the door of the fitting room ring, he raised his eyes to look.

The white dress wrapped her exquisite figure, and showed her long hair, and enchanting eyebrows.

“It’s pretty good looking,” Venus looked around in front of the mirror. Because she had a baby, her breasts are one size bigger than before, so the upper side of the dress was slightly tight.

Kerry’s gaze drifted over her chest, and cast an obscure light flashed in his eyes, and then he took another one that was slightly more elegant and handed it to her, “I suggest you try this one on.”

“Why? This one looks quite good on me.” Venus was still intoxicated by Yan Chu’s beauty in the mirror.

“It’s pretty, but if you wear this one to meet a client, I guess all the men will be stare on you.”

Venus glared at him, “Do women still have to consider men’s thought on the outfit? Lol, do you think the other party will give us a very low price if I wear this?”

Kerry stuffed the clothes into her hands, opened the door of the fitting room and laughed, “You still don’t need sell your beauty. Hurry up Miss Chu, and we don’t have much time.”

Venus shrugged her shoulders and went into the changing room. When she came out again, she found this one was not so revealing. However, she still looked beautiful.

“This one is nice.” Venus looked at herself in the glasses, and found her quite elegant and dignified.

“Then just wear it, Go get a pair of scissors.” Kerry said to the saleswoman.

Kerry cut the tag off for her by himself. He had already paid for it while she was getting changed. Even if he was the CEO, he still couldn’t violate the company’s rules.

Besides, it went into his own pocket anyway.

The saleswoman respectfully handed two bags to Kerry, with one containing the clothes that Venus had worn before, and the other was the first one she liked.

“Mr. Ye is quite generous, and give me two dresses at once.”

“You’ve studied fashion design in Europe, and you actually like my design. Such a pleasure.” Kerry said.

“Oh, okay.” Venus simply skipped this topic. The main reason was that she was not confident. What if he suddenly asked about the details about the school? She would definitely reveal her secret anyway.

The shoes are on the fourth floor, but Venus didn’t have much time to choose carefully, so she bought a pair of heels to match her skirt. However, she didn’t expect in the afternoon, these shoes really made her suffer.


The supplier Kerry introduced to them was someone he met in the business, and was called Peiran Zhao. They appreciated each other’s way of dealing with others, so they had a better relationship, but there had been too many bad things happening to Kerry over the past year, so they hadn’t been in touch for much.

“You haven’t called me for a long time, and I thought you forgot me.” Peiran shook Kerry’s hand and quickly released it.

“It’s really been too busy.” Kerry said with an apology.

“Being busy is always an excuse. We have to have a drink tonight. Put away other affairs.”

“No problem,” Kerry introduced some people to him, “This is Yan Chu, the manager of mk’s amusement park project in Sky City. These are the managers of the company. Miss Chu, this is Peiran Zhao, who is also the largest supplier of Ferris wheels in G City and even the entire S City.”

The friendliness in Peiran’s eyes disappeared and was replaced with distance. He extended his hand and said, “Miss Chu, nice to meet you. I hope we can have good cooperation in the future.”

“That’s what I am thinking too.” Venus lightly shook his hand and let go.

From this, Venus felt that this man was very meticulous, because most of the men who saw her first were “Miss Chu is so beautiful”, “Miss Chu is so young and promising” and so on, while he directly ignored her gender and spoke very frankly.

Peiran invited his them to the company’s conference room, first roughly introduced the basic situation of the company, and showed Venus and the others a lot of photos of the finished product and other amusement parks that were built.

“The photos can’t show every detail, so if you guys are interested, you can go to our factory and have a look. We can absolutely guarantee the quality.”

“Let’s go now.” Shixuan said.


So, they went to the factory. Along the way, Venus did not talk much, while Shixuan and Peiran exchanged their ideas. Peiran pulled Kerry to the side and whispered, “How Miss Chu seems not to talk too much.”

Kerry smiled, and said bluntly, “All the decisions are made by Mr. Tang, so you can talk to him.”

Peiran seemed to understand, and said, “So she is a rich lady who comes here to experience life.

