Chapter 186: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 186 Why Do You Act Like a Child?

“You guys….”

Vanessa looked at Doris helplessly, “She didn’t let me go, what can I do?”

Flora was also helpless, “Doris wasn’t feeling close to me anymore. I can’t help it.”

Colin smiled apologetically at Vanessa, “Thank you.”

Vanessa waved her hand, “No worries! I just happened to be unlucky and bumped into her.”

Vanessa was kidnapped because it crossed Ellie’s mind since she was Walson’s student. She thought if she caught Vanessa, she could control Walson.

After she spoke, Colin said, “It’s been so late, Nina. You guys can go home and rest!”

Nina nodded upon hearing that but when she saw Colin’s pale complexion, “Chairman, your body….”

“I’m fine,” Colin said lightly.

Vanessa pulled Nina and said, “Okay, he is awake now. We should go now. This is not our house.”

Nina paused, she looked awkward, and could only follow Vanessa left the house.

When she left, Doris looked unwilling, “Can you stay, Sister?”

Vanessa helplessly replied, “Doris, you are going to have dinner with your parents and I’ll also have dinner with my parents!”

“Oh….” Doris blinked and let go of Vanessa’s hand reluctantly.

Colin was also helpless, “Doris, how about she comes again to accompany you tomorrow?”

“Sure! Sure!”

Vanessa looked at Colin as she planned to reject. But when she saw Doris, she could only agree, “Right, I’ll come to find you again tomorrow.”

“Okay” Doris nodded with a smile.

When both of them left, Flora pouted, “You’re such a complete cheater! Hmph!”

“I’m going to our parents’ house to have dinner, you….” Colin hesitated.

Flora got up, “I know, I know. I’m going now, okay?”

“It’s not…” Colin wasn’t trying to chase Flora away, but there was really no way.

Flora clicked her tongue and said fiercely, “You have to take good care of Doris. If anything happens to her again, I won’t forgive you!”


On the way, Vanessa cast a side glance at Nina, “I think, do you have improper thought about your chairman?”

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Nina’s heart skipped a beat when she was asked.

Vanessa clicked her tongue, “Look at how fast you denied it. if it isn’t an ulterior motive, then what is it? But, you still have good taste. I totally agree with you.”

Nina was taken aback for a moment, “What….what do you mean?”

Vanessa pouted, “Let’s not talk about his identity. But looking at him alone, he is indeed a charming man. I believe that as long as there’s a woman who understands him, she must be impressed by him. Of course, I can’t generalize everyone. After all, everyone has different tastes, right!”

When Nina saw this, she spoke frankly, without hiding anything anymore, “Right. But, I’m very clear about my position in his heart. I’m only his subordinate, his friend at the most. And, it’s impossible to be further than that.”

“Hey, you’re such a poor doll!” Vanessa clicked her tongue.

Nina glared at Vanessa, “By the way, why are you asking so much? Do you….”

“Tsk, tsk, who am I? My taste is different than yours.” Vanessa raised her chin.

Nina smiled, “Really? So what’s your taste? How come I’ve never met him?”

Vanessa snorted, “He’s staying abroad these few years. Of course, you’ve never met him. You don’t know that handsome men abroad are really handsome men indeed!”


Colin took Doris to Baker’s house. He shouldn’t be able to hide it from Eva anymore. So next, he should face Eva’s rage.

Eva came out from the kitchen and saw that Colin and Doris had arrived, then said, “You’ve arrived. Wait for a moment. The dinner is about to be ready.”

After she spoke, she returned to the kitchen.

Colin looked at Baker with a questioning look.

“She hasn’t known yet, but….”

She would’ve found out soon, so….

Colin nodded signaling that he understood, then took Doris to the living room to sit.


When Colin was about to the kitchen to help, he was stopped by Doris as soon as he stood up.

Even though this is her parents’ house, but Doris still felt slightly unfamiliar. If Colin is gone, she would be afraid.

Colin looked at Baker and Baker said, “You can stay here with Doris. I’ll go!”

“Okay” Colin sat down again.

At this time, Baker who stood up suddenly said, “Be careful of Lenard Wang.”

After he spoke, he went to the kitchen.

Colin was dumbfounded, Lenard Wang?

Doris pulled Colin, “Uncle, why do I feel that they don’t feel like my parents?”

Colin thought for a while before saying, “Because you’ve always stayed with me. So, you don’t have a deep impression of them. They are indeed your parents.”


Colin thought of something later, “Doris, maybe Mommy will be angry later. But, don’t be afraid. She is angry with me. It has nothing to do with you. You understand?”

“Why does she have to be angry?” Doris was confused.

It’s not easy for Colin to explain, so he could just say, “Because I did something wrong.”

“If you do something wrong, you have to put it right. After you put it right, you’re a good boy.”

Colin smiled, “That’s correct. You’re right, Doris.”

After a while, the dishes were ready, and the family sat at the table.

Only then could Eva take a good look at her daughter, “Doris, have you forgotten about your parents? Why haven’t you visited us for so long?”

Doris looked at Eva and blinked, before saying, “Mommy?”

“This girl, why do you act like a child?” Eva still hadn’t sensed something wrong.

Baker and Colin were silent.

Doris looked at Colin, as she was about to call him ‘uncle’.

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