Chapter 186: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 186 Trying to Reveal, A special Birthday (1)

Venus nodded her head heavily, “Yes, you’re right.”

Xiran turned to look at her and was happier, “Let’s go, don’t look at him, I’ll take you to see the treasures I’ve collected.”

Before Venus left the ward, she couldn’t help but looked back at him.

Perhaps the god thought that it was not the correct time for their encounter.

Xiran brought her to another room, and Venus was very surprised for what she had seen. It was like an expo garden plus a miniature zoo with many animal feathers and sample hanging on the wall.

There was a huge fish tank in the middle of the house containing many beautiful fish that she hadn’t seen before.

“Xiran, what kind of fish is this? It was like a gold. Venus asked very curiously with her fingers pointed at the fish.

Xiran smiled and introduced, “You’re right, it’s called the 24k Gold Dharma Fish, it’s more valuable than gold, I found it when I was exploring in the Amazon and brought it back for its beauty.”

“You’ve been to the Amazon?” Venus was surprised, “Have you seen the primitive tribe? It is reported that there are primitive man in the Amazon.”

Xiran laughed, “I haven’t seen those people, but have been to primitive tribes, they’re actually not as scary as we think, they’re very hospitable.”

Venus’s face was full of admiration, “You’re really a great woman.”

“That’s fine, look at this,” Xiran walked toward to a small transparent refrigerator, “What do you think this is?”

Venus looked at it carefully, “It’s just a piece of ice.”

“See it more carefully.”

After looking at it for a few more seconds, Venus finally saw a glistening fish. It was circled by the heavy ice. It was too transparent to found.

“This ……” Venus was even more surprised.

“Do you find it?” Xiran looked at the small refrigerator, “I went to the Antarctic that year and found it in the glacier by accident, so I used a knife to pry it off, and I thought that since I couldn’t take the penguins, I could bring a small frozen fish. My hands were almost froze. “

“Did you go alone?”

“Of course not, we have a special team, it is dangerous to go there alone.”

Then Xiran introduced many items in this room, each of which had a long history, covering almost every corner of the world. Venus though it was very interesting.

“Xiran, you live a wonderful life. My life is much less colorful than yours.” Venus lamented.

“I’m just this kind of people, I can’t stay at home, sometimes when I see the African plain on TV, I’ll book a flight over to see it immediately,” Xiran pulled her hand and comforted her, “But not everyone is suitable to live like this, everyone is different, your life is also colorful.”

“I’d love to live your life, but the family wouldn’t approve,” Venus pouted.

“How about this, I’ll take you with me the next time.”

“When’s the next time and where?” Venus asked excitedly, though she knew she probably wouldn’t be able to go.

Xiran shook her head, “I don’t have that plan yet, I want to wait until my friend wakes up. I will consider this after he gets better.”

Venus nodded heavily, perhaps she would have saved the baby by then, “Right, don’t forget to call me when you have the plan.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t forget, I’m just afraid you won’t be able to stand the journey.”

“I definitely endure that.”

At noon, Xiran cooked a few dishes for Venus herself, which was very tasty. Venus felt very ashamed.

Although, she used to be a noble lady in Mu family, she knew nothing except studying. Xiao family was much richer than her family, and Xiran knew everything. She really deserved other’s admiration.

“Xiran, aren’t you afraid at night for living in such a big house?”

“Why should I be like that? The bodyguards that my family kept are powerful. What’s more no one dare to hurt me.” Xiran said plainly, but Venus could felt a sense of dominance.

“By the way, what are you doing in S City?”

Venus said as she ate, “We’re working with Yehuang Group to build a large amusement park in Sky city. However, the supplier suddenly raised the price, and we hear that there is another company in S City, so we are here.”

“Aren’t you going to meet them?” Xiran was very surprised and asked.

“It’s fine, someone is specifically assigned this task, I just pretend to be with them. I don’t like to deal with business.” Venus didn’t dare to tell the truth, she didn’t actually have any actual power, it would be scary if she was given the decision making power of the project.

Xiran looked at her in silent, the girl was innocent and simple.

“Which company is it? I might know.”

