Chapter 185: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 185 The Poison Can’t be Cured

Colin glared at both the men, “Whichever hand that touched her, I’ll ask someone to chop it off!”

“Colin! Calm down!” Jason couldn’t help but scold him.

“Mr. Ward, we didn’t do anything. Really!”

“Mr. Ward, we didn’t even touch her at all, even just an inch!”

Although both of them were beaten badly, they couldn’t offend Colin at all, let alone to have that one-billion-reward. So, they immediately begged for mercy.

After Colin snorted, he freed himself from Jason and the other officer and walked next to Doris.

“Thank God, you’re fine, Doris.”

After Colin finished the sentence, he fell down, and fainted again.


“Uncle…. Uncle….”

As soon as he saw Doris, his mood had fluctuated a lot. It’s considered good that he was able to hold on until now.

Vanessa hurriedly came over and took Colin’s pulse.

“Why is he also poisoned?”

When Jason saw this, he signaled the police behind him, “Take them away!”

The police took the men away as instructed.

Then, Jason said, “This is quite complicated. Let’s just wait until he wakes up and ask him about this matter! I heard that you can save him?”

Vanessa replied upon hearing that, “He can’t be cured anymore. Last time, I found this poison in Doris’s body. But she’s cured now. Who knows that this poison would be found in Colin’s body again?”

“Ah…” Jason looked at Colin, as he helplessly shook his head.

Doris pulled Vanessa’s hand, and asked, “What’s wrong with Uncle, Sister? Why is it always like this? Is he going to die?”

Vanessa’s gaze turned complicated upon hearing it, and said after thinking, “It’s fine. Uncle will be fine.”

“Really” Doris was in tears.

At this moment, Flora approached, “He will be fine, Doris.”

When Flora heard Doris called Colin as ‘uncle’, her feelings were indescribable. Now that she finally got used to it, she just realized that Doris had forgotten her as her best friend.

Doris lifted her head upon hearing this to look at Flora. She looked at Flora feeling unfamiliar, “Who are you, Sister?”

Flora looked awkward, as she could barely let out a smile, “I’m your best friend, Doris!”

Doris blinked, “But, I don’t know you!”

Flora almost ran away when she heard that. Based on her temperament, Doris would say so to teach Doris a lesson. But now, Doris was in an unusual condition, so she was helpless about it.

When Jason saw this, he said, “Uhm, should we go home now?”

Such an entertainment club wasn’t a good place for discussion.

Nobody had any objection. Jason asked the police to take Colin and went to the Lanbo Port villa together.

In the villa, Baker, who knew about the update, also came.

Doris was in the corner of the sofa and stuck close to Vanessa, since Vanessa was the closest person to her aside from Colin.

Flora was also reluctant of seeing this, but there was no way. Doris only knew Vanessa now.

When Baker saw Doris looked at him suspiciously, he said softly, “I’m your father, Doris.”

“Father?” Doris exclaimed, “Are you, my Dad? Really?”

There were excitement and expectation in her tone.

“Yes” Baker nodded but suddenly he felt sad.


Baker smiled and nodded, “You’re such a good girl, Doris!”

Doris smiled cheerfully, and asked, “Where is Mommy?”

“Your mother, she’s cooking for you at home!” Baker replied.

Seeing that they’re fine, Jason said to Vanessa, “I need to make some statement. Do you mind to spare me some time?”

“Sure” Vanessa replied.

Jason finished making the statement after one hour had passed.

“At present, there’s still no definite evidence to indicate who the real perpetrator behind this. But perhaps, it turned out this way because of Colin’s one-billion-reward. Otherwise, he wouldn’t easily let you go.”

“But why were you sent to Haitian Club, and even….”

Vanessa shrugged, “Who knows? In my opinion, I’m 80% sure, it is a woman!”

“How can you think of that?” Jason asked curiously.

As soon as he spoke, all the women there rolled their eyes at Jason, as Jason found it odd.

Flora couldn’t stand it anymore and explained, “Such a trick to ruin someone’s innocence can only be thought of a woman who’s crazily jealous.”

Baker didn’t think much. He was just thinking. Since, it’s a woman, she must’ve liked Colin. That’s why she did this.

“In short, I’ll pay more attention to it.” Jason gave the last remarks before he stood up, and said, “Well, I still have something to do. I won’t bother you anymore.”

Baker followed up and sent Jason out.

An hour later, Colin woke up, and he still immediately looked for Doris.


Colin jolted up and realized that he’s inside his bedroom, before he breathed out, then got off the bed to find her.

“Doris? Doris?”

“She’s here! Stop wailing!” Flora shouted at him.

Colin reached the first floor and found out that aside from Flora and Doris, Vanessa and Nina were also there.

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