So next Peiran basically accompanied Shixuan beside him, carefully introducing all the parts, facilities and technologies in the plant related to the Ferris wheel.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 185 He’s My Boyfriend (2)
It also just freed Venus to say, and she wasn’t interested. The thing that upset her now was that the new shoes. Since she hadn’t tried them, after walking for a while, they hurt her ankles.

Kerry saw that she walked slower and slower, and frowned tightly. He came over and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong? Not feeling well?”

Venus pointed at her ankle, “The new shoes hurt my ankles.”

Kerry looked down and saw that her pale ankles had been rubbed red, but they weren’t bleeding.

“Then ……”

“It’s okay. I’ll just walk slowly. I don’t want to embarrass the Chu family.” Venus managed to smile, “And it’s normal for girls to buy new shoes that hurt their feet.”

After that, Kerry had no choice but to let it go, and there were no band-aids in the factory.

Peiran and Shixuan chatted enthusiastically in the front, and after more than an hour, they finally finished their tour of the entire factory’s processes. Shixuan was very satisfied and said to Venus, “Mrs. Chu, I think it is very good. If the price is acceptable, let’s choose this company.”

“Okay.” But in her heart, Venus only wanted to say, it would be good that you’re happy for that. I just wanted to go back to the hotel now.

After going back to the car, Venus bent down to look at the injured place in relief. After having a look, she was shocked.

There were two large blisters on her left ankle. They were white and tender, and were expected to be torn. And the situation of the right foot was even worse. There were already worn out with blood, which stained her silver-white shoelaces red.

“Ouch! They hurt!” Venus muttered in a small voice. It seemed that in the future, she should try shoes before buying.

The car door was open, and Kerry sat in. His gaze fell on her feet and was shocked and nervous. He said in a deep voice, “They are worn out? Why didn’t you just say that?”

“I just saw that too.” Venus leaned back on her seat and lamented with a bitter smile, “See? Women are willing to bleed and sweat for beauty.”

“Okay, forget it,” Kerry turned around and ordered Henry who was driving, “Find a drugstore on the road, stop and buy some medicine.”

“Got it.”

Kerry frowned at her worn ankles, not knowing what to do. He’d never encountered anything like this before.

“Stop staring at them. The more you look at them, the more they hurt.” Venus said.

“We are definitely going to drinks tonight, so skip it in your condition.”

“Can I? I really don’t like this occasion.” Venus said with her eyes closed.

Kerry’s heart became kind of soft, “You can rest in the hotel, and I’ll tell Peiran. You are the buyer anyway, you can do it at will.”

“Thank you.”

From Kerry’s perspective, even if he drank too much and vomited at the wine table, he would never let Venus socialize with others. She was his wife, and she should be well loved, but not suffer these for him.

Shortly after the car drove into the city, Henry saw a drugstore and slowly stopped the car at the side of the road.

“Don’t move. I’m going in to buy some medicine.” Kerry stopped Venus who was about to open the door, quickly got out of the car and walked towards the drugstore.

Venus looked at his upright figure, she got inexplicable feelings. It seemed that Yan Chu and Kerry had a much better relationship.

A few moments later, Kerry came out of the drugstore, with a small bag of medicine in his hand.

After sitting in the car, Kerry asked her, “Use the medicine now or after going back to the hotel?”

“The latter.” How did you use medicine in a car with so limited space? Moreover, it was too ambiguous, so she’d rather take it back.

“Fine, Henry, drive faster.”

Venus was almost supported by Kerry to the elevator, and then to the room.

“I’ll do it myself. Go back to have a rest. Thank you so much for today.” Venus sat on the couch and watched him go into the bathroom.

“I’m not tired,” Kerry took a wet towel out for her, “Wipe your face first.”

Venus was speechless and wiped her face when her legs were suddenly lifted and placed on his laps.

She was stunned, and when she just wanted to say “I’ll do it myself”, she couldn’t hold back the pains and shouted out, “Ouch. It hurts.”

Kerry was a man, and had not done this kind of thing before. When taking off her shoes, he pushed it hard. And after her shouting, he immediately took the shoes gently.