Venus told her the company name, after a moment of pondering, Xiran said, “Oh, I know this company, it has a good reputation in S City, so it should be reliable.”

“Then I’m relieved.”

After finishing their meal, they in the sofa and chatted, Venus suddenly thought of something and cautiously asked her, “Xiran, what kind of people do you hate most?”

“Hate most?” Xiran held her chin, “Well …… I don’t seem to have anything that I hate the most, but I really dislike people who don’t keep their promises, for example, our team is preparing to go on a trip, and after we’ve set a time, someone procrastinates for a long time, and say he won’t come. When I encounter such a person, I can’t wait to hit him.”

“Hah…… It seems like you have met this kind of people before.”

“Several times, my lungs are about to explode, he should inform us earlier or it is simple waste our time.” Not knowing what she had thought, there was disgust in her tone.

“And what if someone lies to you? Do you hate it?” Venus asked cautiously.

Xiran’s pretty eyes blinked a few times, “That depends on his purpose. If it’s a money scam, the worst I can do is to give him some money, but if it’s a sex scam, he would only get what he want when I’m attracted to him. What else could it be?”

“For instance, you get to know someone and consider her a friend, but one day you find that she lie to you, will you hate her?”

Xiran was so smart to guess the person that she siad. Did she conceal her identity? That was fine, what she cared most was her personality, not her identity. Everyone would have some secrets in this world.

“Actually, making friends depend on two people’s personality, it has nothing to do with family background or anything like that. So, if she treats me as a real friend, it doesn’t matter if she’s hiding some secrets or not.”

Venus’s eyes immediately lit up, “Really? You really think so?”

Xiran nodded.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 186 Trying to Reveal, A special Birthday (2)
Venus couldn’t wait to hug and kiss her, “Xiran, it is so nice of you, I will definitely fall in love with you if I were a man.”

“Please don’t say that, I prefer masculine ones to gentlemen like you. You are not qualified.”

Hearing Xiran’s words, Venus suddenly thought about her brother who was wild and full of masculinity, but unfortunately ……

“What’s wrong with you?” Seeing Venus’s depressed face, Xiran asked.

“Nothing, I just think about an acquaintance, if he’s still alive, you will like him..”

As soon as the words fell, a nurse ran in and said with nervously, “The patient’s breathing is unstable again.”

Xiran stood up abruptly from her chair, and hurried to the room without replying Venus, “Do you call the doctor?”

“Yes, he says he’ll be right there.”

Venus also got up and followed her out, and as soon as she reached the door, her phone was ringing, it was from Kerry.

“Hello? What is it?”

Hearing her anxious voice, Kerry asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m fine, it’s Xiran,” Venus strode over to the ward and asked him, “Do you have something to talk with me?”

Kerry paused for a moment, “We’ve reached an agreement with President Tang, and we have to go back to Sky City this afternoon. We’ll wait for you and Henry at the hotel.”

“So soon?” Venus stopped walking and stared at the patient in the ward, a familiar feeling appeared again in her heart.

“Both sides are willing to cooperate, and the price offered by President Zhao is appropriate, so it’s settled.” Kerry explained flatly.

“Do we have to go back now?”

“As soon as possible, many things need to be addressed in Sky City.”

“I know, I’ll be right back.” After the calling, Venus stood at the door silently for a while, and then turned back to find Henry.

The doctor came quickly, Venus didn’t want to bother Xiran for she was very anxious now. She sent her a message, “ Honey, I need to go back. My colleague says he have to rush back to Sky City in the afternoon, and I’ll come see you if I have time.

Ten minutes later, the doctor stabilized Tianye’s breathing, and found a strange phenomenon.

“Miss Xiao, the patient’s brain waves seem to be abnormal.”

Xiran couldn’t understand what he was saying, “Is there anything wrong?”

“I suggest you to take the patient for a detailed examination, he seems to be awakening.”

Xiran suddenly grabbed the doctor’s arm, “What have you said? Say it again please!”

The doctor said seriously, “It’s just my intuition, and still need medical evidence, so ……”

“I’ll bring him to the hospital right now.” Xiran was extremely excited, and she dialed the butler to arrange a car. At the same time, she saw Yan’s text message. Knowing that Yan was back, she put away her phone.