The two shoes were thrown on the ground, and her entire feet turned red.

“I asked someone and he said that the blisters cannot be poked in case of infection. I’ll give you a gauze to protect them,” Kerry said as he opened the gauze bag and took out a white palm-sized gauze over the blisters, and then used medical tapes to stick it.

Venus quietly watched him doing all these, feeling both miserable and happy.

“Hold it.” Kerry kept his head down and was busy, not even noticing the complicated emotions in her eyes.

“Does it hurt? I’ll do it gently.” Kerry raised his head and asked.

“It’s still acceptable.” Venus bit her lower lip and said.

Her wound was applied with alcohol and sprayed with medicine before Kerry put a larger band-aid on it.

“Take care of the wound tomorrow. If it’s still serious, put another piece on it.” Kerry gathered the medicine bottles and cotton swabs at hand, but forgot to put her legs down.

The skirt wasn’t long enough for her with such a posture and the hem of the skirt just covered her thighs.

“Kerry, are you so nice to every woman?” Venus suddenly blurted out this sentence.

Kerry froze, turned to look at her and said seriously, “No, you’re the special one.”

“Just because I look like your wife?”

Kerry was silent for a moment, “Yan Chu, I don’t want to lie to you.”

Venus stared at him blankly, dropping her eyes to look at her wounds.

The atmosphere was stagnant and quiet, and only the sound of their breathing could be heard.

What to do? What should I say? Refused him?

No, she couldn’t refuse anymore. She had to gain his trust as soon as possible since there was fewer time.

She bit her lips, and changed to a determined look when she raised her eyes again, “Kerry, I don’t mind.”

Kerry was surprised, and soon a touch of cunning crossed his eyes as he slowly lowered her legs, got up and leaned in front of her, approaching her lips, and asked her in a low voice, “You don’t mind what?”

Venus flashed backwards and fell directly onto her back on the sofa.

Kerry was smiling, “You can’t wait to do that?”

“I …… I didn’t ……” Venus’s words were stopped because of someone. She thought, Yan Chu, even had to suffer the anger of being a wife. It was really a suffering for her.

The fire of sex was ignited, and Kerry was deeply intoxicated by her sweetness, while Venus was also at a loss, almost squealing under the Kerry’s provocation.

Kerry was on the verge of at a loss when he suddenly stopped all his actions. He stared at Venus’s black eyes, leaned over her, and whispered beside her ear, “Wait for me.”

“Wait for what?” Venus asked unconsciously.

“Wait for the day I’m sure.” The day that I was sure that you were her.

And when that day came, I would never let you go.

Venus didn’t understand what he was saying.

Kerry kissed her lips with deep love and helped her dress, “Take a rest for a while, and I’ll have someone to bring dinner in the evening.”

Venus nodded speechlessly. She was still thinking what he just said. What exactly did he need to confirm?

Kerry looked at her as if she was dumbfounded, reached out his hand, rubbed her head and left the room.


The next day, Shixuan and Peiran continued to negotiate, and Kerry also had to accompany them. Only Venus waked up naturally. She remembered her agreement with Xiran Xiao made yesterday and called her.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 185 He’s My Boyfriend (3)
It took a long time for Xiran to pick up the phone, and there was a very anxious voice from her, “Yan Chu? I have some urgent matters to deal with right now. I’ll contact you later.”

Venus was also nervous when she heard the noise on the other side, “Okay.”

After hanging up the phone, Venus got up and thought, Xiran was in trouble?

At the thought of this possibility, Venus couldn’t sleep anymore and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face.

The mask had been soaked in the solution overnight and was back to normal again, so Venus took it out and dried it. When she was about to put it on her face, she heard someone knocking the door.


Venus watched and cautiously asked, “Who?”

“Miss Chu, here’s a package for you to sign.”

A package? How did a package get delivered to the hotel? That’s so weird.

“I didn’t buy anything, so you’ve found the wrong person.” Venus directly refused.

“Miss Chu, it’s Kerry Ye who delivered to you.”