After a series of detailed examinations, the doctor gave his conclusion, “The patient’s brain CT shows that his brain is indeed recovering, which is a good sign.”

Xiran was so excited as if her hard work had been paid.

“However,” the doctor said again and wiped out her zest, “The patient may not wake up immediately, it’s a slow process, you still need to take care of him patiently and say more encouraging words to him, he may hear you.”

“I’m not afraid of waiting, as long as there’s hope, it’s fine.” Xiran sighed and felt relieved.


On the way back to Sky City, Venus was a little silent for she was thinking about her brother Tianye.

The murderer was sitting right next to her, but she could do nothing, the hatred buried so deep in her heart that she almost forgot this fact. He was the murderer who killed her brother.

And for the sake of her child, she could only pretend to be cute and lovely in front of Kerry.

Venus thought she was disgusted and pitiful. She envied Xiran for living such a free life without caring about other people.

Kerry had noticed her abnormality and became silent for she didn’t answer his questions.

He didn’t know what had happened to her in Xiao family, but he knew that she was in bad mood.

The urgent ringing broke the silence of the car, Venus cast a glance and immediately picked up, “Xiran.”

“Yan, I’ll tell you a good news.” Xiran said happily, “The doctor tell me that my friend’s brain is recovering now, he may wake up soon. God, it is a miracle, I’m so happy.”

Affected by Xiran’s emotion, Venus was happier, and said, “That’s great!”

“Yan, you’re really my mascot, he gets better as soon as you visit me. You must come to visit me more often in the future. In doing so, he may recover a little faster.”

Venus couldn’t help but laugh, “I’m really a gorgeous person to bring such effect.”

“I was too busy just now to send you off, where are you now?” Xiran became calmer.

Venus took a glance at the outside, “We are just leaving S City, I don’t know the exact location.”

“Then take care of yourself on the way, and keep in frequent touch, okay?”

“Well, I know.”

After hanging up the phone, the depression in Venus’s heart seemed to dissipate quite a bit. It was God’s blessing to let a man in the vegetable state recover. Then, God, please save my son and let me leave Kerry forever. This was the best choice for herself, for the child and for her brother.

“When do you become such close friends?” Seeing she was better, Kerry picked up a conversation.

Venus was silent for a moment, “Well, I want be like her who is free and unrestricted.”

Kerry gazed at her, “No one in this world is completely free.”

“But, as for me, that’s what I want.” Venus sighed in her heart and leaned against the back of the chair without speaking.

Kerry had never met Xiran and didn’t know her at all, but he knew from the internet that she was a woman like the wind with pretty face but a tough character. She loved travelling.

After staring at Venus for a while, he looked at outside the window. He really wanted to tell her that in fact she was also perfect.

After arriving at Sky City, night had just fallen, they found a place to eat and then went home.


The days passed uneventfully, and in these days Venus had thoroughly rummaged through Yi family but nothing was found. She begun to doubt her previous judgement, could it be that he hide it in the vault?

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 186 Trying to Reveal, A special Birthday (3)
Yehuang Group.

Kerry had just finished the meeting when Secretary Liu followed him and asked in a low voice, “Mr. Ye, do you need to order a cake?”

Kerry was stunned, “Why?”

Seeing Kerry’s expression, Secretary Liu understood that Kerry really didn’t know what day today was, but fortunately he remembered.

“Mr. Ye, today is Miss Chu’s birthday.” Secretary Liu said plainly.

Kerry, however, stopped walking and said, “Today?”

“Yes, I’ve searched her information.”

Kerry frowned, Yan didn’t seem to have mentioned this or gave a hint. Did she forget about it herself?

How could she forget since woman all like holidays especially their own birthday?

“Go to order a suitable one, and put it in my car.”

“Yes, boss.”

After dealing with the heavy work, Kerry passed by a flower shop, he asked Henry to stop and bought a bunch of flowers himself.

“Sir, what flowers do you want?” The shopkeeper came up to greet him very warmly.

Kerry didn’t know much about it for he hadn’t bought flowers before.

Seeing his confusion, the shopkeeper asked “Sir, who is it for? I can recommend some.”