Kerry? Venus raised her eyebrows and said after thinking, “Just put the package at the door, and I’ll get it myself later.”

“But Mr. Ye said it must be handed over to you personally,” The man outside insisted.

“I’m busy now. You can wait if you’d like.” Venus put that down and went back to put on her mask.

Ten more minutes later, Venus repeatedly made sure that the mask was on perfectly before jogging towards the door and opened it, she got startled.

The courier was leaning against the door, fiddling his phone, and gave the package to her after seeing her, “Please sign it.”

“I thought you’d gone.” Venus took the pen and just wrote the word “V”, and paused. The good thing was that the Y character was similar with the beginning of the other name. She finished writing down the word Yan Chu and said, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Venus closed the door shook the package in her hands, and found something clanging. What was it?

She opened the package bag, and found a shoe box inside. And then she opened it, and found a pair of white sandals, whose style was novel, and the most critical thing was that it would not touch the injure made yesterday.

She had a try and found them comfortable. The shoes of this brand were normally expensive.

After walking a few laps, Venus felt that she should send him a message to thank him.

The shoes were beautiful, and I like them very much. Thank you.

The response was simple. “Great.

Venus found him so boring and started to get changed. After a while, she heard another message in and had a look. Kerry sent another message: You just got up, right?

Venus ignored it and continued her own affairs.

Soon the phone came in another message: What are you doing? Why aren’t you responding my messages?

Venus still ignored it and sat on the couch to remove the gauze from her ankle. Her wound had got better, but it still ached, so she changed the band-aid.

When she was about to keep him waiting, thinking he couldn’t despise her even though she had confessed to him yesterday.

A few minutes later, the phone rang and Venus smiled when she saw the name flashing on it. Just before he was about to hang up, she answered the phone.

“Hello?” She asked.

“What are you doing?” Kerry’s deep and sexy voice came over.

“I’m washing my face and getting change.”

“How’s the wound on your feet?”

“It still aches,” Venus said with a smile on her face.

“What are you going to do today? I might spend all day here.”

“Okay. I’ll go find Xiran.”

He stopped for a moment, “I asked Henry to stay at the hotel for you. If you want to use the car, you can find him.”

“Got it. Bye.” Venus quickly hung up the phone, and stopped smiling.

Oh, he paid much attention to Yan Chu, from buying shoes to arranging a car.

Xiran still hadn’t called her. Venus was bored in her room and went downstairs to eat breakfast. Before she finished a bowl of porridge, the phone call finally came.

Venus quickly answered it, “Hey, Xiran, are you okay?”

Xiran seemed to feel better, “I’m fine. It was just my friend who got trouble, but now it’s fine.”

“That’s great. I was worried about you. Are you free to meet me today?” Venus said mischievously.

“I must have time when I have friends from afar. Will you come to my house or will I meet you anyplace in the city?”

“I’ll go to your house. There’s nothing to go shopping in the city, and it’s so hot.”

It just happened that Xiran didn’t like shopping either. She’d rather go climbing and diving than shopping.

“Fine, I’ll wait for you at home. I’ll send you the address.”

“Well, see you later.”

Xiran’s villa was located in one of the most expensive districts in S City. Her villa was twice as the Ye family.

Venus could see a large windmill turning gently from the distance as she sat in the car, and then a large expanse of green grass, a long violet corridor that looked like a purple belt around a girl’s waist.

The doorman was obviously notified in advance and opened the door after asking if she was Yan Chu.

Xiran waited for her before her house in European style. She wore a white loose dress, which made her look much more charming. She was an elegant lady this time.

Venus greeted at her as soon as she got out of the car, “It’s not easy to meet you. It’s really not easy to go over the mountains.”

“It seemed like I live in the mountains. Get in. It’s too hot outside.”

“Ah, I forgot something.” Venus returned to the car and took out flamboyant flowers and handed over it to her, “I didn’t know what to buy on my first visit, but when I passed by the flower shop, I saw that this bouquet of flowers and found they would be a match for you. Therefore, I wanted to buy it for you.”