Kerry thought a while and said, “For my girlfriend, today is her birthday.”

“In that case, you should definitely buy roses, which represent love, girls will like them.” The shopkeeper picked up a large bouquet of roses that had just been wrapped and said, “What do you think of this one? It is bunched just now.”

It was a large cluster of bright red roses dotted with seven-star grass in the middle, which was very beautiful. So Kerry pulled out his wallet to pay, “How much is it?”

“Three hundred and fifty yuan.”

Kerry paid the money and carried the flowers out.

In the Ye family villa.

Kerry came back when Venus and Mrs Qin were discussing whether to put sugar while cooking.

However, he left the cake and flowers in the car first.

“Mrs Qin, do you prepare more food today?” Kerry stood at the kitchen door and asked.

Mrs Qin was a little confused, “No, it’s the same as usual.”

“Yan, don’t you think that today is a bit special?” Kerry gazed at her and them said.

Yan didn’t understand him either. She rinsed her hands under the faucet and walked out of the kitchen, “The same as usual, is there any thing special?”

Kerry followed her to the living room, “You really think so?”

Venus stopped walking and quickly searched her brain, and said with suspicion, “Is that the project today goes well?”

“The project is going smoothly every day, so it’s not special.”

“And what are you talking about?”

Kerry grabbed her wrist and then took her to the car. When the trunk opened, Venus was stunned by what she had seen.

Cake and flowers were lying in it.

She suddenly remembered that today was Yan’s birthday. She’d totally forgotten about this. No wonder she felt she had forgotten something recently. Here was it!

“Today is your birthday, do you forget?” Kerry said very seriously.

Venus smiled awkwardly, “I really forget about it.”

“Really?” Kerry approached her step by step, “Yan, I really doubt about your identity, you don’t even remember your own birthday.”

Hearing this, Venus was shocked and stepped back, she looked at Kerry calmly, “Kerry, what are you talking about? I just forget my own birthday, it has nothing to do with my identity.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter if you forget this, however, as the Second Miss in Chu family, it is weird that none of your family member has called you for congratulation nor do your friends. No one would believe this.” Kerry stared at her evasive eyes and asked, “Yan, who are you?”

“Kerry, are you crazy? I’m Yan, no one calls me because I’ve changed my phone number since I come to Sky City. They have no access to congratulate me.”

“Don’t your family have your new phone number in Sky City?”

“They have, but perhaps they are so busy that they forget, just like me.” Venus tried to argue, although she felt that this reason was absurd, she couldn’t find a better one.

Kerry smirked and said deliberately, “Yan, as far as I know, you are Mr. Chu’s most beloved daughter, how could he forget his own daughter’s birthday?”

Remembering the information presented in the materials, Venus pulled away Kerry and said in an angry manner, “Kerry you are wrong, I am not my father’s most beloved daughter, he loves my sister more than me. So please stop your strange inference.”

Seeing her denying and considering what she said was true, Kerry could only give up, “Alright, I’m just overthinking, and then he turn around and send the bouquet of roses to her, “Happy birthday, Yan.”

Yan was startled by the rapid change in his attitude. He was offensive few seconds ago and now he sent her the flower. Was there anything wrong with him?

“Kerry, your are like a chameleon, you doubt about my identity a few seconds ago, and now you give me the birthday blessing, you are changing so fast.”

Seeing that she didn’t accept the flowers, Kerry directly put the flowers in her hands, and said with a smile, “Well, it’s my fault, this is the compensation.”

Venus couldn’t catch any trace of amends in his eyes, it was full of suspicion.

“I don’t like roses at all.” Venus said like this, but she was more and more anxious. What could she do?

Kerry picked up the cake and walked toward the house, “So what kind of flowers do you like? I’ll change them now.”

“There’s no such need since any flower is the same.” Venus followed him into the villa. Kerry put the cake on the table and came to caressed her head, and then said softly, “I’ll come to celebrate your birthday as soon as I change my clothes.”


When Kerry went upstairs, Venus put down the flowers and took out her phone. She found a quiet place and dialed, “Hello? This is Venus, Kerry is about to reveal the truth, what should I do?”

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