This was her first time to receive flowers from a girl. She took them, sniffed and said, “They are so beautiful. Thank you. No girl has ever sent me flowers yet. You shouldn’t have fallen in love with me.”

Venus intimately took her arm and said with a smile, “I liked you the first time I saw you.”

“But I love men, so you are not my type.” Xiran knew she was joking and went along with her.

Venus looked at her seriously, “What can I do?”

“Lol” Xiran laughed, “You little girl, I didn’t find you so interesting before.”

“Lol.” Venus held her hand to the room and continued, “Since I can’t become a man in this life, I can only be your younger sister, but I like you anyway.”

“Younger sister? We can’t tell who is older or younger between us.”

Venus waved her small hand and said, “Ignore it. It is just because of your way of dealing with things, I’d like you to call you elder sister.”

“Then I can only take you as my younger sister.”

The two of them joked all the way on the way to the living room. Unlike the others, there was no long sofa here in the living room, but rather some small individual sofas around a small round table, with a thick carpet on the floor.

“The style of your house is like the one of those English manors described in novels. Just like here. I can imagine some of my best friends sitting on these sofas and reading a letter together.”

“My mum likes it. She lived in a traditional manor house when she was young and studying in England, and when she came back, she built this cottage as the old one, except for that big windmill outside. It’s just that she didn’t live here for days after it was built, and then she went overseas again.” Xiran found two glazed vases and said as she inserted the flowers into them separately, “I’m a person who doesn’t have high standard on houses. I can live in a villa or a humble house, and I even pitched a tent on top of a mountain. Since I’m free here, I don’t bother to buy another house.”

“It’s quite nice here.” Venus looked up at her and saw a hint of sadness between her eyebrows and asked her, “What’s wrong? Tell me. Maybe I can help you.”

Xiran sorted the flowers in her hand and said with a sigh, “It’s not really serious. It’s just that the friend I told you about last time, he’s not doing well. He was originally sleeping all the time, but he had a fever last night for no reason, and only came to normal this morning, the time when you called me. The doctor was here, so I didn’t say a few words. “

Venus wanted to comfort her, but didn’t know what to say. She kept silent for a few seconds before saying, “Don’t worry, he’ll be fine. Even if he’s asleep, he’ll definitely feel that you’re a good friend there to support him, and he’ll recover,”

Xiran looked at her and smiled, “Maybe,” After finishing arranging the flowers, Xiran wiped her hands and said, “Come on. I’ll take you to see him, but only through the window. The doctor said he won’t let anyone in for fear of bacterial infection.”

“Sure, good.”

Xiran took Venus out of the door and headed towards a house next to the big windmill.

This house had been converted into a ward, and the important equipment that the hospital had was also here, and they were all of the best quality.

Standing in front of the glass, Venus quietly looked at the man on the bed. He was covered with a thin blanket and had a large oxygen mask on his face, but she couldn’t see his face. However, Venus had a strange sense of familiarity.

“That’s him. I was going to let you see his handsome face, but not now.” At this point, Xiran paused and said in a sad tone, “The doctor said that maybe he won’t be able to wake up throughout his lifetime.” She had sought medical treatment everywhere for a long time, searched for all the specialists she could find, and even sent her medical records to famous foreign hospitals in the United States, Britain, Australia and others. All the answers she got were bad news: Sorry, there was no way. We could only see if there was a miracle.

Xiran was courageous. She believed that miracles existed.

Venus’s heart hurt when she first saw Xiran. She was so charming. When she knew her identity from Kerry, she even felt that she lived at the top of the pyramid, but did not expect that she also had such helpless moments.

“He’s your boyfriend?” Venus asked. If she was just a friend, Xiran wouldn’t have made so many things. Didn’t this man have a family? Why did she have to take care of him?

So many questions popped up in Venus’s head, but these were all about others’ privacy, which she shouldn’t pry.

Xiran laughed mischievously, “Yes, he’s my boyfriend. I unilaterally announced it, but he hasn’t agreed yet.”

“What?” Venus was surprised that there were men who refused even a woman like this?

“But I think he’ll say yes, after all, I’m so beautiful and unique. Don’t you think so?”

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